Thomas J. Garland Library


New Titles Fall 2010

ReadyReference D16 .B893 2008 Going to the sources : a guide to historical research and writing / Anthony Brundage. Brundage, Anthony, 1938-  
ReadyReference HA202 .S72 2009 Statistical abstract of the United States : the national data book.    
ReadyReference HF5381 .U62 2008-09 Occupational outlook handbook / U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.    
ReadyReference JK421 .A3 2008-09 The United States government manual.    
REF BF30 .A56 Annual review of psychology.  v. 1- 1950-    
REF BF30 .A56 Annual review of psychology.  v. 1- 1950-    
REF CB361 .N35 2006 The A to Z of the Renaissance / Charles G. Nauert. Nauert, Charles Garfield, 1928-  
REF CT120 .W5 2010 Who's who in the world.    
REF DR416 .577 1998 A traveller's history of Turkey / Richard Stoneman   line drawings, John Hoste. Stoneman, Richard.  
REF E601 .C78 1988 Civil War eyewitnesses : an annotated bibliography of books and articles, 1955-1986 / by Garold L. Cole   foreword by James I. Robertson, Jr. Cole, Garold.  
REF E601 .C79 2000 Civil War eyewitnesses : an annotated bibliography of books and articles, 1986-1996 / Garold L. Cole   foreword by James I. Robertson, Jr. Cole, Garold.  
REF HA202 .S72 2008 Statistical abstract of the United States : the national data book.    
REF HF3021 .B976 2010 Business history in the United States : a guide to archival collections / edited by Terry Snyder.    
REF L901 .C7442 2009 The College Board book of majors.    
REF LB2351 .A1 C6 2009 The College Board college handbook, 2009.    
REF NB 1170 .W55 2005 The sculpture reference illustrated : contemporary techniques, terms, tools, materials, and sculpture / Arthur Williams. Williams, Arthur.  
REF P94.5.A37 S28 2002 Say it loud! : African-American audiences, media, and identity / edited by Robin R. Means Coleman.    
REF PK2173 .L192 2007 Dastaane amir hamza. English;"The adventures of Amir Hamza : lord of the auspicious planetary conjunction / [original Urdu text compiled by] Ghalib Lakhnavi and Abdullah Bilgrami   a complete and unabridged translation by Masharraf Ali Farooqi." .  
REF PR6056 .O45 p55 1983 Pillars of the earth / Ken Follett. Follett, Ken.  
REF QH360.2 .M55 2009 Darwin's universe : evolution from A to Z / Richard Milner   with a foreword by Ian Tattersall and a preface by Stephen Jay Gould. Milner, Richard, 1941-  
REF T385 .B83 2007 Teach yourself visually Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 / by Lisa A. Bucki. Bucki, Lisa.  
RESERVE F217.A65 R43 2010 Reconstructing Appalachia : the Civil War's aftermath / edited by Andrew L. Slap   introduction by Gordon B. McKinney.    
BF39 .H2644 2006 Handbook of multimethod measurement in psychology / edited by Michael Eid and Ed Diener.    
BF449 .W93 1991 Mindmapping : your personal guide to exploring creativity and problem-solving / Joyce Wycoff. Wycoff, Joyce.  
BR150 .G333 2003 A brief history of Christianity / Bamber Gascoigne. Gascoigne, Bamber.  
BR1725.R63 D3 1955 The answer is God : the inspiring personal story of Dale Evans and Roy Rogers. Davis, Elise Miller.  
BR525 .S9 1982 The divided mind of Protestant America, 1880-1930 / Ferenc Morton Szasz. Szasz, Ferenc Morton, 1940-2010.  
BS1140.2 .T45 1997 Biblical literacy : the most important people, events, and ideas of the Hebrew Bible / Joseph Telushkin. Telushkin, Joseph, 1948-  
BS2095 .T56 1966 Good news for modern man  the New Testament in today's English version.    
BS580.M6 T83 2008 Moses' women / Shera Aranoff Tuchman and Sandra E. Rapoport. Tuchman, Shera Aranoff.  
