Newly Acquired Book Titles,
March, 2005
(113 titles)
*Denotes gift books    
REF.BL1111.4.W55.2003 Handbok of Hindu Mythology Williams
REF.BP161.3.G85.2004 Understanding Islam and Muslim Traditions Guelvich
REF.D114.E55.2005 Encyclopedia of the Medieval World, 2 vols. Engllish
REF.DT20.E53.2004 Encyclopedia of African History, 3 vols. Shillington
REF.F4.N47.2004 The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: New England Sletcher
REF.F106.M586.2004 The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: Mid-Atlantic Marzec
REF.F209.S68.2004 The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures:  The South Mark, Vaughn
REF. F351.M59.2004 The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures:  The Midwest Slade, Lee
REF.F591.G75.2004 The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures:  The Great Plains Rees
REF.F721.R74.2004 The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures:  The Rocky Mountain Region Newby
REF.F786.S747.2004 The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures:  The Southwest Busby
REF.F851.P1955.2004 The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures:  The Pacific Region Goggans, DiFranco
REF.G1105.A8.2004 Oxford Atlas of North America  
REF.GN475.8.S445.2004 Shamanism, an Encyclopedia of World Beliefs, Practices, and Culture, 2 vols. Walter, Neumann
REF.HA202.S72.2005 Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2004-2005  
REF.HC110.P6.P598.2004 Poverty in the United States, 2 vols.  
REF.HD9992.U5.S667.2004 2004 Sports Market Place Directory  
REF.PE1591.W67.1971* The Clear and Simple Thesaurus Dictionary Morris
REF.PN4783.A83.2002 The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law  
REF.PN6707.G68.2004 Comic Book Encyclopedia  
REF.QL696.P2.T26.2003 Birds of Tennessee Field Guide Tekiela
REF.QL737.C2.N69.2005 Walker's Carnivores of the World Macdonald, Kays
REF.PN1992.95.V54x.2005 Video Hound's Golden Movie Retriever  
Philosophy, Psychology, Religion    
B945.S24.S56.2000 George Santyana, Literary Philosopher Singer
BL240.3.P65.2004 Science and the Trinity: The Christian Encounter With Reality Folkinghorne
BP163.I776.2003 Islamic Fundamentalism Ojeda
BS2555.52.B75.2004 Getting the Gospels: Understanding the New Testament Accounts of Jesus' Life Bridge
BX9225.C6243.A34.1977* Once to Every Man, a Memoir Coffin
World History    
DC354.B88.1999 France and the Dreyfus Affair Burns
DC715.F7513.2001 Bohemian Paris Franck
DS70.96.G7.C36.2004 Churchill's Folly Catherwood
DS805.U5.S77.2004 The Anguish of surrender Straus
DT450.435.G68.1998* We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will be Killed with Our Families Gourevitch
United State History    
E78.E2.P41.2004 North American Indian Art Penney
E179.5.T956.1996 The Frontier of American History Turner
E184.A1.I174.2005 Is Racism a Serious Problem? Plunkett
E184.A1.R3234.2004 Racial Thinking in the United States Spickard, Daniel
E185.912.A67.2005 Appalachians and Race Inscoe
E441.H73.2004 Slavery and the Making of America Horton, Horton
F73.9.N4.K46.2004 Sarah's Long Walk Kendrick, Kendrick
Geography, Ecology, Sports    
GE149.G526.2004 Global Change and the Earth System Steffen, et al
GT2583.U5.L48.2003 Revolution at the Table: The Transformation of the American Diet Levenstein
GV709.18.U6.S67.2005 Sporting Equality: Title IX Thirty Years Later Simon
GV709.18.U6.S86.2005 A Place on the Team: The Triumph and Tragedy of Title IX Suggs
GV859.73.C76.2003 In-Line Skating Crossingham
Economics, Statistics, Business, Sociology, Women's Studies, Criminal Justice    
HB119.G33.P37.2005 John Kenneth Galbraith, His Life, His Politics, His Economics Parker
HC106.82.M575.2004 The State of Working America, 2004-2005 Mishel, Bernstein, Allegretto
HC427.95.F57.2005 China, Inc. Fishman
HD38.15.V53.2005 The Winning Manager: 51 Steps to Corporate Success Vieira
HD38.25.U6.D35.2004 Black Power, Inc., the New Voice of Success Daniels
HD58.7.M363.2005 Managing Organizational Deviance Kidwell, Martin
`HD59.P3549.2004 Ethics in Public Relations, a Guide to Best Practice Parsons
HD69.B7.R538.2004 The Origin of Brands Ries, Ries
