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General Works, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion    
REF A121 .N44 2004 The New York times index for the published news. v. 1- Jan./Mar. 1913- New York times. (Indexes).
 AG243 .G87 2006
Guinness world records. Guinness world records
B72 .W54 1998 Consilience : the unity of knowledge Wilson, Edward O.
B616.D532 E5 2005 On the shortness of life Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, ca. 4 B.C.-65 A.D.
REF BF441 .C265 2005 The Cambridge handbook of thinking and reasoning Holyoak, Keith James, 1950-
BJ1521 .M33 2005 Character is destiny : true stories every young person should know and every adult should remember McCain, John, 1936-
REF BL860 .L56 2001 Handbook of Norse mythology Lindow, John.
REF BL2203 .A86 2003 Handbook of Japanese mythology Ashkenazi, Michael.
REF BL2441.3 .P56 2002 Handbook of Egyptian mythology Pinch, Geraldine
BM585.2 .H74 1988 The myth of ritual murder : Jews and magic in Reformation Germany Hsia, R. Po-chia, 1953-
BP161.3 .D78 2005 Islam for the Western mind : understanding Muhammad and the Koran Drummond, Richard Henry.
BQ7604 .L66 1998 Prisoners of Shangri-La : Tibetan Buddhism and the West Lopez, Donald S., 1952-
BQ7935.B777 C73 1997 Kundun : a biography of the family of the Dalai Lama Craig, Mary.
BQ7945.R597 S47 2000 The search for the Panchen Lama Hilton, Isabel.
BS680.D56 W73 2005 The birth of Satan : turning the devil's biblical roots Wray, T. J.
BV207 .M66 2004 American prayer Moore, James P.
BV3427.R46 S66 1984 The memory palace of Matteo Ricci Spence, Jonathan D.
BV4821 .T47 2005 The inner life Thomas, a Kempis, 1380-1471
BX4931.2 .S78 1991 The German peasant's war and Anabaptist community of goods Stayer, James M.
 World History    
CC100 .E94 1996 Eyewitness to discovery : first-person accounts of more than fifty of the world's greatest archaeological discoveries Fagan, Brian M.
D13 .M294 1999 A short guide to writing about history Marius, Richard.
D16.3 .N27 1996 National standards for history National Center for History in the Schools (U.S.)
D134 .F7913 2005 A day in a medieval city Frugoni, Chiara, 1940-
D523 .P44 2004 Eleventh month, eleventh day, eleventh hour : Armistice Day, 1918, World War I and its violent climax Persico, Joseph E.
JUV D767.92 .S83 1977 The story of the U.S.S. Arizona Stein, R. Conrad.
D815 .D35 2005 1945 : the war that never ended Dallas, Gregor
DA68.32.K6 P65 2001 Kitchener : architect of victory, artisan of peace Pollock, John Charles.
DC158.8 .L44 1996 The legacy of the French Revolution Hancock, Ralph Cornel
DD258.7 .M57 2001 The miracle years : a cultural history of West Germany, 1949-1968 Schissler, Hanna.
DG68.1 .H67 2005 The Colosseum Hopkins, Keith, 1934-
K75 2005 DS135.E8 Yiddish civilization : the rise and fall of a forgotten nation Kriwaczek, Paul.
DS706 .B393 2000 The Chinese Becker, Jasper
DS706 .S62 1998 The Chan's great continent : China in western minds Spence, Jonathan D.
DS712 .T446 1988 Riding the iron rooster : by train through China Theroux, Paul.
OVERSIZE DS721 .S664 1979 China: a history in art, Smith, Bradley, 1910-
DS735 .F27 1992 China : a new history Fairbank, John King, 1907-
DS747.9.C47 C67 1981 The first emperor of China : the greatest archeological find of our time Cotterell, Arthur.
OVERSIZE DS755.2 .S64 1996 The Chinese century : a photographic history of the last hundred years Spence, Jonathan D.
