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REF Isms : understanding architecture / [Jeremy Melvin] Melvin, Jeremy, 1964-
REF  HM585 .G655 2007 'Isms & 'ologies : all the movements, ideologies, and doctrines that have shaped our world / by Arthur Goldwag   introduction by Michael Lewis. Goldwag, Arthur.
REF BL312 .S76 2004 Thematic guide to world mythology / Lorena Stookey. Stookey, Lorena Laura.
REF BL80.3 .G32 2007 ...Isms : understanding religions / Theodore Gabriel and Ronald Greaves. Gabriel, Theodore P. C.
REF BS630 .O96 2007 Oxford Bible atlas.  
REF E184.35 .W42 2007 The Jewish Americans : three centuries of Jewish voices in America / Beth S. Wenger. Wenger, Beth S., 1963-
REF F209 .N47 2006 The new encyclopedia of Southern culture / Charles Reagan Wilson, general editor   James G. Thomas Jr., managing editor   Ann J. Abadie, associate editor.  
REF F209 .N47 2006 The new encyclopedia of Southern culture / Charles Reagan Wilson, general editor   James G. Thomas Jr., managing editor   Ann J. Abadie, associate editor.  
REF F209 .N47 2006 The new encyclopedia of Southern culture / Charles Reagan Wilson, general editor   James G. Thomas Jr., managing editor   Ann J. Abadie, associate editor.  
REF F209 .N47 2006 The new encyclopedia of Southern culture / Charles Reagan Wilson, general editor   James G. Thomas Jr., managing editor   Ann J. Abadie, associate editor.  
REF F209 .N47 2006 The new encyclopedia of Southern culture / Charles Reagan Wilson, general editor   James G. Thomas Jr., managing editor   Ann J. Abadie, associate editor.  
REF F209 .N47 2006 The new encyclopedia of Southern culture / Charles Reagan Wilson, general editor   James G. Thomas Jr., managing editor   Ann J. Abadie, associate editor.  
REF F209 .N47 2006 The new encyclopedia of Southern culture / Charles Reagan Wilson, general editor   James G. Thomas Jr., managing editor   Ann J. Abadie, associate editor.  
REF F209 .N47 2006 The new encyclopedia of Southern culture / Charles Reagan Wilson, general editor   James G. Thomas Jr., managing editor   Ann J. Abadie, associate editor.  
REF G1021 .G4125 2007 Atlas of the world / [cartography by Philip's]. George Philip & Son.
REF G465 .J687 2007 Journeys of a lifetime : 500 of the world's greatest trips.  
REF GV436 .F53 2007 Fitness and exercise sourcebook / edited by Amy L. Sutton.  
REF HD4975 .S253 2008 Salary facts handbook : the definitive source of pay information on 800 jobs / The Editors at JIST.  
REF HD69.T54 A46 2007 American time use : who spends how long at what / by the editors of New Strategist Publications.  
REF HF5548.32 .C472 2007 Key concepts in e-commerce / Alan Charlesworth. Charlesworth, Alan, 1956-
REF HF5548.4.M525 K56 2007 Teach yourself visually Microsoft Office 2007 / by Sherry Willard Kinkoph. Kinkoph, Sherry.
REF HQ767.85 .S34 2007 Scholarly resources for children and childhood studies : a research guide and annotated bibliography / edited by Vibiana Bowman.  
REF JA61 .S37 2007 The Palgrave Macmillan dictionary of political thought / Roger Scruton. Scruton, Roger.
REF JV6450 .W43 2007 Immigration / Dennis Wepman. Wepman, Dennis.
REF KF8742.Z9 H64 2007 The Supreme Court : an essential history / Peter Charles Hoffer, Williamjames Hull Hoffer, N.E.H. Hull. Hoffer, Peter Charles, 1944-
REF LB15 .R285 2007 Edspeak : a glossary of education terms, phrases, buzzwords, and jargon / Diane Ravitch. Ravitch, Diane.
REF N5302 .L58 2004 #NAME? Little, Stephen, 1954-
REF PE1112 .L44 2006 A glossary of English grammar / Geoffrey Leech. Leech, Geoffrey N.
