Newly Acquired Books and Videos
May 15-31,  2006
179 titles

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Psychology, Religion    
BF109.J8 N64 1997 The Aryan Christ : the secret life of Carl Jung Noll, Richard, 1959-
BF637.L4 P653 2005 Leaders who transform society : what drives them and why we are attracted Popper, Micha, 1947-
BP109 .K45 1997 English translation of the meaning of Al-Qur an : the guidance for mankind Koran. English.
DVD BP130 .S437 2006 Decoding the past: Secrets of the Koran [DVD] History Channel (Television network)
BP161.2 .W29 1995 An introduction to Islam Waines, David.
BP223 .Z8 L5776 1994 Malcolm X, make it plain Strickland, William, 1937-
BR535 .C45 1999 Christianity in Appalachia : profiles in regional pluralism Leonard, Bill (Bill J.)
BS2860 .J9 A3 2006 Gospel of Judas: from Codex Tchacos Gospel of Judas (Coptic Gospel). English.
BT82.25 .G65 2006 Kingdom coming : the rise of Christian nationalism Goldberg, Michelle, 1975-
World History    
D790.2 .G73 2006 Among the dead cities : the history and moral legacy of the WWII bombing of civilians in Germany and Japan Grayling, A. C.
DA256 .S48 1988 Henry V : the scourge of God Seward, Desmond, 1935-
DA566.9 .M33 H6 1989 Harold Macmillan Horne, Alistair.
DA591.C58 A3 1994 Mrs. Thatcher's minister : the private diaries of Alan Clark Clark, Alan, 1928-
DA591.T47 Y68 1989 The Iron Lady : a biography of Margaret Thatcher Young, Hugo.
DC167 .G613 1970B The taking of the Bastille, July 14th, 1789 Godechot, Jacques Leon, 1907-
DD247.E5 C473 2006 Becoming Eichmann : rethinking the life, crimes, and trial of a "desk murderer" Cesarani, David.
DF212.C35 A67 1999 Finding the walls of Troy : Frank Calvert and Heinrich Schliemann at Hisarlik Allen, Susan Heuck, 1952-
DF572.5 .C4713 2004 Theodora : empress of Byzantium Cesaretti, Paolo
DR1298 .B87 2005 Empire on the Adriatic : Mussolini's conquest of Yugoslavia, 1941-1943 Burgwyn, H. James, 1936-
JUV DS559.83 .W18 W75 1989 The story of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Wright, David K.
DS889 .D69 1999 Embracing defeat : Japan in the wake of World War II Dower, John W.
American History    
E83.67 .D74 1999 King Philip's War : civil war in New England, 1675-1676 Drake, James David, 1968-
JUV E83.83 .H34 1986 The story of the Black Hawk wars: Hargrove, Jim.
E98.F6 I46 1987 The Indians' book : an offering by the American Indians of Indian lore, musical and narrative, to form a record of the songs and legends of their race Burlin, Natalie Curtis, 1875-1921
E169 .C7495 2006 The American home front, 1941-1942 Cooke, Alistair, 1908-2004
E169.02 .F37 1995 Fast food, stock cars, and rock 'n' roll : place and space in American pop culture Carney, George O.
OVERSIZE E169.12 .E65 1999 20th century pop culture Epstein, Dan
E169.12 .F643 2004 Probing popular culture on and off the Internet Fishwick, Marshall William
E183.7 .M27 2006 Among empires : American ascendancy and its predecessors Maier, Charles S.
E183.8 .S6 M28 1997 Loosing the bonds : the United States and South Africa in the apartheid years Massie, Robert, 1956-
E184 .A1 D64 1999 Documents of American prejudice : an anthology of writings on race from Thomas Jefferson to David Duke Joshi, S. T., 1958-
E184 .S4 L5 1962 The Scotch-Irish : a social history Leyburn, James Graham
E184.36.A34 G44 2006 Troubling the waters : Black-Jewish relations in the American century Greenberg, Cheryl Lynn
E185.61 .B195 1963 The fire next time. Baldwin, James, 1924-
JUV E207 .J7 B97 2004 John Paul Jones : naval hero Burgan, Michael
E241 .K5 A58 1990 One heroic hour at King's Mountain; Battle of Kings Mountain, October 7, 1780. Alderman, Pat.
JUV E302.6 .A2 H45 2004 Samuel Adams : father of the revolution Heinrichs, Ann.
E453 .H645 2006 The Emancipation Proclamation : three views Holzer, Harold.
E458.2 .B90 1999 Secessionists and other scoundrels : selections from Parson Brownlow's book Brownlow, William Gannaway, 1805-1877.
E841 .L345 2006 Jack Kennedy : the education of a statesman Leaming, Barbara.
