Newly Acquired Books  
   December 2003-January 2004  
(300 Titles)  
Call no. Title Author
REF.AM121.C634s.2000 Codes of Ethics and Practice of Interest to Museums Weisa, Adams
REF.E154.5.C69.2003 Counties USA  
REF.HA.201.122.W46.2003 The Who, What, and Where of America: Understanding the Census Results Riche, Gaquin
REF.HQ76.45.U5.H47.2000 Wimmin, Wimps and Wallflowers Herbst
REF.HV6431.H455.2003 Talking Terrorism Herbst
REF.KF156.G367.2001 A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage Garner
REF.KF156.G53.1998 Dictionary of Legal Terms Gifis
REF.LB1027.47.K53.1999 The Ultimate Training Workshop Handbook Klatt
REF.LB2371.4.G733.2004 Graduate Schgools in the U.S., 2004 Peterson
REF.N5300.A693.2002 Art Belton
REF.PN147.F43.2004 2004 Writer's Market  
REF.PN3355.F48.2004 2004 Novel and Short Story Writer's Market  
REF.QK617.R64.2003 Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians Roody
REF.Z679.L37.2003 The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World  
Museum Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion    
AM11.A38.2002 Adult Museum Programs, Designing Meaningful Experiences Sachatello-Sawyer, et al
AM124.R86.1999 Marketing and Public Relations Handbook Runyard, French
B131.Z52.1969 Philosophies of India Zimmer
B791.S65.1988 Continental Philosophy Since 1750 Solomon
B1498.A66.1996 The Vision of Hume Appelbaum
B5305.H35.2002 A Short History of African Philosophy  Hallen
B2798.S37.1982 Kant Scruton
B3997.S34.1986 Spinoza Scruton
BD241.I68.2002 Is There a Single Right Interpretation? Krausz
BF537.L4.B37.2003 On Becoming a Leader Bennis
BF697.C68.2003 A Sense of Self, the Work of Affirmation Cottle
BF416.A1.M87.2003 Human Accomplishment Murray
BL82.B675.2002 God, a Brief History Bowker
BL2525.W853.2003 All in Sync, How Music and Art are Revitalizing  American Religion Wuthnow
BL2525.R443.2002 Faith in Politics Reichley
BP67.U6.D34.2002 Black Pilgrimage to Islam Dannin
BP221.C87.2002 Islam in Black America Curtis
BR115.T42.S34.2002 Habits of the High-Tech Heart Schultze
BR516.Q4.2002 The Quiet Hand of God Wuthnow, Evans
BR517.S32.2003 People of Faith, Religious Conviction in American Journalism & Higher Education Schmalzbauer
BS2832.E37.2003 Lost Scriptures, Books That Did Not Make It into the New Testament Ehrman
BT153.M6.S29.2002 Mirror of His Beauty Schafer
BX1406.3.D65.2002 In Search of an American Catholicism Dolan
BX7620.E3.M412.2003 Jonathan Edwards Marsden
BX7635.H26.2003 The Quakers in America Hamm
BX9334.3.P87.2003 Puritanism and its Discontents Knoppers
World History    
D16.9.K6813.2003 Philosophy and Revolution, From Kant to Marx Kouvelakis
D517.M37.1992 Dreadnought: Britain, Germany, and the Coming of the Great War Massie
D2009.K537.2002 Fences and Windows: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Globalization Debate Klein 
DA565.C6.N48.2003 Never Give In! The Best of Winston Churchill's Speeches Churchill
DE804.348.H44.2003 The Holocaust and Antisemitism, a Short History Helling
DS559.8.D7.F65.2003 Vixi: Memoirs of a Non-Belonger Pipes
DS558.K59.2003 Ending the Vietnam War Kissinger
U.S. History    
E119.2.r48.1998 Rethinking Columbus, the Next 500 Years Bigelow, Peterson
E169.1.S8.2002 America and Americans and Selected Nonfiction Shillinglaw, Benson
E159.D66.2002 The Two O'Clock War Boyne
E195.L488.2001 Home to War: A History of the Vietnam Veterans' Movement Nicosia
