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ReadyReference PN161 .W83 2007 2008 writer's market : [where & how to sell what you write] / Robert Lee Brewer, editor   Chuck Sambuchino, assistant editor.  
REF F106  .E53 2006 Encyclopedia of Appalachia / edited by Rudy Abramson and Jean Haskell.  
REF GV709.18.U6 M58 2007 Encyclopedia of Title IX and sports / Nicole Mitchell and Lisa A. Ennis. Mitchell, Nicole.
REF HF1008 .B38 2007 Battleground : business / edited by Michael Walden and Peg Thoms.  
REF HF1008 .B38 2007 Battleground : business / edited by Michael Walden and Peg Thoms.  
REF HF5548.4.M525 O3342 2007 Office 2007 bible / John Walkenbach ... [et al.].  
REF HG2563 .H235 2005 The Federal Reserve System : an encyclopedia / R. W. Hafer. Hafer, R. W. (Rik W.)
REF HT1322 .E63 2007 Encyclopedia of the middle passage / edited by Toyin Falola and Amanda Warnock.  
REF QH366.2 .Y68 2007 Evolution and creationism : a documentary and reference guide / Christian C. Young and Mark A. Largent. Young, Christian C.
Philosophy, Psychology, Religion    
B905 .G87 2007 American transcendentalism : a history / Philip F. Gura. Gura, Philip F., 1950-
B99.P62 K6513 2007 Why is there something rather than nothing? : 23 questions from great philosophers / Leszek Kołakowski   translated by Agnieszka Kołakowska. Kołakowski, Leszek.
BF327 .L265 2007 Shyness : how normal behavior became a sickness / Christopher Lane. Lane, Christopher.
BF538 .K34 2007 What is emotion? : history, measures, and meanings / Jerome Kagan. Kagan, Jerome.
BF637.B85 S368 2006 Bully-proofing children : a practical, hands-on guide to stop bullying / Joanne Scaglione, Arrica Rose Scaglione. Scaglione, Joanne, 1946-
BF698 .N393 2007 Personality : what makes you the way you are / Daniel Nettle. Nettle, Daniel.
BL221 .K57 2004 God against the gods : the history of the war between monotheism and polytheism / Jonathan Kirsch. Kirsch, Jonathan, 1949-
BL410 .K37 2007 Peace be upon you : the story of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish coexistence / Zachary Karabell. Karabell, Zachary.
BL80.3 .S73 2007 Discovering God : the origins of the great religions and the evolution of belief / Rodney Stark. Stark, Rodney.
BL980.G3 P76 2001 Protestants, Catholics, and Jews in Germany, 1800-1914 / edited by Helmut Walser Smith.  
BP190.5.W35 K434 2007 Arguing the just war in Islam / John Kelsay. Kelsay, John, 1953-
BP55 .R635 2007 Heirs of the prophet Muhammad;"The heirs of Muhammad : Islam's first century and the origins of the Sunni-Shia split / Barnaby Rogerson." Rogerson, Barnaby.
BR290 .T73 2006 Europe's reformations, 1450-1650 : doctrine, politics, and community / James D. Tracy. Tracy, James D.
BR307 .R58 2004 The reformation of the keys : confession, conscience, and authority in sixteenth-century Germany / Ronald K. Rittgers. Rittgers, Ronald K., 1965-
BR333.5.P6 E88 2005 Peace, order, and the glory of God : secular authority and the church in the thought of Luther and Melanchthon, 1518-1559 / by James M. Estes. Estes, James Martin, 1934-
BR515 .W494 2007 Head and heart : American Christianities / Garry Wills. Wills, Garry, 1934-
BR735 .J46 2007 God's continent : Christianity, Islam, and Europe's religious crisis / Philip Jenkins. Jenkins, Philip, 1952-
BS1505.2 .H4 2007 The Prophets : two volumes in one / Abraham Joshua Heschel. Heschel, Abraham Joshua, 1907-1972.
