Newly Acquired Book & Video Titles  February/March 2006
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Prefix / Call Number Title Author
SPECIAL AC5 .V3 VOL. 1 1951 Vanderbilt studies in the humanities Beatty, Richmond C., ed.
SPECIAL AP2 .S5 1945 The Sewanee review.  
SPECIAL AP2 .S5 1971 The Sewanee review.  
Philosophy, Psychology, Religion    
B29 .W494 2006 The sense of the past : essays in the history of philosophy Williams, Bernard Arthur Owen.
BF575.A75 L39 2004 On apology Lazare, Aaron, 1936-
BF575.A86 M47 2006 Understanding attachment : parenting, child care, and emotional development Mercer, Jean.
BF637.I5 I93 1999 Intentional interviewing and counseling : facilitating client development in a multicultural society Ivey, Allen E.
BF697 .H3765 2006 No two alike : human nature and human individuality Harris, Judith Rich.
BF723.I5 S65 2006 The brightening glance : imagination and childhood Spitz, Ellen Handler, 1939-
BH301.N3 B37 2005 The artful universe expanded Barrow, John D., 1952-
BM526 .G56 2005 The Beliefnet guide to the Kabbalah Goldwag, Arthur
BP161.3 .H365 2006 The Beliefnet guide to Islam Hassaballa, Hesham A.
BR563.N4 R236 2001 Canaan Land : a religious history of African Americans Raboteau, Albert J.
BR1640 .Z63 2005 The Beliefnet guide to evangelical Christianity Zoba, Wendy Murray
SPECIAL BS186 .B6 1969 Translating for King James Bois, John, 1561-1644.
SPECIAL BT734.3 .T5 1958 Segregation and the Bible Tilson, Everett
BT1390 .V35 2006 The Beliefnet guide to Gnosticism and other vanished Christianities Valantasis, Richard, 1946-
BV4461 .W374 2002 Strength for his people Waterhouse, Steven
World History    
REF CJ1826 .C658 2001 The comprehensive catalog and encyclopedia of U.S. coins.  
CT274.F58 G66 1987 The Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys Goodwin, Doris Kearns.
CT3260 .R428 1992 The book of women's firsts : breakthrough achievements of almost 1,000 American women Read, Phyllis J.
CT3260 .S35 2006 Lighting the way : nine women who changed modern America Schiff, Karenna Gore
REF D25.9 .D38 1998 Encyclopedia of warrior peoples and fighting groups Davis, Paul K., 1952-
JUV D253.5 .B37 2005 Hitler Youth : growing up in Hitler's shadow Bartoletti, Susan Campbell
D743 .C555 1960 Command decisions Greenfield, Kent Roberts, 1893-1967.
D761 .B627 1961 Breakout and pursuit Blumenson, Martin.
D761 .V535 1957 Rearming the French. Vigneras, Marcel, 1899-1966
D764.3.C66 L67 1984 The battle of the Komandorski Islands, March 1943 Lorelli, John A., 1946-
REF D769 .A53 1960 Chronology, 1941-1945 Williams, Mary H., comp.
D769 .A53 1965 Sicily and the surrender of Italy Garland, Albert N.
D769 .A533 1950 The Lorraine campaign. Cole, Hugh M. (Hugh Marshall)
D769 .A533 1956 Stilwell's command problems, Romanus, Charles F.
D769 .A533 1959 Time runs out in CBI, Romanus, Charles F.
VIDEO D804.66 .S38 O75 1993 Schindler [videorecording] his story as told by the actual people he saved Blair, Jon
DA332 .B47 2005 The king's reformation : Henry VIII and the remaking of the English church Bernard, G. W.
DD61 .T481 1979 These strange German ways Eske, Antje
DG571 .B715 2006 Mussolini's Italy : life under the fascist dictatorship, 1915-1945 Bosworth, R. J. B.
American History    
SPECIAL E169 .L84 1947 Look at America: the South Look
E169.Z83 L48 2006 American vertigo : traveling America in the footsteps of Tocqueville Levy, Bernard Henri
SPECIAL E169.1 .M65 1929 Adventurous America : a study of contemporary life and thought Mims, Edwin, 1872-1959.
