New Acquired Book Titles

January, 2005 (227 titles)

*Denotes gift books    
REF.AY67.N5.27.2005 The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2005  
REF.CB9.N49.2005 New Dictionary of the History of Ideas, 6 vols.  
REF.D740.E516.2004 The Encyclopedia of World War II, a Political, Social and Military History, 5 vols.  
REF.E180.K3.2005 The American Counties Kane, Aiken
REF.E181.A453.2005 Americans at War: Society, Culture and the Homefront, 4 vols.  
REF.G1037.F6.2002* Historical Maps of World War I Forty
REF.G1201.S1.F5.2004 National Geographic Historical Atlas of the United States  
REF.NC780.G65.2002 Animal anatomy for Artists  
REF.ND1145.H68.2004 How to Read a Painting: Lessons from the Old Masters De Rynck
REF.PN162.S58.2004 The Fact Checker's Bible Smith
REF.QA76.76.H94.H7655.2004 HTML, XHTML, and CSS Bible  
REF.TL509.B75.2003 Encyclopedia of Technical Aviation Bristow
REF.TL563.5.M47.1999* Three Hundred Best Aviation Web Sites Merry
REF.UB250.S63.1981* The Secret Wears, 2 vols. Smith
RESERVE.E207.G9.G85.2005 Washington's General Golway
RESERVE.QE841.M74.2004 The Bone Hunters: The Discovery of Miocene Fossils in Gray, Tennessee Moore
RESERVE.Z692.R47.D75.2003 Electronic Reserve, a Manual and Guide for Library Staff Members Driscoll
BF378.A87.D7313.2004 Why Life Speeds Up As You Get Older Draaisma
BF637.C4.G37.2004 Changing Minds Gardner
BF637.H4.B375.2004 Kindness in a Cruel World Barber
BF637.M45.L58.2005 Guiding Lights, the People Who Lead Us Toward Our Purpose in Life Liu
BJ1661.S47.2000 Ten Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Went Out into the Real World Shriver
BL2525.T48.2004 Themes in Religion and American Culture Goff, Harvey
BM712.K385.1993* A Jewish Book of Comfort Kay
BP605.B72.L56.1993* Massacre at Waco, Texas Linedecker
BQ4012.M57.2004 An End to Suffering, the Buddha in the World Mishra
BR535.R42.2004 Religion in the American South: Protestants and Others in History and Culture Schweiger, Mathews
BR65.A6.E5.2004 Saint Augustine's Conversion Wills
BX2182.2.T3965.1997* In the Heart of the World Mother Teresa
CE6.J83.2004 The Dance of Time: The Origins of the Calendar Judge
D766.82.J11.1972* The Desert Warriors: The Battle for North Africa, 1940-1943 Jablonski
D810.V42.U63.2004 Defining the Peace: World War II Veterans, Race, & the Remaking of Southern Political Tradition Brooks
D811.R813.1967* Stuka Pilot: Air war on the Russian Front With Germany's Foremost Pilot Rudel
DA589.4.R67.2003 The Transformation of British Life 1950-2000, a Social History Rosen
DC33.7.C597.1994 Through French Windows, an Introduction to France in the Nineties Corbett
DD253.6.G78.1972* Hitler's SS Grunberger
DD901.S3652.o96.1997* The Burgermeister's Daughter: Scandal in a 16th Century German Town Ozment
DE59.O94.1988* Greece and the Hellenistic World Boardman, Griffin, Murray
DK511.C37.M3513.2004 Russia's Restless Frontier Trenin, Malashenko
DR39.F56.1991* The Early Medieval Balkans Fine
DR39.F57.1987* The Late Medieval Balkans Fine
DS119.7.M125.1988* Bulls eye Iraq McKinnon
DS481.G3.H276.2003 Gandhi in His Time and Ours Hardiman
DS556.3.A74.2004 Vietnam Today: A Guide to a Nation at a Crossroads Ashwill
E183.7.R89.2004 Hating America, a History Rubin, Rubin