DS774 .H796 2001 Modern China : a guide to a century of change Hutchings, Graham
DS778.7 .F462513 1991 Voices from the whirlwind : an oral history of the Chinese Cultural Revolution Feng, Jicai.
DS779.26 .B864 2001 Bad elements : Chinese rebels from Los Angeles to Beijing Buruma, Ian.
DS779.32 .P4513 1989 June Four : a chronicle of the Chinese democratic uprising Pei chuang ti min yun. English.
DS786 .A94 1984 In exile from the land of snows Avedon, John F.
DS786 .B255 2004 The heart of the world : a journey to the last secret place Baker, Ian, 1957-
DS786 .G636 1997 The snow lion and the dragon : China, Tibet, and the Dalai Lama Goldstein, Melvyn C.
DS786 .P28 1992 A strange liberation : Tibetan lives in Chinese hands Patt, David
DS786 .T4964 1995 Tibet Taylor, Chris
DS786 .T4964 1996 Tibet handbook : with Bhutan Gyirme Dorje.
DS786 .T679 1999 The dragon in the land of snows : a history of modern Tibet since 1947 Tsering Shakya
OVERSIZE DS793 .Y45 S56 1987 The Yellow River : a 5000 year journey through China Sinclair, Kevin, 1942-
DS796.F855 H47 2001 River town : two years on the Yangtze Hessler, Peter, 1969-
DT30.5 .M455 2005 The fate of Africa : a history of fifty years of independence Meredith, Martin.
American History    
E98.L3 B36 2005 How the Indians lost their land : law and power on the frontier Banner, Stuart, 1963-
E173 .M84 2000 A More Perfect Union : Documents in U.S. History Boller, Paul F.
E175.5.F73 A3 2005 Mirror to America : the autobiography of John Hope Franklin Franklin, John Hope, 1915-
E183.8.G7 D46 1988 An ocean apart : the relationship between Britain and America in the twentieth century Dimbleby, David.
E183.8.P2 L33 1979 The Panama Canal : the crisis in historical perspective LaFeber, Walter
E184.A1 A385 2003 Racial and ethnic diversity in America : a reference handbook Aguirre, Adalberto
E185.86 .R88 1998 Black genius and the American experience Russell, Dick
E208 .R6 1966 The American Revolution in its political and military aspects, 1763-1783. Robson, Eric, 1918-1954
E210 .M14 1968 The formation of the American Republic, 1776-1790. McDonald, Forrest.
JUV E221 .R5 1968 The story of the Declaration of Independence. Richards, Norman. cn
E230 .H52 1991 Redcoats and rebels : the American Revolution through British eyes Hibbert, Christopher, 1924-
E302.6.F7 A25 2006 Ben Franklin : America's original entrepreneur : Franklin's autobiography adapted for modern business McCormick, Blaine.
JUV E332.79 .B3 1967 Meet Thomas Jefferson Barrett, Marvin.
E449 .S49 1980 Ballots for freedom : antislavery politics in the United States, 1837-1860 Sewell, Richard H.
E467.1.M2 R34 2005 McClellan's war : the failure of moderation in the struggle for the Union Rafuse, Ethan Sepp, 1968-
E468.9 .M68 1993 The vacant chair : the Northern soldier leaves home Mitchell, Reid.
E615 .S218 2005 While in the hands of the enemy : military prisons of the Civil War Sanders, Charles W., 1947-
E668 .F655 2005 Forever free : the story of emancipation and Reconstruction Foner, Eric
E841 .A2 1968 The missile crisis. Abel, Elie.
E855 .K575 1999 The Kissinger transcripts : the top secret talks with Beijing and Moscow Kissinger, Henry, 1923-
E860 .W67 2005 The secret man : the story of Watergate's Deep Throat Woodward, Bob.
F127.A2 S35 1997 The Adirondacks : a history of America's first wilderness Schneider, Paul, 1962-
JUV F128.64 .L6 M5 1965 The story of the Statue of Liberty Miller, Natalie.
JUV F158.8 .I3 M54 1965 The story of the Liberty Bell Miller, Natalie.
