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Call no. Title Author
REF.BS491.3.O94.2001 The Oxford Bible Commentary Barton, Muddiman
REF.KF4105.99.F43 Federal Education Laws and Regulations, 2003 Edition
REF.R121.S8.2001 Stedman's Concise Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions
REF.NK808.Y686.2002 The Sparkling Story of Coca-Cola Witzel, Witzel
REF.PN4874.T4.T76.2001 Associated Press Broadcast News Handbook Kalbfield
REF.QL657.A44.B37.2003 Reptiles and Amphibians of the Amazon, an Ecotourist's Guide Bartlett, Bartlett
REF.QL666.O6.T4565.2003 Snakes of North America, Eastern and Central Regions Tennant
REF.QL696.P2.E277.2003 Sparrows and Finches Earley
REF.QL696.P2.E277.2003 Warblers Earley
REF.QL696.S473.M3413.1999 Penguins, a Worldwide Guide Marion
REF.SB435.C482.2002 Trees and Shrubs for Flowers Church
REF.SB435.C483.2002 Trees and Shrubs for Foliage Church
REF.SB4454.3.C58.2002 Trees and Shrubs for Fragrance Church
REF.SF761.M35.1999 Spurgeon's Color Atlas of Large Animal Anatomy  
REF.TP248.16.S84.2001 The Facts on File Dictionary of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Steinberg, Cosloy
Philosophy, Psychology, Religion    
B734.R79.2003 Aristotle's Children Rubenstein
BF109.A1.S56.2002 Great Psychologists and Their Times Simonton
BF175.R83.1991 The Psychoanalytical Vocation Rudnytsky
BF341.P47.2002 The Blank Slate Pinker
BF637.H4.L85.2001 The Healing Power of Doing Good Luks, Payne
BF683.N4.2003 Cross-Cultural Differences in Perspectives on the Self Murphy-Berman, Berman
BF76.5.M45.1998 Critical Thinking About Research Meltzoff
BF76.8.R43.2003 Library Use Handbook for Psychology Reed, Baxter
BJ1401.N45.2002 Evil in Modern Thought Heiman
BJ46.N87.1990 Love's Knowledge: Essays on Philosophy and Literature Nussbaum
BL240.3.S545.2003 How We Believe, Science, Skepticism, and the Search for God Shermer
BL2525.P669.2001 The Transformation of American Religion Porterfield
BL2525.S73.2000 Alternative American Religions Stein
BL625.9.A84.H83.1998 Faith in Sports Hubbard
BL65.V55.J84.2003 Terror in the Mind of God Juergensmeyer
BR325.B26.1995 Here I Stand, a Life of Martin Luther Bainton
BR563.N4.B534.1999 Mighty Like a River: The Black Church and Social Reform Billingsley
World History    
CC77.B8.W75.2003x Written in Bones: How Human Remains Unlock the Secrets of the Dead Bahn
D1050.8.H58.2003 The Struggle for Europe Hitchcock
D1779.5.H54.2003 Manifest Design, American Exceptionalism and Empire Hietala
D769.E55.1997 Mobilizing America: Robert P. Patterson and the War Effort, 1940-1945 Eiler
DA760.D48.2001 The Scottish Nation, a History, 1700-2000 Devine
DA930.M39.2002 In Search of Ancient Ireland McCaffrey, Eaton
DC293.H6.2001 The Franco-Russian War Howard
DS384.W43.2002 Pakistan Weaver
DS558.M35.2003 They Marched Into Sunlight: War and Peace, Vietnam and America, Oct, 1967 Maraniss
DS63.1.G58.2002 Globalization and the Middle East Dodge, Higgott
DS679.M59.1982 Benevolent Assimilation: the American Conquest of the Philippines Miller
DS70.7.L45.2002 The Babylonians, an Introduction Leick
DS79.76.C58.2003 Winning Modern Wars Clark
DT1110.L58.D85.2003 Into Africa Dugard