E183.8.V5.S37.1997 A Time for War: The United States and Vietnam, 1941-1975 Schulzinger
E184.M5.P675.2004 Latino Sun, Rising: Our Spanish-Speaking U.S. World Portales
E1q75.H54.2004 Past Imperfect Hoffer
E302.1.B495.2004 Beyond the Founders Pasley,. Robertson, Waldstreicher
E591.R635.2004 Now for the Contest: Coastal and Oceanic Naval Operations in the Civil war Roberts
E605.F14.2004 Sanctified Trial, the Diary of Eliza Rhea Anderson Fain Fain
E748.G689.L66.2004 Senator Albert Gore, Sr.: Tennessee Maverick Longley
E748.M142.Y33.2004 Washington Gone Crazy: Senator Pat McCarran and the Great American Communist Hunt Ybarra
E873.2.C379.2004 Sharing Good Times Carter
F106.R42.2004 Villains of All Nations: Atlantic Pirates on the Golden Age Rediker
F1210.P46.2001* In the Know: Mexico and Central America  
F1236.M483.2004 Mexico Under Fox Rubio, Purcell
F1236.P72.2004 Opening Mexico: The Masking of a Democracy Preston, Dillon
F1413.S55.1992* Modern Latin America Skidmore, Smith
F213.K73.2003 A Sphinx on the American Land: The 19th Century South in Comparative Perspective Kolchin
F254.L39.1973* North Carolina, the History of a Southern State Lefler, Newsome
F259.N883.2003 North Carolina During the Great Depression Davis
G1021.A7545.2004 Oxford Atlas of the World  
GE180.G75.2004 Green Talk in the White House Peterson
GF75.P47.2004 Practical Ecology for Planners, Developers, and Citizens Perlman, Milder
GN360.R5.2005 Not by Genes Alone, How Culture Transformed Human Evolution Richerson, Boyd
GN740.M58.2004 After the Ice, a Global Human History, 20,000-5,000 B.C. Mithen
GT2860.B7.1998 Food in Antiquity Brothwell, Brothwell
GV058.5.i9.b47.2001 Football Bernstein
GV361.E65.2003 Student Learning in Physical Education, Applying Research to Enhance Instruction Silverman, Ennis
GV361.S25.2003 Teaching Sport and Physical Activity, Insights on the Road to Excellence Schempp
GV361.T47.2001 Research Methods in Physical Activity Thomas, Nelson
GV365.K45.2004 Developing the Physical Education Curriculum, an Achievement-Based Approach Kelly, Melograno
GV443.G232.2003 Developmental Physical Education for All Children Gallahue, Donnelly
GV443.T495.2003 Physical Education Methods for Elementary Teachers Thomas, Lee, Thomas
GV706.5.J39.2004 More Than Just a Game: Sports in American Life Since 1945 Jay
GV856.C45.W35.1988* Pride of Puerto Rico, Roberto Clemente Walker
GV875.N45.D78.,1975* Baseball's Miracle Teams Durant
GV943.9.O45.O44.2004 Officiating Soccer  
GV954.M32.2004 America's Game: The Epic Story of How Pro Football Captured a Nation MacCambridge
HB30HB3505.K58.2004 A Population History of the United States Klein
HC110.E44.C75.2004 Critical Evaluations of Economic Development Policies Reese, Fasenfest
HC110.E5.C49.2004* Choosing Environmental Policy Harrington, Morgenstern, Sterner
HD31.D7754.2005 The Daily Drucker Drucker
HD3616.G42.B87.2004 Business and Industry in Nazi Germany Nicosia, Huener
HD4861.K65.1987 Unfree Labor: American Slavery and Russian Serfdom Kolchin
HD57.7.B3853.2004 The Transparent Leader Baum
HD57.7.C6425.2004 The art of the Strategist Cohen
HD57.7.D675.2004 Leadership Passages Dotlich, Noel, Walker
HD58.7.H462.2004 The Fiefdom Syndrome Herbolo
HD9875.Y34.2005 Big cotton Yafa
