Thomas J. Garland Library

New Titles October-December 2008
(296 titles)

Ready Reference GV741 .E86 2007 2008 ESPN sports almanac / Gerry Brown, Michael Morrison, editors.
REF E169.12 .S835 1992 Jane & Michael Stern's encyclopedia of pop culture : an A to Z guide of who's who and what's what, from aerobics and bub Stern, Jane.
REF GN378 .P4616 2007 Book of peoples of the world : a guide to cultures / edited by Wade Davis and K. David Harrison   with text by Catherine H. Howell.
REF HM .A763 2006 Annual review of sociology.
REF JA51 .S7 2009 The statesman's yearbook 2008 : the politics, cultures and economies of the world / edited by Barry Turner.
REF LB1771 .W6 2008-2009 Requirements for certification of teachers, counselors, librarians, administrators for elementary and secondary schools.
REF QH75.A1 G74 2003 Green volunteers : the world guide to voluntary work in nature conservation / [editors, Fabio Ausenda, Erin McCloskey].
REF QL458.4 .D348 2008 Spiders : the ultimate predators / Stephen Dalton.
REF QL467 .M37 2008 500 insects : a visual reference / Stephen A. Marshall.
REF QL473 .E93 2007 National Wildlife Federation field guide to insects and spiders & related species of North America / written by Arthur Evans   foreword by Craig Tufts.
REF SB605.N7 C73 2004 Garden insects of North America  : the ultimate guide to backyard bugs / Whitney Cranshaw.
BF1472 .U6 P75 1992 Haints, witches, and boogers : tales from Upper East Tennessee / by Charles Edwin Price   foreword by Richard Blaustein.
BF1472.U6 B37 1999 The granny curse and other ghosts and legends from East Tennessee / by Janet Barnett and Randy Russell.
BF1472.U6 P74 1994 The infamous Bell witch of Tennessee / Charles Edwin Price.
BF1566 .D46 2008 The enemy within : 2,000 years of witch-hunting in the Western world / John Demos.
BF637.N66 L37 2008 Body language 101 : the ultimate guide to knowing when people are lying, how they are feeling, what they are thinking, and more / David Lambert.
BF713 .T485 2001 Recent theories of human development / R. Murray Thomas.
BJ1286.C66 S38 2008 Conscience : the duty to obey and the duty to disobey / Harold M. Schulweis.
BJ1470.5 .H47 2008 The star as icon : celebrity in the age of mass consumption / Daniel Herwitz.
BL241 .F358 2008 The faith of scientists in their own words / edited, with commentary, by Nancy K. Frankenberry.
BR125 .L67 1953 The Screwtape letters / by C.S. Lewis.
BR563.N4 S37 2008 Your spirits walk beside us : the politics of Black religion / Barbara Dianne Savage.
BS580.M6 T83 2008 Moses' women / Shera Aranoff Tuchman and Sandra E. Rapoport.
BX5930.3 .K57 2008 The Episcopal Church in crisis : how sex, the Bible, and authority are dividing the faithful / Frank G. Kirkpatrick.
BX830 1962 .O46 2008 What happened at Vatican II / John W. O'Malley.
D 761 .C458 1969 Why France fell  the defeat of the French Army in 1940.
DA783.4 .M37 1997 The wars of the Bruces : Scotland, England and Ireland, 1306-1328 / Colm McNamee.
DC235 .N24 1988 Napoleon's invasion of Russia / George Nafziger   foreword by David Chandler.
DC244 .H35 1994 Waterloo : new perspectives : the great battle reappraised / David Hamilton-Williams.
DD256.5 .M3955 2008 Hitler's empire : how the Nazis ruled Europe / Mark Mazower.
DF227 .M39 2008 Ancient Athens on five drachmas a day / Philip Matyszak.
DG231 .M39 2008 Ancient Rome on five denarii a day / Philip Matyszak.
DP269 .B374 2006 The battle for Spain : the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 / Antony Beevor.