DU30.H4413.2002 The United States and the Pacific, History of a Frontier Heffer
 U.S. History    
E185.61.C27.1995 In Struggle, SNCC and the Black Awakening in the 1960s Carson
E185.61.R47.2003, Pt.2 Reporting Civil Rights
E185.97.K5.S595.1999 Shared Dreams Schneier
E208.C73.2003 The American Revolution Countryman
E445.T3.B57.1997 An Abolitionist in the Appalachian South Dunn
E446.H85.1999 How Did American Slavery Begin? Countryman
E470.5.C78.2001 Army of the Heartland, the Army of Tennessee, 1861-1862 Connelly
E470.5.C79.2001 Autumn of Glory, the Army of Tennessee, 1862-1865 Connelly
E470.O94.2003 Battle Cry of Freedom, the Civil War Era McPherson
E661.7.B44.1986 From the Old Diplomacy to the New, 1865-1900 Beisner
E661.M43.1993 American Populism, a Social History, 1877-1898 McMath
E78.W5.C43.2003 One Vast Winter Count, the Native American West Before Lewis & Clark Calloway
E840.8.K58.A3.2003 Crisis Kissinger
E877.A4.2003b Dear Americans, Letters from the Desk of President Ronald Reagan Weber, Weber
E886.H36.2003 Bill Clinton, an American Journey Hamilton
F106.W68.2002 Appalachia, a History Williams
F217.A65.S52.1978 Appalachia on Our Mind Shapiro
F217.T3.D32.1991., V.2 The Tennessee, the New River: Civil War to TVA Davidson
F864.W26.1999 Bear Flag Rising Walker
Geology, Geography, Ecology, Anthropology, Sports, Recreation    
GB1264.A5.G68.2003  The Smithsonian Atlas of the Amazon  Goulding, et al
GF13.R53.2003 The Unending Frontier, an Environmental History of the Early Modern World Richards
GN479.65.N385.2000 Gender Diversity Nanda
GT3390.A84.2003 The Mourner's Dance Ashenburg
GT3550.W3.2001 The Medieval Castle, Life in a Fortress in Peace and War Warner
GV1811.R4.C37.2001 Dan Rice Carlyon
GV223.W56.2003 Athletic Training Student Primer, a Foundation for Success Winterstein
GV706.2.P47.2000 American Fan: Sports Mania and the Culture That Feeds It Perrin
GV745.A85.2000 Athletic Protection Equipment, Care, Selection and Fitting Street, Runkle
GV881.3.M66.1999 The Louisville Slugger Complete Book of Women's Fast-pitch softball Monteleone, Crisfield
Statistics, Economics, Business, Management, Marketing
HA29.R84.2003 Statistics for Dummies Rumsey
HB3505.E44.1992 Elephants in the Volkswagen Grant
HB501.G6472.2003 The Soul of Capitalism Greider
HB75.B111363.2001 The Ordinary Business of Life Backhouse
HC106.82.S75.2003 The Roaring Nineties Stiglitz
HC107.A123.H67.2003 Turning the Tide: Saving the Chesapeake Bay Horton
HC110.C6.C537.2003 A Consumers Republic Cohen
HC110.C6.P76.2004 Psychology and Consumer Culture Kasser, Kanner
HD31.B425.2003 Best Practice: Ideas & Insights From the world's Foremost Business Thinkers
HD31.D7672.2001 The Essential Drucker Drucker
HD31.M28165.2002 What Management Is Magretta
HD4482.S77.1999 Waste and Want: a Social History of Trash Strasser
HD45.D55.2003 Thinking Beyond Technology: Creating New Value in Business DiVanna
HD4918.E375.2002 Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America Erhenreich
HD53.C495.2003 The Innovator's Solution Raynor
HD57.7.K68.2003 The Leadership Challenge Kouzes,Posner
HD57.7.W38.2003 The First Ninety Days Watkins
HD5724.M155.2003 A Nation at Work Schaffner, Van Horn