REF PE1670 .M26 2008 The Facts on File dictionary of foreign words and phrases / Martin H. Manser   associate editors: Alice Grandison and David H. Pickering. Manser, Martin H.
REF PN56.B5 T57 2007 Thematic guide to biblical literature / Nancy M. Tischler. Tischler, Nancy M.
REF PN6081 .Y35 2006 The Yale book of quotations / edited by Fred R. Shapiro   foreword by Joseph Epstein.  
REF PN6084.B5 N69 2007 Born this day : a book of birthdays and quotations of prominent people through the centuries / Robert A. Nowlan. Nowlan, Robert A.
REF PS303 .B87 2002 Thematic guide to American poetry / Allan Burns. Burns, Allan (Allan Douglas)
REF PS373 .A33 2002 Thematic guide to the American novel / Lynda G. Adamson. Adamson, Lynda G.
REF PS374.Y57 T78 2006 Thematic guide to young adult literature / Alice Trupe. Trupe, Alice.
REF PS583 .O82 2006 The Oxford book of American poetry / chosen and edited by David Lehman   associate editor, John Brehm.  
REF QB63 .S389 2007 The 50 best sights in astronomy and how to see them : observing eclipses, bright comets, meteor showers, and other celestial wonders / Fred Schaaf. Schaaf, Fred.
REF QK125 .K57 2007 Native trees of the Southeast : [an identification guide] / L. Katherine Kirkman, Claud L. Brown, Donald J. Leopold. Kirkman, L. Katherine.
REF TD9 .W95 2007 The facts on file dictionary of environmental science / Bruce Wyman, L. Harold Stevenson. Wyman, Bruce C.
REF Z1037.A1 A285 2006 Thematic guide to popular nonfiction / Lynda G. Adamson. Adamson, Lynda G.
REF ZA3075 .I533 2007 Information literacy collaborations that work / edited by Trudi E. Jacobson and Thomas P. Mackey.  
REF ZA4230 .H63 2007 The extreme searcher's Internet handbook : a guide for the serious searcher / Randolph Hock   foreword by Greg R. Notess. Hock, Randolph, 1944-
BF441 .N63 2006 Critical lessons : what our schools should teach / Nel Noddings. Noddings, Nel.
BJ1012 .T24 2008 Taking sides. Clashing views on moral issues / selected, edited, and with introductions by Stephen Satris.  
BL1202 .K56 2007 A survey of Hinduism / Klaus K. Klostermaier. Klostermaier, Klaus K., 1933-
BR515 .W494 2007 Head and heart : American Christianities / Garry Wills. Wills, Garry, 1934-
BS450 .A763 2007 The Bible : a biography / Karen Armstrong. Armstrong, Karen, 1944-
BV4501.3 .W37 2002 The purpose-driven life : what on earth am I here for? / Rick Warren. Warren, Richard, 1954-
D769.31 442nd .Y37 2007 Rising sons : the Japanese American GIs who fought for the United States in World War II / Bill Yenne. Yenne, Bill, 1949-
D863.3 .T35 2008 Taking sides. Clashing views in world politics / selected, edited, and with introductions by John T. Rourke.  
DS134.64 .A25  2007 The zookeeper's wife / Diane Ackerman. Ackerman, Diane.
DS79.76 .H652 2007 Band of sisters : American women at war in Iraq / Kirsten Holmstedt   foreword by L. Tammy Duckworth. Holmstedt, Kirsten A.
E183.8.K6 K678 2005 Korean attitudes toward the United States : changing dynamics / David I. Steinberg, editor   foreword by Robert L. Gallucci.  
E185.97.O23 A3 2004 Dreams from my father : a story of race and inheritance / Barack Obama. Obama, Barack.
E457.4 .G84 2008 Lincoln and Douglas : the debates that defined America / Allen C. Guelzo. Guelzo, Allen C.
E748.M52 C36 2008 Mellon : an American life / David Cannadine. Cannadine, David, 1950-
E901.1.O23 A3 2007 The audacity of hope : thoughts on reclaiming the American dream / Barack Obama. Obama, Barack.