DR36 .W33 2008 The Balkans in world history / Andrew Baruch Wachtel.
DR43 .G58 2001 The Balkans : nationalism, war, and the Great Powers, 1804-1999 / Misha Glenny.
DR516 .C38 2007 Victory of the West : the great Christian-Muslim clash at the Battle of Lepanto / Niccolò Capponi.
DS558 .P49 2008 Why Vietnam matters : an eyewitness account of lessons not learned / Rufus Phillips.
DS79.76 .G366 2008 The long road to Baghdad : a history of U.S. foreign policy from the 1970s to the present / Lloyd C. Gardner.
DT21.5 .E34 2002 Africa's armies : from honor to infamy : a history from 1791 to the present / Robert B. Edgerton.
E 524.5 .W4 1956 Rebel boast: first at Bethel--last at Appomattox.
E 540 .N3 C77 1987 The sable arm : Black troops in the Union Army, 1861-1865 / Dudley Taylor Cornish   with a new foreword by Herman Hattaway.
E 601 .H83 A4 1957 Soldier in the West  the Civil War letters of Alfred Lacey Hough. Edited by Robert G. Athearn  with an introd. by John Newbold Hough.
E 608 .V34 V37 2003 Southern lady, Yankee spy : the true story of Elizabeth Van Lew, a Union agent in the heart of the Confederacy / Elizabeth R. Varon.
E165 .M5122 1816a Geographical description of the United States.
E176.1 .P47 2003 Touched with fire : five presidents and the civil war battles that made them / James M. Perry.
E183.8.V5 G64 2008 Lessons in disaster : McGeorge Bundy and the path to war in Vietnam / Gordon M. Goldstein.
E185.9 .S95 2008 Sweet land of liberty : the forgotten struggle for civil rights in the North / Thomas J. Sugrue.
E185.97.K5 J343 2008 Becoming King : Martin Luther King, Jr. and the making of a national leader / Troy Jackson   introduction by Clayborne Carson.
E230 .H35 2004 The day the Revolution ended, 19 October 1781 / William H. Hallahan.
E241 .S2 K43 1997 Saratoga : turning point of America's Revolutionary War / Richard M. Ketchum.
E275.A2 R37 2001 A people's history of the American Revolution : how common people shaped the fight for independence / Ray Raphael.
E310 .B83 2005 America on the brink : how the political struggle over the War of 1812 almost destroyed the young republic / by Richard Buel, Jr.
E382 .M43 2008 American lion : Andrew Jackson in the White House / Jon Meacham.
E457.5.S972 J36 2008 The last Lincoln conspirator : John Surratt's flight from the gallows / Andrew C.A. Jampoler.
E467.1.D26 A45 1999 Jefferson Davis, unconquerable heart / Felicity Allen.
E467.1.L4 C8 1999 Robert E. Lee on leadership : executive lessons in character, courage, and vision / H.W. Crocker, III.
E467.1.O7 C69 1981 Appomattox commander : the story of General E.O.C. Ord / Bernarr Cresap.
E467.1.P44 T39 2004  The supply for tomorrow must not fail  : the Civil War of Captain Simon Perkins, Jr., a Union quartermaster / Lenette S. Taylor.
E470 .R25 1909a Some reminiscences of persons and incidents of the Civil War. With a preface by Bluford B. Hestir.
E470.45 .B73 1971 The killer legions of Quantrill.
E474.77 .S84 1974 The battle of Stone's river : near Murfreesboro, Tenn., December 30, 1862, to January 3, 1863 / by Alexander F. Stevenson.
E476.7 .L3x 1986 Wheeler's last raid / by Lewis A. Lawson.
E477.52 .H7 1956 The decisive battle of Nashville.
E487 .T48 1971 The Confederacy as a revolutionary experience [by] Emory M. Thomas.
E487 .W48 1986 Why the South lost the Civil War /  Richard E. Berringer, 1933-
E493.5.W5 S8 1969 Lightning at Hoover's Gap  the story of Wilder's Brigade [by] Glenn W. Sunderland.