HE9713.L563.2004 The Mobile Connection: The Cell Phone's Impact on Society Ling
HF5415.1.N86.2004 Mass Affluence Nunes, Johnson
HF5415.32.K36.2004 Mead Kanner
HF5415.Z24.2004 The Marketing Playbook Zagula, Tong
HF5549.5.D7.P68.1998 Drug Testing at Work, a Guide for Employers Potter, Orfali
HF5549.5.P37.R68.2005 Beyond Training and Development Rothwell
HF5549.5.T7.C5412.2004 The Trainer's Took Kit Charney, Conway
HG181.E38.2004 The Financial Services Marketing Handbook Erlich, Fannelli
HM251.D83.1995 Developmental Social Psychology, From Infancy to Old Age Durkin
HM891.E27.2003 The Progress Paradox: How Life Gets Better While People get Worse Easterbrook
HN13.F5.2005 Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed Diamond
HQ1180.P55.2004 Fifty Key Concepts in Gender Studies Pilcher, Whelehan
HQ1438.S6.C68.2004 Country Women Cope with Hard Times, a Collection of Oral Histories Walker
HQ615.F58.2004 Inside the Victorian Home Flanders
HT1331.B34.2004 African Voices of the Atlantic Slave Trade, Beyond the Silence and the Shame Bailey
HT690.U6.W45.2004 The Origins of the Southern Middle Class, 1800-1861 Wells
HV551.2.B39.2004 Predictable Surprises, the Disasters You Should Have Seen Coming Bazerman, Watkins
HV6248.G38.G53.1992* Double Cross Giancana
HV6248.H453.P54.1987* Wise Guy, Life in a Mafia Family Pileggi
HV6453.I83.M32694.2004 Cosa Nostra, a History of the Sicilian Mafia Dickie
HV6789.M29.1986* The Valachi Papers Maas
HV7911.A1.F58.1995* Breaking and Entering: Women Cops Talk About Life in the Ultimate Men's Club Fletcher
HV7911.P468.A3.1988* Donnie Brasco, My Undercover Life in the Mafia Pistone
HV8141.M245.2004 In Defense of Internment Malkin
HV8699.U5.D635.2004 Debating the Death Penalty: Should America Have Capital Punishment Bedau, Cassell
HV8699.U5.S72.2003 The Hangman's Knot Steelwater
HX36.H3643.2004 A Short History of Communism Harvey
HX653.S88.2004 Communal Utopias and the American Experience Sutton
JC571.D3985.2005 Rights from Wrongs Dershowitz
JC591.S76.2004 Perilous Times, Free Speech in Wartime Stone
JK1896.M43.2004 How the Vote Was Won: Woman Suffrage in the Western United States, 1868-1914 Mead
JK524.C33.1995* Candidate Images in Presidential Elections Hacker
JK552.N47.2004 The Nerve Center: Lessons in Governing from the White House Chiefs of Staff Sullivan
JZ1249.T48.2004 Darwin and International Relations Thayer
KF228.G78.2004 A Black and White case Stohr
KF2979.L47.2004 Free Culture Lessig
KF3467.G74.2004 Unwelcome and Unlawful: Sexual Harassment in the American Workplace Gregory
KF3771.A937.2004 The Abortion Rights Controversy in America, a Legal Reader Hull, Hoffer, Hoffer
KF4550.F35.2004 The Dynamic Constitution Fallon
KF9345.D45.2004 Understanding Words that Wound Delgado, Stefancic
KZ1176.G65.2004 The Nuremberg Interviews Goldensohn
LB1028.43.P49.2004 The Technology Fix: The Promise and Reality of Computers in Our Schools Pflaum
LB1028.M82.2004 Classroom Research for Teachers: a Practical Guide Moore
LB1050.5.W48945.2004 Using Literature to Support Skills and Critical Discussion for Struggling Readers Williams
LB1060.N38.2005 How Students Learn: History, Mathematics, and Science in the Classroom National Research Council