HD58.9.L48.2002 Organizational Assessment Levinson
HD60.L58.2003 Empires of Profit Litvin
HD6054.3.P69.2003 Women and Men in Management Powell, Graves
HD66.P88.1998 Facilitation Skills, Helping Groups Make Decisions Putz
HD8073.B76.A3.2001 Strong in the Struggle, My Life as a Black Labor Activist Brown
HD9502.U54.E5739.2003 Enron, the Rise and Fall Fox
HD9696.2.U62.W386.2003 The Maverick and the Machine Maney
HD9710.U52.S494.2002 Sloan Rules Farber
HD9999.B442.S56.2003 Building Global Biobrands: Taking Biotechnology to Market Simon, Kotler
HF1359.S65.2002 George Soros on Globalization Soros
HF1418.5.S75.2002 Globalization and Its Discontents Stiglitz
HF395.L64.1976 The Commercial Revolution of the Middle Ages, 950--1350 Lopez
HF5387.M387.2003 There's No Such Thing as Business Ethics Maxwell
HF5387.M435.2002 Case Histories in Business Ethics Megone, Robinson
HF5387.Z83.2002 The Support Economy Zuboff, Maxmin
HF5415.32.Z35.2003 How Customers Think Zaltman
HF5549.2.U5.I47.2003 Industrial Relations to Human Resources and Beyond Kaufman, Beaumont, Helfgott
HF5625.15.B74.2003 Unaccountable: How the Accounting Profession Forfeited the Public Trust Brewster
HF5625.15.D87.2003 Accounting Ethics Duska, Duska
HF56711.B2.S3243.2002 Financial Shenanigans Schilit
HF5681.B2.I74.1998 Financial Statements Ittelson
HF5681.B2.T733.1999 How to Read a Financial Report Tracy
HF5681.B2.W4678 The Analysis and Use of Financial Statements White, Sondhi, Fried
HF5718.22.D35.2004 Talk Your Way to the Top Daley, Daley-Caravella
HG3881.S5434.,2003 Global Banking Smith, Walter
HG4023.M4.G45.2004 Deals of the Century Geisst
HG4028.B2.G72.1998 The Interpretation of Financial Statements, the Classic 1937 Edition Graham, Meredith
HG4521.M284.2003 A Random Walk Down Wall Street Malkiel
HG4521.T285.2001 Fooled By Randomness Taleb
HG4572.G4.1997 Wall Street Geisst
Sociology, Community,  Family Issues, Social Issues    
HM22.U5.H6.1992 Social Darwinism in American Thought Hofstadter
HM276.K96.1989 Liberalism Community and Culture Kymlicka
HM881.S63.2002 Social Movements: Identity, Culture and the State Meyer, Whittier, Robnett
HN766.A8.M35 Changed Identities: The Challenge of the New Generation in Saudi Arabia Yamani
HN90.E4.H84.2003 Pigs at the Trough Huffington
HQ1426.C626.1988 The Sisterhood Cohen
HQ18.U5.H673.2002 Rereading Sex Horowitz
HQ23.S45.2003 Sex, Time and Power Shlain
HQ767.9.L37.2003 Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life Lareau
HQ769.U475.1995 Twenty Teachable Virtues Unell,Wyckoff
HT1317.G6713.1992 Slavery in the Arab World Gordon
HV3022.T6.2001 To Ride the Public's Buses: The Fight That Built a Movement Johnson, Shaw
HV4708.S38.2002 Dominion Scully
HV4708.S56.2002 Animal Liberation Singer
HV4708.W57.2002 Drawing the Line Wise
HV6432.S52.2003 Middletown, America Sheehy
HV6769.P37.2003 Infectious Greed Partnoy
HV8290.F39.2002 Contemporary Security Management Fay
HV91.C4546.2003 Charity, Philanthropy and Civility in American History Friedman, McGarvie
Political Science    
JA34.U5.S46.1996 The Myth of American Individualism Shain
JA71.W67.1996 An Introduction to Political Philosophy Wolff
