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REF A121 .N44 2004 The New York times index for the published news. v. 1- Jan./Mar. 1913- New York times. (Indexes).
SPECCOLL AG5 .F198 1889 The family cyclopedia of useful knowledge.
SPECCOLL AG5 .R89 1913 The standard dictionary of facts; history, language, literature, biography, geography, travel, art, government, politics, industry, invention, commerce, science, education, natural history, statistics and miscellany, Ruoff, Henry W. (Henry Woldmar), 1867-1935, ed.
SPECCOLL AG5 .R89 1916 The standard dictionary of facts; history, language, literature, biography, geography, travel, art, government, politics, industry, invention, commerce, science, education, natural history, statistics and miscellany, Ruoff, Henry W. (Henry Woldmar), 1867-1935, ed.
READYREFERENCE AY67 .N5 W7 2007 The World almanac and book of facts. [map]  
SPECCOLL B785 .E64 C46 1950 Erasmus and our struggle for peace Chapiro, Jose
Philosophy, Psychology,  Religion    
B1674.W37 M6 1958 Modes of thought, Whitehead, Alfred North, 1861-1947.
BD435 .L52 1955 Gift from the sea Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, 1906-2001
BF76 .O88 2006 Life as a psychologist : career choices and insights Oster, Gerald D.
BF131 J2 1920 Psychology, James, William, 1842-1910.
BF175.5.S55 H65 2007 Why good people do bad things : understanding our darker selves Hollis, James, 1940-
BF441 .F497 2001 Critical thinking : an introduction Fisher, Alec.
BF441 .S625 2003 Critical thinking : building the basics Walter, Tim.
BF717 .E397 2007 The power of play : how spontaneous, imaginative activities lead to happier, healthier children Elkind, David, 1931-
SPECCOLL BF1473 .B37 B4 1961 An Authenticated history of the famous Bell witch and other stories of the world's greatest unexplained phenomenon Ingram, M. V.
SPECCOLL BF1473 .B37 B4 1972 A mysterious spirit by Charles Bailey Bell(a descendant) Bell, Charles Bailey, 1869-
BJ1535.H8 L68 2006 In defense of hypocrisy : picking sides in the war on virtue Lott, Jeremy
BL311 .C276 1976 Occidental mythology Campbell, Joseph, 1904-1987
BL1802 .C54775 2006 Chinese religions in contemporary societies Miller, James.
BL2525 .M423 2006 American gospel : God, the founding fathers, and the making of a nation Meacham, Jon.
VIDEO BP223.Z8 M236 1992 Malcolm X [videorecording] Bassett, Angela.
BP603 .Z74 2006 Are cults a serious threat? Swarts, Katherine
BQ316 .B85 2006 Buddhism in world cultures : comparative perspectives Berkwitz, Stephen C., 1969-
BQ4022 .T48 2001 Buddhism for beginners Thubten Chodron, 1950-
REF BR535 .E52 2005 Encyclopedia of religion in the South Hill, Samuel S.
BR535 .W54 1980 Baptized in blood : the religion of the Lost Cause, 1865-1920 Wilson, Charles Reagan.
BT198 .R53 1997 One Jesus, many Christs : how Jesus inspired not one true Christianity, but many : the truth about Christian origins Riley, Gregory J. (Gregory John), 1947-
BT304.93 .F67 2006 Forbidden religion : suppressed heresies of the West Kenyon, J. Douglas
BT306.5 .S32 1991 Meeting Jesus Sampson, William P.
BV207 .M66 2005 One nation under God : the history of prayer in America Moore, James P.
BX1378.6 .F5713 2005 Pope Benedict XVI : a personal portrait Fischer, Heinz-Joachim, 1944-
DVD BX1712 .I574 1999 The inquisition [videorecording]
BX7148.M4 W55 2005 The times and trials of Anne Hutchinson : Puritans divided Winship, Michael P. (Michael Paul)
World History
CS16 .R66 1997 The complete idiot's guide to genealogy Rose, Christine, 1935-
SPECCOLL CS71 .M144 A29 1986 The descendants of James McGavock, Sr., and the McGavock mansions, Fort Chiswell, Va. & Carnton, Franklin, Tn. Aiken, Leona Taylor.