SPECIAL E175.5.O97 O97 1990 Frank Lawrence Owsley [computer file] : historian of the Old South : a memoir Owsley, Harriet Fason Chappell.
SPECIAL E179.5 .D74 2002 Nations divided : America, Italy, and the Southern question Doyle, Don Harrison, 1946-
E184.65 .M37 2005 Living Black history : how reimagining the African-American past can remake America's racial future Marable, Manning, 1950-
SPECIAL E185.61 .W2 1956 Segregation, the inner conflict of the South. Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-
E185.615 .S475 2005 We who are dark : the philosophical foundations of Black solidarity Shelby, Tommie, 1967-
E185.97.C6 A3 2005 Target zero : a life in writing Cleaver, Eldridge, 1935-
SPECIAL E185.97.G795 A3 1966 Ely : an autobiography Green, Ely, 1893-
E185.97.W4 U53 2006 Uncle Tom or new Negro : African Americans reflect on Booker T. Washington and Up from slavery 100 years later Carroll, Rebecca.
E199 .A595 2005 The war that made America : a short history of the French and Indian War Anderson, Fred, 1949-
DVD E199 .W37 2006 The war that made America [videorecording] Greene, Graham.
JUV E221 .R5 1968 The story of the Declaration of Independence Richards, Norman. cn
VIDEO E404 .O58 2000 One man's hero [videorecording] Hool, Lance.
E441 .F47 2006 Abolitionist movement Ferrell, Claudine L., 1950-
SPECIAL E451 .W29 1929 A southern harvest; short stories by southern writers. Warren, Robert Penn, 1905- ed.
SPECIAL E451 .W29 1929 John Brown; the making of a martyr. Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-
SPECIAL E467.1.D26 T21 1929 Jefferson Davis; his rise and fall, a biographical narrative. Tate, Allen, 1899-
SPECIAL E467.1.F72 L9 1931 Bedford Forrest and his critter company Lytle, Andrew Nelson, 1902-
E467.1.H19 S776 1970 The siege of Petersburg Stackpole, Edward P.
SPECIAL E467.1.J15 T23 1928 Stonewall Jackson, the good soldier; Tate, Allen, 1899-
E471.1 .C348 1976 Fort Sumter, 1861 Castel, Albert
E472.18 .J79 1987 First Manassas : the Bull Run campaign Jones, V. C.
E472.6 .R651 1972 Stonewall in the Shenandoah the valley campaign of 1862 Robertson, James I., Jr.
E473.6 .T455 1990 Richmond, the Peninsula campaign Thomas, Emory
E474.85 .S732 1965 The battle of Fredericksburg Campaign Stackpole, Edward J.
E475.35 .C967 1968 The battle of Chancellorsville Cullen, Joseph P.
JUV E475.55 .R51 1969 The story of the Gettysburg Address Richards, Kenneth G., 1926-
E476.64 D269 1979 The day at New Market Davis, W. C. (William C.), 1946-
E477.67 .D331 1975 The campaign to Appomattox Davis, W. C. (William C.), 1946-
E487 .W65 1994 The road to Appomattox Wiley, Bell Irvin, 1906-
SPECIAL E829.5 .G67 1970 The eye of the storm; a people's politics for the seventies. Gore, Albert
F130 .N4 M38 1996 The color of water : a Black man's tribute to his white mother McBride, James, 1957-
JUV F204.W5 .M64 1966 The story of the White House Aaseng, Nathan.
F209 .I37 1930 I'll take my stand : the South and the agrarian tradition  
SPECIAL F209 .O95 1969 The South: old and new frontiers. Owsley, Frank Lawrence, 1890-1956.
SPECIAL F209.5 .S64 1995 The South as an American problem Doyle, Don Harrison, 1946-
SPECIAL F210 .N5 1946 Lower Piedmont country, Nixon, H. C. (Herman Clarence), 1886-
SPECIAL F216.2 .E34 1974 The Americanization of Dixie: the Southernization of America. Egerton, John.