E99.C5 P3933 2007 The Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears / Theda Perdue and Michael D. Green. Perdue, Theda, 1949-
F291.2 F1 1972 The Foxfire book: hog dressing  log cabin building  mountain crafts and foods  planting by the signs  snake lore, hunting tales, faith healing  moonshining  and other affairs of plain living. Edited with an introd. by Eliot Wigginton.  
F291.2 F10 1993 Foxfire 10 : railroad lore, boardinghouses, Depression-era Appalachia, chair making, whirligigs, snakes canes, and gourd art / edited by George P. Reynolds, Susan Walker, and Rabun County high school students with the assistance of Eliot Wigginton.  
F291.2 F11 1999 Foxfire 11 : the old homeplace, wild plant uses, preserving and cooking food, hunting stories, fishing, and more affairs of plain living / edited by Kaye Carver Collins, Lacy Hunter, and Foxfire students.  
F291.2 F12 2004 Foxfire 12 : war stories, Cherokee traditions, summer camps, square dancing, crafts, and more affairs of plain living / edited by Kaye Carver Collins, Angie Cheek, and former Foxfire students.  
F291.2 F13 2006 The Foxfire 40th anniversary book   faith, family, and the land / edited by Angie Cheek, Lacy Hunter Nix, and Foxfire students.  
F291.2 F2 1973 Foxfire 2: ghost stories, spring wild plant foods, spinning and weaving, midwifing, burial customs, corn shuckin's, wagon making and more affairs of plain living. Edited with an introd. by Eliot Wigginton.  
F291.2 F3 1975 Foxfire 3 : animal care, banjos and dulcimers, hide tanning, summer and fall wild plant foods, butter churns, ginseng, and still more affairs of plain living / edited with an introd. by Eliot Wigginton.  
F291.2 F4 1977 Foxfire 4 : fiddle making, springhouses, horse trading, sassafras tea, berry buckets, gardening, and further affairs of plain living / edited with an introd. by Eliot Wigginton   afterword by Richard M. Dorson.  
F291.2 F5 1979 Foxfire 5 : ironmaking, blacksmithing, flintlock rifles, bear hunting, and other affairs of plain living / edited with an introd. by Eliot Wigginton.  
F291.2 F6 1980 Foxfire 6 : shoemaking, gourd banjos, and songbows, one hundred toys and games, wooden locks, a water powered sawmill, and other affairs of just plain living / edited, with an introd. by Eliot Wigginton.  
F291.2 F7 1982 Foxfire 7 : miinisters and church members, revivals and baptisms, shaped-note and gospedl singing, faith healing and camp meetings, foot washing, snake handling / edited with an introduction by Paul F. Gillespie.  
F291.2 F8 1984 Foxfire 8 : Southern folk pottery from pug mills, ash glazes, groundhog kilns to face jugs, churns, roosters, mule swapping and chicken fighting / edited by Eliot Wigginton and Margie Bennett   with an introduction by Eliot Wigginton.  
F291.2 F9 1986 Foxfire 9 : general stores, the Jud Nelson wagon, a praying rock, a Catawba Indian potter --- and haint tales, quilting, home cures, and log cabins revisited / edited by Eliot Wigginton and Margie Bennett   with an introduction by Eliot Wigginton.  
G370.P9 B37 2007 Marco Polo : from Venice to Xanadu / Laurence Bergreen. Bergreen, Laurence.
GB459.4 .N43 2007 Atlantic coast beaches : a guide to ripples, dunes, and other natural features of the seashore / William J. Neal, Orrin H. Pilkey, Joseph T. Kelley. Neal, William J.
HB161 .O76 2007 On The wealth of nations / P.J. O'Rourke. O'Rourke, P. J.
HC106.7 .T35 2008 Taking sides. Clashing views on economic issues / selected, edited, and with introductions by Frank J. Bonello.  