E505.5 129th .B73 2002 While father is away : the Civil War letters of William H. Bradbury Bradbury, William H., 1829-1900.
E531 .H6 1965 Tennessee's war: 1861-1865, described by participants. Compiled and edited by Stanley F. Horn.
E531.4 .W66 1987 Call forth the mighty men / by Bob Womack.
E540.N3 A96 1947 The diary of James T. Ayers, Civil War recruiter  ed., with an introd., by John Franklin.
E547.F6J8 1996 The campaigns of Lieut.-Gen. N.B. Forrest, and of Forrest's Cavalry / by Thomas Jordan and J.P. Pryor   new introduction by Albert Castel.
E595.M7 M655 2000 The Monitor chronicles : one sailor's account : today's campaign to recover the Civil War wreck / the Mariners' Museum   edited by William Marvel.
E601 .N56 1961 A Wisconsin boy in Dixie, the selected letters of James K. Newton. Edited by Stephen E. Ambrose.
E605 .W745 1996 Old enough to die / Ridley Wills, II.
E608 .S8 1959 Secret missions of the Civil War : first-hand accounts by men and women who risked their lives in underground activities for the North and the South / woven into a continuous narrative by Philip Van Doren Stern.
E661 .K25 1998 The populist persuasion : an American history / Michael Kazin.
E668 .H95 2008 Blacks, carpetbaggers, and scalawags : the constitutional conventions of radical Reconstruction / Richard L. Hume and Jerry B. Gough.
E702 .S54 1952 Benjamin Harrison. Introd. by Hilton U. Brown.
E702 .S54 1952 Benjamin Harrison. Introd. by Hilton U. Brown.
E745 .H66 2008 Home fronts : a wartime America reader / edited by Michael S. Foley and Brendan P. O'Malley.
E806 .P45 2002 The people and the president : America's conversation with FDR / [compiled by] Lawrence W. Levine and Cornelia R. Levine.
E840.8.K4 H47 2007 Bobby and J. Edgar : the historic face-off between the Kennedys and J. Edgar Hoover that transformed America / Burton Hersh.
F106 .B94 2008 The pirates' pact : the secret alliances between history's most notorious buccaneers and colonial America  / Douglas R. Burgess, Jr.
F1526.27 .D36 2008 Tycoon's war : how Cornelius Vanderbilt invaded a country to overthrow America's most famous military adventurer / Stephen Dando-Collins.
F277.B3 G75 1989 The sands of time : a history of Hilton Head Island / by Margaret Greer.
F434.3 .O27 2005 Tennessee : off the beaten path : a guide to unique places / Tim O'Brien.
F436 .T36 1964 Three pioneer Tennessee documents: Donelson's Journal. Cumberland compact. Minutes of Cumberland Court.
F444.M53 R63 2002 Memphis / Nicky Robertshaw & Roberta Finlayson.
F444.N23 G85 2007 Insiders' guide to Nashville / Cindy Stooksbury Guier and Jackie Sheckler Finch.
GB1208.8 .K38 2003 River cutters : grades 6-9 : teacher's guide / Jefferey S. Kaufmann, Robert C. Knott, Lincoln Bergman.
GR110 .T4 M68 2005 Ghost stories of Tennessee / A.S. Mott.
GV1002.9.C63 A45 2002 Coaching youth tennis / American Sport Education Program.
GV1600 .R43 2009 Reading dance : a gathering of memoirs, reportage, criticism, profiles, interviews, and some uncategorizable extras / edited and with an introduction by Robert Gottlieb.
GV199.5 .N534 2008 The lost art of walking : the history, science, philosophy, and literature of pedestrianism / Geoff Nicholson.
GV546.5 K454 2008 The encyclopedia of bodybuilding : the complete A-Z book on muscle building / Robert Kennedy.
GV697.A1 T34 2007 Women who win : women athletes on being the best / Lisa Taggart.
GV704 .K55 2004 The games do count : America's best and brightest on the power of sports / Brian Kilmeade.
