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September 2003
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REF.G63.E555.2002 The Encyclopedia of World Geography
REF.GV943.L2.1994 The World Encyclopedia of Soccer LeBlanc, Henshaw
REF.PR60.54.U56.Z78.2001.V.1 The Dorothy Dunnerr Companion Morrison
REF.Z1037.O24.1998 Great Books for Boys Odean
REF.Z1037.O25.1997 Great Books for Girls Odean
REF.Z2011.H34.1998 Literary Research Guide Harner

Philosophy, Psychology, Theology, Religion



BF692.2.B37.2003 The Essential Difference Baron-Cohen
BF692.5.P58.1993 Man Enough: Fathers, Sons, and the Search for Masculinity Pittman
BF720.E45.J36.2000 The Biology of Love Janov
BL476.A53.2003 The Next Enlightenment Anderson
BR115.C8.N5.2001 Christ and Culture Niebuhr
BR535.M38.1995 Appalachian Mountain Religion, a History McCauley
BX4668.2.F47.A3.1990 No Turning Back Ferraro, Hussey, O'Reilly

World History
CT3235.R67.1993 The Norton Book of Women's Lives Rose
D113.R43.1997 Readings in Medieval History Geary
D164.N57.1996 Communities of Violence Nirenberg
D769.8.A6.O55.2000 Only What We Could Carry FusaoInada
D802.F8.G553.2003 Marienne in Chains Gildea
D811.A2.B746.1998 The greatest Generation Brokaw
DD881.M525.1998 To Save a City: The Berlin Airlift, 1948-1949 Miller
DS559.8.M44.S58.2000 The Secret War Against Hanoi Shultz
DS62.23.U78.2001 Uruk Mesopotamia and Its Neighbors Rothman

United States and American History
E160.12.H77.1992x Culture Wars, the Struggle to Define America Hunter
E184.A1.F595.1994 We CAN All Get Along: 50 Steps You Can Take to End Racism Ford
E185.61.F838.1997 The Comparative Imagination Fredrickson
E185.61.R816.2003 Kennedy, Johnson and the Quest for Justice Rosenberg, Karabell
E185.615.S723.1990 The Content of Our Character Steele
E748.M1457.B57.1992 The Chairman Bird
E77.G2.1994 Native American Heritage Garbarino, Sasso
E840.5.P68.A3.1995 My American Journey Powell
E840.8.H8.A3.1997 Friends in High Places Hubbell
E840.8.Q28.A3.1994 Standing Firm Quayle
E878.R425.A3.1988 On the Outside Looking In Reagan
E886.2.L5.M67.1999 Monica's Story Morton
E99.T77.B67.1997 Killing the White Man's Indian Bordewich
F349.V6.C37.1980 The Final Fortress, The Campaign for Vicksburg, 1862-1863 Carter
F610.3.V46.A3.1999 I Ain't Got Time to Bleed Ventura

Geography, Anthropology, Recreation, Sports
G116.M38.1993 Every Day Geography of the World McKinney
GV464.R93.2000 Little Girls in Pretty Boxes Rryan
GV576.S42.1992 Chronicle of 20th Century Sport Sporting News
GV583.M76.1983 Sport and American Mentality, 1880-1910 Mrozek
GV592.C82.P75.2000 Pitching Around Fidel Price
GV697.A1.O42.2003 Women Who Risk: Profiles of Women in Extreme Sports Olsen
GV706.5.G53.1992 Take Time for Paradise: Americans and Their Games  Giamatti
GV707.V47.1988 The Bob Verdi Collection Verdi
GV709.2.E54.2002 Why Johnny Hates Sports Engh
GV711.5.E77.2000 Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning Baechle, Earle
GV721.5.S443.1999 Power, Politics, and the Olympic Games Senn
GV721.C57.1996 Chronicle of the Olympics, 1896-1996
GV857.5.D45.1992 Hit and Run Baseball Delmonico
GV861.H4.2001 Ball, Bat, and Bishop, the Origin of Ball Games Henderson
GV862.6.K75b.1989 El Beisbol: Travels Through the American Pastime Krich
GV863.A1.A84.1993 A Hard Road to Glory Ashe
GV877.K4.1988 Baseball's Best Kelly
GV939.L6.M37.2000 When Pride Still Mattered Maraniss
GV943.9.R43.H37.1983 Fair or Foul? The Complete Guide to Soccer Officiating Harris, Harris
GV951.G75.1997 The Gridiron Game Wimmer
GV964.W66.W66.1997 Training a Tiger Woods
GV965.H3.1985 The Handbook of Golf Hay

