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New Titles October- December 2008

(111 titles)

REF D419 .P32 2008 A dictionary of contemporary world history : from 1900 to the present day / Jan Palmowski. Palmowski, Jan.
REF DS747.9.Q254 F57 2007 The first emperor : China's Terracotta Army / edited by Jane Portal   with the assistance of Hiromi Kinoshita.  
REF E77.9 .A44 2008 American Indian places : a historical guidebook / Frances H. Kennedy, editor and principal contributor.  
REF HD30.4 .S23 2008 The Sage dictionary of qualitative management research / compiled and edited by Richard Thorpe and Robin Holt.  
REF PE1137 .A15 2008 100 words almost everyone mispronounces / from the editors of the American Heritage dictionaries.  
REF PN451 .F58 2008 501 great writers : edited and compiled by Julian Patrick.  
REF PS374.P63 R67 2006 Genreflecting : a guide to popular reading interests. Herald, Diana Tixier.
REF QH541.5 A45 2008 Deserts / Michael Allaby   illustrations by Richard Garratt. Allaby, Michael.
REF QH541.5 A45 2008 Temperate forests / Michael Allaby   illustrations by Richard Garratt. Allaby, Michael.
REF QH541.5 D39 2008 Oceans / Trevor Day   illustrations by Richard Garratt. Day, Trevor.
REF QH541.5 M66 2008 Wetlands / Peter D. Moore   illustrations by Richard Garratt. Moore, Peter D.
REF QH541.5 M66 2008 Tropical forests / Peter D. Moore   illustrations by Richard Garratt. Moore, Peter D.
REF QH541.5 M66 2008 Tundra / Peter D. Moore   illustrations by Richard Garratt. Moore, Peter D.
REF QL100 .B34  2008 Venomous animals of the world / Steve Backshall. Backshall, Stephen.
REF QM25 .A75 2008 The atlas of the human body / Adolfo Cassan. Cassan, A. (Adolf)
REF TX353 .M38 2007 The world's healthiest foods : essential guide for the healthiest way of eating / George Mateljan. Mateljan, George.
REF Z1035.9 .P38 2003 Book lust : recommended reading for every mood, moment, and reason / Nancy Pearl. Pearl, Nancy.
REF Z1035.9 .P38 2005 More book lust : recommended reading for every mood, moment, and reason / Nancy Pearl. Pearl, Nancy.
REF Z1037.A1 V39 2008 Children's literature in action : a librarian's guide / Sylvia M. Vardell. Vardell, Sylvia M.
BF323.S63 G67 2008 Snoop : what your stuff says about you / Sam Gosling. Gosling, Sam.
BF723.M54 S523 2007 Kids of character : a guide to promoting moral development / David M. Shumaker and Robert V. Heckel. Shumaker, David M.
BF773 .T46 2008 Counterknowledge : how we surrendered to conspiracy theories, quack medicine, bogus science and fake history / Damian Thompson. Thompson, Damian, 1962-
BJ37 .W47 2007 Creative problem-solving in ethics / Anthony Weston. Weston, Anthony, 1954-
BT695.5 .N69 2007 A moral climate : the ethics of global warming / Micheal S. Northcott. Northcott, Michael S.
D10 .B45 2003 The greatest stories never told : 100 tales from history to astonish, bewilder, & stupefy / by Rick Beyer. Beyer, Rick.
D25.5 .B45 2005 The greatest war stories never told : 100 tales from military history to astonish, bewilder, & stupefy / by Rick Beyer. Beyer, Rick, 1956-
DD247.H5 R94 2008 Hitler's private library : the books that shaped the man / by Timothy W. Ryback. Ryback, Timothy W.
DS795.7.A2|bM48 2008 The last days of old Beijing : life in the vanishing backstreets of a city transformed / Michael Meyer. Meyer, Michael J., 1972-
E176.1 .B49 2007 The greatest presidential stories never told : 100 tales from history to astonish, bewilder & stupefy / by Rick Beyer. Beyer, Rick, 1956-
E184.A65 B35 2008 How does it feel to be a problem? : being young and Arab in America / Moustafa Bayoumi. Bayoumi, Moustafa.