GV706.5 .M345 2004 The meaning of sports : why Americans watch baseball, football, and basketball, and what they see when they do / Michael Mandelbaum.
GV885.3 .C63 1996 Coaching youth basketball / American Sport Education Program.
GV943 .D27 2008 Freestyle soccer tricks : tricks, flick-ups, catches / Sean D'Arcy.
GV955.5 N35 G54 2008 The glory game : how the 1958 NFL championship changed football forever / Frank Gifford   with Peter Richmond.
GV955.5 N35 G54 2008 THE HARDEST WORKING MAN : how James Brown saved the soul of America : live at the Boston Garden, 1968 / James Sullivan.
GV975 .S534 2008 Secrets of the great golf course architects : treasury of the world's greatest golf courses by history's master designers / Michael Patrick Shiels.
HD31 .B397 2005 Management wisdom from the New York Yankees' dynasty : what every manager can learn from a legendary team's 80-year winning streak / Lance A. Berger with Dorothy R. Berger.
HD31 .S6926 2006 Your management sucks : why you have to declare war on yourself-- and your business / Mark Stevens.
HD31.D776 K73 2008 Inside Drucker's brain / Jeffrey A. Krames.
HD38.2 A57 2009 Real-world time management / Roy Alexander, Michael S. Dobson.
HD57.7 .B3489 2009 Lead by example : 50 ways great leaders inspire results / John Baldoni.
HD57.7 .F33 2009 Everything I know about business I learned at McDonald's : the 7 results-driven leadership principles for success / by Paul Facella.
HD57.7 .L36 2004 Winning the NFL way : leadership lessons from football's top head coaches / Bob LaMonte, with Robert L. Shook.
HD57.7 .M663 2006 Leading from the front : no excuse leadership tactics for women / Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch.
HD57.7 C3537 2008 Making sense of leadership : exploring the five key roles used by effective leaders / Esther Cameron & Mike Green.
HD57.7.A83 L581 2005 Deep smarts : how to cultivate and transfer enduring business wisdom / Dorothy Leonard, Walter Swap.
HD58.9 .S827 2001 Successful manager's handbook : develop yourself, coach others / Susan H. Gebelein ... [et al.].
HD60 .E67 2008 Making sustainability work : best practices in managing and measuring corporate social, environmental and economic impacts / Marc J. Epstein   with forewords by John Elkington and Herman B.  Dutch  Leonard.
HD66 .O77 2000 The new self-directed work teams : mastering the challenge / Jack D. Orsburn, Linda Moran.
HD69.S8 .T57 2004 The power of we : succeeding through partnerships / Jonathan M. Tisch with Karl Weber.
HD69.T54 C74 2008 The myth of multitasking : how  doing it all  gets nothing done / Dave Crenshaw.
HD8085.N5 F74 2000 Working-class New York : life and labor since World War II / Joshua B. Freeman.
HD9570.P53 A3 2008 The first billion is the hardest : how believing it's still early in the game can lead to life's greatest comebacks / T. Boone Pickens.
HD9696.A2 C43 2001 Inventing the electronic century : the epic story of the consumer electronics and computer industries / Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., with the assistance of Takashi Hikino and Andrew von Nordenflycht.
HD9734.C55 C53 2008 Factory girls : from village to city in a changing China / Leslie T. Chang.
HF5415 .B637 2008 Marketing ethics / George G. Brenkert.
HF5415.12615 .L56 2008 Buy ology : truth and lies about why we buy / Martin Lindstrom.
HF5415.13 .D369 2006 Peripheral vision : detecting the weak signals that will make or break your company / George S. Day, Paul J.H. Schoemaker.
HF5478 .G75 2007 The official ebay bible : the newly revised and updated version of the most comprehensive eBay how-to manual for everyone from first-time users to eBay experts / Jim  Griff  Griffith.
HF5547.5 .S816 1992 Beyond the typewriter : gender, class, and the origins of modern American office work, 1900-1930 / Sharon Hartman Strom.