CT220 .P58 2005 The Playboy interviews : larger than life Randall, Stephen.
SPECCOLL CT3202 .G57 1859 Women of beauty and heroism from Semiramis to Eugenie Goodrich, Frank B.
D16.2 .M87 2005 100 ideas for teaching history Murphy, Julia.
REF D570 .H54 2007 The home front encyclopedia : United States, Britain, and Canada in World Wars I and II Ciment, James
D753 .M42 2003 Franklin and Winston : an intimate portrait of an epic friendship Meacham, Jon.
D763.N4 K6313 1995 Forgotten battle : Overloon and the Maas salient, 1944-45 Korthals Altes, A.
D804.3 .B438 2006 Roosevelt and the Holocaust : a Rooseveltian examines the policies and remembers the times Beir, Robert, 1918-
D810.C88 C66 2006 Colossus : the secrets of Bletchley Park's codebreaking computers Copeland, B. Jack, 1950-
D810.S8 D294 1999 Mystery man : William Rhodes Davis, Nazi agent of influence Harrington, Dale
SPECCOLL D825 .S86 1947 While time remains Stowe, Leland, 1899-
D839.7.A56 M45 2007 Kofi Annan : a man of peace in a world of war Meisler, Stanley
SPECCOLL D842 .B8 1962 Enough good men; a way of thinking. Burke, Albert.
D848 .G66 2006 The global revolutions of 1968 : a Norton casebook in history Suri, Jeremi
SPECCOLL DA470 .S6 1856 The history of England, Hume, David, 1711-1776.
DC62 .J56 1996 Caesar against the Celts Jimenez, Ramon L.
SPECCOLL DC216.1 .H4 1856 The life of the Empress Josephine, first wife of Napoleon. Headley, P. C. (Phineas Camp), 1819-1903.
DF234 .L3 2004 Alexander the Great. Lane Fox, Robin, 1946-
JUV DG55 .S5 B35 1990 The lost wreck of the Isis Ballard, Robert D.
DG315 .C36 2006 The Cambridge companion to the Age of Constantine Lenski, Noel Emmanuel, 1965-
DK265 .L449 1999 Red victory : a history of the Russian Civil War Lincoln, W. Bruce.
DK4437 .M5413 1990 The captive mind Milosz, Czeslaw
DR723 .P36 2005 Istanbul : memories and the city Pamuk, Orhan, 1952-
DS119.7 .C3583 2006 Palestine : peace not apartheid Carter, Jimmy, 1924-
DS126.5 .B87 2006 Burning issues : understanding and misunderstanding the middle east--a 40 year chronicle Adas, Jane
VIDEO DS135.G A1435 2000 Into the arms of strangers: stories of the Kindertransport
DS146.U6 W35 2003 The American axis : Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, and the rise of the Third Reich Wallace, Max
DS281 .H65 2005 Persian fire : the first world empire and the battle for the West Holland, Tom.
American History
SPECCOLL E78 .N76 F5 1857 Life among the Indians; or, Personal reminiscences and historical incidents illustrative of Indian life and character. Finley, James B. (James Bradley), 1781-1856
E98.R4 H45 2007 Indian removal : a Norton casebook Heidler, David Stephen, 1955-
SPECCOLL E99 .C5 C73 1935 Red Clay and Rattlesnake Springs : a history of the Cherokee Indians of Bradley County, Tennessee Corn, James Franklin.
SPECCOLL E99 .C5 T62 1927 Memoirs, 1756-1765, Timberlake, Henry, d. 1765
JUV E99 .S28 J85 1994 Legends of the Seminoles Jumper, Betty Mae, 1923-
SPECCOLL E103 .B6 1961 They all discovered America / Maps and drawings by the author. Boland, Charles Michael
E169.Z8 O75 2004 The importance of being famous : behind the scenes of the celebrity-industrial complex Orth, Maureen
E169.04 G53 1994 Warrior dreams : violence and manhood in post-Vietnam America Gibson, James William.