E159.L64.1999 Confronting the War Machine: Draft Resistance During the Vietnam War Foley
E162.C69.1994 Interpreting Historic House Museums Donnelly
E184.I6.M117.1996 Great Tours! Thematic Tours and Guide Training for Historic Sites Levy, Lloyd, Schreiber
E185.6.W9.2002 Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong Loewen
E185.61.K79.2000 Colonial American Travel Narratives  
E209.A27.2001 Angela's Ashes, a Memoir McCourt
E312.17.W6.2003 An Imperfect God: George Washington, His Slaves, and the Creation of America Wiencek
E477.61.W56.2002 One Million Black Voices Wright
E656.C48.2001 The REEL Civil War Chadwick
E743.B756.2003 Brinkley's Beat Brinkley
E806.P68.2003 FDR's Folly: How Roosevelt and His New Deal Prolonged the Depression Powell
E807.1.R48.A4.2002 Eleanor and Harry Neal
E806.L568.2003 Don't You Know There's a War On? Lingeman
F106.B92.1999 A Walk in the Woods Bryson
Anthropology, Geology, Sports and Recreation    
GE140.P56.2001 The World According to Pimm Pimm
GF75.077.2002 The Nature of Design Orr
GN357.P56.2003 The Imagined World Made Real: Towards a Natural Science of Culture Plotkin
GR305.C434.2001 Tales From Indian Epics Chandrasekhar
GV361.F66.2001 Leadership in Recreation and Leisure Service Organizations Edginton, Hudson, Ford
GV361.P48.2002 Recreational Sport Management Mull, Bayless, Ross, Jamieson
GV365.L84.2001 Introduction to Commercial Recreation and Tourism Crossley, Jamieson, Brayley
GV401.F23.2001 Teaching Cues for Sport Skills Fronske
GV546.3.G76.2000 Physical Activity and Sport for the Secondary School Student Dougherty
GV706.3.C55.1997 P.E. Games and Activities Kit for Grades 6-12 Lumsden
GV706.4.A38.2002 Facilities Planning for Health, Fitness, Physical Activity, Recreation and Sports Sawyer
GV706.4.D65.2000 Power Lifting: Technique and Training for Athletic Muscular Development Groves
GV706.4.G55.2000 Coaching for Character Clifford, Feezell
GV709.24.M37.2001 Advances in Sport Psychology Horn
GV711.5.A45.1998 Doing Sport Psychology Andersen
GV711.5.b65.1999 Psychological Dynamics of Sport and Exercise Gill
GV711.5.M67.1997 Directing Youth Sports Programs Martens
GV713.S576.1997 Understanding Sport Organizations: The Application of Organization Theory Slack
GV713.A36.2002 Sport Stretch: 311 Stretches for 41 Sports Alter
GV713.C5.1999 Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training Bompa
GV713.C66.2003 Cross-Training for Sports: Programs for 26 Sports Moran, McGlynn
GV713.P75.1998 Managing Sport Organizations Acosta-Hernandez
GV713.S63.2002 Human Resource Management in Sport and Recreation Chelladurai
GV714.I79.2002 Contemporary Sport Management Parks, Quarterman
GV716.M85.2000 Principles and Practice of Sport Management Masteralexis, Barr, Hums
GV716.W46.2003 An Insider's Guide to Managing Sporting Events Solomon
GV875.N4.F48.2003 Sport Promotion and Sales Management Irwin, Sutton, McCarthy
GV881.4.C6.C63.2001 Sport Marketing Mullin, Hardy, Sutton
GV954.M37.1998 Sport Business in the Global Marketplace Westerbeek, Smith
GV954.3.F46.2000 Taking on the Yankees  
GV956.C6.K45.1999 Coaching Youth Softball  
GV1015.3.V54.1996 The Sunday Game at the Dawn of Professional Football McClellan
GV1029.7.P36.2003 Football and Business Fendrock
Economics, Business, Management, Sociology    
H61.15.G72.2002 Practical Reasoning in a Social World Graham
HB501.M554.2002 Reinventing the Bazaar: A Natural History of Marketing McMillan