E209 .A76 2008 We hold these truths-- : and other words that made America / Paul Aron. Aron, Paul, 1956-
F209 .B38 2007 Southern culture : an introduction / John Beck, Wendy Frandsen, Aaron Randall. Beck, John (John J.)
GE197 .F76 2008 Hot, flat, and crowded : why we need a green revolution-- and how it can renew America / Thomas L. Friedman. Friedman, Thomas L.
HB171 .S7133 2008 Economic facts and fallacies / Thomas Sowell. Sowell, Thomas, 1930-
HB172 .H43 2007 Don't worry about micro : an easy guide to understanding the principles of microeconomics / Dominik Heckner, Tobias Kretschmer. Heckner, Dominik.
HB849.44 .L36 2007 More sex is safer sex : the unconventional wisdom of economics / Steven E. Landsburg. Landsburg, Steven E., 1954-
HC110.W4 T39 2009 The new elite : inside the minds of the truly wealthy / Jim Taylor, Doug Harrison, and Stephen Kraus. Taylor, Jim, 1947-
HD41 .C463 2008 Outsmart! : how to do what your competitors can't / Jim Champy. Champy, James, 1942-
HD4904.7 .H285 2008 The new human capital strategy : improving the value of your most important investment-- year after year / Bradley W. Hall. Hall, Bradley W.
HD57.7 .A78 2008 The art of followership : how great followers create great leaders and organizations / editors, Ronald E. Riggio, Ira Chaleff, Jean Lipman-Blumen   foreword by James MacGregor Burns.  
HD57.7 .G87 2008 Leadership and the sexes : using gender science to create success in business / Michael Gurian, with Barbara Annis. Gurian, Michael.
HD57.7 .T496 2007 Judgment : how winning leaders make great calls / Noel M. Tichy and Warren G. Bennis. Tichy, Noel M.
HD5724 .F734 2007 America works : the exceptional U.S. labor market / Richard B. Freeman. Freeman, Richard B. (Richard Barry), 1943-
HD59.2 .H38 2008 Taking brand initiative : how companies can align strategy, culture, and identity through corporate branding / Mary Jo Hatch, Majken Schultz   foreword by Wally Olins. Hatch, Mary Jo.
HD58.8|b.K673 2008 A sense of urgency / John Kotter. Kotter, John P., 1947-
HD62.5 .C423 2008 The entrepreneur's guide to writing business plans and proposals / K. Dennis Chambers. Chambers, K. Dennis, 1943-
HD62.6 .C78 2008 Forces for good : the six practices of high-impact nonprofits / Leslie R. Crutchfield and Heather McLeod Grant   foreword by Steve Case. Crutchfield, Leslie R., 1968-
HD9570.P53 A3 2008 The first billion is the hardest : how believing it's still early in the game can lead to life's greatest comebacks / T. Boone Pickens. Pickens, T. Boone (Thomas Boone)
HD9666.4 .F55 2008 Reasonable Rx : solving the drug price crisis / Stan Finkelstein, Peter Temin. Finkelstein, Stan N.
HD9710.U52 M427 2007 Auto mania : cars, consumers, and the environment / Tom McCarthy. McCarthy, Tom, 1959-
HE7583.U6 I57 2008 The Internet and American business / edited by William Aspray, Paul. E. Ceruzzi.  
HF5387 .D26 2004 The moral advantage : how to succeed in business by doing the right thing / William Damon. Damon, William, 1944-
HF5387 .G645 2008 Temptations in the office : ethical choices and legal obligations / Stephen M. Goldman. Goldman, Stephen M., 1946-
HF5389 .C468 2007 The essential guide to business etiquette / Lillian Hunt Chaney and Jeanette St. Clair Martin. Chaney, Lillian H.
HF5414 .K67 2008 Social marketing : influencing behaviors for good / Philip Kotler, Nancy R. Lee. Kotler, Philip.