BS1505.2 .M55 1987 Meet the prophets : a beginner's guide to the books of the biblical prophets, their meaning then and now / John W. Miller. Miller, John W., 1926-
BS2095 .P45 1993 The message : the New Testament in contemporary English / Eugene H. Peterson.  
BS500 .B75 2002 Jonathan Edwards and the Bible / Robert E. Brown. Brown, Robert E., 1958-
BT315.3 .V47 2007 The Nativity : history & legend / Geza Vermes. Vermès, Géza, 1924-
BT715 .C77 2003 Sin and salvation in the world religions : a short introduction / Harold Coward. Coward, Harold G.
BT722 .T75 2002 Religions of the Hellenistic-Roman age / Antonía Tripolitis. Tripolitis, Antonia, 1934-
BV210 .T6 1971 The power of prayer : and the prayer of power / by R.A. Torrey. Torrey, R. A. (Reuben Archer), 1856-1928.
BX4805.3 .M34 2007 Christianity's dangerous idea : the Protestant revolution-- a history from the sixteenth century to the twenty-first / Alister E. McGrath. McGrath, Alister E., 1953-
BX9454.3 .S86 2003 Reforming French Protestantism : the development of Huguenot ecclesiastical institutions, 1557-1572 / Glenn S. Sunshine. Sunshine, Glenn S., 1958-
World History    
CB59 .M3 1963 The rise of the West  a history of the human community. Drawings by Béla Petheö. McNeill, William Hardy, 1917-
CT275.E75 A3 2007 Notes from Nethers / by Sandra Lee Eugster. Eugster, Sandra Lee.
D 810 .C88  B69 1993 Hitler's Japanese confidant : General Ōshima Hiroshi and MAGIC intelligence, 1941-1945 / Carl Boyd   foreword by Peter Paret. Boyd, Carl.
D15.T59 A3 1997 Captured by history : one man's vision of our tumultuous century / John Toland. Toland, John.
D247 .D35 2007 Daily lives of civilians in wartime Europe, 1618-1900 / edited by Linda S. Frey and Marsha L. Frey.  
D412.7 .T3 1963 The fall of the dynasties  the collapse of the old order, 1905-1922. Taylor, Edmond, 1908-
D443 .R465 2007 Summits : six meetings that shaped the twentieth century /  David Reynolds. Reynolds, David, 1952-
D756 .W482 2000 West Wall : the battle for Hitler's Siegfried Line, September 1944-March 1945 / by Charles Whiting. Whiting, Charles, 1926-2007.
D756.5.F34 B73 1990 Death of a Nazi army : the Falaise pocket / William B. Breuer. Breuer, William B., 1923-
D757.9.A2 W48 2000 Bloody Aachen / by Charles Whiting. Whiting, Charles, 1926-2007.
D769.3 10th .J46 2003 The last ridge : the epic story of the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division and the assult on Hitler's Europe / McKay Jenkins. Jenkins, McKay, 1963-
D769.3 78th .B33 2006 Taught to kill : an American boy's war from the Ardennes to Berlin / John B. Babcock. Babcock, John B., 1922-
D805.G3 N496 2004 The last escape : the untold story of Allied prisoners of war in Germany, 1944-1945 / John Nichol and Tony Rennell. Nichol, John, 1963-
D810.C88 L48 1982 The American magic : codes, ciphers, and the defeat of Japan / Ronald Lewin. Lewin, Ronald.
D810.C88 P38 2007 The secret war : the inside story of the code makers and code breakers of World War II / Michael Paterson   [foreword by Robert Harris]. Paterson, Michael.
D810.S7  L43 1978 Ultra goes to war : the first account of World War II's greatest secret based on official documents / Ronald Lewin. Lewin, Ronald.
D810.S7 O36 2004 Operatives, spies, and saboteurs : the unknown story of the men and women of World War II's OSS / Patrick K. O'Donnell. O'Donnell, Patrick K., 1969-
D849.5 .A43 1998 1968 : marching in the streets / Tariq Ali and Susan Watkins. Ali, Tariq.