JUV F204.C2 P96 1969 The story of the Capitol: Prolman, Marilyn.
JUV F390 .R5 1970 The story of the Alamo Richards, Norman.
RESERVE F436.C95 G76 2005 David Crockett : hero of the common man Groneman, William
.H315 1997 F451 A new history of Kentucky Harrison, Lowell Hayes, 1922-
JUV F597.7 .S73 1978 The story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Stein, R. Conrad.
F853 .C54 1997 River of the west : a chronicle of the Columbia Clark, Robert, 1952-
Geology, Geography,  Ecology, Sports & Recreation    
G850 1910 .S4 S65 2001 The coldest March : Scott's fatal Antarctic expedition Solomon, Susan, 1956-
GC222.H3 D84 1998 Tsunami! Dudley, Walter C., 1945-
GE42 .C35 1994 Earth's insights : a survey of ecological ethics from the Mediterranean basin to the Australian outback Callicott, J. Baird.
GE42 .H35 1996 Foundations of environmental ethics Hargrove, Eugene C., 1944-
GE42 .W48 1994 An environmental proposal for ethics : the principle of integrity Westra, Laura.
GE50 .B68 1993 The Norton history of the environmental sciences Bowler, Peter J.
GE50 .O98 1997 Out of the woods : essays in environmental history Miller, Char, 1951-
GE55 .L485 2000 Life stories : world-renowned scientists reflect on their lives and on the future of life on earth Newbold, Heather, 1947-
GE70 .G67 1998 A primer for environmental literacy Golley, Frank B.
GE140 .E18 1999 Earth, air, fire, water : humanistic studies of the environment Conway, Jill K., 1934-
GE140 .F68 1999 The vulnerable planet : a short economic history of the environment Foster, John Bellamy
GE140 .R46 1996 Fighting for survival : environmental decline, social conflict, and the new age of insecurity Renner, Michael, 1957-
GE149 .L65 2001 The skeptical environmentalist : measuring the real state of the world Lomborg, Bjorn, 1965-
GE150 .L47 1997 Eco-pioneers : practical visionaries solving today's environmental problems Lerner, Steve.
GE160.A35 H55 2003 Africa and the Middle East : a continental overview of environmental issues Hillstrom, Kevin, 1963-
GE160.A78 H55 2003 Asia : a continental overview of environmental issues Hillstrom, Kevin, 1963-
GE160.E75 H55 2003 Europe : a continental overview of environmental issues Hillstrom, Kevin, 1963-
GE160.L29 H55 2004 Latin America and the Caribbean : a continental overview of environmental issues Hillstrom, Kevin, 1963-
GE160.S645 H55 2003 Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica : a continental overview of environmental issues Hillstrom, Kevin, 1963-
GE180 .G68 2005 Forcing the spring : the transformation of the American environmental movement Gottlieb, Robert, 1944-
GE195 .E37 1996 Betrayal of science and reason : how anti-environmental rhetoric threatens our future Ehrlich, Paul R.
GE195 .E38 1998 The ecology of Eden Eisenberg, Evan
GE197 .C76 1997 The riverkeepers : two activists fight to reclaim our environment as a basic human right Cronin, John, 1950-
GF3 .E17 1990 The Earth in transition : patterns and processes of biotic impoverishment Woodwell, G. M.
GF3 .H86 1993 Humans as components of ecosystems : the ecology of subtle human effects and populated areas McDonnell, Mark J.
GF21 .I53 1993 In the nature of things : language, politics, and the environment Bennett, Jane, 1957-
GF41 .R87 1997 People and the land through time : linking ecology and history Russell, Emily Wyndham Barnett, 1945-
GF50 .C76 1986 Ecological imperialism : the biological expansion of Europe, 900-1900 Crosby, Alfred W.
GF75 .N37 1997 Nature's services : societal dependence on natural ecosystems Daily, Gretchen C.
GF75 .R42 1999 Human impact on ancient environments Redman, Charles L.