SPECCOLL E176.1 .P48 1884 Lives of our presidents Peters, William Andrew, 1841-
SPECCOLL E178.3 .P89 1888 American history stories-- you never read in school-- but should have Pratt-Chadwick, Mara L. (Mara Louise)
E179 .D25 2006 Born in the country : a history of rural America Danbom, David B., 1947-
SPECCOLL E184 .A2 V8 1907 Acadian reminiscences, with the true story of Evangeline, Voorhies, Felix
JUV E184 .J5 B549 1999 Journey to Ellis Island : how my father came to America Bierman, Carol
E185.61 .M296 1996 The walls of Jericho : Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, Richard Russell, and the struggle for civil rights Mann, Robert, 1958-
E185.93.M6 E93 2003 Ever is a long time : a journey into Mississippi's dark past, a memoir Eubanks, W. Ralph, 1957-
E185.93.T3 L36 1981 Blacks in Tennessee, 1791-1970 Lamon, Lester C., 1942-
E185.93.T3 L68 2005 The civil rights movement in Tennessee : a narrative history Lovett, Bobby L.
E207.G9 A3 1976 The papers of General Nathanael Greene Greene, Nathanael, 1742-1786.
REF E208 .B635 1991 The Blackwell encyclopedia of the American Revolution Greene, Jack P.
E221 .A735 2007 The declaration of independence : a global history Armitage, David, 1965-
E230 .W66 1995 Battles of the Revolutionary War, 1775-1781 Wood, W. J. (William J.), 1917-
SPECCOLL E289 .W918 N.D. The flag of our country Wooten, John Morgan.
SPECCOLL E296 .W323 1854 Camp-fires of the revolution, or, The War of independence, illustrated by thrilling events and stories by the old continental soldiers. Watson, Henry C. (Henry Clay), 1831-1869
SPECCOLL E302.6 .S45 D8 1932 John Sevier, pioneer of the old Southwest. Driver, Carl Samuel
E332.2 .G38 1995 Sworn on the altar of God : a religious biography of Thomas Jefferson Gaustad, Edwin S. (Edwin Scott)
SPECCOLL E339 .P47 1987 The great triumvirate : Webster, Clay, and Calhoun Peterson, Merrill D.
SPECCOLL E340 .W53 S4 1856 A memoir of Hugh Lawson White, judge of the Supreme court of Tennessee, member of the Senate of the United States, etc., etc. Scott, Nancy N., ed.
E354 .H53 1989 The War of 1812 : a forgotten conflict Hickey, Donald R., 1944-
SPECCOLL E382 .D69 1961 The Hermitage, 1889-1915; home of General Andrew Jackson Dorris, Mary C. (Mary C. Currey), 1850-
E404 .B37 1974 The Mexican War, 1846-1848 Bauer, K. Jack (Karl Jack), 1926-
SPECCOLL E404 .H45 1950 The story of the Mexican War. Henry, Robert Selph, 1889-
SPECCOLL E407 .O97 1908 The justice of the Mexican war. Owen, Charles Hunter.
E415.9.F8 C48 2002 Pathfinder : John Charles Fremont and the course of American empire Chaffin, Tom
SPECCOLL E422 .M793 1880 The life of Major-General Zachary Taylor, twelfth president of the United States. Montgomery, H. (Henry)
JUV E444 .T82 W43 2006 Moses, when Harriet Tubman led her people to freedom Weatherford, Carole Boston, 1956-
JUV E447 .M94 1998 Amistad : a long road to freedom Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-
.A58 1947 E457 The Lincoln reader, Angle, Paul M. (Paul McClelland), 1900-1975, ed.
SPECCOLL E457 .B273 1865 Life  Barrett, Joseph H. (Joseph Hartwell), 1824-1910
E464 .W58 2006 Witness to the Civil War : first-hand accounts from Frank Leslie's illustrated newpaper Lewin, J. G.
E467.1.S55 S52 1957 Memoirs of General William T. Sherman, by himself. [map] Sherman, William Tecumseh, 1820-1891
SPECCOLL E467.1 .W69 W5 1936 General John T. Wilder, commander of the Lightning Brigade Williams, Samuel Cole, 1864-1967.