BV3269.B37 F64 2009 A life in India : James and Mary Barr / by Nancy Fogel. Fogel, Nancy A.  
CB361 .N34 2006 Humanism and the culture of Renaissance Europe / Charles G. Nauert. Nauert, Charles Garfield, 1928-  
CB415 .G39 2002 Schnitzler's century : the making of middle-class culture, 1815-1914 / Peter Gay. Gay, Peter, 1923-  
D1051 .J84 2006 Postwar : a history of Europe since 1945 / Tony Judt. Judt, Tony.  
D157 .M32 2008 The crusades and the Christian world of the East : rough tolerance / Christopher MacEvitt. MacEvitt, Christopher Hatch, 1972-  
D16.8 .M251 2009 Uses and abuses of history.;"Dangerous games : the uses and abuses of history / Margaret MacMillan." MacMillan, Margaret, 1943-  
D198.3 .H5 1971 Makers of Arab history, by Philip K. Hitti. Hitti, Philip Khuri, 1886-1978.  
D743.42 .F565 2010 Remembering the road to World War Two : international history, national identity, collective memory / Patrick Finney. Finney, Patrick, 1968-  
D794.5 .O36 2008 The Brenner assignment : the untold story of the most daring spy mission of World War II / Patrick K. O'Donnell. O'Donnell, Patrick K., 1969-  
D804.3 .H474 1997 Divided memory : the Nazi past in the two Germanys / Jeffrey Herf. Herf, Jeffrey, 1947-  
D804.3 .W56 2010 The holocaust sites of Europe : an historical guide / Martin Winstone. Winstone, Martin.  
D843 .D2 2010 The lost peace : leadership in a time of horror and hope, 1945-1953 / Robert Dallek. Dallek, Robert.  
DA333 .B61845 2004 The life and death of Anne Boleyn / Eric Ives. Ives, E. W. (Eric William), 1931-  
DA355 .B67 2009 Elizabeth's women : friends, rivals, and foes who shaped the Virgin Queen / Tracy Borman. Borman, Tracy.  
DA485 .C65 1992 Britons : forging the nation, 1707-1837 / Linda Colley. Colley, Linda.  
DA591.B56 A3 2010 A journey : my political life / Tony Blair. Blair, Tony, 1953-  
DC397 .R7314 1991 Syndrome de Vichy. English;"The Vichy syndrome : history and memory in France since 1944 / Henry Rousso   translated by Arthur Goldhammer." Rousso, Henry, 1954-  
DD237 .P4313 1992 Weimarer Republik. English;"The Weimar Republic : the crisis of classical modernity / Detlev J.K. Peukert   translated by Richard Deveson." Peukert, Detlev.  
DD247.H5 J313 1981 Hitler's Weltanschauung. English;"Hitler's world view : a blueprint for power / by Eberhard J├˝ckel   translated from the German by Herbert Arnold   foreword by Franklin L. Ford." J├˝ckel, Eberhard.  
DD247.H5 L4813 2009 Bis zum Untergang. English;"With Hitler to the end : the memoirs of Adolf Hitler's valet / Heinz Linge   introduction by Roger Moorhouse   translation by Geoffrey Brooks." Linge, Heinz, 1913-1980.  
DD256.5 .M32 1998 The unmasterable past : history, Holocaust, and German national identity / Charles S. Maier   with a new preface. Maier, Charles S.  
DD256.5 .P46 1987 Volksgenossen und Gemeinschaftsfremde. English;"Inside Nazi Germany : conformity opposition and racism in everyday life / Detlev J.K. Peukert   translated by Richard Deveson Peukert, Detlev.  
DD881 .R435 2010 Daring young men : the heroism and triumph of the Berlin Airlift, June 1948-May 1949 / Richard Reeves. Reeves, Richard, 1936-  
DG297 .M35 2009b Marcus Aurelius : a life / Frank McLynn. McLynn, Frank.  
DJK50 .G35 1990 The magic lantern : the revolution of '89 witnessed in Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin, and Prague / Timothy Garton Ash. Garton Ash, Timothy.  