HC110.C6 B324 2007 Con$umed : how markets corrupt children, infantilize adults, and swallow citizens whole / Benjamin R. Barber. Barber, Benjamin R., 1939-
HC110.S9 J64 2008 Free lunch : how the wealthiest Americans enrich themselves at government expense (and stick you with the bill) / David Cay Johnston. Johnston, David C.
HD30.29 .S29 2007 Group genius : the creative power of collaboration / Keith Sawyer. Sawyer, R. Keith (Robert Keith)
HD30.3 .K58 2007 The hard truth about soft skills : workplace lessons smart people wish they'd learned sooner / Peggy Klaus. Klaus, Peggy.
HD31 .C589 2007 A class with Drucker : the lost lessons of the world's greatest management teacher / by William A. Cohen. Cohen, William A., 1937-
HD53 .B646 2007 Beyond HR : the new science of human capital / John W. Boudreau, Peter M. Ramstad. Boudreau, John W.
HD57.7 .E55 2005 Enlightened power : how women are transforming the practice of leadership / Linda Coughlin, Ellen Wingard, Keith Hollihan, editors.  
HD57.7 .I33 2007 Where have all the leaders gone? / Lee Iacocca   with Catherine Whitney. Iacocca, Lee A.
HD58.7 .S3217 1999 The corporate culture survival guide : sense and nonsense about culture change / Edgar H. Schein   foreword by Warren Bennis. Schein, Edgar H.
HD60 .Z33 2007 The civil corporation : the new economy of corporate citizenship / Simon Zadek. Zadek, Simon.
HD6053 .F555 What men don't tell women about business : opening up the heavily guarded alpha male playbook / Christopher V. Flett. Flett, Christopher V., 1974-
HD6054.3 .E34 2007 Through the labyrinth : the truth about how women become leaders / Alice H. Eagly, Linda L. Carli. Eagly, Alice Hendrickson.
HD6073.M62 U68 2006 Daughters of the mountain : women coal miners in central Appalachia / Suzanne E. Tallichet. Tallichet, Suzanne E.
HD62.6 .C78 2008 Forces for good : the six practices of high-impact nonprofits / Leslie R. Crutchfield and Heather McLeod Grant   foreword by Steve Case. Crutchfield, Leslie R., 1968-
HD75 .M353 2008 Deep economy : the wealth of communities and the durable future / Bill McKibben. McKibben, Bill.
HD9330.S364 M457 2007 McIlhenny's gold : how a Louisiana family built the Tabasco empire / Jeffrey Rothfeder. Rothfeder, Jeffrey.
HD9711.U64 B646 2008 Boeing versus Airbus : the inside story of the greatest international competition in business / John Newhouse. Newhouse, John.
HE6371 .H46 2006 The postal age : the emergence of modern communications in nineteenth-century America / David M. Henkin. Henkin, David M.
HF1017 .K43 2004 Business statistics demystified / Steven M. Kemp, Sid Kemp. Kemp, Steven M.
HF5389.3.L3 M67 2007 Kiss, bow, or shake hands. Latin America : how to do business in 18 Latin American countries / Terri Morrison and Wayne A. Conaway. Morrison, Terri.
HF5415 .U67 2007 Truth : new rules for marketing in a skeptical world / Lynn Upshaw. Upshaw, Lynn B., 1947-
HF5415.1265 .B768 2007 The ultimate guide to search engine marketing : pay per click advertising secrets revealed / by Bruce C. Brown. Brown, Bruce C. (Bruce Cameron), 1965-
HF5415.13 .G564 2008 Meatball sundae : is your marketing out of sync? / Seth Godin. Godin, Seth.
HF5468 .M58 2006 Big-box swindle : the true cost of mega-retailers and the fight for America's independent businesses / Stacy Mitchell. Mitchell, Stacy.
HF5548.32 .M37 2006 Farce to force : building profitable e-commerce strategies / Sarah S. McCue. McCue, Sarah S., 1967-
HF5548.32 .W545 2007 How to open & operate a financially successful web-based business : with companion CD-ROM / by Beth Williams. Williams, Beth, 1973-
HF5549 .N56 2005 Applications in human resource management / Stella Nkomo, Myron Fottler, R. Bruce McAfee. Nkomo, Stella M., 1947-
HF5813.U6 V47 2007 Watch this, listen up, click here : inside the 300 billion dollar business behind the media you constantly consume / David Verklin, Bernice Kanner. Verklin, David.