HD8039.R362.U63.2001 Pullman Porters and the Rise of Protest Politics in Black America, 1925-1945 Bates
HD8070.L38.1997 Artisans into Workers: Labor in Nineteenth-Century America Laurie
HF5827.9.B85.2004 The Secret Sales Pitch Bullock
HG295.U6.A45.2005 The Gold Ring: wall Street's Swindle of the Century Ackerman
HG353.S678.2000 The Art of Money: The History and Design of Paper Currency from Around the World Standish
HG4027.7.T55.2005 How to Raise Capital Timmons, Spinelli, Zacharakis
HN90.M6.A45.2005 American Values Williams
HQ29.H57.2004 The Hite Report, a Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality Hite
HQ784.T4.G858.2004 Advertising to Children on TV Gunter, Oates, Blades
HQ1075.M35.2005 Male/Female Roles Ojeda
HQ1421.B36.2005 Governing Now: Grassroots Activism in the National Organization for Women Barakso
HV91.R625.2003 Welfare Reform in the Early Republic, a Brief History With Documents Rockman
HV6439.U5.G363.2005 Gangs Dudley, Gerdes
HV6626.2.D683.2005 Domestic Violence Haugen
HV8699.U5.E84.2005 The Ethics of Capital Punishment Fisanick
Political Science, Law    
JC177.A5.2001 Common Sense and Related Writings Paine
JC423.S495.2004 The Case for Democracy Sharansky
JK468.E7.A63.2004 When Presidents Lie Alterman
KF4166.C37.2004 Title IX Carpenter, Acosta
LB14.7.L58.2004 The Big Picture:  Education is Everyone's Business Littky
LB1044.87.I53.2003 Information Literacy Instruction for Educators Shinew, Walter
LB1715.S414.2004 Introduction to Education, Teaching in a Diverse Society Segall, Wilson
LB1731.Z62.2003 Transforming Schools: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement Zmuda, Kuklis, Kline
LB1775.P56.2004 Letters to a Teacher Pickering
LB2805.B825.2005 Creating a Learning Environment Brucato
LB2844.1.R4.P74.2002 Preparing Our Teachers Opportunities for Better Reading Instruction Strickland, Snow
LB3013.3.B814.2004 Bullying, Implications for the Classroom Sanders, Phye
Fine Arts    
N6512.R676.1999 On Modern American Art Rosenblum
NA2840.C74.2000 Arches to Zigzags, and Architecture ABC Crosbie, Rosenthal
Oversize.NA6402.B473.2000 Industry, Architecture, and Engineering Bergeron, Maiullari-Pontois
NC730.G285.2003x Drawing for the Absolute and Utter Beginner Garcia
NX9.L69.2003. V.11* The Low Countries: Arts and Society in Flanders and the Netherlands  
NX9.L69.2003. V.12* The Low Countries: Arts and Society in Flanders and the Netherlands  
NX512.3.A35.H3.1997 African-Americans in the Arts  
Language & Literature    
PL2658.E3.A496.2004 The Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry  
PN1995.9.P7.W55.1995 The Working Director Wilkinson
PN2053.W36.2005 Running Theaters, Best Practices for Leaders and Managers Webb
PQ2625.A716.Z946513.2004 Malraux Todd
PR2129.P65.2004 Imagining Robin Hood Pollard
PS1016.2005 Little Women; Little Men; Jo's Boys Alcott
PT2613.R338.A6.2004 The Gunter Grass Reader Friielinghaus
PZ7.K833.So.2002 Someday Koller
Math, Computer Science, Sciences    
QC20.P366.2005 The Road to Reality, a Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe Penrose
QH76.H69.2005 How Should America's Wilderness be Managed? Kallen
QH76.W37.2004 Hope's Horizon: Three Visions for Healing America's Land Ward
QK98.5.T46.2000 Wild Fruits Thoreau
QL737.P98.K62.2000 When Elephants Paint Komar, Melamid
QP321.V64.2002 Prime Mover, a Natural History of Muscle Vogel
RB155.R42.2004 Is It in Your Genes? Reilly
RC776.S27.A27.2005 Twenty-First Century Plague: The Story of SARS Abraham
Agricultural Science, Technology, Environmental Science    
S419.M26.2004 Against the Grain Manning
SB945.R7.L63.2004 Locust Loickwood
SF542.5.H67.2005 Bees in America Horn
TD788.E54.2004 Designing America's Waste Landscapes Engler
TK9146.D66.2004 A Brighter Tomorrow: Fulfilling the Promise of Nuclear Energy Domenici
Military Science, Library & Information Science    
U21.C5553.H48.2002 Reading Clausewitz Heuser
U264.D55.2005 Do nuclear Weapons Pose a Serious Threat? Cothran
V737.M34.2002 Heart of Oak, a Sailor's Life in Nelson's Navy McGuane
Z711.7.F76.2004 From Outreach to Equity: Innovative Models of Library Policy and Practice Osborne
ZA3075.I57.2004 Integrating Information Literacy into the Higher Education Curriculum Rockman