DK274 .K635 2001 Armageddon averted : the Soviet collapse, 1970-2000 / Stephen Kotkin. Kotkin, Stephen.  
DK275.K5 T38 2004 Khrushchev : the man and his era / William Taubman. Taubman, William.  
DK502.7 .K37 2010 A history of the Baltic states / Andres Kasekamp. Kasekamp, Andres, 1966-  
DS112 .T48 1986 Handbook of life in Bible times / J.A. Thompson. Thompson, J. A. (John Arthur), 1913-  
DS125.5 .S366 2010 The Balfour Declaration : the origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict / Jonathan Schneer. Schneer, Jonathan.  
DS126.5 .A96 2010 The prime ministers : an intimate narrative of Israeli leadership / Yehuda Avner. Avner, Yehuda.  
DS126.9 .M67 2008 1948 : a history of the first Arab-Israeli war / Benny Morris. Morris, Benny, 1948-  
DS135.G3315 K37 1999 Between dignity and despair : Jewish life in Nazi Germany / Marion A. Kaplan. Kaplan, Marion A.  
DS135.P63 B547 1997 From the ashes of Sobibor : a story of survival / Thomas Toivi Blatt. Blatt, Thomas Toivi, 1927-  
DS558 .G37 1997 Pay any price : Lyndon Johnson and the wars for Vietnam / Lloyd C. Gardner. Gardner, Lloyd C., 1934-  
DS558 .P743 2009 Vietnam : the history of an unwinnable war, 1945-1975 / John Prados. Prados, John.  
DS69.5 .W43 2010 What makes civilization? : the ancient Near East and the future of the West / David Wengrow. Wengrow, D.  
DS79.764.F35 C36 2009 Operation Phantom Fury : the assault and capture of Fallujah, Iraq / Dick Camp. Camp, Richard D.  
DS916 .M465 2005 The war for Korea, 1945-1950 : a house burning / Allan R. Millett. Millett, Allan Reed.  
DT1971 .J64 2010 South Africa's brave new world : the beloved country since the end of apartheid / R.W. Johnson. Johnson, R. W. (Richard William)  
DT1974 .M325 2010b Conversations with myself / Nelson Mandela   [foreword by Barack Obama]. Mandela, Nelson, 1918-  
DT30.5 .A334 2010 The curse of Berlin : Africa after the Cold War / Adekeye Adebajo. Adebajo, Adekeye, 1966-  
DT87.5 .K564 2008 King Tut [videorecording] : secrets revealed / The History Channel.    
DT92.7 .S35 2010 Cleopatra : a life  / by Stacy Schiff. Schiff, Stacy.  
E 903 .A3 2010 Decision points / George W. Bush. Bush, George W. (George Walker), 1946-  
E163.C826 1961 Letters from an American farmer / by J. Hector St. John de Cr├┐vecoeur. St. John de Cr├┐vecoeur, J. Hector, 1735-1813.  
E165 .C54 1839a Lettres sur l'Am├⌐rique du Nord. English;"Society mannersand politics in the United States : letters on North America / by Michael Chevalier translated after the T.G. Bradford edition." Chevalier, Michel, 1806-1879.  
E169 .D912 1995 The modern temper : American culture and society in the 1920s / Lynn Dumenil. Dumenil, Lynn, 1950-  
E169.1 .F538 2010 Made in America : a social history of American culture and character / Claude S. Fischer. Fischer, Claude S., 1948-  
E176 .P95 2010 Profiles in leadership : historians on the elusive quality of greatness / edited by Walter Isaacson.    
E184.E95 J33 1998 Whiteness of a different color : European immigrants and the alchemy of race / Matthew Frye Jacobson. Jacobson, Matthew Frye, 1958-  
E185.6 .W685 2010 The warmth of other suns : the epic story of America's great migration / Isabel Wilkerson. Wilkerson, Isabel.  
E185.97.K5 J576 2011 Behind the dream : the making of the speech that transformed a nation / Clarence B. Jones and Stuart Connelly. Jones, Clarence B.  