HC79.E5.W32.1995 Our Ecological Footprint: Reducing Human Impact on the Earth Wackernagel, Rees
HC106.83.H4.2003 The New Ruthless Economy: Work and Power in the Digital Age Head
HC240.C763.2001 Legends By the Lake: The Cleveland Browns at Municipal Stadium Keim
HD30.2.L88.2004 Managing IT As a Business, a Survival Guide for CEO's Lutchen
HD30.28.F6783.2004 Manager's Guide to Strategy Formisano
HD31.H81247.2003 Human Resources in the 21st Century Effron, Gandossy, Goldsmith
HD49.C64.2000 The PR Crisis Bible Cohn
HD53.S743.2003 The Wealth of Knowledge Stewart
HD58.9.B43.2001 The HR Scorecard Becker, Huselid, Ulrich
HD30.28.R395.2002 Volleyball: Steps to Success Viera, Ferguson
HD30.28.W555.2003 Champions, Cheaters and Childhood Dreams Payne
HD31.H492.1996 A History of the European Economy, 1000-2000 Crouzet
HD38.2.C374.2003 Strategic Business Planning Reading
HD57.7.B378.2003 The Subtle Art of Strategy Wilson
HD57.7.B46.2003x Management Redeened Hilmer, Donaldson
HD57.7.O2.1994 How to Run a Company Care, von Weichs
HD58.7.H3.2003 Saving the Corporate Soul and (Who Know?) Maybe Your Own Batstone
HD2741.K478.2003 Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge Bennis, Nanus
HD2755.5.K575.2000b No Logo Klein
HD4903.T48.2003 Making Diversity Work Thiederman
HD4904.7.F548.1998 A New Vision for Human Resources Fitz-enz, Phillips
HD6095.C64.1995 Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the Heart of Change Oakley, Krug
HD9330.S26.N496.2003 Shameless Exploitation: In Pursuit of the Cmmon Good Newman, Hotchner
HD9769.W52.G86.2003 Shades of Green: Business, Regulation, and Environment Gunningham, Kagan, Thornton
HE8700.72.U6.M85.2003 The Rise of Cable Programming in the United States Mullen
HE8700.79.U6.S65.2002 The Other Face of Public Television Smith
HF5549.A39.2003 Manager of Choice Ahlrichs
HF5549.5.E43.M389.2000 Anger and Conflict in the Workplace McClure
HF5549.5.T7.P32.2003 The Training Manager's Quick Tip Sourcebook Patterson
HF5415.32.W65.2003 New Corporate Cultures That Motivate Hassen, Shea
HF5469.65.T44.2000 Who Really Matters Kleiner
HG23.W585.1998 Rosie the Riveter: Women Working on the Home Front in World War II Colman
HG4572.M245,2003 Bull! Mahar
HJ4652.W556.2002 The Great Tax Wars Weisman
HM716.H63.2002 Ageless Marketing Wolfe, Snyder
HM571.B64,2003 Finding Out:  Bogart
HM1231.C86.2002 The Idea of Propoganda, a Reconstruction Cunningham
HM1261.B87.2003 Transforming Leadership Burns
HN60.D396.2001 Affluenza deGraff, Wann, Naylor
HN65.S428.2001 Inciting Democracy: A Practical Proposal for Creating a Good Society Schutt
HQ755.5.U5.B53.2003 War Against the Weak Black
HQ1075.M494.2003 Gender in the Mirror: Cultural Imagery and Women's Agency Meyers
HQ799.2.V56.P76.2004 Museum Store Management Theobald
HT334.U5.072.2002 American Metro Politics, The New Suburban Reality Orfield
HT352.U5.H82.2003 Halfway to Everywhere: A Portrait of America's First-tier Suburbs Hudnut
HT334.U5.R43.2003 Money, a History Williams
HV91.W4664.2003 Welfare: A Documentary History of U.S. Policy and Politics Mink, solinger
HV8501.O94.1998 The Oxford History of the Prison Morris, Rothman
HV9950.S54.2001 Controlling the Dangerous Classes:  Shelden
HV6626.K83.2003 The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements Hoffer
HV7911.D439.G63.2003 Murder Is No Accident Prothrow-Stith, Spivak