GF80 .H37 1989 Foundations of environmental ethics Hargrove, Eugene C., 1944-
GF80 .R64 1988 Environmental ethics : duties to and values in the natural world Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
GF80 .T39 1986 Respect for nature : a theory of environmental ethics Taylor, Paul W.
GF541 .H83 1975 Ecology in ancient civilizations Hughes, J. Donald (Johnson Donald), 1932-
GN282 .W79 1995 Human evolution in China : a metric description of the fossils and a review of the sites Wu, Xinzhi
GN388 .M37 1992 In the spirit of the earth : rethinking history and time Martin, Calvin.
GN635.C5 G65 1990 Nomads of western Tibet : the survival of a way of life Goldstein, Melvyn C.
Economics, Business, Management    
HB74.P8 L479 2005 Freakonomics : a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything Levitt, Steven D.
HB95 .K29 2004 Culture and prosperity : the truth about markets : why some nations are rich but most remain poor Kay, J. A. (John Anderson)
HB849.415 .B76 1998 Beyond Malthus : sixteen dimensions of the population problem Brown, Lester Russell, 1934-
HC79.C6 G665 2004 Consumer culture : a reference handbook Goodman, Douglas J.
HC79.E5 T476 1997 Thinking ecologically : the next generation of environmental policy Chertow, Marian R.
HC430.F3 B33 1996 Hungry ghosts : Mao's secret famine Becker, Jasper
HD38.25.U6 H56 2005 It takes a CEO : leading with integrity Hindery, Leo, 1947-
HD57.7 .S239 2006 Leading leaders : how to manage smart, talented, rich, and powerful people Salacuse, Jeswald W.
HD82 .F7168 2005 The moral consequences of economic growth Friedman, Benjamin M.
JUV HE6375 .P65 S73 1981 The story of the pony express: Stein, R. Conrad.
HF5549 .C457 2006 Roadmap to strategic HR : turning a great idea into a business reality Christensen, Ralph, 1951-
REF HG4961 .M65 2004 Mergent bank and finance manual. Mergent's Investors Service.
REF HG4961 .M65 2005 Mergent bank and finance manual. Mergent's Investors Service.
REF HG4961 .M67 2005 Mergent industrial manual.
REF HG4961 .M7245 2005 Mergent public utility & transportation manual
HM753 .B47 2005 Us and them : understanding your tribal mind Berreby, David
HM1261 .G58 2002 Leadership Giuliani, Rudolph W.
HQ515 .E83 1997 The family : an introduction Eshleman, J. Ross.
HQ766.15 .S73 2004 The state of world population, 2004 United Nations Population Fund
HQ766.7 .H35 1993 Living within limits : ecology, economics, and population taboos Hardin, Garrett James, 1915-
HQ792.U5 L56 2005 The greatest generation grows up : American childhood in the 1930s Lindenmeyer, Kriste, 1955-
HQ792.U5 M33 1998 The age of the child : children in America, 1890-1920 Macleod, David I.
HQ792.U5 R37 1996 From virtue to character : American childhood, 1775-1850 Reinier, Jacqueline S.
HQ801.A3 T87 2003 Dating and sexuality in America : a reference handbook Turner, Jeffrey S.
VIDEO HQ1154 .N714 2000 The 1900 house. [videorecording] Storzier, Henry.
HV245 .R54 1972 The purchase of paradise; gift giving and the aristocracy, 1307-1485 Rosenthal, Joel Thomas, 1934-
HV5822.M38 J64 2005 Meth : the home-cooked menace Johnson, Dirk
HV6433.M52 Q33 2002 Relentless pursuit : the DSS and the manhunt for the al-Qaeda terrorists Katz, Samuel M., 1963-
HV8225 .A63 2005 The world was going our way : the KGB and the battle for the Third World Andrew, Christopher M.
HX36 .K61813 2005 Main currents of Marxism : the founders, the golden age, the breakdown Kolakowski, Leszek.