E188 .T35 2002 American colonies / Alan Taylor   [map illustrations by Jeffrey Ward] Taylor, Alan, 1955-  
E209 .A45 2010 Tories : fighting for the king in America's first civil war / Thomas B. Allen. Allen, Thomas B.  
E302.6.H2 L85 1882 Alexander Hamilton. Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1850-1924.  
E322.2 .E45 1997 American sphinx : the character of Thomas Jefferson / Joseph J. Ellis. Ellis, Joseph J.  
E332 .M87 1898 Thomas Jefferson  Morse, John Torrey, 1840-1937. Morse, John Torrey, 1840-1937.  
E338 .L36 2010 Driven West : Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears to the Civil War / A.J. Langguth. Langguth, A. J., 1933-  
E354 .T39 2010 The civil war of 1812 : American citizens, British subjects, Irish rebels, & Indian allies / Alan Taylor. Taylor, Alan, 1955-  
E468 .C284 1982 The American heritage picture history of the Civil War / by the editors of American heritage, the magazine of history   editor in charge, Richard M. Ketchum   narrative by Bruce Catton. Catton, Bruce, 1899-1978.  
E661 .E27 2006 New spirits : Americans in the gilded age, 1865-1905 / Rebecca Edwards. Edwards, Rebecca, 1966-  
E661 .P33 2008 Standing at Armageddon : the United States, 1877-1919 / Nell Irvin Painter. Painter, Nell Irvin.  
E661 .P33 2008 The culture of time and space, 1880-1918 : with a new preface / Stephen Kern. Kern, Stephen.  
E671 .B47 2010 1877 : America's year of living violently / Michael A. Bellesiles. Bellesiles, Michael A.  
E744 .A477 2011 Rise to globalism : American foreign policy since 1938 / Stephen E. Ambrose and Douglas G. Brinkley. Ambrose, Stephen E.  
E748.N5 A3 1962 Six crises. Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994.  
E757 .E325 2009 The big burn : Teddy Roosevelt and the fire that saved America / Timothy Egan. Egan, Timothy.  
E757 .M8825 2010 Colonel Roosevelt / Edmund Morris. Morris, Edmund.  
E807 .P43 2008 Franklin and Lucy : President  Roosevelt, Mrs. Rutherfurd, and the other remarkable women in his life / Joseph E. Persico. Persico, Joseph E.  
E836 .E383 2010 Going home to glory : a memoir of life with Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961-1969 / David Eisenhower with Julie Nixon Eisenhower. Eisenhower, David, 1948-  
E840.8.F665 A3 2010 More Davids than Goliaths : a political education / Harold Ford, Jr. Ford, Harold, 1970-  
E840.8.K35 A3 2009 True compass : a memoir / Edward M. Kennedy. Kennedy, Edward M. (Edward Moore), 1932-2009.  
E840.8.R48 A3 2010 Extraordinary, ordinary people : a memoir of family / Condoleezza Rice. Rice, Condoleezza, 1954-  
E873 .A3 2010 White House diary / Jimmy Carter. Carter, Jimmy, 1924-  
E886 .T35 2010 A complicated man : the life of Bill Clinton as told by those who know him / Michael Takiff. Takiff, Michael, 1955-  
E886.2 .S24 2009 Clinton's secret wars : the evolution of a commander in chief / Richard Sale. Sale, Richard T., 1939-  
E908.3 .W66 2010 Obama's wars / Bob Woodward. Woodward, Bob, 1943-  
F106 .H46 2004 High mountains rising : Appalachia in time and place / edited by Richard A. Straw and H. Tyler Blethen.    
F249.C6 S74 2005 Clarksburg / Robert F. Stealey. Stealey, Robert F.  
F29 .H15 U47 1991 A midwife's tale : the life of Martha Ballard, based on her diary, 1785-1812 / Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. Ulrich, Laurel.  
F291.3.C37 G63 2010 Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter : the Georgia years, 1924-1974 / E. Stanly Godbold, Jr. Godbold, E. Stanly.  