HV8666.F6813.1995 Redefining Urban and Suburbam America Katz, Lang
Political Science & Law    
JA79.A73.2003 Responsibility and Judgement Arendt
JC578.J863.1993 Justice Ryan
JC121.T42.1997 Violence in the Home, Multidisciplinary Perspectives Kurst-Swanger, Petcosky
JC481.N343.1997 A Human Being Died That Night Gobodo-Madikizela
JK1021.B565.2003 Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison Foucault
JZ1318.S583.2002 One World Singer
JZ5538.C37.2002 The Political Ideas of St. Thomas Acquinas Bigongiari
KF390.I54.F57.2002 Working for Yourself Fishman
KF384.P67.2003 Fascism Neocleous
KF390.B84.B34.2003 Stalemate: Causes and Consequences of Legislative Gridlock Binder
KF1414.6.M56.2003 Corporations Step by Step Minars
KF3455.Z9.G84.2002 Everyday Employment Law, the Basics Cuerin, DelPo
KF4770.A7.B49.2003 How Free Can the Press Be? Bezanson
LB1044.875.F33.2000 The Nobel Peace Prize Lecture Carter
LB1623.W67.2001 Law, Pragmatism and Democracy Posner
LB1028.3.E962.2003 Evauuating Educational Technology Haertel, Means
LB1028.38.I562.2004 Instructional Design in the Real World, a View from the Trenches Armstrong
LB1028.38. P67.2004 Developing an Online Curriculum, Technologies and Techniques Porter
LB1050.2.M68.2000 Motivating Recreational Reading and Promoting Home-school Connections Ransinski, et al
LB1050.2.V64.2003 Reading Specialists in the Real World Vogt, Shearer
LB1050.45.B84.2001 Classroom Strategies for Interqctive Learning Buehl
LB1050.5.A36.2003 After Early Intervention, Then What? McCormack, Paratore
LB1050.5.T437.1998 Teaching Struggling Readers Allington
LB1139.5.R43.C55.1998 Children Achieving: Best Practices in Early Literacy Neuman, Roskos
LB1525.7.M35.2003 Guided Comprehension in the Primary Grades McLaughlin
LB1528.E67.1998 The Phonological Awareness Handbook for Kindergarten and Primary Teachers Ericson, Juliebo
LB1573.R2787.1997 Reading Engagement: Motivating readers Through Integrated Instruction Guthrie, Wigfield
LB1573.R2793.1999 Reading Assessment: Principles and Practices for Elementary Teachers Barrentine
LB1573.3.S77.1998 Teaching Phonics Today, a Primer for Educators Strickland
LB1573.7.M35.2002 Guided Comprehension, A Teaching Model for Grades 3--8 McLaughlin, Allen
LB1574.R654.1998 The Spelling Book: Teaching Children How to Spell, Not What to Spell Rosencrrans
LB1575.B87.2000 Reading and Writing Literary Genres Buss, Karnowski
LB1575.E83.2001 Literature Discussion Groups in the Intermediate Grades Evans
LB1576.C576.2001 Connecting Reading and Writing in the Intermediate Grades Cohle, Towle
LB1576.D5562.2002 Supporting Struggling Writers in the Elementary Classroom Christenson
LB1576.P358.1997 Peer Talk in the Classroom, Learning from Research Paratore, McCormack
LB1576.S83.2002 Supporting Struggling Readers and Writers Strickland, Ganske, Monroe
LB1576.7.L56.2000 Linking Literacy Technology Wepner, Valmont, Thurlow
LB1631.L253.1998 Language Study in Middle School, High School and Beyond Simmons, Baines
LB1632.R452.2000 Re/Mediating Adolescent Literacies Elkins, Luke
LB2395.7.C375.2004 Effective Writing for E-Learning Environments Campbell
LB2844.1.R4.T43.2003 Teachers As Readers Commeyras, Bipslinghoff, Olson
LB2844.1.N4.W67.2003 The Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Law Bagley, Dauchy
LC1396.5.B76.2002 To Be a Boy, To Be a Reader Brozo
LC3731.L566.1998 Literacy Instruction for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students Opitz