JUV F234.J3 .P96 1969 The story of Jamestown Prolman, Marilyn.
SPECIAL F347.L2 D69 2001 Faulkner's county : the historical roots of Yoknapatawpha Doyle, Don Harrison, 1946-
SPECIAL F444.N25 C58 1996 Classical Nashville : Athens of the South Kreyling, Christine, 1949-
SPECIAL F444.S85 M3 1967 Under the sun at Sewanee McCrady, James Waring
F593 .W65 1982 Women's diaries of the westward journey Schlissel, Lillian.
F788 .A33 2000 The Grand Canyon and the Southwest Adams, Ansel, 1902-
Geography, Ecology, Sports and Recreation     
REF ATLAS STAND G1046 .A43 N63 2004 Satellite atlas of the world NPA Satellite Mappping
GE170 .P743 2005 Precautionary tools for reshaping environmental policy Raffensperger, Carolyn.
SPECIAL GV191 .R8 1944 I'll go quietly Russell, Fred, 1906-
SPECIAL GV191 .R82 1945 I'll try anything twice Russell, Fred, 1906-
GV191.7 .C34 2005 The happy camper : an essential guide to life outdoors Callan, Kevin
GV714 .H81 2003 When the game is on the line Horrow, Richard B.
GV783 .M383 1998 Paddle your own canoe McGuffin, Gary
REF GV1585 .I586 2004 International encyclopedia of dance : a project of Dance Perspectives Foundation, Inc. Cohen, Selma Jeanne, 1920-2005
Statistics, Economics, Business,  Management    
READY REFERENCE HA202 .S72 2006 Statistical abstract of the United States : the national data book. U.S. Census Bureau.
HD57.7 .M39383 2005 The 360-degree leader : developing your influence from anywhere in the organization Maxwell, John C., 1947-
HD57.7 .P3655 2005 Leadership can be taught : a bold approach for a complex world Parks, Sharon Daloz, 1942-
HD58.8 .L379 2006 Built to change : how to achieve sustained organizational effectiveness Lawler, Edward E.
HD62.6 .P535 2004 The not-for-profit CEO : how to attain and retain the corner office Pidgeon, Walter P. (Walter Paul)
HD66 .L37 2004X Leading organizations from the inside out: unleashing the collaborative genius of action-learning teams LaRue, Bruce
HD69.B7 R58 2004 The making of a name : the inside story of the brands we buy Rivkin, Steve, 1947-
HD1691 .G745 2006 Water resource economics : the analysis of scarcity, policies, and projects Griffin, Ronald C.
HD5710.7 .B37 2006 How we compete : what companies around the world are doing to make it in today's global economy Berger, Suzanne
JUV HE6375 .P65 S73 1981 The story of the pony express: Stein, R. Conrad.
HE8700.72.U6 D5 2005 Comcasted : how Ralph and Brian Roberts took over America's TV, one deal at a time DiStefano, Joseph N., 1963-
.H37 2006 HF5415.1 Marketing mistakes and successes Hartley, Robert H., 1927-
REF HF5547.5 .O344 2003 The office professional's guide McKean, Erin
REF HG151 .A15 2003 1001 financial words you need to know Bach, David
HG177 .A37 2005 Essential principles for fundraising success : an answer manual for the everyday challenges of raising money Alexander, G. Douglass, 1946-
HG177 .F68 2006 The ask : how to ask anyone for any amount for any purpose Fredricks, Laura
REF HG4050 .M66 2005 Mergent's dividend achievers. Mergent's Investors Service.
REF HG4501 .M59 2006 Mergent's handbook of common stocks. Mergent, Inc.
REF HG4537 .M66 2004 Mergent dividend record. Moody's Investors Service.
REF HG4537 .M66 2005 Mergent dividend record. Moody's Investors Service.
REF HG4651 .M617 2005 Mergent ... annual bond record. Mergent FIS, Inc.
SPECIAL HJ4931.T4 P4 1944 Democracy begins at home : the Tennessee fight on the poll tax, Perry, Jennings, 1900-
HM1116 .D47 2006 Preemption : a knife that cuts both ways Dershowitz, Alan M.