F347.S9 A83 2008 The senator and the sharecropper : the freedom struggles of James O. Eastland and Fannie Lou Hamer / Chris Myers Asch. Asch, Christopher Myers.  
F350.3 .K34 2005 Best of the Midwest : rediscovering America's heartland / written by Dan Kaercher   photography by Bob Stefko. Kaercher, Dan.  
F436 .F56 2001 Tennessee frontiers : three regions in transition / John R. Finger. Finger, John R., 1939-  
F442.1 .B365 2010 Appalachians all : East Tennesseans and the elusive history of an American region / Mark T. Banker. Banker, Mark T., 1951-  
F69.R43 F57 1994 Paul Revere's ride / David Hackett Fischer. Fischer, David Hackett, 1935-  
F767.F8 H87 1991 Sweetwater gold : Wyoming's gold rush, 1867-1871 / Marion McMillan Huseas   with a foreword by Merrill J. Mattes. Huseas, Marion McMillan.  
GN482 .K66 2010 The evolution of childhood : relationships, emotion, mind / Melvin Konner. Konner, Melvin.  
GV211 .M43 2002 A history and philosophy of sport and physical education : from ancient civilizations to the modern world / Robert A. Mechikoff, Steven G. Estes. Mechikoff, Robert A., 1949-  
GV863.A1 V64 1976 America through baseball / David Q. Voigt. Voigt, David Quentin.  
GV865.C6 A65 1984 Ty Cobb / Charles C. Alexander. Alexander, Charles C.  
H61.27 D48 2003 Scale development : theory and applications / Robert F. DeVellis. DeVellis, Robert F.  
H63 .Z54 2002 Dinah Zike's big book of social studies : elementary K-6 / Dinah Zike. Zike, Dinah.  
HA31.3 .B47 1993 Understanding regression assumptions / William D. Berry. Berry, William Dale.  
HB3722 .S659 2010 Too big to fail : the inside story of how Wall Street and Washington fought to save the financial system--and themselves / Andrew Ross Sorkin. Sorkin, Andrew Ross.  
HB74.P8 B455 2007 Behavioral economics and its applications / Peter Diamond, Hannu Vartiainen, editors.    
HC103 .K45 2010 Presimetrics : what the facts tell us about how the Presidents measure up on the issues we care about / Mike Kimel and Michael E. Kanell   information graphics by Nigel Holmes. Kimel, Michael Philip, 1969-  
HC107.M7 M38a 2010 Mississippi adventure guide / Mississippi Development Authority/Toursim Division.    
HC310.C6 W45 2005 Shopping in the Renaissance : consumer cultures in Italy 1400-1600 / [Evelyn Welch]. Welch, Evelyn S., 1959-  
HD31 .E294 2011 Performance dashboards : measuring, monitoring, and managing your business / Wayne W. Eckerson. Eckerson, Wayne W., 1958-  
HD9710.U52 R38 2010 Overhaul : an insider's account of the Obama administration's emergency rescue of the auto industry / Steven Rattner. Rattner, Steven.  
HE7631 .W8 2010 The master switch : the rise and fall of information empires / Tim Wu. Wu, Tim.  
HF481 .B76 2010 Merchant kings : when companies ruled the world, 1600-1900 / Stephen R. Bown. Bown, Stephen R.  
HF5548.4.M523 M368 2007 Teach yourself visually Word 2007  / by Elaine J. Marmel. Marmel, Elaine J.  
HF5548.4.M525 K72935 2007 Teach yourself visually Microsoft Office 2007 / by Sherry Willard Kinkoph. Gunter, Sherry Kinkoph.  
HF5718 .L76 1994 Speak and get results : the complete guide to speeches and presentations that work in any business situation / by Sandy Linver with Jim Mengert. Linver, Sandy.  
HG2491 .B266 2010 Banking systems / Center for Financial Training.    
HM1001 .A38 2010eb Advances in experimental social psychology.    
HM831 .M3917 2010 Do it anyway : the next generation activists / Courtney E. Martin. Martin, Courtney E.  
HM836 .A67 2010 The honor code : how moral revolutions happen / Kwame Anthony Appiah. Appiah, Anthony.  