SPECCOLL E474.44 .D84 1955 The lost account of the Battle of Corinth and the court martial of Gen. Van Dorn, Dudley, G. W.
SPECCOLL E481 .G3 H4 1908 The battle of Gettysburg Haskell, Franklin Aretas, 1828-1864
SPECCOLL E484 .E93 C66 1899 Confederate military history : a library of Confederate states history in seventeen volumes Evans, Clement A. (Clement Anselm), 1833-1911
SPECCOLL E487 .S67 1890 The civil war from a southern stand-point. Snyder, Ann E., Mrs.
SPECCOLL E581.6 .C899 43D 1867 Mosby and his men : |b a record of the adventures of that renowned partisan ranger, John S. Mosby, <Colonel C.S.A.> ; including the exploits of Smith, Chapman, Richards, Montjoy, Turner, Russell, Glasscock, and the men under them Crawford, J. Marshall.
SPECCOLL E605 .C18 1965 The Civil War diary Campbell, Andrew Jackson, 1834-1863.
SPECCOLL E605 .H19 1903 Reminiscences of the Civil War, Hallum, John, b. 1833.
SPECCOLL E605 .T66 1907 The privations of a private. The campaign under Gen. Marcus B. Toney. Toney, Marcus B[reckenridge], 1840-
SPECCOLL E605 .W44 1954 A Confederate surgeon's letters to his wife, Welch, Spencer Glasgow
SPECCOLL E616 .C4 K5 1959 Three hundred days in a Yankee prison; reminiscenses of war life, captivity, imprisonment at Camp Chase, Ohio, King, John H. (John Henry), b. 1843
E667 .M3 1969 Andrew Johnson; a profile. McKitrick, Eric L., comp.
SPECCOLL E668 .B779 1929 The tragic era; the revolution after Lincoln. Bowers, Claude Gernade, 1879-
SPECCOLL E668 .B779 1929 The tragic era; the revolution after Lincoln. Bowers, Claude Gernade, 1879-
E668 .S792 1969 Reconstruction; an anthology of revisionist writings, Stampp, Kenneth M. (Kenneth Milton), comp.
SPECCOLL E672 .B17 1885 Life and public services of General Grant Balch, William Ralston, 1852-1917.
SPECCOLL E715 .Y74 1899 Reminiscences and thrilling stories of the war by returned heroes. Young, James Rankin, 1847-1924.
E743 .B338 2002 Marching on Washington : the forging of an American political tradition Barber, Lucy G. (Lucy Grace), 1964-
SPECCOLL E743.5 .D33 1954 But we were born free. Davis, Elmer Holmes, 1890-
E743.5.M36 K34 1987 The Matusow affair : memoir of a national scandal Kahn, Albert Eugene, 1912-1979.
E745.P3 E85 1974 Patton; a study in command, Essame, Hubert, 1896-1976.
SPECCOLL E748 .H93 A3 1948 The memoirs of Cordell Hull. Hull, Cordell
E786 .S5 1965 The available man; the life behind the masks of Warren Gamaliel Harding. Sinclair, Andrew, 1935-
E792 .G75 2006 Calvin Coolidge Greenberg, David, 1968-
E806 .M43 1993 The Great Depression : America, 1929-1941 McElvaine, Robert S., 1947-
E840 .C66 2002 Contemporary cases in U.S. foreign policy : from terrorism to trade Carter, Ralph G.
E855 .B37 2006 Something happened : a political and cultural overview of the seventies Berkowitz, Edward D.
E873 .H36 1988 Jimmy Carter as president: leadership and the politics of the public good Hargrove, Erwin C.
E876 .F58 2000 Way out there in the blue : Reagan, Star Wars, and the end of the Cold War FitzGerald, Frances, 1940-
E886.2 .S74 1996 Blood sport : the president and his adversaries Stewart, James B.
E902 .I73 2006 The Iraq Study Group report Iraq Study Group (U.S.)
E903.3 .S56 2004 The president of good & evil : the ethics of George W. Bush Singer, Peter, 1946-
U.S. Southern History
SPECCOLL F209 .D43 1977 Place over time : the continuity of southern distinctiveness Degler, Carl N.