Sociology, Family Studies, Gender Studies, Criminal Justice    
HQ755.5.U5 B78 2006 Better for all the world : the secret history of forced sterilization and America's quest for racial purity Bruinius, Harry
HQ759 .B266 1993 Mothers and daughters making peace : the most intimate, tangled, beautiful, and frustrating relationship shared by women Balswick, Judith K.
SPECIAL HQ764.M28 Too many people, too little love; Edna Rankin McKinnon: pioneer for birth control. Dykeman, Wilma.
HQ777 .G37 2006 See Jane hit : why girls are growing more violent and what we can do about it Garbarino, James
HQ781  .E75 1993 Childhood and society. Erikson, Erik H. (Erik Homburger), 1902-
HQ1064.U5 S5936 2002 Aging with grace : what the nun study teaches us about leading longer, healthier, and more meaningful lives Snowdon, David
HQ1075.5.U6 B38 2006 Battle scars : gender and sexuality in the American Civil War Clinton, Catherine, 1952-
HQ1588 .B43X 1987 Becoming visible : women in European history Koonz, Claudia.
HT1163 .H63 2006 Bury the chains : prophets and rebels in the fight to free an empire's slaves Hochschild, Adam.
HV699 .A424 1988 Regulating the lives of women : social welfare policy from colonial times to the present Abramovitz, Mimi
DVD HV6691 .A849 2004 The corporate con : internal fraud and the auditor. [DVD] Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
DVD HV6769 .A84 2004 How to detect and prevent financial statement fraud Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
Political Science & Law    
SPECIAL JK271 .F5 1945 Can representative government do the job? Finletter, Thomas Knight, 1893-
JK468.I6 A83 1999 Ike's spies : Eisenhower and the espionage establishment Ambrose, Stephen E.
JK468.I6 R57 2006 State of war : the secret history of the CIA and the Bush administration Risen, James
SPECIAL JK524 .P69 1987 Presidential selection Heard, Alexander.
SPECIAL JK1061 .K4 1947 A twentieth-century Congress, Kefauver, Estes, 1903-1963
VIDEO KF228 .R59 R69 1989 Roe vs. Wade [videorecording] Hunter, Holly, 1958-
REF KF2995 .C74 2005 Copyright law for librarians and educators : creative strategies and practical solutions Crews, Kenneth D.
REF KF3467 .B65 2005 Sexual harassment in the workplace Boland, Mary L.
REF KF4105.99 .F43 2003 Federal education laws and regulations. LEXIS Law Publishing.
KF8745.B55 B298 1996 Hugo L. Black : cold steel warrior Ball, Howard, 1937-
SPECIAL LB5 .G67 1954 Great human issues of our times. George Peabody College for Teachers
LB1027 .K82 2005 Survival skills for the new elementary teacher Konior, Jeannette M.
LB1027.55 .C655 2005 Comprehensive handbook of multicultural school psychology Reynolds, Cecil R., 1952-
LB1029.P67 J656 2006 Developing portfolios in education : a guide to reflection, inquiry, and assessment / Ruth S. Johnson, J. Sabrina Mims-Cox, Adelaide Doyle-Nichols. Johnson, Ruth S.
LB1031 .G618 2006 Insider's guide to school leadership : getting things done without losing your mind Goldberg, Mark F.
LB1033 .R283 2005 Trusting what you know : the high stakes of classroom relationships Raider-Roth, Miriam B.
LB1060 .M694 2002 Beyond hardware: using existing technology to promote higher-level thinking Moersch, Christopher
LB1525.3 .D66 1998 Whole to part phonics : how children learn to read and spell Dombey, Henrietta
LB1575.5 .U5 N69 1998 Using Caldecotts across the curriculum: reading and writing mini-lessons, math and science spin offs, unique art activities, and more Novelli, Joan
LB1591.5.U57 J46 2001 Arts with the brain in mind Jensen, Eric, 1950-
LB1631 .F616 2005 Rain, steam, and speed : building fluency in adolescent writers Fleming, Gerald J., 1946-
LB1631 .J86 2005 Jump write in! : creative writing exercises for diverse communities, grades 6-12 Tannenbaum, Judith.