HN 57 .H545 1973 America at 1750 : a social portrait. Hofstadter, Richard, 1916-1970.  
HN57 .R556 1998 Atlantic crossings : social politics in a progressive age / Daniel T. Rodgers. Rodgers, Daniel T.  
HQ1190 .H67 2000 Feminism is for everybody : passionate politics / Bell Hooks. Hooks, Bell.  
HQ1426 .H675 2000 Feminist theory : from margin to center / Bell Hooks. Hooks, Bell.  
HQ1426.F8443 C66 2010 A strange stirring : the Feminine mystique and American women at the dawn of the 1960s / Stephanie Coontz. Coontz, Stephanie.  


HQ145.A17 B88 1987


Daughters of joy, sisters of misery : prostitutes in the American West, 1865-90 / Anne M. Butler. Butler, Anne M., 1938-  
HQ1767 .C434 1996 Bound feet & Western dress / Pang-Mei Natasha Chang. Chang, Pang-Mei Natasha, 1965-  
HQ625 .V35 2010 Surviving Hitler's war : family life in Germany, 1939-48 / Hester Vaizey. Vaizey, Hester, 1981-  
HQ781 .G35 2010 Mind in the making : the seven essential life skills every child needs / Ellen Galinsky. Galinsky, Ellen.  
HS204 .C37 1989 Secret ritual and manhood in Victorian America / Mark C. Carnes. Carnes, Mark C. (Mark Christopher), 1950-  
HT123 .C49 2005 The evolution of American urban society / Howard P. Chudacoff, Judith E. Smith. Chudacoff, Howard B.  
HT352.U6 P35 1995 The suburbs / J. John Palen. Palen, J. John.  
HT384.U5 O78 1995 City-building in America / Anthony M. Orum. Orum, Anthony M.  
HT421 .C73 1994 The villagers : changed values, altered lives : the closing of the urban-rural gap / Richard Critchfield. Critchfield, Richard.  
HV5132 .W35 2005 The glass castle : a memoir / Jeannette Walls. Walls, Jeannette.  
HV6322.7 .K54 2007 Blood and soil : a world history of genocide and extermination from Sparta to Darfur / Ben Kiernan. Kiernan, Ben.  
JK 526 2008 .H45 2010 Game change : Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the race of a lifetime / John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. Heilemann, John, 1966-  
JK311 .L33 2010 The ideological origins of American federalism / Alison L. LaCroix. LaCroix, Alison L.  
JK39 .R654 1987 Contested truths : keywords in American politics since independence / Daniel T. Rodgers. Rodgers, Daniel T.  
JK468.I6 S49 2008 Spies for hire : the secret world of intelligence outsourcing / Tim Shorrock. Shorrock, Tim.  
JK736 .T648 2011 Pinstripe patronage : political favoritism from the clubhouse to the White house and beyond / by Martin and Susan J. Tolchin. Tolchin, Martin.  
JZ1480.A5 G45 2009 Power rules : how common sense can rescue American foreign policy / Leslie H. Gelb. Gelb, Leslie H.  
KF224.S8 B69 2004 Arc of justice : a saga of race, civil rights, and murder in the Jazz Age / Kevin Boyle. Boyle, Kevin, 1960-  
KF4541 .M278 2010 Ratification : the people debate the Constitution, 1787-1788 / Pauline Maier. Maier, Pauline, 1938-  
KF4541.Z9 U55 2009 Constitution;"The U.S. Constitution : and fascinating facts about it / supplemental text by Terry L. Jordan." United States.  
KF4550 .T873 2010 Why the Constitution matters / Mark Tushnet. Tushnet, Mark V., 1945-  
KF4575 .B738 2010 Making our democracy work : a judge's view / Stephen Breyer. Breyer, Stephen G., 1938-  
KF8744 .F45 2010 Scorpions : the battles and triumphs of FDR's great Supreme Court justices / Noah Feldman. Feldman, Noah, 1970-  
KF8745.B67 U748 2009 Louis D. Brandeis : a life / Melvin I. Urofsky. Urofsky, Melvin I.  