DC235 .Z35 2004 1812;"Moscow 1812 : Napoleon's fatal march / Adam Zamoyski." Zamoyski, Adam.
DC293 .W38 2003 The Franco-Prussian War : the German conquest of France in 1870-1871 / Geoffrey Wawro. Wawro, Geoffrey.
DD256.5 .E924 2005 The Third Reich in power, 1933-1939 / Richard J. Evans. Evans, Richard J.
DE71 .G68 2002 The ancient Mediterranean / Michael Grant. Grant, Michael, 1914-2004.
DF552 .O94 2002 The Oxford history of Byzantium / edited by Cyril Mango.  
DL532.H3 S3 1990 Scandinavian misadventure / Maurice Harvey. Harvey, Maurice.
DS122 .H68 1999 Bandits, prophets & messiahs : popular movements in the time of Jesus / Richard A. Horsley with John S. Hanson. Horsley, Richard A.
DS465 .K43 1994 The honourable company : a history of the English East India Company / John Keay. Keay, John.
DS518.1 .S64 2007 In the ruins of empire : the Japanese surrender and the battle for postwar Asia / Ronald H. Spector. Spector, Ronald H., 1943-
DS557 .A5 S47 1966 The lost revolution  the U.S. in Vietnam, 1946-1966. Shaplen, Robert, 1917-
DS557.5 .W54 2007 Vietnam's forgotten army : heroism and betrayal in the ARVN / Andrew Wiest. Wiest, Andrew A.
DS559.4 .R63 1999 Honor bound : American prisoners of war in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973 / Stuart I. Rochester and Frederick Kiley. Rochester, Stuart I., 1945-
DS79.76 426 2007 Reporting Iraq : an oral history of the war by the journalists who covered it / edited by Mike Hoyt, John Palattella, and the staff of the Columbia journalism review.  
American History    
E175.5.S38 A3 2007 Journals, 1952-2000 / Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.   edited by Andrew Schlesinger and Stephen Schlesinger. Schlesinger, Arthur M. (Arthur Meier), 1917-2007.
E175.85 .L64 2007 Lies my teacher told me : everything your American history textbook got wrong / James W. Loewen. Loewen, James W.
E185.97.R63 B171 2007 The Professor and the pupil : the politics of W. E. B. Du Bois and Paul Robeson / Murali Balaji. Balaji, Murali.
E249 .F55 2007 The perils of peace : America's struggle for survival after Yorktown / by Thomas Fleming. Fleming, Thomas J.
E267 .U73 2007 Fusiliers : the saga of a British Redcoat regiment in the American Revolution / Mark Urban. Urban, Mark, 1961-
E332.88 .A23 2006  Ye will say I am no Christian  : the Thomas Jefferson/John Adams correspondence on religion, morals, and values / edited by Bruce Braden. Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826.
E338 .H69 2007 What hath God wrought : the transformation of America, 1815-1848 / Daniel Walker Howe. Howe, Daniel Walker.
E457.2 .95 2007 Lincoln's Christianity / Michael Burkhimer. Burkhimer, Michael, 1973-
E468 .A98 2003 In the presence of mine enemies : war in the heart of America, 1859-1863 / Edward L. Ayers. Ayers, Edward L., 1953-
E477.7 .W73 2006 The battle of Monroe's Crossroads : and the Civil War's final campaign / Eric J. Wittenberg. Wittenberg, Eric J., 1961-
E621 .D44 1994 Civil War medicine : care & comfort of the wounded / Robert E. Denney. Denney, Robert E.
E661 .G672 1978 Democratic promise;"The Populist moment : a short history of the agrarian revolt in America / Lawrence Goodwyn." Goodwyn, Lawrence.
E667 .T74 1991 Andrew Johnson : a biography / Hans L. Trefousse. Trefousse, Hans Louis.
E748.B975 R63 1994 Sly and able : a political biography of James F. Byrnes / by David Robertson. Robertson, David, 1947 Aug. 11-
E840.6 .B57 1998 The color of truth : McGeorge Bundy and William Bundy, brothers in arms : a biography / Kai Bird. Bird, Kai.