HX550.E25 F67 2000 Marx's ecology : materialism and nature Foster, John Bellamy
Political Science and Law    
JA75.8 .M55 1996 Minding nature : the philosophers of ecology Macauley, David
JK31 .H86 2001 American democracy in peril : seven challenges to America's future Hudson, William E., 1948-
JK155 .C37 1990 The Federalist : design for a constitutional republic Carey, George Wescott, 1933-
JK468.E7 S36 2005 Public philosophy : essays on morality in politics Sandel, Michael J.
REF JK468 .P76 S693 2005 The sourcebook to public record information. BRB Publications
JK1161 .G68 2005 The most exclusive club : a history of the modern United States Senate Gould, Lewis L.
JX6731.W3 T38 1971 Nuremberg and Vietnam: an American tragedy. Taylor, Telford
REF K48 .L44 2002 Legal systems of the world : a political, social, and cultural encyclopedia Kritzer, Herbert M., 1947-
REF KF190 .C43 2005 Chambers USA : America's leading lawyers for business, 2004-2005, the client's guide. Chambers & Partners.
KF4510 .G65 2005 Dark bargain : slavery, profits, and the struggle for the Constitution Goldstone, Lawrence, 1947-
KF4510 .M33 2005 The Constitutional Convention : a narrative history : from the notes of James Madison Madison, James, 1751-1836.
KF4541 .J4 1970 The Articles of confederation; an interpretation of the social-constitutional history of the American Revolution 1774-1781. Jensen, Merrill
JUV KF4541 P77 1995 The Constitution Prolman, Marilyn.
KF5635.A314 A168 1999 California desert miracle : the fight for desert parks and wilderness Wheat, Frank, 1921-
KF8719 .S552 2003 Courts and trials : a reference handbook Smith, Christopher E.
Education, Fine Arts    
LA2383.C52 T37 1997 The struggle for modern Tibet : the autobiography of Tashi Tsering Goldstein, Melvyn C.
LB41 .O745 1992 Ecological literacy : education and the transition to a postmodern world Orr, David W., 1944-
LB1060 .M39 2005 Multiple intelligences and instructional technology McKenzie, Walter
OVERSIZE N3750 .T32 A66 1996 Splendors of Imperial China : treasures from the National Palace Museum, Taipei Guo li gu gong bo wu yuan
N7445.2 .R793 2005 On art and life Ruskin, John, 1819-1900.
Language and Literature    
P96.L342 U557 2005 Slam dunks and no-brainers : language in your life, the media, business, politics, and, like, whatever Savan, Leslie
PN3365 .A83 2005 How to publish your novel : a complete guide to making the right publisher say yes Atchity, Kenneth John.
VIDEO PN4775 .N559 1992 Newsies [videorecording] Bale, Christian.
PN4784.T4 R68 2005 Broadcast news writing for professionals Rowe, Jeff, 1949-
PN4874.W283 A3 2005 Between you and me : a memoir Wallace, Mike, 1918-
PQ2099 .P43 2005 Voltaire almighty : a life in pursuit of freedom Pearson, Roger
.PS47 2005 PR2907 A year in the life of William Shakespeare Shapiro, James S., 1955-
PR4771 .B6 2004 On the pleasure of hating Hazlitt, William, 1778-1830.
PS228.N39 M37 1994 Nature's kindred spirits : Aldo Leopold, Joseph Wood Krutch, Edward Abbey, Annie Dillard, and Gary Snyder McClintock, James I., 1939-
PS366.R44 W45 2005 The gang that wouldn't write straight : Wolfe, Mailer, Didion, and the New Journalism revolution Weingarten, Marc
PS490 .M85 1998 American children's literature and the construction of childhood Murray, Gail Schmunk
PS1331 .K317 2003 The singular Mark Twain : a biography Kaplan, Fred, 1937-
JUV PS2167 .S73 M5 1965 The story of the star-spangled banner Miller, Natalie.w cn
PS3503.R7244 A6 2005 American sublime: Poems. Brooks, Gwendolyn, 1917-
Z83 2005 PS3513.R6545 Zane Grey : his life, his adventures, his women Pauly, Thomas H.