JUV E842.9 .S69 1985 The story of the assassination of John F. Kennedy: Stein, R. Conrad.
E855 .M39 1989 The anxious years : America in the Vietnam-Watergate era McQuaid, Kim.
JUV E873 .H63 2002 James Earl Carter : our thirty-ninth president Hobkirk, Lori
JUV E882 .D38 2003 George Herbert Walker Bush Davis, Marc, 1934-
Regional History-Americas    
F7 .B48 1975 The Puritan origins of the American self Bercovitch, Sacvan.
F64 .D55 2006 Dictionary of United States history--Massachusetts. Tager, Jack.
JUV F128.5 .K34 1989 The story of the Triangle factory fire Kent, Zachary.
F247.N5 A33 2001 Far Appalachia : following the New River north Adams, Noah.
JUV F334 .M79 N47 1986 The story of the Montgomery bus boycott: Stein, R. Conrad.
F444.K7 W47 2005 Knoxville, Tennessee : a mountain city in the new South Wheeler, William Bruce, 1939-
OVERSIZE F2546 .C24 2003B Amazonia : the land, the wildlife, the river, the people Capelas, Afonso
F2849 .P37 F7 1996 Evita Fraser, Nicholas, 1948-
Geography, Anthropology, Ecology, Recreation, Sports    
G128 .P85 2002 World regional geography : global patterns, local lives Pulsipher, Lydia M. (Lydia Mihelic)
GN666 .L38 1991 Voices of the first day : awakening in the Aboriginal dreamtime Lawlor, Robert.
GV191.4 .H36 2003 NOLS soft paths : how to enjoy the wilderness without harming it Hampton, Bruce.
GV191.42.W47 S54 1993 Wilderness basics : the complete handbook for hikers & backpackers Moser, David S.
GV199.5 .M385 2000 The L.L. Bean hiking and backpacking handbook McCafferty, Keith
REF GV697 .A1 J64 1996 Great women in sports Johnson, Anne Janette, 1959-
GV783 .M2 1985 Basic river canoeing McNair, Robert E.
GV783 .R53 1969 Pole, paddle & portage Riviere, Bill.
JUV GV1218 .S8 J66 1995 String games from around the world Johnson, Anne Akers
Statistics, Economics, Business, Management    
REF HA203 .S7314 2006 State profiles: the population and economy of each U.S. state. State profiles (Bernan Press)
HB74.8 .W37 2006 Knowledge and the wealth of nations : a story of economic discovery Warsh, David.
HC59.7 .E22 2006 The white man's burden : why the West's efforts to aid the rest have done so much ill and so little good Easterly, William Russell.
HD57.7 .L4355 2005 Leadership : succeeding in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors Sims, Ronald R.
HD7125 .B23 2005 Social security : history and politics from the new deal to the privatization debate Beland, Daniel
HF5383 .C69 1992 Resume writing made easy Brown, Lola
HF5549 .D4379 2000 Human resource management: Dessler, Gary, 1942-
HF5549.5.M5 M662 2005 Managing diversity : toward a globally inclusive workplace Mor-Barak, Michalle E.
HG6005 .C48 1999 Devil take the hindmost : a history of financial speculation Chancellor, Edward, 1962-
HM206 .D48 1999 Guns, germs, and steel : the fates of human societies Diamond, Jared M.
HM647 .S57 2005 Counterculture through the ages : from Abraham to acid house Sirius, R. U., 1952-
HM851 .L357 2006 The economics of attention : style and substance in the age of information Lanham, Richard A.
HM1236 .W37 2001 In defense of public opinion polling Warren, Kenneth F., 1943-
HQ513 .G53 1989 Marriage and the family in the Middle ages Gies, Frances
REF HQ796 .C8154 2006 Contemporary youth culture : an international encyclopedia Steinberg, Shirley R., 1952-
HQ1143 .W65 1993 Women's lives in medieval Europe : a sourcebook Amt, Emilie, 1960-
JUV HQ1413 .A55 C55 1986 The story of Susan B. Anthony: Clinton, Susan.
HV11.7 .R49 2002 The social work graduate school applicant's handbook : the complete guide to selecting and applying to MSW programs Reyes, Jesus
HV4708 .H655 2006 Do animals have rights? Hills, Alison
Political Science &Law    
JC491 .A68 1963A On revolution. Arendt, Hannah.
JC495 .A46 2003 Dictators, democracy, and American public culture : envisioning the totalitarian enemy, 1920s-1950s Alpers, Benjamin Leontief, 1965-
JF1525.L4 V35 2005 Dynamics of leadership in public service : theory and practice Van Wart, Montgomery, 1951-
JV6456 .M37 2004 The new Americans Martinez, Ruben
K3161 .G73 2002 A constitutional history of secession Graham, John Remington, 1940-
KD661 .P37 2003 An introduction to the English legal system Partington, Martin.