HF5548.8 .P8185 2006 The office survival guide : surefire techniques for dealing with challenging people and situations / Marilyn Puder-York, with Andrea Thompson.
HF5549.5.M63 H668 2007 Bullwinkle on business : motivational secrets of a chief executive moose / John Hoover.
HF5805 .S58 2008 Ad women : how they impact what we want, need, and desire / by Juliann Sivulka.
HF5823 .W495 2001 Magical worlds of the wizard of ads : [tools and techniques for profitable persuasion] / Roy H. Williams.
HF6146.T42 K363 2004 The Super Bowl of advertising : how the commercials won the game / by Bernice Kanner   foreword by Ted Sann and Phil Dusenberry.
HF6161.S62 S58 2001 Stronger than dirt : a cultural history of advertising personal hygiene in America, 1875-1940 / Juliann Sivulka.
HG172.B84 S37 2008 The snowball : Warren Buffett and the business of life / Alice Schroeder.
HG181 .M283 2008 Mindful economics : how the U.S. economy works, why it matters, and how it could be different / Joel Magnuson.
HG3881 .S5397 2008 The world is curved : hidden dangers to the global economy / David M. Smick.
HG4530 .F527 2009 The rise of mutual funds : an insider's view / Matthew P. Fink.
HG540 .K37 2008 Biography of the dollar : how the mighty buck conquered the world and why it's under siege/ Craig Karmin.
HM811 .A38 2008 On scandal : moral disturbances in society, politics, and art / Ari Adut.
HM851 .P34 2008 Born digital : understanding the first generation of digital natives / John Palfrey and Urs Gasser.
HN28 .M33 1997 Social movements : readings on their emergence, mobilization, and dynamics / Doug McAdam, David A. Snow.
HN59 .S7435 2006 The greater generation : in defense of the baby boom legacy / Leonard Steinhorn.
HQ1161 .S74 2002 Stepping forward : Black women in Africa and the Americas / edited by Catherine Higgs, Barbara A. Moss, Earline Rae Ferguson.
HQ536 .S27 2009 Families today / Connie R. Sasse.
HV5275 .W15 2001 Alcoholics Anonymous : the story of how many thousands of men and women have recovered from alcoholism.
HV675.5 .B78 2003 Safety and injury prevention / Mary Bronson Merki.
HV6768 .F57 2008 Economic gangsters : corruption, violence, and the poverty of nations / Raymond Fisman and Edward Miguel.
JA79 .R7819 2008 Political hypocrisy : the mask of power, from Hobbes to Orwell and beyond / David Runciman.
JZ1480 .B75 2008 America and the world: conversations on the future of American foreign policy / Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft   moderated by David Ignatius.
JZ5584.U6 W4 2008 We who dared to say no to war : American antiwar writing from 1812 to now / [edited by] Murray Polner, Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
LB1028.5 Z835 2008 Transforming schools with technology : how smart use of digital tools helps achieve six key education goals / Edward A. Zucker.
LB1032 .C66 2001 Cooperative learning in the science classroom.
LB1033 .B658 2008 How to give effective feedback to your students / Susan M. Brookhart.
LB1048.5 .H66 2001 Home and community involvement in the science classroom.
LB1048.5 .H66 2003 Home, school, and community involvement.
LB1050.45 .O26 2007 Teaching word recognition : effective strategies for students with learning difficulties / Rollanda E. O'Connor.
LB1062.6 .P47 2004 Performance assessment in the science classroom.
LB1585 .L68 2003 Sifting through science : teacher's guide / by Laura Lowell and Carolyn Willard.
LB1778 .C26 2008 From student to scholar : a candid guide to becoming a professor / Steven M. Cahn with a foreword by Cathaarine R. Stimpson.
LB3012.2 .C87 2008 Discipline with dignity : new challenges, new solutions / Richard L. Curwin, Allen N. Mendler, Brian D. Mendler.
LB3409.U5 J65 2003 Planning a coordinated school health program / Judy Jonas, Gay James, Shelley Summers.