F209 .G47 1974 Myth and Southern history, Gerster, Patrick, comp.
SPECCOLL F209 .K33 1961 The romantic South. Kane, Harnett Thomas, 1910- ed.
F209 .W55 2006 Shadow and shelter : the swamp in southern culture Wilson, Anthony, 1975-
F234.W7 W7 1969 The golden age of piracy, Rankin, Hugh F.
SPECCOLL F254 .M822 1882 School history of North Carolina: from 1584 to the present time Moore, John W.
F284.3 .G4534 2000 Georgia Edge, John T.
F292 .R3 F713 2006 The Foxfire 40th anniversary book : faith, family, and the land Cheek, Angie.
F309.3 .W335 1998 Florida Walton, Chelle Koster, 1954-
SPECCOLL F347 .Y3 K16 1944 Deep delta country Kane, Harnett T.
SPECCOLL F349 .N2 K3 1947 Natchez on the Mississippi Kane, Harnett Thomas, 1910-
F349.P76 C36 1992 Providence Campbell, Will D.
SPECCOLL F351 .M16 1924 Pioneers of the Mississippi Valley McMurry, Charles A[lexander], 1857-
SPECCOLL F354 .K6 1971 Riverman. Knox, Jack, 1910-
SPECCOLL F374 .K3 1945 Plantation parade; the grand manner in Louisiana,/ Hartnett T. Kane. Kane, Harnett, Thomas, 1910-
SPECCOLL F375 .K14 1943 The bayous of Louisiana Kane, Harnett Thomas, 1910-
SPECCOLL F379 .N5 K24 1949 Queen New Orleans, city by the river. Kane, Harnett Thomas, 1910-
SPECCOLL F379 .N5 K24 1949 Queen New Orleans, city by the river. Kane, Harnett Thomas, 1910-
SPECCOLL F390 .H854 1860 The Life of Sam Houston. The hunter, patriot, and statesman of Texas. Lester, C. Edwards (Charles Edwards), 1815-1890
F390 .M52 1988 Alamo--the price of freedom a history of Texas McAlister, George A.
F391.2 .M25 1989 In a narrow grave : essays on Texas : with a new preface McMurtry, Larry.
Tennessee History
SPECCOLL F436 .F75 1923 Counties of Tennessee Foster, Austin P.
SPECCOLL F436 .H4 1915 Civil and political history of the State of Tennessee from its earliest settlement up to the year 1796. Haywood, John, 1762-1826.
SPECCOLL F436 .H42 1959 The natural and Aboriginal history of Tennessee, up to the first settlements therein by the white people, in the year 1768. Haywood, John, 1762-1826
SPECCOLL F436 .H65 1972 Goodspeed's history of East Tennessee: containing historical & biographical sketches of thirty East Tennessee counties.  
SPECCOLL F436 .S93 1937 Life and times of Edward Swanson, : one of the original pioneers who with General James Robertson founded Nashville, Tennessee, 1779; first recorded settler of Williamson county, Tennessee, March 1780 McRaven, William Henry
SPECCOLL F436 .T21 1947 William Tatham, Wataugan. Williams, Samuel Cole, 1864-1947
SPECCOLL F436 .W7 1988 The admission of Tennessee into the Union. Williams, Samuel Cole, 1864-1947.
SPECCOLL F436 .W713 1937 Dawn of Tennessee valley and Tennessee history [map] Williams, Samuel Cole, 1864-1947
SPECCOLL F436 .W715 1927 Early travels in the Tennessee country, 1540-1800 Williams, Samuel Cole, 1864-1947.
SPECCOLL F436 .W72 1933 History of the lost state of Franklin. Williams, Samuel Cole, 1864-1947
SPECCOLL F436 .W73 1944 Tennessee during the Revolutionary War. Williams, Samuel Cole, 1864-1947.