LC3731.T455.2003 No Excuses Thernstrom, Thernstrom
LC4705.F54.1999 Learning Differences in the Classroom Fielding
LC5215.H245.2000 Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education Wilson, Hayes
LC5301.M65.G55.1996 Highlander, No Ordinary School Glen
LC5803.C65.D545.2004 The Diustance Dcuation Evolution: Issues and Case Studies Monolescu, Schifter, Greenwood
LC5803.C65.D56.2004 Distance Learning and University Effectiveness Howard, Schenk, Discenza
LC6551.L58.1996 Lively Discussions! Gambrell, Almasi
LC3734.3.T67.G65.2003 Facilitating Online Learning Collison, et al
LC5803.C65.P35.2003 Meet Me in the Middle, Becoming an Accomplished Middle-level Teacher Wormeli
Music and Fine Arts    
ML410.P89.P52.2002 Puccini Phillips-Matz
ML3534.U57.2002 Turn! Turn! Turn! The 60's Folk-Rock Revolution Unterberger
ML3790.T44.2002 What They'll Never Tell You About the Music Business Thall
N84.E38.2002 The Arts and the Creation of Mind Eiisner
N5300.J64.2003 Art, a Brief History Johnson
N6512.P59.2002 Framing America Pohl
N6537.H58.J64.2002 Winslow Homer: The Nature of Observation Johns
N6763.J66.2002 The Secret Middle Ages Jones
N6537.K229.S67.1996 Day One and Beyond: Practical Matters for Middle Level Teachers Wormeli
N6853.M33.F529.2003 Teaching and Learning in a Multilingual School Goldstein
NA4670.M33.2003 Mosque Macaulay
NA8230.S63.2000 The Virtual Student: A Profile and Guide to Working with Online Learners Palloff, Pratt
ND1329.B27.A4.1996a Wolf Kahn Spring
NX760.C48.2002 Matisse and Picasso Flam
Language& Literature    
P40.M33.1994 The Ultimate Book of Historic Barns  
P106.C5948.1997 Bacon: Portraits and Self-Portraits Sommer
P115.B553.2000 Arts Management Borel
P158.C483.2000 The Social Art: Language and its Uses Chong
P40.5.L33.D35.2003 Language in Danger Dalby
P90.G577.2003 Media and Society in the Twentieth Century Gorman, McLean
P221.C33.2001 Inside Language Macaulay
PE135.B34.2003 Introduction to Old English Baker
PE1404.W663.2002 Working With Words and Images Allen
PE1583.M48.2002 Predicting New Words Metcalf
PL2478.P5413.1998 The Bilingualism Reader Cook
PN56.4.B47.2004 Madame Bouvary, C'est Moi!  Bernard
PN145.A79.2003 The ASJA Guide to Freelance Writing Harper
PN1008.8.Y68.2002 Young Adult Literature in the Classroom: Reading it, Teaching it, Loving it Elliott, Dupuis
PN1009.5.C43.N55.2002 The Rhetoric of Character in Children's Literature Nikolajeva
PN1059.A9.E93.2002 The Eye of the Poet Citino
PN1995.9.L28.B63.2003 Blue-Collar Hollywood Bodnar
PN1995.9.P7.C32.2002 Technical Film and TV For Nontechnical People Campbell
PN2277.N5.B44.2002 At This Theater: 100 Years of Broadway Shows, Stories and Stars Botto
PN4726.W75.2002 Written into History Lewis
PN4834.B76.2002 Beyond the Lines Brown
PN4855.D64.2002 The News About the News Downe, Kaiser
PN4888.O25.K89.2002 Press Bias and Politics Kuypers
PN6071.F15.A66.2002 The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales Tatar
PN86.T43.1994 The Architecture of Language Wei
PN4129.15.H86.2002 A Practical Introduction to Phonetics Chomsky
PN4749.R665.1996 Mencius Catford
PN4888.M56.J68.2003 Teaching Contemporary Theory to Undergraduates Hinton
PN4899.P5.A977.1977 Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln Sadoff, Cain
PQ4315.2.E76.2002  Dante Alighieri: The Inferno Esolen
English Literature    
PR113.C66.2002 A Companion to Early Modern Women's Writing Pacheco