E841 .B738 2007 Boom! : voices of the sixties / Tom Brokaw. Brokaw, Tom.
E866 .D43 2007 Write it when I'm gone : remarkable off-the-record conversations with Gerald R. Ford / Thomas M. DeFrank. DeFrank, Thomas M.
E873 .A3 2007 Beyond the White House : waging peace, fighting disease, building hope / Jimmy Carter. Carter, Jimmy, 1924-
E902 .S67 2004 The bubble of American supremacy : correcting the misuse of American power / George Soros. Soros, George.
American Regional History    
F2235.3 .L97 2006 Simon Bolivar : a life / John Lynch. Lynch, John, 1927-
F351 .P22 2007 Daily life along the Mississippi / George S. Pabis. Pabis, George S.
F442.1  .M66 2001 Discovering October roads : fall colors and geology in rural east Tennessee / Harry Moore and Fred Brown. Moore, Harry, 1949-
F444.N257 Z56 2004 Guide to Civil War Nashville / Mark Zimmerman. Zimmerman, Mark.
F595 .E38 2006 The worst hard time : the untold story of those who survived the great American dust bowl / Timothy Egan. Egan, Timothy.
Geography, Recreation, Sports    
GF503 .D4 2005 Why geography matters : three challenges facing America : climate change, the rise of China, and global terrorism / H. J. de Blij. De Blij, Harm J.
GR72.3 T78 2007 The anatomy of  story : 22 steps to becoming a master storyteller/ by John Truby. Truby, John, 1952-
GV1003.34 .F57 2007 Racquetball : steps to success / Dennis Fisher. Fisher, Dennis, 1951-
GV1469.34.S52 V52 2008 The video game explosion : a history from Pong to Playstation and beyond / edited by Mark J.P. Wolf.  
GV1835 .B64 1988 Freak show : presenting human oddities for amusement and profit / Robert Bogdan. Bogdan, Robert.
GV443 .L32 2008 Athletic fitness for kids / Scott Lancaster, Radu Teodorescu. Lancaster, Scott B.
GV445 .B56 2006 A teacher's guide to including students with disabilities in general physical education / by Martin E. Block. Block, Martin E., 1958-
GV706.32 .P69 2008 Souled out? : how Blacks are winning and losing in sports / Shaun Powell. Powell, Shaun, 1960-
GV742.3 .O84 2007 Television sports production / Jim Owens. Owens, Jim, 1957-
GV863.A1 C62 2005 The Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture 2005-2006 / edited by William M. Simons   series editor,  Alvin L. Hall. Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and the American Culture (17th : 2005 : Cooperstown, N.Y.)
GV865.R6 A4 2007 First class citizenship : the civil rights letters of Jackie Robinson / edited by Michael G. Long. Robinson, Jackie, 1919-1972.
GV886 .W63 2007 The women's basketball drill book / Women's Basketball Coaches Association   Betty Jaynes, consultant   Beth Bass.  
GV939.R695 D38 2008 Rozelle : czar of the NFL / Jeff Davis. Davis, Jeff, 1941-
GV943.49 .T74 2007 Love and blood : at the World Cup with the footballers, fans, and freaks / Jamie Trecker. Trecker, Jamie.
GV955.5.N35 C35 2007 The GM : the inside story of a dream job and the nightmares that go with it / Tom Callahan. Callahan, Tom.
Economics, Business, Management    
HA29 .A88 2007 Super crunchers : why thinking-by-numbers is the new way to be smart / Ian Ayres. Ayres, Ian.
HB3505 .P44 2007 Microtrends : the small forces behind tomorrow's big changes / Mark J. Penn   with E. Kinney Zalesne. Penn, Mark J.
HB501 .B372 2007 Good capitalism, bad capitalism, and the economics of growth and prosperity / William J. Baumol, Robert E. Litan, Carl J. Schramm. Baumol, William J.
HB501.M37 W44 2007 Marx's Das Kapital : a biography / Francis Wheen. Wheen, Francis.