HF5823 .S76 2007 Ads to icons : how advertising succeeds in a multimedia age / Paul Springer. Springer, Paul.
HF6161.L46 P46 2007 Advertising sin and sickness : the politics of alcohol and tobacco marketing, 1950-1990 / Pamela E. Pennock. Pennock, Pamela E.
HG3756.U54 S39 2007 Maxed out /  Hard times in the age of easy credit James Scurlock. Scurlock, James D.
HM1106 .G66 2007 Social intelligence : the new science of human relationships / Daniel Goleman.. Goleman, Daniel.
HN29 F53 2006 How to conduct surveys : a step-by-step guide / Arlene Fink. Fink, Arlene.
HN59.2 .T35 2008 Taking sides. Clashing views on social issues / selected, edited, and with introductions by Kurt Finsterbusch.  
HN65 .I848 2008 Issues for debate in American public policy : selections from The CQ researcher.  
HQ536 .F65 2008 Valuing children : rethinking the economics of the family / Nancy Folbre. Folbre, Nancy.
HV6691 .F737 2007 Fraud casebook : lessons from the bad side of business / edited by Joseph T. Wells.  
JC599.U5 B29 2007 Speechless : the erosion of free expression in the American workplace / Bruce Barry. Barry, Bruce, 1958-
JK275 .R45 2007 Supercapitalism : the transformation of business, democracy, and everyday life / Robert B. Reich. Reich, Robert B.
KF3457 .D45 2007 Dealing with problem employees : a legal guide / by Amy DelPo and Lisa Guerin. DelPo, Amy, 1967-
LA217.2 .T35 2008 Taking sides. Clashing views on educational issues / edited, selected, and with introductions by James Wm. Noll.  
LB1025.3 .B577 2007 Classroom instruction from A to Z : how to promote student learning / Barbara R. Blackburn. Blackburn, Barbara R., 1961-
LB1025.3 .B74 2006 Seven simple secrets : what the best teachers know and do / Annette Breaux and Todd Whitaker. Breaux, Annette L.
LB1025.3 .H37 2006 Inspiring active learning : a complete handbook for today's teachers / Merrill Harmin with Melanie Toth. Harmin, Merrill.
LB1025.3 .S548 2007 The strategic teacher : selecting the right research-based strategy for every lesson / Harvey F. Silver, Richard W. Strong, Matthew J. Perini. Silver, Harvey F.
LB1027.9 .C69 2007 The school choice hoax : fixing America's schools / Ronald G. Corwin, E. Joseph Schneider   foreword by James McPartland. Corwin, Ronald G.
LB1028.3 .W385 2007 Integrating literacy and technology : effective practice for grades K-6 / Susan Watts Taffe, Carolyn B. Gwinn. Watts-Taffe, Susan M.
LB1028.5 .O499 2007 The online learning idea book : 95 proven ways to enhance technology-based and blended learning / Patti Shank, editor.  
LB1044.87 .O44 2005 Online learning : personal reflections on the transformation of education / Greg Kearsley, editor.  
LB1050 .B66 2006 Reading doesn't matter anymore : shattering the myths of literacy / David Booth. Booth, David W. (David Wallace), 1938-
LB1050.455 .B46 2007 But I'm not a reading teacher : strategies for literacy instruction in the content areas / Amy Benjamin. Benjamin, Amy, 1951-
LB1060 .W544 2007 Brain-friendly strategies for the inclusion classroom : insights from a neurologist and classroom teacher Judy Willis. Willis, Judy.
LB1065 .B25 2007 Results-driven teaching : teach so well that every student learns / Keen Babbage. Babbage, Keen J.
LB1139.5.R43 S83 1999 Starting out right : a guide to promoting children's reading success Committee on the Prevention of Reading Difficulties in Young Children. Committee on the Prevention of Reading Difficulties in Young Children.