LB1576.S96.2004 I Am a Pencil: A Teacher, His Kids, and a World of Stories Swope
LB1584.E95.2004 Social Studies Wars: What Should We Teach the Children? Evans
LB1590.3.C735.2004 Critical Thinking and Learning, an Encyclopedia for Parents and Teachers Kincheloe, Weil
LB1631.T283.2004 Teaching English Today Barrell, et al
LB1715.K34.2003 Keeping Good Teachers Scherer
LB2369.C28.1993* The Student's Guide to Doing Research on the Internet Campbell
LB3013.32.B43.2004 Breaking the Culture of Bullying and Disrespect, Grades K-8 Beaudoin, Taylor
LB3013.33.K46.R36.2004 Rampage: The Social Roots of School Shootings Newman, et al
LBLB1027.S366638.2003 Listening, a Framework for Teaching Across Differences Schultz
LC192.4.K43.2004 Let's Be Friends, Peer Competence and Social Inclusion in Early Childhood Programs Kemple
LC225.3.E83.2004 Family Matters: How Schools Can Cope With the Crisis in Childrearing Evans
ML1711.8.N3.G727.2004 The Rise and Fall of the Broadway Musical Grant
ML3830.P375.2004 A Well-Tempered Mind: Using Music to Help Children Listen and Learn Perret, Fox
ML390.B862.2004 Mavericks and Other Traditions in American Music Broyles
MT1.W89.2005 Democracy and Music Education Woodford
N6537.D43.S74.2004 de Kooning Stevens, Swan
PE2808.M26.2005 Do You Speak American?  MacNeil, Cran
PL861.H55.S698.2003* No Reason for Murder Sono
PL861.S556.2004* The Tokyo Zodiac Murders Shimada
PN1969.C65.G55.2004 Performing Marginality: Humor, Gender, and Cultural Critique Gilbert
PN1992.8.R43.R45.2004 Reality TV, Remaking Television Culture Murray, Ouelette
PN1995.E5.1949a* Film Form, Essays in Film Theory Eisenstein
PN1995.E52.1947a* The Film Sense Eisenstein
PN2080.K52.1993* Kiss and Tell Dixon, Volanksy
PN2091.S8.K25.2003 The Perfect Stage Crew Kaluta
PN3448.S45.L79.1978* Science Fiction, an Illustrated History Lundwall
PN4121.G3119.1997 The Presenter's Fieldbook, a Practical Guide Garmston
PN4832.A54.2004 Magazines That Make History, Their Origins, Development, Influence Angeletti, Oliva
PN4888.T4.A55.2004 News Flash Anderson
PN686.G7.B27.2004 The Holy Grail, Imagination and Belief Barber
PQ7082.N7.S955.2005 Latin American Fiction,  A Short Introduction Swanson
PR2894.G74.2004 Will in the World, How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare Greenblatt
PR468.S64.2004 Victorian Demons Smith
PR4865.L2.Z69.2005 Mad Mary Lamb, Lunacy and Murder in Literary London Hitchcock
PR502.V465.2004 Poets Thinking Vendler
PR821.E15.2005 The English Novel, an Introduction Eagleton
PS129.C56.2004 A Chance Meeting, Intertwined Lives of American Writers and Artists, 1854-1967 Cohen
PS225.C37.2004 Beyond the Gray Flannel Suit: Books from the 1950's That Made Amer. Culture Castronovo
PS3237.4.U6.P75.2004 To Walt Whitman, America Price
PS3511.A86.Z9445.2004 One Matchless Time, a Life of William Faulkner Parini
PS3511.O348.Z79.2004 Shelly Foote and the Art of History Panabaker
PS3565.C57.Z97.2004 Flannery O'Connor and the Christ-Haunted South Wood
PS3568.O855.P58.2004 The Plot Against America Roth
PS374.H5.R45.2004 Cultural Secrets as Narrative Form Reid
PS595.W36.O43.2004 Old Glory: American War Poems from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terrorism Hedin
PZ4.G775.Ke.1992 The Keepers of the House Grau