PR149.F35.M36.2003 From Alice to Harry Potter: Cheldren's Fantasy in England Manlove
PR173.F85.2003 A History of Old English Literature Fulk, Cain
PR830.T3.C36.2002 The Cambridge Companion to Gothic Fiction Hogle
PR3072.G53.1998 Discovering shakespeare's Language Gibson, Field-Pickering
PR21.C58.2003 Getting the Connections Right: Public Journalism and the Troubles in the Press Humes
PR468.H57.V53.1989 Journalism Across Cultures Rosen
PR830.L69.R445.2003 A Natural History of the Romance Novel Cropp, Frisby, Mills
PR9080.5.T35.2002 Close Reading Rosenfeld
PR8905.A7.1996 Victorian Connections Lentricchia, DuBois
PR9085.A7.1996 The Language of Postcolonial Literature McGann
American Literature    
PS531.C65.1994 The Arnold Anthology of Postcolonial Litereautes in English Talib
PS153.N5.A3425.2000 African American Literary Theory, a Reader Thieme
PS310.S7.D87.2001 Genders, Races and Religious Cultures in Modern American Poetry, 1908-1934 Napier
PS3552.A583.A6.2000  The LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka Reader DuPlessis
PS591.N4.V56.2000 The Vingate Book of African American Poetry Harris
PS3515.E37.S9234.2002 Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises, a Casebook Harper, Walton
PS261.E58.2002 The Belle Gone Bad: White Southern Women Writers and the Dark Seductress Entzminger
PS2386.P37.1996 Herman Melville, a Biography Parker
PS3503.A923.Z86.2002 L. Frank Baum, Creator of Oz Rogers
PS3511.A86.Z9876.2002 Faulkner and the Politics of Reading Zender
PS3525.E588.E37.1997 Effort at Speech Meredith
PS3537.A826.Z78.2002 A Daring Young Man Leggett
PS3554.O884.T47.1986 Thomas and Beulah Dove
PS3569.A5137.P36.1993 The Paradise of Bombs Sanders
PS3573.H4768.J64.2001 John Henry Days, a Novel Whitehead
PT2625.A44.Z73293.2002 Thomas Mann Kurzke
QL751.B3425.1998 The LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka Reader Wagner-Martin
QC16.E5.P367.2003 Einstein Harris
QH105.N8.H66.1993 Great Smoky Mountains Parker
QH75.P67.2003 Rivers for Life Postel, Richter
QH541.28.H46.2003 Practical Methods in Ecology Henderson
QP301.P553.2002 Behavioral Ecology and Conservation Biology Houk
QP301.P553.2002 Physical Activity Assessments for Health-Related Research Caro
Medicine, Agriculture    
R725.5.O544.2002 Autonomy and Trust in Bioethics O'Neill
RA1055.5.A28.1998 Accomodations in Higher Education Under the Americans With Disabilities Act Gordon, Keiser
RC607.A26.H416.1997 Heaven's Coast, a Memoir Doty
RC1245.S73.1997 Alcohol and Sport Stainback
RJ387.A25.C485.2003 The Children of Africa Confront AIDS Singhal, Howard
RM725.M373.2003 Motivating People to Be Physically Active Welk
S494.5.B563.P74.2003 Food, Inc.  Pringle
SB457.L827.1999 Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots: Gardening Together With Children Lovejoy
S441.H919.1996 American Farms, Exploring Their History Marcus, Forsyth
Technology, Military Science, Crafts, Nutrition, Library Science    
TD794.5.M395.2002 Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things McDonough, Braungart
TL540.W7.E64.2004 The Wright Way Eppler
TL789.85.K7.A3.2001 Flight: My Life in Mission Control Kraft
TT174.5.W6.N46.1998 American Folk Toys: Easy to Build Toys for Kids of All Ages Nelson
TX361.A8.M37.2000 Sport Nutrition for Health and Performance Manore, Thompson
Z718.85.L54.2002 Library Services to Business Students in Distance Education Buxbaum