KD758 .P37 1989 Women and marriage in nineteenth-century England Perkin, Joan.
KF240 .P76 2000 The process of legal research Kunz, Christina L.
KF570 .D53 1998 Real estate law Diamond, Michael R.
KF2750 .M28 2005 Major principles of media law. Overbeck, Wayne.
KF3841 .F73 1995 Animals, property, and the law Francione, Gary L. (Gary Lawrence), 1954-
KF3989.Z9 C48 2000 Sports law in a nutshell Champion, Walter T.
KFM2478.8.W5 H55 1997 A delusion of Satan : the full story of the Salem witch trials Hill, Frances, 1943-
LB1139.35 .A37 R35 1989 Story stretchers : activities to expand children's favorite books Raines, Shirley C.
LB1555 .S79 2003 K-8 classroom methods : from teacher reflection to student responsibility Stanulis, Randi N.
LB1573 .E96 1996 Exploring literature in the classroom: content and methods Wood, Karen
LB1584 .L543 2000 Social studies at the center : integrating kids, content, and literacy Lindquist, Tarry
LB1591 .C67 2001 The arts as meaning makers : integrating literature and the arts throughout the curriculum Cornett, Claudia E.
LC311 .C483 2006 Civic and moral learning in America Warren, Donald R., 1933-
LC2852 .Y3 C6 1987 The water is wide Conroy, Pat.
LC3981 .I62 2005 Including children with special needs: a handbook for educators and parents Swartz, Diane
Communication, Language and Literature    
P90 .B285 2003 Mass communication theory : foundations, ferment, and future Baran, Stanley J.
P92.U5 D445 2006 Media debates : great issues for the digital age Dennis, Everette E.
P94 .D39 2006 Ethics in media communications : cases and controversies Day, Louis A.
P94.6 .W55 1998 Mass media/mass culture : an introduction. Wilson, James R. (James Ross)
P94.65 .U6 C36 2007 Media & culture 5: an introduction to mass communication Campbell, Richard, 1949-
P119.3 .P658 2006 Unspeak : how words become weapons, how weapons become a message, and how that message becomes reality Poole, Steven, 1972-
PA2065.U5 D38 1991 Latin in American schools : teaching the ancient world Davis, Sally, 1938-
PN56 .F34 D53 2006 From Homer to Harry Potter : a handbook on myth and fantasy Dickerson, Matthew T., 1963-
PN70 .G57 1993 Global perspectives on teaching literature : shared visions and distinctive visions Lott, Sandra Ward
PN1009 .A1 L96 2002 Essentials of children's literature Tomlinson, Carl M.
PN1992.75 .B8 2005 Video production : disciplines and techniques Gross, Lynne S.
PN1992.75 .Z4 1997 Television production handbook Zettl, Herbert.
PN1992.94 .W47 1996 Video field production Whittaker, Ron
PN1995.9.P7 M278 1995 Film production technique : creating the accomplished image Mamer, Bruce
PN3171 .M25 1995 Creative drama in the classroom and beyond McCaslin, Nellie
PN4784.B75 S7 2005 Broadcast news Stephens, Mitchell.
REF PN4784 .S6 S66 1996 Sports style guide & reference manual : the complete reference for sports editors, writers and broadcasters Swan, Jennifer.
PN4784 .S6 W54 2002 Associated Press sports writing handbook Wilstein, Steve.
PN4784.T4 S35 2005 Broadcast news producing Schultz, Brad, 1961-
JUV PN 6109.97 .S56 1988 Sing a song of popcorn : every child's book of poems Brown, Marcia, ill.
PN6231 .P2 L56 2005 Mommy knows worst : highlights from the golden age of bad parenting advice Lileks, James.
JUV PR109 .B6 1999 How the heather looks; a joyous journey to the British sources of children's books. Bodger, Joan
DVD PR1585 .D759 2004 Dragon's world [DVD]: a fantasy made real Holm, Ian
PR4172.W7 B790 1994 Wuthering Heights. Bronte, Emily, 1818-1848.
PR6023.E833 G6 1999 The golden notebook : a novel Lessing, Doris May, 1919-
PS374.Y6 M35 1998 Serious about series : evaluations and annotations of teen fiction in paperback series Makowski, Silk, 1940-
PS1017 .L66 1997 A long fatal love chase Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888.
PS1017.M5 S78 1987 A modern Mephistopheles Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888.
PS3501.A7654  R64 2003 The dollmaker. Arnow, Harriette Louisa Simpson, 1908-
DVD PS3529 .N5 E94464 2006 Eugene O'Neill [DVD]: a documentary film Burns, Ric.