LC311 .F56 2003 Promoting character education / Kristin Danielson Fink.
N7476 .S29 1999 Writing about art / Henry M. Sayre.
N8600 .T485 2008 Seven days in the art world / Sarah Thornton.
N8795 .W39 2008 Loot : the battle over the stolen treasures of the ancient world / Sharon Waxman.
P92.5.A1 W65 2003 Autumn of the moguls : my misadventures with the titans, poseurs, and money guys who mastered and messed up big media / Michael Wolff.
PE1404 .B49 2008 Beyond the archives : research as a lived process / edited by Gesa E. Kirsch and Liz Rohan   with a foreword by Lucille M. Schultz.
PE1408 .K6942 2006 Successful writing at work / Philip C. Kolin.
PE1479.C7 M67 2007 Strategies for reading and arguing about literature / Meg Morgan, Kim Stallings, Julie Townsend.
PG3488.O4 O3313 1998 Odin denʹ Ivana Denisovicha. English;"One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich / Alexander Solzhenitsyn   translated from the Russian by Ralph Parker   introduction by Yevgeny Yevtushenko   foreword by Alexander Tvardovsky."
PN171.G74M66 1999 You can write greeting cards.
PN1994 .P619 2001 Get the picture? : the movie lover's guide to watching films / Jim Piper.
PN1995 .C66 2004 A short guide to writing about film / Timothy Corrigan.
PN1995.9 .N4 C57 1995 Cinemas of the Black diaspora : diversity, dependence, and oppositionality / edited by Michael T. Martin.
PN1996 .F44 2006 The screenwriter's workbook / Syd Field.
PN2287.C5 B35 2006 Silent traces : discovering early Hollywood through the films of Charlie Chaplin / John Bengtson   foreword by Kevin Brownlow.
PN2287.Z5 M67 2008 Ziegfeld : the man who invented show business / Ethan Mordden.
PN4775 .J64 2002 The journalist's craft : a guide to writing better stories / edited by Dennis Jackson & John Sweeney.
PN4784.B75 S36 2002 Mrs. Bluezette's grammar guide : writing tips for broadcast news / Mona Scott.
PN6231.W64 B48 2008 Alphabet juice : the energies, gists and spirits of letters, words and combinations thereof : their roots, bones, innards, piths, pips and secret parts, tinctures,tonics and essences: with examples of their usage foul and savory in media current and ancient, offered in the joy of their perusal for the juicing up of gentle folk and rude / by Roy Blount.
PR121 .M85 2007 Anonymity : a secret history of English literature / John Mullan.
PR1309.L68 V53 1996 Victorian love stories : an Oxford anthology / edited by Kate Flint.
PR3533 .M49 2008 Samuel Johnson : the struggle / Jeffrey Meyers.
PR6053.O75 S495 1999 Sharpe's devil : Richard Sharpe and the Emperor, 1820-1821 / Bernard Cornwell.
PR6053.O75 S5 1987 Sharpe's eagle : Richard Sharpe and the Talavera campaign July 1809 / Bernard Cornwell.
PR6053.O75 S543 1989 Sharpe's rifles : Richard Sharpe and the French invasion of Galicia, January 1809 / Bernard Cornwell.
PR6053.O75 S564 2002 Sharpe's Trafalgar : Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Trafalgar, October 21, 1805 / Bernard Cornwell.
PR6053.O75 S7 2000 Stonehenge;"Stonehenge
PR6061.E63 B49 2000 Beyond the reef / by Alexander Kent.
PR6061.E63 S9 2000 Success to the brave / by Alexander Kent.
PR6061.E63 T7 2000 A tradition of victory / by Alexander Kent.
PR6062.E33 M67 2008 A most wanted man : a novel / John Le Carré.
PR6066.O5 R28 2001 Ramage and the rebels;"Ramage & the rebels / by Dudley Pope."
PR6066.O5 R35 2001 Ramage's mutiny / by Dudley Pope.
PZ3 .F689S 1952 Shiloh, a novel.