PS3525.I5156 C7 1977B The crucible : a play in four acts Miller, Arthur, 1915-
PS3562.O678 M53 1996 The middle heart Lord, Bette.
PS3572.O5 Z465 2005 Fates worse than death : an autobiographical collage of the 1980s Vonnegut, Kurt.
Children's Literature    
PZ5 .N655 2004 The Norton anthology of children's literature : the traditions in English Zipes, Jack David.
JUV PZ5 .S186 JAP2 Japanese children's favorite stories. Sakade, Florence, ed.
JUV PZ7 The Borrowers afield Norton, Mary.
JUV PZ7 .A73394 SO 1969 Sounder Armstrong, William Howard, 1914-
JUV PZ7 .B425 MAF3 1953 Madeline's rescue; Bemelmans, Ludwig, 1898-1962.
JUV PZ7 .B4533 SAM 1990 Samuel's choice Berleth, Richard J.
JUV PZ7 .D6228 DI 2002 The divine wind : a love story Disher, Garry.
JUV PZ7 .K1166 KI 2004 Kira-kira Kadohata, Cynthia
JUV PZ7.L58474 CH 2005 The complete chronicles of Narnia Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.
JUV PZ7.M1336 LE Lentil, McCloskey, Robert, 1914-
JUV PZ7 .M1336.ON 1952 One morning in Maine. McCloskey, Robert, 1914-
JUV PZ7 .M1336.TI 1957 Time of wonder. McCloskey, Robert, 1914-
JUV PZ7.M75 DR 1970 The drinking gourd, Monjo, F. N.
JUV PZ7 .M9232.AAB 1982 Bruno Munari's ABC by Bruno Munari. Munari, Bruno.
JUV PZ7 .N24 SG 1991 Shiloh Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.
JUV PZ7 .N8248 BO 1981 The borrowers Norton, Mary.
JUV PZ7 .P338 AR Are you in the house alone? Peck, Richard, 1934-
JUV PZ7.P3389 DO 1972 Don't look and it won't hurt Peck, Richard, 1934-
JUV PZ7 .S1185 HO 1998 Holes Sachar, Louis, 1954-
JUV PZ7 .S47 WH Where the wild things are. Sendak, Maurice.
JUV PZ7 .S72 1984 Miracles on Maple Hill Sorensen, Virginia (Eggertsen), 1912-
JUV PZ8.3 H66 BU 1976 Bugs; Poems Hoberman, Mary Ann
Mathematics and Sciences    
JUV Q11 .S8 S89 1979 The story of the Smithsonian Institution Stein, R. Conrad.
Q125 .S5166 1996 The scientific revolution Shapin, Steven.
Q175 .K95 1996 The structure of scientific revolutions Kuhn, Thomas S.
Q175 .P8816 1988 Labyrinths of reason : paradox, puzzles, and the frailty of knowledge Poundstone, William.
Q175.32.R47 N38 1995 Nature's imagination : the frontiers of scientific vision Cornwell, John, 1940-
Q175.5 .G757 1994 Higher superstition : the academic left and its quarrels with science Gross, Paul R.
Q180.55.D57 L54 2005 The discoveries Lightman, Alan P., 1948-
Q181.A1 A68 1993 Perspectives on biodiversity : case studies of genetic resource conservation and development Potter, Christopher S.
Q183.3.A1 N364 1996 National Science Education Standards : observe, interact, change, learn. National Research Council (U.S.)
QA76.17 .H35 2005 Electronic brains : stories from the dawn of the computer age Hally, Mike
QB601 .S63 2005 The planets Sobel, Dava.
QB755.5.R8 G35 2002 Meteorite hunter : the search for Siberian meteorite craters Gallant, Roy A.
QC861.2 .T87 1996 Global environmental change : past, present, and future Turekian, Karl K.