KF8748 .F79 2009 The will of the people : how public opinion has influenced the Supreme Court and shaped the meaning of the Constitution / Barry Friedman. Friedman, Barry, 1958-  
LB1025.3 .H67 2010 Teaching critical thinking : practical wisdom / Bell Hooks. Hooks, Bell.  
LB1027.25 .Z55 2001 Dinah Zike's big book of projects / by Dinah Zike   artwork, photography, book design, and production by Ignacio Salas-Humara. Zike, Dinah.  
LB1043.5 .Z55 2007 Dinah Zike's Foldables and VKVs for phonics, spelling and vocabulary : a photographic reference guide for kinesthetic learning : preK-2nd grade. Zike, Dinah, 1952-  
LB1043.5 .Z55 2009 Dinah Zike's foldables, notebook foldables,  VKVs for spelling & vocabulary : test prep, academic vocabulary, & ESL strategies, intermediate to advanced 4th-12th grades / Dinah Zike. Zike, Dinah.  
LB1050.45 V63 2007 Vocabulary acquisition : implications for reading comprehension / edited by Richard K. Wagner, Andrea E. Muse, Kendra R. Tannenbaum.    
LB1585 .Z545 2004 Dinah Zike's big book of science : grade levels K-6 / Dinah Zike. Zike, Dinah.  
LB2368 .W35 2010 Effective grading : a tool for learning and assessment in college / Barbara E. Walvoord, Virginia Johnson Anderson. Walvoord, Barbara E. Fassler, 1941-  
LB3013 .Z554 2005 An illustrated guide to classroom organization : it can be done, K-6 / Dinah Zike. Zike, Dinah, 1952-  
LB3635 .C53 1997 Coaching cheerleading successfully / Linda Rae Chappell  [foreword by Lawrence  Herkie  Herkimer]. Chappell, Linda Rae, 1947-  
M2117 .F67 1962 Tennessee Ernie Ford's book of favorite hymns Ford, Tennessee Ernie, Ernest J. Ford, Tennessee Ernie, 1919-1991.  
ML420.S715 S64 2008 Through the storm : a real story of fame and family in a tabloid world / Lynne Spears   with Lorilee Craker. Spears, Lynne.  
NB198 .K4 2004 The sculptural idea / James J. Kelly. Kelly, James J.  
NB497.G64 M35 2007 The art of Andy Goldsworthy : complete works / William Malpas. Malpas, William.  
NE1095 .B47 2008 Wordless books : the original graphic novels / David A. Beron├˝   introduction by Peter Kuper. Beron├˝, David A.  
NE1095 .S3 2010 Woodcut of today at home and abroad;"The art of the woodcut : masterworks from the 1920s / Malcolm C. Salaman   with a new introduction by David A. Beron├˝." Salaman, Malcolm C. (Malcolm Charles), 1855-1940.  
PN161 .G46 2001 Getting it published : a guide for scholars and anyone else serious about serious books / William Germano. Germano, William P., 1950-  
PN162 .G37 2005 From dissertation to book / William Germano. Germano, William P., 1950-  
PN1997.2 .J86 2007 Juno : the shooting script / screenplay and introduction by Diablo Cody   foreword by Jason Reitman. Cody, Diablo.  
PN1997.2 .L58 2007 Little Miss Sunshine : the shooting script / screenplay and notes by Michael Arndt   foreword by directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris. Arndt, Michael.  
PN1997.2 .S53 2004 Sideways / screenplay by Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor   introduction by Peter Travers   afterword by Rex Pickett. Payne, Alexander, 1961-  
PN1997.2.D65 K46 2003 The Donnie Darko book / Richard Kelly   [foreword by Jake Gyllenhaal. Kelly, Richard, 1975-  
PN1997.A1 C63 2002 Screenplays;"Ethan Coen & Joel Coen : collected screenplays / Joel and Ethan Coen." Coen, Joel.  
PN1997.P86 T37 1994 Pulp fiction : a Quentin Tarantino screenplay / [by Quentin Tarantino]. Tarantino, Quentin.  