JA81.P928.1996 Princeton Readings in Political Thought Cohen, Fermon
JA83.K95.2002 Contemporary Political Philosophy Kymlicka
JA85.2.U6.P83.1998 The Public Voice in a Democracy at Risk Salvador, Sias
JC574.2.U6.F68.1999 Enduring Liberalism Fowler
JC71.S62.V56.2001 Socratic Citizenship Villa
JC73.N67.1995 Early Greek Political Thought from Homer to the Sophists Gagarin, Woodruff
JC75.D36.D47.1996 Demokratia, a Conversation on Democracies, Ancient and Modern Ober, Hedrick
JF1351.D449.2002 Managing Human Behavior in Public and Non-profit Organizations Denhardt, et al
JK116.S8.1981 What the Anti-Federalists Were For Storing
JK2281.R53.2003 Pulp Politics: How Political advertising Tells the Story of American Politics Richardson
JK2316.W735.2003 Party of the People Witcover
JK2356.G68.2003 Grand Old Party Gould
JK311.M37.2000 States' Rights and the Union McDonald
JZ1318.M53.2003 A Future Perfect Miklethwait, Wooldridge
K3585.K86.2003 Ark of the Broken Covenant Kunich
KF2979.I415.2003 Intellectual Property Peeloso
KF4541.C5895.2002 Constitutionalism and American Culture Vanburkleo, et al
KF4558.2nd.W55.2003 The Mythic Meaning of the Second Amendment Williams
KF4765.O78.2003 Due Process of Law Orth
KF4905.Y37.2002 Race and Redistricting Yarbrough
KF8742.M296.2000 The American Supreme Court McCloksey
KF8748.S878.1999 Supreme Court Decision-making Clayton, Gillman
LA217.2.R37.2003 Rethinking School Reform Christensen, Karp
LB1025.3.G516.2003 What Successful Teachers Do Glasgow,, Hicks
LB1139.5.R43.L58.2003 Literacy and Young Children Barone, Morror
LB2331.B378.2003 Effective Teaching With Technology in Higher Education Bates, Poole
LB2844.1.N4.W54.2003 The First Days of Class: a Practical Guide for the Beginning Teacher Wilke
LB3013.32.K53.2003 Kids Working It Out: Stories and Strategies for Making Peace in Our Schools Jones, Compton
LB3013.M365.2003 Classroom Management That Works Marzano
LB875.D39465.1974 John Dewey on Education, Selected Writings Archambault
LC212.92.G87.2002 Boys and Girls Learn Differently, a Guide for Teachers and Parents Gurian
LC220.5.L57.1998 Toward a Civil Society: Civic Literacy and Service Learning Lisman
LC221.D62.2002 How Communities Build Stronger Schools Dodd, Konzal
LC221.J33.2003 Building Partnerships for Service-learning Jacoby
LC311.R93.1999 Building Character in Schools Ryan, Bohlin
LC4801.D58.1997 Good Kids, Difficult Behavior Divinyi
LD571.B418.S383.1997 Tuesdays With Morrie: and Old Man, a Young Man and Life's greatest Lesson Albom
Visual Arts    
N7432.7.B35.2003 Bright Earth: Art and the Invention of Color Ball
NA4411.G66.2001 The American Statehouse Goodsell
NX452.5.R64.B47.2001 The Roots of Romanticism Berlin
Language and Literature    
P118.2.M58.1998 Second Language Learning Theories Mitchell, Myers
P120.S48.f46.1998 The Feminist Critique of Language, a Reader Cameron
P158.O94.1999 Introducing Transformational Grammar Ouhalla
P301.5.P47.T36.1998 The Argument Culture Tannen
P35.L265.2000 The Routledge Language and Cultural Theory Reader Burke, Crowley, Girvin
P49.L2998.1999 Language, Society and Power, an Introduction Thomas, Wareing
PE3102.N44.A34.1998 African-American English: Structure, History and Use Mufwene, et al