QC879.7 .M34 1995 Mending the ozone hole : science, technology, and policy Makhijani, Arjun.
QC912.3 .G55 1993 The Global greenhouse regime : who pays? : science, economics and North-South politics in the Climate Change Convention Hayes, Peter.
QC981.8.C5 I57 1990 Climate change : the IPCC scientific assessment Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
QC981.8.G56 G45 1997 The heat is on : the high stakes battle over Earth's threatened climate Gelbspan, Ross
QC981.8.G56 H68 1997 Global warming : the complete briefing Houghton, John Theodore.
QE152.O24 S54 1997 A place on the glacial till : time, land, and nature within an American town Sherman, Thomas Fairchild
REF QE392 .S54513 2001 Gemstones of the world Schumann, Walter.
QE521 .D32 1998 Volcanoes Decker, Robert W. (Robert Wayne), 1927-
QE721.2.E85 E96 1996 Evolutionary paleobiology : in honor of James W. Valentine Valentine, James W.
QH31.B88 R5713 1997 Buffon : a life in natural history Roger, Jacques, 1920-1990
QH31.O27 C73 2001 Eugene Odum : ecosystem ecologist & environmentalist Craige, Betty Jean.
QH31.W2 R33 2001B Alfred Russel Wallace : a life Raby, Peter
QH45.2 .V47 2004 Nature : an economic history Vermeij, Geerat J., 1946-
QH75 .E26 1986 Ecological knowledge and environmental problem-solving : concepts and case studies National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Applications of Ecological Theory to Environmental Problems
QH75 .E58 1998 Life in the balance : humanity and the biodiversity crisis Eldredge, Niles.
QH81 .C59 1998 Nature : western attitudes since ancient times Coates, Peter A., 1957-
QH84 .F76 2004 Frontiers of biogeography : new directions in the geography of nature Lomolino, Mark V., 1953-
QH104.5.E73 M35 2000 Lake Erie rehabilitated : controlling cultural eutrophication, 1960s-1990s McGucken, William.
OVERSIZE QH181 .M33 1996 Wild China MacKinnon, John Ramsay
QH198.H3 H38 1995 Hawaiian biogeography : evolution on a hot spot archipelago Wagner, Warren Lambert.
QH307.2 .M39 1997 This is biology : the science of the living world Mayr, Ernst, 1904-
QH311 .M37 1997 Slanted truths : essays on Gaia, symbiosis, and evolution Margulis, Lynn, 1938-
QH325 .B365 1996 Darwin's black box : the biochemical challenge to evolution Behe, Michael J., 1952-
QH325 .K39 1993 The origins of order : self-organization and selection in evolution Kauffman, Stuart A.
QH331 .E84 1992 The social creation of nature Evernden, Lorne Leslie Neil.
QH331 .L688 1990 The ages of Gaia : a biography of our living earth Lovelock, J. E.
QH331 .P4682 1998 The philosophy of biology Hull, David L.
QH331 .V714 1998 Gaia's body : toward a physiology of earth Volk, Tyler.
QH333 .G65 1991 The biological roots of human nature : forging links between evolution and behavior Goldsmith, Timothy H.
QH343.4 .V4713 1998 The biosphere Vernadskii, V. I. (Vladimir Ivanovich), 1863-1945
QH344 .G593 1992 Global biogeochemical cycles Butcher, Samuel S., 1936-
QH352 .G67 1995 A primer of ecology Gotelli, Nicholas J., 1959-
QH352 .G67 2001 A primer of ecology Gotelli, Nicholas J., 1959-
QH352 .H38 1997 Population biology : concepts and models Hastings, A. (Alan), 1953-
QH359 .E926 1999 Evolution! : facts and fallacies Schopf, J. William, 1941-
QH366.2 .B666 1996 Sixty years of biology : essays on evolution and development Bonner, John Tyler
QH366.2 .E96 1995 Exploring evolutionary biology : readings from American scientist Slatkin, Montgomery.