Q161.2 .S64 2004 Earth, moon, and stars. Teachers guide / Cary I. Sneider.
Q181 .E45 2001 ELL strategies for science.
Q182.3 .R43 2001 Reading and writing in the science classroom.
Q182.7 .G85 2001 Guide to using the Internet in the science classroom.
Q183.A1 L33 2001 Laboratory management and safety in the science classroom.
QC661 .P66 2002 Invisible universe : the electromagnetic spectrum from radio waves to gamma rays / by Stephen Pompea and Alan Gould with Lincoln Bergman.
QC760.5 .M33 2006a Magnets and motors. Teacher's guide / National Science Resources Center.
QC760.5 .M33 2006b Magnets and motors : student activity book / National Science Resources Center, Smithsonian Institution, National Academy of Sciences.
QC983 .M43 2008 Weather matters : an American cultural history since 1900 / Bernard Mergen.
QE31 .R66 1996 Rocks & fossils / Arthur B. Busbey III ... [et al.]   consultant editors, David Roots and Paul Willis.
QE511.4 .C84x 2002 Plate tectonics : the way the earth works : for grades 6-8 / Kevin Cuff, with Ian Carmichael and Carolyn Willard.
QH304 .P43 1997 A short guide to writing about biology / Jan A. Pechenik.
QH541.5.O25 H35x 2001 Ocean currents : marine science activities for grades 5-8 / by Catherine Halversen, Kevin Beales, and Craig Strang.
QH68 .H835 2005 Terrarium habitats : teacher's guide / by Kimi Hosoume with Jacqueline Barber.
QH81 .N67 1990 The Norton book of nature writing / edited by Robert Finch and John Elder.
QK281 .W56 2007 British & European wild flowers / Pamela Forey and Cecilia Fitzsimons.
QK52.6 .E97 2006a Experimenting with plants : student activity book.
QK52.6 .E97 2006b Experiments with plants. teacher's guide / Science and Technology for Children, National Science Resources Center.
QK882 .M88 2008 Eating the sun : how plants power the planet / Oliver Morton.
QL596.C65 E24 2005 Ladybugs. Teacher's guide : preschool-1 / by Jean C. Echols.
QL638.9 .S47 1997 Sharks and rays / Consultant editor Leighton Taylor,...{et al.}.
QL696.S473 E25 2006 Penguins and their young : teacher's guide : preschool-1 / by Jean C. Echols.
QL706.2 .G73 1998 National Audubon Society first field guide. Mammals / written by John Grassy and Chuck Keene.
QL708.5 .W25 2004 Beasts of Eden : walking whales, dawn horses, and other enigmas of mammal evolution / David Rains Wallace.
QL737 .C214 S28 1993 The last panda / George B. Schaller.
QL737.C4 C275 1998 Whales, dolphins & porpoises / Mark Carwardine ... [et al.]   consultant editors, Mark Carwardine and Erich Hoyt.
QL756 .E34 2006 Tree homes : teacher's guide : preschool-1 / by Jean C. Echols ... [et al.].
QL762 .A58 2003 A natural history of parenting : a naturalist looks at parenting in the animal world and ours / Susan Allport.
R151 .D37 2008 Frontier medicine : from the Atlantic to the Pacific, 1492-1941 / by David Dary.
RA390. A2 O73 2008 An imperfect offering : humanitarian action in the twenty-first century / James Orbinski.
RA440 .D43 2003 Dealing with sensitive issues.
RC1206 .G85 2008 Sport notes : field & clinical examination guide / Dawn Gulick.
RC1210 .V36 2006 Athletic training exam review / Lynn Van Ost, Karen Manfré, Karen Lew.
RC451.4.A83 A84 2008 The athletic trainer's guide to psychosocial intervention and referral / [edited by] James Mensch, Gary M. Miller.