LB1631 .P55 2005 Prompted to write : building on-demand writing skills, grades 6-12 Pike-Baky, Meredith, 1948-
LB2322.2 .B65 2006 Our underachieving colleges : a candid look at how much students learn and why they should be learning more Bok, Derek Curtis.
LB2367.75 .E68 2004 PRAXIS Study Guide: Elementary education Educational Testing Service.
LB2367.75 .M68 2004 PRAXIS Study Guide: Middle school tests Educational Testing Service.
LB2367.75 .S68 2002 PRAXIS Study Guide: Special education Educational Testing Service.
LB3621.3 .L66 2004 Kids in print : Publishing a school newspaper Levin, Mark
LC212.92 .J67 2002 The Jossey-Bass reader on gender in education / foreword by Susan M. Bailey. Jossey-Bass Inc.
LC4015 .P52 2004 The special educator's survival guide Pierangelo, Roger.
LC4713.4 .R54 2005 How to reach and teach children with ADD/ADHD : practical techniques, strategies, and interventions Rief, Sandra F.
SPECIAL LD4993 .A8 1973 Purple Sewanee Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities. Sewanee Chapter.
SPECIAL LD4993 .C47 1954 Reconstruction at Sewanee : the founding of the University of the South and its first administration, 1857-1872 Chitty, Arthur Ben, 1914-
OVERSIZE LD5279 .C85 2006 Meeting the challenge : America's independent colleges and universities since 1956 Council of Independent Colleges
REF LD5279 .T46 2006 Characteristics 2006 : the fact book on Tennessee's private colleges Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association
REF LD5279 .T46A 2006 Private colleges serving Tennessee Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association
SPECIAL LD5588 .M32 1973 A brief history of Vanderbilt University, McGaw, Robert A.
Music & Fine Arts    
VIDEO M1528 .T53 1994 The 3 tenors in concert 1994 : Tibor Rudas presents Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti with Mehta [videorecording]. Rudas, Tibor
SPECIAL ML420.L7 A4 1966 The lost letters of Jenny Lind; Lind, Jenny, 1820-1887
ML1700 .B33 2002 The NPR curious listener's guide to opera Berger, William, 1961-
ML3506 .S34 2002 The NPR curious listener's guide to Jazz Schoenberg, Loren, 1958-
ML3521 .E92 2005 The NPR curious listener's guide to blues Evans, David, 1944-
ML3650 .R58 2005 The NPR curious listener's guide to Celtic music Ritchie, Fiona
ML3930 .G566 2006 Mozart's Women : His family, his friends, his music Glover, Jane
REF N33 .O923 2001 The Oxford companion to Western art Brigstocke, Hugh
N362 .F76 1999 Teaching art with books kids love : teaching art appreciation, elements of art, and principles of design with award-winning children's books Frohardt, Darcie Clark
N6370 .C32 2004 Renaissance art and architecture Campbell, Gordon, 1944-
N7760 .B85 2005 The mirror of the Gods: how Renaissance artists rediscovered the pagan gods Bull, Malcolm
NC975 .W45 2005 Once upon a time : illustrations from fairytales, fables, primers, pop-ups, and other children's books Weinstein, Amy, 1957-
ND623.B9 .798 2002 Michaelangelo Bradbury, Kirsten, 1969-
Language and Literature    
PE1405.U6 N38 2006 Because writing matters : improving student writing in our schools National Writing Project (U.S.)
SPECIAL PE1408 .D235 1943 American composition and rhetoric. Davidson, Donald, 1893-1968.
PE1421 .W546 1995 Style : toward clarity and grace Williams, Joseph M.
PJ6321 .A93 1986 The Arabic alphabet : how to read and write it Awde, Nicholas
PK6727.5 .E5 Y6 1999 Your first 100 words in Arabic : beginner's quick & easy guide to demystifying Arabic script Wightwick, Jane.