SPECCOLL F442.1 .N4 A4 1956 Thomas A. R. Nelson of East Tennessee. Alexander, Thomas Benjamin, 1918-
SPECCOLL F442.2 .A69 1963 Flowering of the Cumberland. [map] Arnow, Harriette Louisa (Simpson) 1908-
SPECCOLL F442.2 .A7 1960 Seedtime on the Cumberland. Arnow, Harriette Louisa (Simpson) 1908-
SPECCOLL F442.2 .C31 1958 Early times in Middle Tennessee Carr, John, 1773-1857.
SPECCOLL F442.2 .G630 1972 The Goodspeed histories of Montgomery, Robertson, Humphreys, Stewart, Dickson, Cheatham, Houston counties of Tennessee  
SPECCOLL F442.3 .W73 1930 Beginnings of West Tennessee : in the land of the Chickasaws, 1541-1841 Williams, Samuel Cole, 1864-1917.
SPECCOLL F443 .C4 B56 1980 The deserted Sycamore Village of Cheatham County Binkley, Lois Barnes.
SPECCOLL F443 .D85 C523 1956 A history of Dickson County, Tennessee Corlew, Robert Ewing.
SPECCOLL F443 .G35 C8 1961 Gibson County, past and present Culp, Frederick M.
SPECCOLL F443 .G4 M2 1928 A brief sketch of the settlement and early history of Giles County, Tennessee : 1876 McCallum, James, 1806-
F443 .G7 C34 2000 Another country : journeying toward the Cherokee Mountains Camuto, Christopher
SPECCOLL F443 .H45 P6 1930 History of Henderson county Powers, Auburn
SPECCOLL F443 .H6 S7 1980Z A history of Hickman County, Tennessee Spence, W. Jerome D.
SPECCOLL F443 .H7 P8 1926 Historical sketches of the Holston valleys Preston, Thomas Wilson, 1875-
SPECCOLL F443 .H8 G238 1963 A history of Humphreys County, Tennessee Garrett, Jill Knight.
SPECCOLL F443 .L35 P4 1957 Lauderdale County from earliest times Peters, Kate (Johnson), ed.
SPECCOLL F443 .M15 H37 1983 Hard times remembered :a study of the Depression in McMinn County Akins, Bill.
SPECCOLL F443 .R4 C3 1908 Rhea and Meigs counties (Tennessee) in the Confederate war Allen, V. C.
SPECCOLL F443 .R5 W4 1927 The history of Roane County, Tennessee ... Wells, Emma Helm Middleton, 1866-1945.
SPECCOLL F443 .W3 H2 1930 Early history of Warren county Hale, Will T. (Will Thomas), 1857-1926
SPECCOLL F444 .C4 H5 1964 Chattanooga, yesterday and today. Hiener, Paul A. (Paul Adolph), 1897-1984
RESERVE F444 .G7 G74 2006 Greeneville Green, Matilda B.
SPECCOLL F444 .J2 W55 1946 Historic Madison :the story of Jackson and Madison County, Tennessee, from the prehistoric moundbuilders to 1917 Williams, Emma Inman
SPECCOLL F444 .K56 F67 1993 Fort Southwest Point archaeological site, Kingston, Tennessee : a multidisciplinary interpretation Smith, Samuel D.
SPECCOLL F444 .K7 C7 1958 Knoxville. Creekmore, Betsey Beeler, 1915-
SPECCOLL F444 .M5 D2 1972 The history of the city of Memphis Davis, James D.
SPECCOLL F444 .N2 B29 1929 Nashville : the home of the history makers Beard, William Ewing, 1873-
SPECCOLL F444 .N2 B36 1912 It happened in Nashville, Tennessee: a collection of historical incidents.... Beard, W. E.
SPECCOLL F444 .N2 B8 1959 Nashville, its life and times Burt, Jesse Clifton, 1921-
SPECCOLL F444 .N2 M3 1949 Nashville, "Athens of the South" McRaven, William Henry
SPECCOLL F444 .R9 H8 1881 Rugby, Tennessee : being some account of the settlement founded on the Cumberland Plateau by the Board of Aid to Land Ownership, limited .... Hughes, Thomas, 1822-1896.
F548.25 .M39 1995 The Mayors : the Chicago political tradition Green, Paul Michael.