HB615 .C295 2007 Entrepreneurship / Alan L. Carsrud and Malin E. Brännback. Carsrud, Alan L.
HC106.83 .H36 2006 The national economy / Bradley A. Hansen. Hansen, Bradley A., 1963-
HC106.83 .K78 2005 The great unraveling : losing our way in the new century / Paul Krugman. Krugman, Paul R.
HC110.I5 R478 2006 Income and wealth / Alan Reynolds. Reynolds, Alan.
HC21 .C63 2007 A farewell to alms : a brief economic history of the world / Gregory Clark. Clark, Gregory, 1957-
HD30.4 .F83 2008 The leadership advantage : how the best companies are developing their talent to pave the way for future success / Robert M. Fulmer, Jared L. Bleak. Fulmer, Robert M.
HD30.4 .T67 2007 The first-time manager's guide to team building / Gary S. Topchik. Topchik, Gary S.
HD31 .C589 2007 A class with Drucker : the lost lessons of the world's greatest management teacher / by William A. Cohen. Cohen, William A., 1937-
HD31 .H25 2007 The future of management / Gary Hamel   with Bill Breen. Hamel, Gary.
HD31 .M238 1999 Pushing the envelope : all the way to the top / Harvey Mackay. Mackay, Harvey.
HD31 .P3985 2007 What were they thinking? : unconventional wisdom about management / Jeffrey Pfeffer. Pfeffer, Jeffrey.
HD38.25.U6 B69 200738364100175393 The CEO within : why inside outsiders are the key to succession / Joseph L. Bower. Bower, Joseph L.
HD42 .S356 2008 Disagreements, disputes, and all-out war : 3 simple steps for dealing with any kind of conflict / Gini Graham Scott. Scott, Gini Graham.
HD4904.25 .W7365 2007 Work, life, and family imbalance : how to level the playing field / edited by Michele A. Paludi and Presha E. Neidermeyer.  
HD57.7 .R467 2007 Responsibility at work : how leading professionals act (or don't act) responsibly / Howard Gardner, editor.  
HD6054.3 .E34 2007 Through the labyrinth : the truth about how women become leaders / Alice H. Eagly, Linda L. Carli. Eagly, Alice Hendrickson.
HD62.6 .C78 2008 Forces for good : the six practices of high-impact nonprofits / Leslie R. Crutchfield and Heather McLeod Grant   foreword by Steve Case. Crutchfield, Leslie R., 1968-
HD66 .M332 2007 The team building tool kit : tips, tactics, and rules for effective workplace teams Harrington-Mackin, Deborah. Harrington-Mackin, Deborah.
HD7256.U5 H53 2007 Hidden talent : how leading companies hire, retain, and benefit from people with disabilities / edited by Mark L. Lengnick-Hall.  
HD9696.62 .O76 2002 Computing in the middle ages : a view from the trenches, 1955-1983 / Severo M. Ornstein. Ornstein, Severo M.
HE7781 .Z367 2006 The Federal Communications Commission : front line in the culture and regulation wars / Kimberly A. Zarkin and Michael J. Zarkin. Zarkin, Kimberly.
HE9713 .H365 2007 24/7 : how cell phones and the Internet change the way we live, work, and play / Jarice Hanson. Hanson, Jarice.
HF1008 .G35 2007 Anatomy of a business : what it is, what it does, and how it works / Sasha Galbraith. Galbraith, Sasha.
HF1602.15.U6 M55 2007 Bankrupting the enemy : the U.S. financial siege of Japan before Pearl Harbor / Edward S. Miller. Miller, Edward S.
HF5387 .L425 2007 Leaders on ethics : real-world perspectives on today's business challenges / edited by John C. Knapp.  
HF5438.25 .S48 2007 The art of woo : using strategic persuasion to sell your ideas / G. Richard Shell & Mario Moussa. Shell, G. Richard, 1949-
HF5466 .H772 1994 My amazing discovery / Walter V. Honek. Honek, Walter V.