DVD PL1455 .O87 2003 Oxford Chinese dictionary : English-Chinese, Chinese-English = [Ying Han, Han Ying] Manser, Martin H.
REF PL1455 .O87 2003 Oxford Chinese dictionary : English-Chinese, Chinese-English = [Ying Han, Han Ying] Manser, Martin H.
SPECIAL PN710 .T32 1970 The forlorn demon; didactic and critical essays. Tate, Allen, 1899-
SPECIAL PN771 .K4 1967 The Kenyon critics; studies in modern literature from the Kenyon review. The Kenyon review.
OVERSIZE PN1972 .B57 2005 Puppetry : a world history Blumenthal, Eileen, 1948-
PN1992.8.A34 A28 2004 Revolution televised : prime time and the struggle for Black power Acham, Christine
PN1998.2 A45 2005 Conversations with the great movimakers of Hollywood's golden age : at the American Film Institute Stevens, George, Jr., 1932-
PN3503 .D5 1988 Living by fiction Dillard, Annie.
SPECIAL PN4784.J6 R8 1957 Bury me in an old press box; good times and life of a sportswriter/ Fred Russell. Russell, Fred, 1906-
SPECIAL PR1175 .B634 1935 Approaches to poetry Blair, Walter, 1900-
VIDEO PR2819 .A23 K5 1970 King Lear [videorecording]. Scofield, Paul.
SPECIAL PR4032 .D66 1993 Catharine and other writings Austen, Jane, 1775-1817.
PR4581 .J36 2004 Charles Dickens James, Elizabeth, 1950-
PR5906 .F66 1997 W.B. Yeats : a life Foster, R. F. (Robert Fitzroy), 1949-
American Literature    
SPECIAL PS121 .D3 1972 Still Rebels, still Yankees, and other essays. Davidson, Donald, 1893-1968.
SPECIAL PS121 .S73 1968 Regionalism and beyond; essays of Randall Stewart. Stewart, Randall, 1896-1964.
SPECIAL PS221 .D3 1963 The spyglass, views and reviews, 1924-1930 Davidson, Donald, 1893-1968.
SPECIAL PS255.N3 S7 1965 The burden of time : the fugitives and agrarians; |b the Nashville groups of the 1920's and 1930's, and the writing of John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, and Robert Penn Warren Stewart, John L. (John Lincoln)
SPECIAL PS261 .B43 1968 The literature of the South Beatty, Richmond Croom, 1905-1961
SPECIAL PS261 .B62 1958 The Fugitives, a critical account. Bradbury, John M.
SPECIAL PS261 .C56 1988 The Southern Agrarians Conkin, Paul Keith
SPECIAL PS261 .R677 1978 The wary fugitives : four poets and the South Rubin, Louis Decimus, 1923-
SPECIAL PS309.F7 K57 1966 Poems Kirby-Smith, H. T. (Henry Tompkins), 1938-
VIDEO PS354 5.098 W5A 1983 The winds of war [videorecording] Curtis, Dan, 1928-
PS508.N3 B7 1970 Early Negro American writers; selections with biographical and critical introductions. Brawley, Benjamin Griffith, 1882-1939, ed.
PS531 .L58 2001 The literatures of colonial America : an anthology Castillo, Susan P., 1948-
PS558.K4 K35 2005 The Kentucky anthology : two hundred years of writing in the Bluegrass State Hall, Wade H.
PS668 .B3 2004-05 Representative American speeches; 1937-38--  
SPECIAL PS3501.R64 A765H 1949 Hunter's horn. Arnow, Harriette Louisa Simpson, 1908-
SPECIAL PS3505.A59 Z69 1989 A bridge of childhood : Truman Capote's southern years Moates, Marianne M. (Marianne Merrill)
SPECIAL PS3507.A666 L6 1961 The long street; poems. Davidson, Donald, 1893-1968.