RC569.5 .I54 Y68 1998 Caught in the net : how to recognize the signs of Internet addiction--and a winning strategy for recovery 
RC76 .H54 2007 Rehab notes : a clinical examination pocket guide / 
RD561 .O54 2008 Knee surgery : the essential guide to total knee recovery / 
RD  2008 Hip and knee surgery : a patient's guide to hip replacement, hip resurfacing, knee replacement, & knee arthroscopy / 
RM217 .L975 2008 Nutri notes : nutrition and diet therapy pocket guide / Carroll Lutz, Karen Przytulski.
RM300 .H68 2005 Principles of pharmacology for athletic trainers / Joel Houglum, Gary Harrelson, Deidre Leaver-Dunn.
SF416 .W56 2008 Saved : rescued animals and the lives they transform / text by Karin Winegar   photographs by Judy Olausen   foreword by Jane Goodall   preface by Temple Grandin.
T11 .D33 1998 How to write & publish a scientific paper / Robert A. Day.
T49 .T54 1996 Secret formulas : GEMS teacher's guide : grades 1-3 / by Rebecca Tilley and Carolyn Willard.
TD171.7 .S89 2008 David Suzuki's Green guide / David Suzuki & David R. Boyd.
TP492.82.D78 B37 1999 Dry ice investigations : teacher's guide / by Jacqueline Barber, Kevin Beals, and Lincoln Bergman.
TR721 .F574 2008 National Audubon Society guide to nature photography / Tim Fitzharris.
UG1282.A8 O39 2007 The firecracker boys / Dan O'Neill.
Video PN1997.2.C66 C66 2007 Copying Beethoven [videorecording] / directed by Agnieszka Holland   written by Stephen J. Rivele, Christopher Wilkinson.
DVD BF1442.C78 .Y36 2005 Yantra [videorecording] : the power of crystals / concept and direction by B. R. Ram Kumar.
DVD GN392 .H555 2007 Hillbilly [DVD] : the real story / produced by Moore Huntley Productions for the History Channel   producers, Melissa Martin, Julie Pryor, Jenette Restivo   writers, David Huntley ... [et al.].
DVD QH341.N37 T34 1999 30 years of National Geographic specials [videorecording] / NGT, Inc.   produced by Gail Willumsen, Barry Nye   written by Gail Willumsen.
JUV Q163 .D45 2003a Delta science readers / Electrical Connections developed at Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley.
JUV Q163 .D45 2003b Delta science readers / Newton's Toy box developed at Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley.
JUV Q163 .D45 2003c Delta science readers / DNA from genes to proteins developed at Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley.
JUV QE29 .E22 2005 Earth processes / [Sarah A. Maineri, executive editor]
JUV QE29 .E22 2005 Models and designs / developed at Lawrence Hall of Science
Oversize GV1101 .C78 2008 The way of the warrior : martial arts and fighting styles from around the world / Chris Crudelli.
Oversize HG179 .R95 2008 Personal financial literacy / Joan S. Ryan.
Oversize HQ10.5.U6 J656 2006 Strengthening family & self / Leona Johnson.
Oversize HQ778.63 .H47 2008 Working with young children / Judy Herr.
Oversize LB1139.23 .G663 2008 Beginnings and beyond : foundations in early childhood education / Ann Miles Gordon, Kathryn Williams Browne   voices of experience, Josué Cruz, Jr. ... [et al.].
Oversize NC998 .H66 2008 Illustration : a visual history / Steven Heller, Seymour Chwast.
Oversize QD31.3 .T54 2008 Basic chemistry / Karen C. Timberlake, William Timberlake.
Oversize QE26.3 .L87 2009 Essentials of geology / Frederick K. Lutgens, Edward J. Tarbuck   illustrated by Dennis Tasa.
Oversize QE5 .B737 2008 Earth science : geology, the enviroment, and the universe / National Geographic Education Division l Francisco Borrero ... [].
Oversize QL715 .S55 1999 The Smithsonian book of North American mammals / edited by Don E. Wilson and Sue Ruff.
Oversize QP34.5 .S49 2009 Hole's essentials of human anatomy & physiology / David Shier, Jackie Butler, Ricki Lewis.
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