HF5415.1255 .W35 2008 Buying in : the secret dialogue between what we buy and who we are / Rob Walker. Walker, Rob, 1968-
HF5415.153 .H62 2007 Why (smart companies) do dumb things : lessons learned from innovation blunders : avoiding eight common mistakes in new product development / Calvin L. Hodock. Hodock, Calvin L.
HF5415.335 .B55 2008 Satisfied customers tell three friends, angry customers tell 3,000 : running a business in today's consumer driven world / Pete Blackshaw. Blackshaw, Pete.
HF5549 .R6358 2008 Human resource transformation : demonstrating strategic leadership in the face of future trends / William J. Rothwell, Robert K. Prescott, Maria W. Taylor. Rothwell, William J., 1951-
HF5549.5.J63 K78 2008 Love the work, hate the job : why America's best workers are unhappier than ever / David Kusnet. Kusnet, David, 1951-
HF5827.85 .R45 2003 The erotic history of advertising / Tom Reichert. Reichert, Tom.
HF5827.95 .O44 2008 Building buzz to beat the big boys : word-of-mouth marketing for small businesses / Steve O'Leary and Kim Sheehan. O'Leary, Steve.
HG3761 .K46 2008 The ten commandments for business failure / Donald R. Keough. Keough, Donald R.
HQ1063.2.U6 R45 2008 Smart women don't retire--they break free : from working full-time to living full-time / The Transition Network and Gail Rentsch   foreword by Lynn Sherr. Rentsch, Gail.
HQ76.8.U6 R58 2008 The lesbian and gay movements : assimilation or liberation? / Craig A. Rimmerman. Rimmerman, Craig A.
HQ769 .P575 2008 Ships without a shore : America's undernurtured children / Anne R. Pierce. Pierce, Anne R. (Anne Rice), 1956-
HQ792.U5 C46 2007 Children at play : an American history / Howard P. Chudacoff. Chudacoff, Howard P.
HV4506.B74 L46 2008 Breakfast at Sally's : one homeless man's inspirational journey / Richard LeMieux. LeMieux, Richard.
HV6769 .G74 2007 Lying, cheating and stealing : a moral theory of white collar crime / Stuart P. Green. Green, Stuart P.
JK2281 .C27 2007 Campaign advertising and American democracy / Michael M. Franz ... [et al.].  
LA217.2 .C755 2008 Smart kids, bad schools : 38 ways to save America's future / Brian Crosby. Crosby, Brian (Brian Franklyn)
LB1027.3 .A73 2008 Educating everybody's children : diverse teaching strategies for diverse learners / Robert W. Cole, editor.  
LB1031 .H35 2008 Differentiated instruction for K-8 math and science : activities, and lesson plans / Mary Hamm, Dennis Adams. Hamm, Mary.
LB1033 .B658 2008 How to give effective feedback to your students / Susan M. Brookhart. Brookhart, Susan M.
LB1050 .G56 2007 What successful literacy teachers do : 70 research-based strategies for teachers, reading coaches, and instructional planners / Neal A. Glasgow, Thomas S.C. Farrell. Glasgow, Neal A.
LB1140.23 .K57 2007 The sandbox investment : the preschool movement and kids-first politics / David L. Kirp. Kirp, David L.
LB1573 .C535 2008 Reading for real : teach students to read with power, intention, and joy in K-3 classrooms / Kathy Collins. Collins, Kathy, 1964-
LB1573 .W54 2008 Teaching the brain to read : strategies for improving fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension / Judy Willis. Willis, Judy.
LB1576 .S457 2008 Storytime : young children's literary understanding in the classroom / Lawrence R. Sipe   foreword by P. David Pearson. Sipe, Lawrence R.
LB1585.5 B635 2008 What's math got to do with it? : helping children learn to love their most hated subject--and why it's important for America / Jo Boaler. Boaler, Jo, 1964-
LB1775.2 .V35 2007 Hot-button issues for teachers : what every educator needs to know about leadership, testing, textbooks, vouchers, and more / Philip D. Vairo, Sheldon Marcus, Max Weiner. Vairo, Philip D.