SPECIAL PS3507.A666 Z87 2000 Where no flag flies : Donald Davidson and the Southern resistance Winchell, Mark Royden, 1948-
SPECIAL PS3523.Y88 .L997 1936 The long night, Lytle, Andrew Nelson, 1902-
SPECIAL PS3523.Y88 .L997 1957 The velvet horn. Lytle, Andrew Nelson, 1902-
SPECIAL PS3523.Y88 .L997 1958 A novel, a novella, and four stories. Lytle, Andrew Nelson, 1902-
SPECIAL PS3523.Y88 .L997 1975 A wake for the living : a family chronicle Lytle, Andrew Nelson, 1902-
SPECIAL PS3523.Y88 L9977 1941 At the Moon's inn Lytle, Andrew Nelson, 1902-
SPECIAL PS3535.A635 Z59 1967 The equilibrist; a study of John Crowe Ransom's poems, 1916-1963. Buffington, Robert
SPECIAL PS3535.A635 Z83 1989 John Crowe Ransom's secular faith Quinlan, Kieran, 1945-
SPECIAL PS3535.A635 Z93 1968 John Crowe Ransom; critical essays and a bibliography. Young, Thomas Daniel, 1919- comp.
SPECIAL PS3537.P445 .S74 1965 Knights and dragons. Spencer, Elizabeth, 1921-
SPECIAL PS3537.P445 .S746 1968 Ship Island, and other stories. Spencer, Elizabeth, 1921-
SPECIAL PS3537.P4454 Fire in the morning. Spencer, Elizabeth, 1921-
SPECIAL PS3537.P4454 J33 1988 Jack of diamonds : and other stories Spencer, Elizabeth, 1921-
SPECIAL PS3537.P4454 .S746 1972 The snare; a novel. Spencer, Elizabeth, 1921-
SPECIAL PS3537.P4454 S8 1981 The stories of Elizabeth Spencer Spencer, Elizabeth, 1921-
SPECIAL PS3537.P4454 V6 1994 The voice at the back door Spencer, Elizabeth, 1921-
SPECIAL PS3539.A74 A16 1968 Essays of four decades. Tate, Allen, 1899-
SPECIAL PS3539.A74 S9 1971 The swimmers, and other selected poems. Tate, Allen, 1899-
SPECIAL PS3539.A74 T21 1938 The fathers, Tate, Allen, 1899-
PS3539.A74 Z52 1975 Memoirs and opinions, 1926-1974 Tate, Allen, 1899-
SPECIAL PS3539.A74 Z52 1975 Memoirs and opinions, 1926-1974 Tate, Allen, 1899-
SPECIAL PS3539.A74 Z89 1988 Allen Tate : a recollection Sullivan, Walter, 1924-
SPECIAL PS3539.A9633 Z7 1970 Peter Taylor, Griffith, Albert J. (Albert Joseph), 1932-
SPECIAL PS3545.A748 1939 Night rider. Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-
SPECIAL PS3545.A748 A1 1946 All the king's men Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-
SPECIAL PS3545.A748 A1 1946 Understanding fiction, Brooks, Cleanth, 1906- ed.
SPECIAL PS3545.A748 B21 1950 Band of angels. Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-
SPECIAL PS3545.A748 C3 1959 The cave. Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-
SPECIAL PS3545.A748 F4 1964 Flood, a romance of our time. Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-
SPECIAL PS3545.A748 P45 1977 A place to come to : a novel Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-
SPECIAL PS3545.A748 W6 1950 World enough and time, a romantic novel. Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-
SPECIAL PS3545.I595 A17 1959 Early & late : fugitive poems and others Wills, Jesse E.
SPECIAL PS3545.I595 A17 1973 Nashville and other poems Wills, Jesse E.
SPECIAL PS3545.I595 A17 1976 A diversity of interests Wills, Jesse E.
VIDEO PS3545 .098 W5A 1983 The winds of war [videorecording] Curtis, Dan, 1928-
SPECIAL PS3553.R545 R38 1991 The Raven's bride Crook, Elizabeth, 1959-
SPECIAL PS3554.Y5 D9965 1973 Return the innocent earth. Dykeman, Wilma.
SPECIAL PS3554.Y5 E9 1984 Explorations Dykeman, Wilma.
SPECIAL PS3556.O7 C6 1964 The conversion of Buster Drumwright, the television and stage scripts Ford, Jesse Hill.