PN1991.8.A6.U87.2000 Broadcast Voice Handbook: Hot to Polish Your On-Air Delivery Utterback
PN4784.I6.P38.2001 Talk Straight, Listen Carefully: The Art of Interviewing Stein, Paterno
PN4823.K5.2002 The First Casualty: The War Correspondent as Hero and Myth-maker Knightley
PN4899.W3.R58.1992 Press Gallery: Congress and the Washington Correspondents Ritchie
PR457.C33.2002 The Cambridge Companion to British Romanticism Curran
PS153.N5.W35.2001 The Ideologies of African-American Literature Washington
PS3507.U6228.1988 The Works of Alice Dunbar-Nelson, Vol 1 Hull
PS3551.N464.Z476.2003 A Song Flung Up to Heaven Angelou
PS3573.I45677.Z56.2000 August Wilson, a Casebook Elkins
Hobbie.PS323.5.P57.2002 Democracy, Culture, and the Voice of Poetry Pinsky
Hobbie.PS3535.I233.W45.2003 What is Found There: Notebooks on Poetry and Politics Rich
PS535.P66.2001 Popular American Literature of the 19th Century Gutjahr
Q125.W266.2002 Einstein's Luck Waller
Q295.B27.2002 Linked Barabasi
QC091.8.G56.W43.2003 The Discovery of Global Warming Weart
QC16.L647.C66.2002 Tuxedo Park Conant
QD181.H1.R54.2002 Hydrogen, the Essential Element Rigden
QD37.L34.2003 Napoleon's Buttons Le Couteur, Burreson
QH31.D2.F34.1996 What Darwin Really Said Farrington
QH75.T235.1996 The Idea of Biodiversity Hopkins
QH75.W535.2003 The Future of Life Wilson
QH83.S26.1985 Evolving Hierarchican Systems Salthe
QL666.L2.P54.2003 Lizards: Windows to the Evolution of Diversity P:ianka, Vitt
QL696.S8.D86.2003 Owls of the World Duncan
QM101.A38.2000 Bones: The Unity of Form and Function Alexander
QP121.W43.2000 Respiratory Physiology, the Essentials West
QP141.W514.1999 Nutrition for Health, Fitness, and Sport Williams
QP535.O1.L36.2002 Oxygen: the Molecule that Made the World Lane
R134.G6.K73.2003 Goldberger's War Kraut
RA644.P93.S3913.2003 How the Cows Turned Mad Schwartz
RA653.W34.2003 Six Modern Plagues Walters
RA776.9.T54.2003 How Children Learn to be Healthy Tinsley
RC437.5.w35.2001 The Great Psychotherapy Debate Wampold
RC480.5.H83.2002 Humanistic Psychotherapies, Handbook of Research and Practice Cain, Seeman
RC480.52.H43.1999 The Heart and Soul of Change Hubble, Duncan, Miller
RC480.F5558.2003 Creating a Life of Meaning and Compassion: The Wisdom of Psychotherapy Firestone, Firestone, Catlett
RC524.N49.1998 Neuropsychological Assessment of Dementia and Depression in Older Adults Stroandt, VandenBos
RC535.A58.2000 Phobic Disorders and Panic in Adults Antony
RC535.S28.2001 Phobias Saul
RC552.E18.E284.2001 Eating Disorders Streigel-Moore, Smolak
RC87.1.E946.2003 Exertional Heat Illnesses Armstrong
RZ440.N36.1995 Health and Healing the Natural Way: Natural Remedies Reader's Digest
Environmental Science, Technology, Military Science, Library & Information Science    
SD418.J46.2003 Strangely Like War: the Global Assault on Forests Jensen, Draffan
SF450.S62.2002 Community Approaches to Feral cats Slater
SK15.H47.1999 White Hunters Herne
TD788.4.N72.N454.2000 Garbage of New York, the Last 200 Years: Fat of the Land Miller
U29.M39.2003 Greek Fire, Poisson Arrows, and Scorpion Bombs Mayor
ZA4201.B38.2001 The Associated Press Guide to Internet Research and Reporting Bass