HF5468 .M58 2006 Big-box swindle : the true cost of mega-retailers and the fight for America's independent businesses / Stacy Mitchell. Mitchell, Stacy.
HF5548.4.M525 O3342 2007 Office 2007 bible / John Walkenbach ... [et al.].  
HF5549.5.D55 M33 2004 We got fired!-- and it's the best thing that ever happened to us / Harvey Mackay. Mackay, Harvey.
HF5549.5.R3 A77 2008 The first-time manager's guide to performance appraisals / Diane Arthur. Arthur, Diane.
HF5718.22 .W35 1995b What to say when--;"What to say when-- you're dying on the platform : a complete resource for speakers, trainers, and executives  Lilly Walters.
HF6146.P78 L43 2007 Branded entertainment : product placement & brand strategy in the entertainment business / Jean-Marc Lehu. Lehu, Jean-Marc.
HG221 .D49 2007 Money / Mark F. Dobeck and Euel Elliott. Dobeck, Mark F.
HG4530 .B87 2007 Hedge hunters : hedge fund masters on the rewards, the risk, and the reckoning / Katherine Burton. Burton, Katherine, 1962-
HG4551 .H23 2007 The stock market / Rik W. Hafer and Scott E. Hein. Hafer, R. W. (Rik W.)
HM548 .C37 2007 Third ways : how Bulgarian greens, Swedish housewives, and beer-swilling Englishmen created family-centered... Carlson, Allan C.
HM766 .S93 2007 We make change : community organizers talk about what they do-- and why / Kristin Layng Szakos and Joe Szakos   with an introduction by Harry C. Boyte. Szakos, Kristin Layng.
HN18.3 .W48 2006 Getting to maybe : how the world is changed / Frances Westley, Brenda Zimmerman and Michael Quinn Patton. Westley, Frances.
HOBBCOL HM131 .K398 1995 The good city and the good life / Daniel Kemmis. Kemmis, Daniel, 1945-
HQ1418 .W39 2007 Women's roles in nineteenth-century America / by Tiffany K. Wayne. Wayne, Tiffany K., 1968-
HQ535 .V65 2007 Family life in 19th-century America / James M. Volo And Dorothy Denneen Volo. Volo, James M., 1947-
HQ734 .P2123 2007 Smart marriage : using your (business) head as well as your heart to find wedded bliss / Allen M. Parkman. Parkman, Allen M.
HT1322 .R42 2007 The slave ship : a human history / Marcus Rediker. Rediker, Marcus Buford.
HT690.U6 L36 1992 Money, morals, and manners : the culture of the French and American upper-middle class / Michele Lamont. Lamont, Michele, 1957-
HV4045 .P39 2005 A framework for understanding poverty / Ruby K. Payne. Payne, Ruby K.
HV6432 .S7 2006 The age of fallibility : the consequences of the war on terror / George Soros. Soros, George.
HV6626 .B77 2007 To have and to hurt : recognizing and changing, or escaping, patterns of abuse in intimate relationships / Angela Browne-Miller   foreword by Arun Gandhi. Browne Miller, Angela, 1952-
HV91 .S47 2007 The welfare debate / Greg M. Shaw. Shaw, Greg M.
HV9475.W38 B87 1997 Gendered justice in the American West : women prisoners in men's penitentiaries / Anne M. Butler. Butler, Anne M., 1938-
Political Science & Law    
JC574.2.U6 M355 2007 American liberalism : an interpretation for our time / John McGowan. McGowan, John, 1953-
JC591 .P491 2007 Censoring the word/ Julian Petley. Petley, Julian
JK2303 1924 .M87 1976 The 103rd ballot : Democrats and the disaster in Madison Square Garden / Robert K. Murray. Murray, Robert K.
JK275 .R45 2007 Supercapitalism : the transformation of business, democracy, and everyday life / Robert B. Reich. Reich, Robert B.
JV8190  .R969 2006 Russian-Jewish emigrants after the Cold War : perspectives from Germany, Israel, Canada and the United States  / edited by Olaf Gloeckner, Evgenija Garbolevsky, and Sabine von Mering.  