LB1573.3 .B43 2006 Making sense of phonics : the hows and whys / Isabel L. Beck. Beck, Isabel L.
LB1574.5 .B43 2002 Bringing words to life : robust vocabulary instruction / Isabel L. Beck, Margaret G. McKeown, Linda Kucan. Beck, Isabel L.
LB1576 .D657 2007 Mentor texts : teaching writing through children's literature, K-6 / by Lynne R. Dorfman and Rose Cappelli. Dorfman, Lynne R., 1952-
LB1580 .J46 2007 The essentials of world languages, grades K-12 : effective curriculum, instruction, and assessment / Janis Jensen and Paul Sandrock with John Franklin. Jensen, Janis, 1947-
LB1581 R87 2007 Using film in the social studies / William B. Russell. Russell, William B.
LB1585 .C294 2007 Making science accessible to English learners : a guidebook for teachers / John Carr, Ursula Sexton, Rachel Lagunoff. Carr, John (John Warren)
LB1585 .W473 2007 Launching learners in science, preK-5 : how to design standards-based experiences and engage students in classroom conversations / Kerry C. Williams, George E. Veomett. Williams, Kerry C.
LB1601 .S38 2008 Brain-friendly study strategies, grades 2-8 : how teachers can help students learn / Amy Schwed and Janice Melichar-Utter. Schwed, Amy.
LB1715 .F697 2007 Preparing America's teachers : a history / James W. Fraser. Fraser, James W., 1944-
LB2157.A3 I57 2007 Intercultural student teaching : a bridge to global competence / edited by Kenneth Cushner, Sharon Brennan.  
LB2388 .E94 2005 Degree mills : the billion-dollar industry that has sold over a million fake diplomas / Allen Ezell and John Bear. Ezell, Allen, 1941-
LB3011 .B628 2007 The educator's guide to assessing and improving school discipline programs / Mark Boynton & Christine Boynton. Boynton, Mark, 1947-
LB3013 .F51 2007 Checking for understanding : formative assessment techniques for your classroom / Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey. Fisher, Douglas, 1965-
LB3013 .K55 2007 Teaching discipline & self-respect : effective strategies, anecdotes, and lessons for successful classroom management / SiriNam S. Khalsa   foreword by Jeffrey R. Ryan. Khalsa, SiriNam S., 1951-
LB3013 .R526 2006 Managing your classroom with heart : a guide for nurturing adolescent learners / Katy Ridnouer. Ridnouer, Katy.
LB3013.3 .O77 2006 Bullying prevention : creating a positive school climate and developing social competence / Pamela Orpinas, Arthur M. Horne. Orpinas, Pamela.
LB3051 .M4573 2006 Classroom assessment & grading that work / Robert J. Marzano. Marzano, Robert J.
LB3051 .R59 2007 Brain-compatible assessments / Diane Ronis   foreword by Renate Nummela Caine. Ronis, Diane L.
LB3051 .R597 2007 Schoolyard-enhanced learning : using the outdoors as an instructional tool, K-8 / Herbert W. Broda. Broda, Herbert W., 1945-
LB3051 .T26 2007 Tests that teach : using standardized tests to improve instruction / Karen Tankersley. Tankersley, Karen, 1952-
LC1099.3 .R68 2008 Managing diverse classrooms : how to build on students' cultural strengths / Carrie Rothstein-Fisch and Elise Trumbull. Rothstein-Fisch, Carrie.
LC191.4 .S53 2006 Losing heart : the moral and spiritual miseducation of America's children / H. Svi Shapiro. Shapiro, H. Svi.
LC2802.S9 F35 2007 A class of their own : Black teachers in the segregated South / Adam Fairclough. Fairclough, Adam.
LC3725 .H39 2007 Getting started with English language learners : how educators can meet the challenge / Judie Haynes. Haynes, Judie.