PN2000 .T49 2008 Theatre history studies.    
PN2020 .07 2003 The 2003 young Southern writer's project of the Alabama Shakespeare Festival : anthology of new plays / edited by Gwen Orel and Kirsten Eidsmoe with an introduction by Kent Thompson.    
PN4784.C615 N49 2010 The news and its future / edited by Paul McCaffrey.    
PN6120.H73 P54 1987 Plays of the Holocaust : an international anthology / edited with an introduction by Elinor Fuchs.    
PQ8498.32.A65 T7313 2007 Travesuras de la ni├▒a mala. Spanish;"The bad girl / Mario Vargas Llosa   translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman." Vargas Llosa, Mario, 1936-  
PR4581 .S6155 2009 Charles Dickens / Michael Slater. Slater, Michael.  
PR508.N3 M35 2008 The poet as botanist / M.M. Mahood.    
PR6025.A86 Z6123 2010 The secret lives of Somerset Maugham : a biography / Selina Hastings. Hastings, Selina.  
PR6053 .O75 1998 Redcoat / Bernard Cornwell. Cornwell, Bernard.  
PR6053.A73 B54 1993 The bloody chamber, and other stories / Angela Carter. Carter, Angela, 1940-1992.  
PR6053.O75 F67 2010 The fort : a novel of the Revolutionary War / Bernard Cornwell. Cornwell, Bernard.  
PR6073.A9273 C553 2002 The classic fairytales / retold for the stage by Charles Way. Way, Charles, 1955-  
PR6073.A9273 C5532 2008 The classic fairytales 2 / retold for the stage by Charles Way introduced by Tony Graham. Way, Charles, 1955-  
PR6073.I558 P36 1988 The passion / Jeanette Winterson. Winterson, Jeanette, 1959-  
PR9199.3.A8 S87 1998 Surfacing / Margaret Atwood. Atwood, Margaret, 1939-  
PS 3608 .A72535 T56 2008 Tinkers / Paul Harding. Harding, Paul, 1967-  
PS1331 .A2 2010 Autobiography;"Autobiography of Mark Twain. Volume 1 / Harriet Elinor Smitheditor   associate editors: Benjamin Griffin Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.  
PS3503.U198 Z845 2010 Pearl Buck in China : journey to The good earth / Hilary Spurling. Spurling, Hilary.  
PS3513.E2 Z794 2010 Theodor Seuss Geisel / Donald E. Pease. Pease, Donald E.  
PS3552.E538447 G57 1999 The girl in the flammable skirt. Bender, Aimee.  
PS3553.A43956 Q3 2003 Q road : a novel / Bonnie Jo Campbell. Campbell, Bonnie Jo, 1962-  
PS3553.R46 F4 1998 A feast of snakes : a novel / Harry Crews. Crews, Harry, 1935-  
PS3553.U484 H68 1998 The hours / Michael Cunningham. Cunningham, Michael, 1952-  
PS3554.A934923 V47 2003 Versailles / Kathryn Davis. Davis, Kathryn, 1946-  
PS3554.E4425 L53 2006 Libra / Don DeLillo. DeLillo, Don.  
PS3556.R352 C67 2001 The corrections / Jonathan Franzen. Franzen, Jonathan.  
PS3556.R352 F74 2010 Freedom / Jonathan Franzen. Franzen, Jonathan.  
PS3557.O384 A6 1995 Screenplays. Selections;"William Goldman : four screenplays with essays." Goldman, William, 1931-  
PS3558.A476 A75 1994 Airships / Barry Hannah. Hannah, Barry.  
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DVD PN1992.5 .P67 2006 Portrait of a marriage [DVD] / screenplay by Penelope Mortimer   directed by Stephen Whittaker   produced by Colin Tucker   a BBC production in association with WGBH Boston and TV New Zealand Ltd.    
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DVD PN1997.S66 S66 2004 SNOWS OF KILIMANJARO [videorecording] / produced by Darryl F. Zanuck   directed by Henry King   screenplay by Casey Robinson.    


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