JX5434 .C66 1983 Justice at Nuremberg / Robert E. Conot. Conot, Robert E.
JZ5534 .W43 2006 Nurturing the peacemakers in our students : a guide to writing and speaking out about issues of war and of peace / Chris Weber. Weber, Chris, 1948-
KF4550.Z9 L58 2006 Contemporary Supreme Court cases : landmark decisions since Roe v. Wade / Donald E. Lively and Russell L. Weaver. Lively, Donald E., 1947-
KF535.Z9 M29 2004 Southern divorce / John C. Mayoue. Mayoue, John C., 1954-
KF7642.M58 W35 2004 A question of loyalty : Gen. Billy Mitchell and the court-martial that gripped the nation / Douglas Waller. Waller, Douglas C.
LA1141 .G65 2007 Going to school in East Asia / edited by Gerard A. Postiglione and Jason Tan.  
LA227.4 P58 2007 Educating the net generation : how to engage students in the 21st century / by Bob Pletka. Pletka, Bob.
LB1025.3 .L62 2007 Unscripted learning : using improv activities across the K-8 curriculum / Carrie Lobman, Matthew Lundquist. Lobman, Carrie.
LB1028.3 .H374 2007 Educating the first digital generation / Paul G. Harwood and Victor Asal. Harwood, Paul G.
LB1029.P67 J656 2006 Developing portfolios in education : a guide to reflection, inquiry, and assessment / Ruth S. Johnson, J. Sabrina Mims-Cox, Adelaide Doyle-Nichols. Johnson, Ruth S.
LB1033 .J64 2006 Education for a caring society : classroom relationships and moral action / D. Kay Johnston   foreword by Jo Anne Pagano. Johnston, D. Kay.
LB1042 .O37 2008 Digital storytelling in the classroom : new media pathways to literacy, learning, and creativity / Jason Ohler   foreword by David Thornburg. Ohler, Jason.
LB1044.87 .N452 2008 Teaching in the digital age : using the Internet to increase student engagement and understanding / Kristen J. Nelson. Nelson, Kristen.
LB1050 .F58 2006 Fluency instruction : research-based best practices / edited by Timothy Rasinski, Camille Blachowicz, Kristin Lems.  
LB1050.5 .D28 2005 Interventions for reading problems : designing and evaluating effective strategies / Edward J. Daly III, Sandra Chafouleas, Christopher H. Skinner. Daly, Edward J., 1963-
LB1050.5 .E336 2007 Effective instruction for struggling readers, K-6 / Barbara M. Taylor, James E. Ysseldyke, editors.  
LB1050.5 .M3753 2002 Help for struggling readers : strategies for grades 3-8 / Michael C. McKenna. McKenna, Michael C.
LB1060 .G365 2007 Getting to  Got it!  : helping struggling students learn how to learn / Betty K. Garner. Garner, Betty K., 1941-
LB1062 .T43 2007 Teaching and learning outside the box : inspiring imagination across the curriculum / edited by Kieran Egan, Maureen Stout, and Keiichi Takaya.  
LB1117 .U57 2007 Unsmiling faces : how preschools can heal / edited by Lesley Koplow   foreword by Vivian Gussin Paley.  
LB1525.76 .C66 1998 Preventing reading difficulties in young children / Committee on the Prevention of Reading Difficulties in Young Children, Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, National Research Council   Catherine E. Snow, M. Susan Burns, and Peg Griffin, editors. Committee on the Prevention of Reading Difficulties in Young Children.
LB1590.3 .C676 2005 Constructivism : theory, perspectives, and practice / Catherine Twomey Fosnot, editor.  
LB1623 .G5 2007 Managing middle school madness : helping parents and teachers understand the  wonder years  / Glen Gilderman. Gilderman, Glen, 1965-
LB2831.92 .P715 2006 Principal accomplishments : how school leaders succeed / G. Thomas Bellamy ...[et al.].  
LB3011 .T38 2007 Classroom management : sound theory and effective practice / Robert T. Tauber. Tauber, Robert T.