SPECIAL PS3557.O944 F3 1983 Faces in a Nashville arcade Gower, Herschel
PS3562.E8544 F67 2004 The fortress of solitude : a novel Lethem, Jonathan
PS3562.U46 I9 1984 The ivy crown Luke, Mary M.
PS3565.B75 T48 1998 The things they carried : a work of fiction O'Brien, Tim, 1946-
SPECIAL PS3569.U359 S952 1957 Sojourn of a stranger. Sullivan, Walter, 1924-
PS3573.A4347 S57 1993 Slow waltz in Cedar Bend Waller, Robert James, 1939-
PS3619.H355 A55 2004 Wild animus Shapero, Rich
Juvenile Literature    
SPECIAL PZ1.S6959 AN 1953 An anthology of stories from the Southern review, Southern review.
JUV PZ7 .B6237 GAT 1982 A gathering of days: A New England girl's journal, 1830-32, a novel by Joan W. Blos. Blos, Joan W.
JUV PZ7 .B6237 GAT 1990 A gathering of days: A New England girl's journal, 1830-32, a novel by Joan W. Blos. Blos, Joan W.
JUV PZ7 .D5455 BE 2001 Because of Winn-Dixie DiCamillo, Kate.
JUV PZ7 .F5992 WH 2003 The whipping boy Fleischman, Sid, 1920-
JUV PZ7 .G15334 JL 2002 Joey Pigza loses control Gantos, Jack.
JUV PZ7 .H13824 PR 2005 Princess Academy Hale, Shannon
JUV PZ7 .K8352 VI 1996 The view from Saturday Konigsburg, E. L.
JUV PZ7 .P2843 BP 1999 Brian's return Paulsen, Gary
JUV PZ7 .P339 DA 1977 A day no pigs would die Peck, Robert Newton
JUV PZ7 .P4313 CR 2005 Criss cross Perkins, Lynne Rae
JUV PZ7. R1973 .HI 1974 Hi fly. Story by Pat Ross. Pictures by John C. Wallner. Ross, Pat.
JUV PZ7 .S75663 WR 1997 Wringer Spinelli, Jerry.
JUV PZ7 .T1115 JO 1999 Joseph had a little overcoat Taback, Simms
JUV PZ7 .T5735 SU 2002 Surviving the Applewhites Tolan, Stephanie S.
JUV PZ7 .W868 SH 2005 Show way Woodson, Jacqueline
JUV PZ8 .L48 LI 1970 The lion, the witch and the wardrobe : a story for children Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963
JUV PZ8.1 .A79.SE 1937 Seven Simeons; a Russian tale retold and illustrated by Boris Artzybasheff. Artzybasheff, Boris, 1899-
JUV PZ8.3.L62 LAV 1982 Lavender's blue : a book of nursery rhymes, Lines, Kathleen.
Math, Physical & Life Sciences    
QA76.5 .S45754 2005 Discovering computers 2006 : a gateway to information : web enhanced : introductory Shelly, Gary B.
QA269 .M457 1998 Moral calculations : game theory, logic, and human frailty Mero, Laszlo
REF ATLAS STAND QB65 .S344 2005 Firefly Night sky atlas : the moon, planet, stars and deep space objects Seagell, Robin
REF QB136 .A55 2006 Encyclopedia of space and astronomy Angelo, Joseph A.
QC981.8.C5 L567 2006 The winds of change : climate, weather, and the destruction of civilizations Linden, Eugene.
QD75.22 .E47 2004 Vanity, vitality, and virility : the science behind the products you love to buy Emsley, John.
QE721.2.E97 H35 2005 Catastrophes and lesser calamities : the causes of mass extincitions Hallam, A. (Anthony), 1933-
VIDEO QE861.3 .W3 2005 Walking with monsters [videorecording] : life before dinosaurs Branagh, Kenneth.
QH95.8 .F47 2002 Reef life Ferrari, Andrea
QH104.5.N58 T56 2005 In search of swampland : a wetland sourcebook and field guide Tiner, Ralph W.
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