SPECCOLL F591 .C67 1902 Story of the wild West and camp-fire chats, Buffalo Bill, 1846-1917.
F591 .G62 2006 Exploration and empire; the explorer and the scientist in the winning of the American West, Goetzmann, William H.
OVERSIZE F592.7 .A488 1998 Lewis & Clark, voyage of discovery Ambrose, Stephen E.
F595 .L37 2004 The children's blizzard Laskin, David, 1953-
F864 .B815 1985 What I saw in California: being the journal of a tour by the emigrant route and South Pass of the Rocky Mountains, across the continent of North America, the Great Desert Basin, and through California, in the years 1846, 1847. Bryant, Edwin, 1805-1869.
DVD F1219.73 .A99 1997 The Aztec empire [videorecording]
Geography, Anthropology, Recreation and Sports    
G2205 .S653 2006 The state of the middle east : an atlas of conflict and resolution Smith, Dan
GR110.N8 C5 1993 The Jack tales : told by R.M. Ward and his kindred in the Beech Mountain section of Western North Carolina and by other descendants of Council Harmon (1803-1896) elsewhere in the Southern Mountains; with three tales from Wise County, Virginia Ward, R. M. (R. Monroe), 1875-1944
GT1855 .W37 2006 When the girls came out to play : the birth of American sportswear Warner, Patricia Campbell, 1936-
GT4806 .B76 1997 Ghost dancing on the cracker circuit : the culture of festivals in the American South Brown, Rodger Lyle
GT4985 .R38 2006 Pagan Christmas : the plants, spirits, and rituals at the origins of yuletide Ratsch, Christian, 1957-
GV21 .M55 2004 Ancient Greek athletics Miller, Stephen G. (Stephen Gaylord), 1942-
GV995 .J62 1967 Tennis Johnson, Joan D.
Statistics, Economics, Business, Management    
H61.28 .E36 1999 The focus group research handbook Edmunds, Holly.
HB74.5 .S342 2000 The great economic mysteries book : a guide to teaching economic reasoning, grades 9-12 Schug, Mark C.
HB231 .F48 1996 The great wave : price revolutions and the rhythm of history Fischer, David Hackett, 1935-
HB849.4 .D447 2006 Demographics : a guide to methods and data sources for media, business, and government Murdock, Steven H.
HB871 .G47 2006 World population : a reference handbook Gilbert, Geoffrey, 1948-
HC59.15 .H35 2007 The undercover economist Harford, Tim, 1973-
HC103 .I675 2006 The industrial revolution in America Hillstrom, Kevin, 1963-
HD30.23 .D737 2006 Consensus through conversation : how to achieve high-commitment decisions Dressler, Larry, 1961-
HD30.3 .Y68 2007 MicroMessaging Young, Stephen, 1952-
HD31 .E356 2007 The definitive Drucker Edersheim, Elizabeth Haas
HD42 .G47 2006 Leading through conflict : how successful leaders transform differences into opportunities Gerzon, Mark.
HD58.6 B75 2006 Negotiation boot camp : how to resolve conflict, satisfy customers, and make better deals Brodow, Ed
HD58.9 .B343 2006 What happy companies know : how the new science of happiness can change your company for the better Baker, Dan, 1946-
HD62.4 .B67 2006 Borderless business : managing the far-flung enterprise Mann, Clarence J., 1935-
REF HD62.4 .C36 2004 Dictionary of international business terms Capela, John J.
REF HD1365 .F75 2004 Dictionary of real estate terms Friedman, Jack P.
HD2721 .T78 2006 The corporation Truitt, Wesley B., 1939-
HD5325.S2572 1968 M465 2007 Going down Jericho Road : the Memphis strike, Martin Luther King's last campaign Honey, Michael K.
HD5715.2 .N32 2007 Tough choices or tough times : the report of the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce. National Center on Education and the Economy (U.S.). New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce
HD6053 .H37 2007 How she does it : how women entrepreneurs are changing the rules of business success Heffernan, Margaret, 1955-
HD8038.U6 G73 2006 Diversity : leaders not labels Graham, Stedman.