PS3553.O5 C753 1959 Mrs. Bridge. Connell, Evan S., 1924-
PS3553.O5 C753 1969 Mr. Bridge Connell, Evan S., 1924-
PS3554 .I398 F67 1999 For the time being Dillard, Annie.
PS3556.L26 F7 1987 Fried green tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe Flagg, Fannie.
PS3557.A355 A85 1996 The autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman Gaines, Ernest J., 1933-
PS3558.O3447 R58 2000 The river king Hoffman, Alice.
PS3560 .O4813 K58 2003 The known world Jones, Edward P.
PS3563.O8749 S6 1987 Song of Solomon Morrison, Toni.
PS3569.I47224 W48 2004 Where the sidewalk ends : the poems & drawings of Shel Silverstein. Silverstein, Shel.
PS3573.A425 T46 1989 The temple of my familiar Walker, Alice, 1944-
Children's Literature    
JUV PZ3 .M767 AN10  Anne of Green Gables L.M. Montgomery. Montgomery, L.M. 1874-1942.
JUV PZ7 .B2262 IN 2003 The Indian in the cupboard Banks, Lynne Reid, 1929-
JUV PZ7 .B6265 IT 1981 It's not the end of the world by Judy Blume. Blume, Judy.
JUV PZ7 .B8163 GO 1991 Goodnight moon Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952
JUV PZ7 .D1515 MAT 1990 Matilda Dahl, Roald.
JUV PZ7 .H389 LI 1996 Lilly's purple plastic purse Henkes, Kevin.
PZ7.L5358 W7 1997 A wrinkle in time : and related readings. L'Engle, Madeleine.
JUV PZ7 .L578345 EL 2003 Ella enchanted Levine, Gail Carson
JUV PZ7 .M927 LO 2005 Love you forever Munsch, Robert
JUV PZ7 .P219 AM 1999 Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy.
JUV PZ7 .P448558 RAI 1992 The rainbow fish Pfister, Marcus
JUV PZ7 .V816 AL 1987 Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day: Viorst, Judith.
JUV PZ8.1 .B73635 DI 1998 Disney's Mulan Braybrooks, Ann
JUV PZ8.1 .B755 The mitten: a Ukrainian folktale: Brett, Jan
JUV PZ8.3 .M4113 CH 1989 Chicka chicka boom boom Martin, Bill
PZ10.3 L8533 1997  The call of the wild and other related readings. London, Jack.
Science & Math    
Q180.55.M4 P38 2004 Understanding research methods : an overview of the essentials Patten, Mildred L.
QB291 .A43 2002 The measure of all things : the seven-year odyssey and hidden error that transformed the world Alder, Ken
QD11 .M86 2003 The last sorcerers : the path from alchemy to the periodic table Morris, Richard, 1939-
OVERSIZE QH75 .H675 2004 Hotspots revisited Mittermeier, Russell A. Hotspots.
QH81 .D56 1988 Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Dillard, Annie.
QK115 .M57 1987 Trees : a quick reference guide to trees of North America Mohlenbrock, Robert H., 1931-
REF QL467 .M396 2000 Insects, spiders, and other terrestrial arthropods McGavin, George
OVERSIZE QL473 .M377 2006 Insects : their natural history and diversity Marshall, S. A. (Steven A.)
RA448.5.I44 K73 1995 Silent travelers : germs, genes, and the "immigrant menace" Kraut, Alan M.
RC464.K36 A3 1994 Girl, interrupted Kaysen, Susanna, 1948-
RJ51.R3 D66 2001 Fundamentals of pediatric radiology Donnelly, Lane F.
Agriculture, Technology, Library Science, Book Arts    
SK33 .M23 1982 Exploring the outdoors with Indian secrets Macfarlan, Allan A.
T17 .G54 1994 Cathedral, forge, and waterwheel : technology and invention in the Middle Ages Gies, Frances
TK6655.V5 M88 2002 Single-camera video production Musburger, Robert B.
TK7874 .R43 2001 The chip : how two Americans invented the microchip and launched a revolution Reid, T. R.
REF TL9 .R54 2001 The illustrated directory of classic cars Robson, Graham, 1936-
TL789.8.U5 C33 2006 Space race : the epic battle between America and the Soviet Union for dominion of space Cadbury, Deborah
TR860 .G76 2004 Digital moviemaking Gross, Lynne S.
TR882.5 .Z482 1998 Video basics 2 Zettl, Herbert.
TR891 .G56 2004 Placing shadows : lighting techniques for video production Gloman, Chuck B.
TR899 .R66 2004 Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 : studio techniques Rosenberg, Jacob
Z266 .D5 1980 Bookbinding, its background and technique Diehl, Edith.