LC3731 .B76 2006 Ladybugs, tornadoes, and swirling galaxies : English language learners discover their world through inquiry / Brad Buhrow & Anne Upczak Garcia   foreword by Anne Goudvis. Buhrow, Brad, 1962-
LC5225.L42 M368 2007 Jump start the adult learner : how to engage and motivate adults using brain-compatible strategies / Laurie Materna. Materna, Laurie.
PE1449 .T68 2006 Totally weird and wonderful words / edited by Erin McKean   illustrations by Roz Chast and Danny Shanahan   with forewords by Richard Lederer and Simon Winchester.  
PN1009.A1 G75 2006 Feeling like a kid : childhood and children's literature / Jerry Griswold. Griswold, Jerome.
PR1109 .E63 2006 The English reader : what every literate person needs to know / edited by Diane Ravitch and Michael Ravitch.  
PR2900 .B38 2007 Why Shakespeare? / Catherine Belsey. Belsey, Catherine.
PR2911 .W45 2006 Shakespeare and co. : Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Dekker, Ben Jonson, Thomas Middleton, John Fletcher, and the other players in his story / Stanley Wells. Wells, Stanley W., 1930-
PS3527.A637 A6 2007 Poems Selections.;"The best of Ogden Nash / edited by Linell Nash Smith." Nash, Ogden, 1902-1971.
PS648 .S5 B43 2007 The best American short stories 2007 / selected from U.S. and Canadian magazines by Stephen King with Heidi Pitlor   with an introduction by Stephen King.  
QA22 .R86 2007 How mathematics happened : the first 50,000 years / Peter S. Rudman. Rudman, Peter Strom.
QA277 .K35 2006 100 statistical tests / Gopal K. Kanji. Kanji, Gopal K.
QA99 .P65 2006 The shoelace book : a mathematical guide to the best (and worst) ways to lace your shoes / Burkard Polster. Polster, Burkard.
QA99 .S87 2007 A certain ambiguity : a mathematical novel / Gaurav Suri and Hartosh Singh Bal. Suri, Gaurav, 1966-
QH104.5.T46 B35 2007 Natural histories : stories from the Tennessee Valley / Stephen Lyn Bales   with a foreword by Sam Venable. Bales, Stephen Lyn.
RA395.A3 B785 2007 Overtreated : why too much medicine is making us sicker and poorer / Shannon Brownlee. Brownlee, Shannon.
RA424 .S59 2007 Clean : a history of personal hygiene and purity / Virginia Smith. Smith, Virginia Sarah.
RC489.B4 F56 2007 Taking America off drugs : why behavioral therapy is more effective for treating ADHD, OCD, depression, and other psychological problems / Stephen Ray Flora. Flora, Stephen Ray, 1963-
TD170 .T34 2008 Taking sides : clashing views on environmental issues / selected, edited, and with introductions by Thomas Easton.  
TEA Read Put reading first : the research building blocks for teaching children to read : kindergarten through grade 3 / [writers, Bonnie B. Armbruster, Fran Lehr, Jean Osborn   editor, C. Ralph Adler]. Armbruster, Bonnie B.
Z720.B725 A3 2007 Free for all : oddballs, geeks, and gangstas in the public library / Don Borchert. Borchert, Don.
Z721 .P5613 2007 Books on fire : the destruction of libraries throughout history / Lucien X. Polastron   translated by Jon E. Graham." Polastron, Lucien X.
ZA4234.G64 J4313 2007 "Google and the myth of universal knowledge : a view from Europe / Jean-Noèel Jeanneney   translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan." Jeanneney, Jean Noèel, 1942-
JUV FIC DRA The Battle of Jericho / Sharon M. Draper. Draper, Sharon M. (Sharon Mills)
JUV FIC DRA November blues / Sharon M. Draper. Draper, Sharon M. (Sharon Mills)
DVD FIR First Aid/CPR/AED for Schools and the Community DVD [videorecording] / American Red Cross.  
DVD HOO Hoosiers [videorecording] / an Orion Pictures release   Hemdale Film Corporation presents   a Carter De Haven Production   produced by Carter De Haven and Angelo Pizzo   written by Angelo Pizzo   directed by David Anspaugh.