HD8066 .S53 2006 Schools of democracy : a political history of the American labor movement Sinyai, Clayton
HD8072.5 .T48 2003 The unmaking of the American working class Theriault, Reg, 1924-
HD8085.P53 S65 1990 The "lower sort" : Philadelphia's laboring people, 1750-1800 Smith, Billy Gordon.
HD9623.U46 A645 2007 Glass towns : industry, labor and political economy in Appalachia, 1890-1930s Fones-Wolf, Ken
HD9650.6 .R63 2005 The end of oil : on the edge of a perilous new world Roberts, Paul
HD9666.5 .W43 2006 Profits before people? : ethical standards and the marketing of prescription drugs Weber, Leonard J., 1942-
HD9711.U64 B646 2007 Boeing versus Airbus Newhouse, John.
REF HF3021 .D59 2006 Bulls, bears, boom, and bust : a historical encyclopedia of American business concepts Dobson, John M.
HF5415.2 .M35545 2006 Market opportunity analysis : text and cases Stevens, Robert E., 1942-
HF5478 .C65 2007 eBay for dummies Collier, Marsha
REF HF5548.8 .E498 2007 Encyclopedia of industrial and organizational psychology Rogelberg, Steven G.
HF5549.5 .M63 N44 1997 1001 ways to energize employees Nelson, Bob, 1956-
REF HF5621 .S54 2005 Dictionary of accounting terms Siegel, Joel G.
REF HF5803 .T56 2000 Dictionary of marketing terms Imber, Jane.
HF5823 .F43 2006 Advertising : concept and copy Felton, George, 1947-
HF5823 .K265 2003 Bang! : "getting your message heard in a noisy world" Kaplan Thaler, Linda
REF HG151 .D69 2006 Dictionary of finance and investment terms Downes, John, 1936-
REF HG151 .F57 2006 Dictionary of banking terms Fitch, Thomas P.
REF HG8025 .R83 2000 Dictionary of insurance terms Rubin, Harvey W.
Sociology, Criminal Justice,  Terrorism    
REF HM17 .A23 2006 The Penguin dictionary of sociology Abercrombie, Nicholas
HM766 .B76 2006 Building powerful community organizations : a peronal guide to creating groups that can solve problems and change the world Brown, Michael Jacoby
HM851 .F55 2006 Momentum : igniting social change in the connected age Fine, Allison H., 1964-
HN18.3 .R47 2006 The lifelong activist : how to change the world without losing your way Rettig, Hillary.
HN29 .I44 2007 The averaged American : surveys, citizens, and the making of a mass public Igo, Sarah Elizabeth, 1969-
HN59 .G85 2006 Where have all the flower children gone? Gurvis, Sandra
HN90.M6 S43 2005 The ACLU vs America : exposing the agenda to redefine moral values Sears, Alan
HQ536 .G666 2002 Joined at the heart : the transformation of the American family Gore, Albert, 1948-
HQ751 .G52 2006 Future human evolution : eugenics in the twenty-first century Glad, John
HQ759.4 .T43162 2007 Teen pregnancy and parenting Frick, Lisa
HQ766.5.U5 G66 2002 The moral property of women : a history of birth control politics in America Gordon, Linda
HQ769 .C9175 2003 Reclaiming childhood : letting children be children in our achievement-oriented society Crain, William C., 1943-
REF HQ769 .C9175 2003 Education state rankings : PreK-12 education in the 50 United States. Morgan Quitno Corporation
HQ784.M3 I8 2007 Is media violence a problem? Haugen, David M., 1969-
VIDEO HQ1426 .C4 1994 A Century of women [videorecording] TBS Productions, Inc.
HQ1438.S63 K47 2006 Claiming the pen : women and intellectual life in the early American South Kerrison, Catherine, 1953-
HT123.5.A67 L44 2005 The Tennessee-Virginia tri-cities : urbanization in Appalachia, 1900-1950 Lee, Tom, 1969-
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Political Science & Law    
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Fine Arts 
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Mass Media & Journalism    
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French & Spanish  Literature    
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General Sciences,, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences    
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Technology & Military Science    
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Bibliography, Printing, Library Science    
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