PZ7.D629.Se.2003 The Spiderwick Chronicles DiTerlizzi,Black
PZ7.S51.T9.1962 Two Little Savages Seton
Q124.95.K74.2003 Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments, Inventions, and Discoveries of the Ancient World Krebs, Krebs
Q124.97.K73.2004 Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments, Inventions, and Discoveries of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Krebs
Q125.27917.2002 Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments, Inventions, and Discoveries of the 17th Century Windelspecht
Q125.D38.2004 Worldviews: An Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science DeWiitt
Q125.S5178.2003 Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments, Inventions, and Discoveries of the 18th Century Schectman
Q125.W79173.2003 Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments, Inventions, and Discoveries of the 19th Century Windelspecht
QA76.D3333328.2004 Talking with Computers Dean
QC16.F2.H345.2002b A Life of Discovery Hamilton
QC161.S48.2004 Gasp! The Swift and Terrible Beauty of Air Sherman
QD15.M67.2004 Distilling Knowledge: Alchemy, Chemistry, and the Scientific Revolution Moran
QE28.3.F66.2004 Earth, an Intimate History Fortey
QE521.Z45.2005 Earthquakes in Human History Zeilinga de Boer, Sanders
QE698.M125.2004 Frozen Earth: The Once and Future Story of Ice Ages Macdougall
QH104.5.W4.B67.2004 Beyond the Stony Mountains: Nature in the American West from Lewis and Clark to Today Botkin
QH588.S83.P37.2004 The Proteus Effect: Stem Cells and Their Promise for Medicine Parson
QH75.A346.2004 Against Extinction: The story of conservation Adams
QH76.P35.2004 Endangered Rivers and the Conservation Movement Palmer
QL31.A9.S68.2004 Under a Wild Sky: John James Audubon and the Making of Birds of America Souder
QL737.C2.P36.2004 People and Predators, From Conflict to Coexistence Fascione, Delach, Smith
QL737.C22.C62.2004 Vicious: Wolves and Men in America Coleman
QP301.I35.2004 Innovative Analyses of Human Movement Stergiou
QP84.G75.2004 Growth, Maturation, and Physical Activity Malina, Bouchard, Bar-Or
R724.G58.2004* Biomedical Ethics Glannon
RA418.5.S63.M37.2004 The Status Syndrome: How Social Status Affects Our Health and Longevity Marmot
RC201.47.H39.2003 POX: Genius, Madness, and the Mysteries of Syphilis Hayden
RC953.8. E93.B75.2004 Functional Fitness for Older Adults Brill
RC953.8.E93.B377.2003 Exercise for Frail Elders Best-Martini, Botenhagen-DiGenova
TL553.5.S325.1997* Flying Blind, Flying Safe Schiavo
TJ163.2.V335.2003 Power to the People  Vaitheeswaran
TJ808.2.M67.2003 Alternative Energy Sources Morgan
TL521.R335.2003 Reconsidering a Century of Flight Launius, Bednarek
TL685.3.C24.1971* Forked-Tailed Devil, the P38 Caidin
TL725.G647.2004 Naked Airport Gordon
TP591.D36.K73.2004 Blood and Whiskey, The Life and Times of Jack Daniel Krass
U21.2.W34497.2004 Arguing About War Walzer
UA23.B567.2004 The Pentagon's Battle for the American Mind Bogle
UA25.C6223.2004 The Regulars Coffman
UA34.S64.W35.1994 Commandos, the Inside Story of America's Secret Soldiers Waller
Z7164.T3.P78.1995* Shadow of Death: An Analytic Bibliography on Political Violence, Terrorism, and Low-Intensity Conflict Prunckun