LB3012.2 .F55 2006 Guiding children's behavior : developmental discipline in the classroom / Eileen S. Flicker, Janet Andron Hoffman   foreword by Leslie R. Williams. Flicker, Eileen S.
LB3012.5 .F74 2007 Creating small schools : a handbook for raising equity and achievement / Dan French, Mary Atkinson, Leah Rugen. French, Dan.
LB3013 .T47 2006 The nitty-gritty classroom and behavior management resource : strategies, reproducibles, and tips for teachers / Belinda Christine Tetteris. Tetteris, Belinda Christine, 1974-
LB3013.3 .K48 2006 Preventing bullying : helping kids form positive relationships / Meline Kevorkian. Kevorkian, Meline M., 1968-
LB3051 .D665 2007 Developing outcomes-based assessment for learner-centered education : a faculty introduction / Amy Driscoll and Swarup Wood. Driscoll, Amy.
LB3051 .F65 2007 Formative classroom assessment : theory into practice / edited by James H. McMillan.  
LB3051 .J575 2003 The student evaluation standards : how to improve evaluations of students / the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation   Arlen R. Gullickson, chair   sponsored by American Association of School Administrators ... [et al.]. Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation.
LB3051 .P574 2007 A pig don't get fatter the more you weight it:  classroom assessments that work/ Phyllis Jones, Judy F. Carr, and Rosemarie L. Ataya. Ataya, Rosemarie
LB3060.83 .A37 2006 Common formative assessments : how to connect standards-based instruction and assessment / Larry Ainsworth, Donald Viegut   foreword by Douglas B. Reeves. Ainsworth, Larry.
LB875.D5 J627 2006 John Dewey and our educational prospect : a critical engagement with Dewey's Democracy and education / edited by David T. Hansen.  
LC1099.3 .D47 2006 What if all the kids are white? : anti-bias multicultural education with young children and families / Louise Derman-Sparks, Patricia G. Ramsey, with Julie Olsen Edwards   foreword by Carol Brunson Day. Derman-Sparks, Louise.
LC220.5 .K39 2004 The complete guide to service learning : proven, practical ways to engage students in civic responsibility, academic curriculum, & social action / Cathryn Berger Kaye. Kaye, Cathryn Berger.
LC221 .S39 2005 Service-learning in higher education : critical issues and directions / [edited] by Dan W. Butin.  
LC225.3 .A45 2007 Creating welcoming schools : a practical guide to home-school partnerships with diverse families / JoBeth Allen   foreword by Concha Delgado-Gaitan. Allen, JoBeth.
LC2779 .L43 2007 Culture, literacy, & learning : taking bloom in the midst of the whirlwind / Carol D. Lee   foreword by Linda Darling-Hammond. Lee, Carol D.
LC34.4 .A36 2008 Afterschool matters : creative programs that connect youth development and student achievement / edited by Sara Hill   foreword by Glynda A. Hull.  
ML197 .R76 2007 The rest is noise : listening to the twentieth century / Alex Ross. Ross, Alex, 1968-
ML3524 .K67 2006 How Nashville became Music City, U.S.A. : 50 years of Music Row / by Michael Kosser. Kosser, Michael.
ML420.C63 E67 1999 Nat King Cole Epstein, Daniel Mark. Epstein, Daniel Mark.
N353 .S78 2007 Studio thinking : the real benefits of arts education / Lois Hetland ... [et al.]   foreword by David N. Perkins.  
N6370 .W655 2007 Viewing Renaissance art / edited by Kim W. Woods, Carol M. Richardson and Angeliki Lymberopoulou. Woods, Kim.
NA680 .C378 2006 Buildings for tomorrow : architecture that changed our world / Paul Cattermole. Cattermole, Paul.
NX454.5.M63 G39 2008 Modernism : the lure of heresy : from Baudelaire to Beckett and beyond / Peter Gay. Gay, Peter, 1923-
Oversize NC998 .E85 2007 Graphic design : a new history / Stephen J. Eskilson. Eskilson, Stephen, 1964-
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