LB2331 .H31 2007 The academic community : a manual for change / Donald E. Hall. Hall, Donald E. (Donald Eugene), 1960-
LB2806.22 .H65 2008 Holding NCLB accountable : achieving accountability, equity, & school reform / Gail L. Sunderman, editor.  
LB2806.22 .M87 2008 Real education : four simple truths for bringing America's schools back to reality / Charles Murray. Murray, Charles A.
LB3012.2 .C87 2008 Discipline with dignity : new challenges, new solutions / Richard L. Curwin, Allen N. Mendler, Brian D. Mendler. Curwin, Richard L., 1944-
LB3609 .C48 2003 Detecting and preventing classroom cheating : promoting integrity in assessment / Gregory J. Cizek. Cizek, Gregory J.
LC3981 .O83 2008 The history of special education : a struggle for equality in American public schools / Robert L. Osgood. Osgood, Robert L.
LC4717 .B48 2007 Asperger syndrome in the inclusive classroom : advice and strategies for teachers / Stacey W. Betts, Dion E. Betts and Lisa N. Gerber-Eckard   foreword by Peter Riffle. Betts, Stacey W. (Stacey Waldman), 1964-
LC4718 .E39 2001 Educating children with autism / Committee on Educational Interventions for Children with Autism, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, National Research Council.  
NC975 .E93 2008 Show & tell : exploring the fine art of children's book illustration / Dilys Evans. Evans, Dilys.
PS3551.N464 Z468 2008 Letter to my daughter / Maya Angelou. Angelou, Maya.
Q175 .K58 2008 Simplexity : why simple things become complex (and how complex things can be simple) / Jeffrey Kluger. Kluger, Jeffrey.
QE508 .M27 2008 Nature's clocks : how scientists measure the age of almost everything / Doug Macdougall. Macdougall, J. D., 1944-
QH588.S83 F86 2008 Fundamentals of the stem cell debate : the scientific, religious, ethical, and political issues / edited by Kristen Renwick Monroe, Ronald B. Miller, and Jerome S. Tobis.  
QR57 .S24 2007 Good germs, bad germs : health and survival in a bacterial world / Jessica Snyder Sachs. Sachs, Jessica Snyder.
RA440.5 .D38 2008 The healthy skeptic : cutting through the hype about your health / Robert J. Davis. Davis, Robert J., 1963-
RC268 .S475 2008 Anticancer : a new way of life / David Servan-Schreiber. Servan-Schreiber, David.
RC394.A85 W445 2005 Attention deficit disorder in adults : a different way of thinking / Lynn Weiss. Weiss, Lynn.
RC516 .H43 2008 Mania : a short history of bipolar disorder / David Healy. Healy, David, MRC Psych.
T174.7 .H35 2005 Nanofuture : what's next for nanotechnology / J. Storrs Hall   foreword by K. Eric Drexler. Hall, J. Storrs.
TL152.5 .V36 2008 Traffic : why we drive the way we do (and what it says about us) / Tom Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt, Tom.
U264 .B453 2008 Nuclear weapons : what you need to know / Jeremy Bernstein. Bernstein, Jeremy, 1929-
Z1003.15 .K58 2008 Shelf-esteem / Sandra Kitain. Kitain, Sandra.
ZA3075 .P76 2007 Proven strategies for building an information literacy program / edited by Susan Carol Curzon and Lynn D. Lampert.  
ZA4235 T36 2008 Click : what millions of people are doing online and why it matters / Bill Tancer. Tancer, Bill.
ACCESS LB2353.7.R84 D77 2001 DSST : the official test-preparation guide.  
ACCESS RM315 .R37 1996 Drugs, society & human behavior / Oakley Ray, Charles Ksir. Ray, Oakley Stern.
JUV PB HES Spuds / by Karen Hesse   illustrated by Wendy Watson. Hesse, Karen.
JUV PB SHU How I learned geography / Uri Shulevitz. Shulevitz, Uri, 1935-