QH455 .L6 1994 The structure and confirmation of evolutionary theory Lloyd, Elisabeth Anne
QH540 .B63 1997 Ecologists and environmental politics : a history of contemporary ecology Bocking, Stephen, 1959-
QH540 .E9 2003 Excellence in ecology. Ecology Institute
QH540.7 .B345 1998 Ecoregions : the ecosystem geography of the oceans and continents : with 106 illustraions, with 55 in color Bailey, Robert G., 1939-
QH540.8 .G64 1993 A history of the ecosystem concept in ecology : more than the sum of the parts Golley, Frank B.
QH541 .B75 1995 Macroecology Brown, James H., 1942-
QH541 .E31934 1991 Ecology, economics, ethics : the broken circle Bormann, F. Herbert, 1922-
QH541 .G545 1989 Global ecology : towards a science of the biosphere Rambler, M. B. (Mitchell B.)
QH541 .H525 1986 A Hierarchical concept of ecosystems O'Neill, R. V. (Robert V.), 1940-
QH541 .O286 1998 Ecological vignettes : ecological approaches to dealing with human predicaments Odum, Eugene Pleasants, 1913-
QH541 .O293 1989 Ecology and our endangered life-support systems Odum, Eugene Pleasants, 1913-
QH541 .O293 1997 Ecology : a bridge between science and society Odum, Eugene Pleasants, 1913-
QH541 .P438 1991 A critique for ecology Peters, Robert Henry
QH541 .P875 1994 Community ecology Putman, Rory
QH541 .S6 1980 Ecology and field biology Smith, Robert Leo.
QH541.13 .C35 1998 Ecology : a pocket guide Callenbach, Ernest
QH541.15.B56 G585 1995 Global biodiversity assessment : summary for policy-makers Watson, R. T.
QH541.15.B56 M34 2004 Measuring biological diversity Magurran, Anne E., 1955-
QH541.15.F73 T76 1997 Tropical forest remnants : ecology, management, and conservation of fragmented communities Laurance, William F.
QH541.15.S62 S62 1997 Spatial ecology : the role of space in population dynamics and interspecific interactions Tilman, David, 1949-
QH541.15.S64 S63 1993 Species diversity in ecological communities : historical and geographical perspectives Ricklefs, Robert E.
QH541.2 .E238 2005 Ecological literacy : educating our children for a sustainable world Stone, Michael K.
QH541.5.I8 Q35 1996 The song of the dodo : island biogeography in an age of extinctions Quammen, David, 1948-
OVERSIZE QH541.5 .R27 L38 1990 The Last rain forests : a world conservation atlas Collins, N. Mark
QH545.T4 G38 1993 Climate change and its biological consequences Gates, David Murray, 1921-
QH546 .B55 1993 Biotic interactions and global change Kareiva, Peter M., 1951-
QH546 .G7613 1998 Life on the edge : amazing creatures thriving in extreme environments Gross, Michael, 1963-
QH546 .H63 1997 Extreme environmental change and evolution Hoffmann, Ary A.
QK98.183.F87 G73 1995 Kate Furbish and the flora of Maine Graham, Ada.
QK110 .N854 1988 North American terrestrial vegetation Barbour, Michael G.
QK754.5 .G58 1996 Global change and terrestrial ecosystems Walker, B. H. (Brian Harrison), 1940-
QK754.5 .W66 1987 Climate and plant distribution Woodward, F. I.
QL85 .B85 2005 Hunters, herders, and hamburgers : the past and future of human-animal relationships Bulliet, Richard W.
QL430.7.H53 G67 1996 Field guide to the geoduck Gordon, David G. (David George), 1950-
QL666.C584 .C46 2005 A sheltered life : the unexpected history of the giant tortoise Chambers, Paul, 1968-
REF QL682 National Geographic complete birds of North America Alderfer, Jonathan K.
QL696 .C46 S28 1995 Seagull Savage, Stephen, 1965-
QL775 .B58 1980 The evolution of culture in animals Bonner, John Tyler
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Medicine, Agriculture, Environment,     
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