Statistics, Business, Management,  Sociology, Criminal Justice
H1536.R78.1995 Families on the Fault Line Rubin
H61.G555.1991 Becoming Qualitative Researchers, an Introduction Glesne, Peshkin
HC110.P6.F55.1995 Poverty in Rural America Fitchen
HC51.B67413.1981 The Structures of Everyday Life, v.1 Braudel
HC51.B67413.1982 The Wheels of Commerce, v.2 Braudel
HD30.23.P32.1997 Up to Your Armpits in Alligators? Paling
HD30.4.S73.2000 Using Psychology in Management Training Statt
HD31.G438.1997 The Living Company De Geus
HD57.7.B332.2002 Leading Quietly Badaracco
HD58.6.N437.2003 Negotiation Lewicki, et al
HD58.8.N499.2001 The Change Agents Nickles
HD6054.2.U6.G55.1986 Unequal Colleagues: The Entrance of Women into  the Professions Glazer, Slater
HD69.T54.B35.1992 On Time/On Budget Baker, Baker
HF1746.P65.1993 The Political Economy of North American Free Trade Grinspun, Cameron
HF5382.5.U5.J4.1996 100 Jobs in Social Change Jebens
HM216.M83.1993 Tensions in Social Theory Munoz
HM24.L58.1998 The Living Legacy of Marx, Durkheim, Weber Altschuler
HM251.B47458.1996 Arguing and Thinking: a Rhetorical Approach to Social Psychology Billig
HM251.B6634.1996 Virus of the Mind Brodie
HM47.U6.H67.1993 The Decomposition of Sociology Horowitz
HN29.W42.1995 Learning from Strangers Weiss
HN90.S6.F87.1984 Class Fussell
HN981.C6.C43x.1997 Whose Reality Counts? Putting the First Last Chambers
HQ1190.O55.1998 A Sociology of Women Ollenburger, Moore
HQ1219.W65.1991 The Beauty Myth Wolf
HQ1413.F55.A3.1994 Motherhood Deferred, a Woman's Journey Fleming
HQ1421.S74.1994 Moving Beyond Words Steinem
HQ1426.H457.1986 A Lesser Life Hewlett
HQ471.A713.1993 The Jaguar and the Anteater Arcand
HQ518.H57.1995 The Hite Report on the Family Hite
HQ536.G345.1996 The Abolition of Marriage Gallagher
HQ764.S7.R67.1992 Marie Stopes and the Sexual Revolution Rose
HQ766.2.S23.2003 Sacred Rights: The Case for Contraception & Abortion . . . Maguire
HQ801.F43.2002 The Rules for Online Dating Fein, Schneider
HT167.U7276.2003 Urban Planning Cavin
HV5822.M3.E27.2002 Understanding Marijuana Earleywine
HV6535.G6.L6335.2002 Portrait of a Killer Cornwell
HV9950.S34.1999 Criminal Justice, a Brief Introduction Schmalleger

Political Science
JC599.U5.S633.1998 Give Me Liberty! Spence

LA217.2.B37.1994 An Aristocracy of Everyone Barber
LA217.2.G76.1999 The Conspiracy of Ignorance Gross
LA229.G75.1998 The Select Greene
LB1025.2.M4772.1996 The Holistic Curriculum Miller
LB1026.24.M55.2000 Action Research, a Guide for the Teacher Researcher Mills
LB1057.C33.1991 Making Connections:  Teaching and the Human Brain Caine, Caine
LB1139.L3.L3239.1996 Language Development, a Reader for teachers Power, Hubbard
LB1140.2.F57.1997 First Steps Toward Teaching the Reggio Way Hendrick
LB1140.5.L3.P35.1997 The Girl With the Brown Crayon Paley
LB1573.G65.1994 Essentials of Classroom Teaching, Elementary Reading Graves, Watts,, Graves
LB1778.2.G53.1992 Good Start, A Guidebook for New Faculty in Liberal Arts Colleges Gibson
LB2331.E48.1987 Embracing Contraries: Explorations in Learning and Teaching Elbow
LB2367.4.J39.1999 Cracking the GRE Psychology Jay
LB2805.C855.1993 Cultural Leadership, the Culture of Excellence in Education Cunningham, Gresso
LB2805.S584.2002 Leadership in Empowered Schools Short, Greer
LB2842.22.B35.1997 Teacher Pay and Teacher Quality Ballou, Podgursky
LB3013.4.H86.2000 Human Services and the Full-Service School Kronick
LB3051.L44.2000 The Big Test: The Secret History of the Amer.Meritocracy Lemann
LB5.N25.v102, Pt 1 American Educational Governance on Trial
LB5.N25.v102, Pt 2 Meeting at the Hyphen
LC1032.L75.1995 Outcome-based Education Luksik, Hoffecker
LC1035.6.M87.1996 Teaching the New Basic Skills Murnane, Levy
LC1048.C87.B67.1996 Teaching & Understanding Through Integration of Acad. & Tech. Ed. Bottoms, Sharpe
LC1099.3.S69.1995 The Intersection of Cultures Spring
LC1099.3.S89.1997 Starting Small: Teaching Tolerance in Preschool and Early grades Teaching Tolerance Project
LC197.R65.1993 The Morning After: Sex, Fear and Feminism on Campus Roiphe
LC4823.R67.1990 Lives on the Boundary Rose
LC58.4.C66.1985 Preparing for Power: America's Elite Boarding Schools Cookson, Persell
LD1986.T75.1991 An Education in Georgia Trillin

Fine Arts, Music
ML3534.A465.2003 All Shook Up: How Rock 'n Roll Changed America Altschuler
ND497.T8.H35.1997 Turner, a Life Hamilton

Language, Journalism, Dramatic Arts, Literature
PA2087.5.C335.2001 Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 1
PA2087.5.C335.2002 Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 2
PA2087.5.C335.2003 Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 3
PA2087.5.C35.2001 Cambridge Latin Anthology
PE1128.A2.T465.1997 About Language: Tasks for Teachers of English Williams, Wright
PE1404.C6337.1995 The St. Martin's Guide to Teaching Writing Connors, Glenn
PE65.B87.1999 The English Teacher's Companion Burke
PG1418.A6.T713.1993 Bosnian Chronicle Andric
PN2193.A8.S57.2003 The Audience and the Playwright Simon
PN4855.H24.2001 The Troubles of Journalism Hachten
PN4874.L76.M3.1991 Henry and Clare, an Intimate Portrait of the Luces Martin
PN771.C595.1996 Contemporary Postcolonial Theory Mongia
PR3403.A1.1985 Robinson Crusoe Defoe
PR4622.M4.1988 The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Doyle
PR6054.A8924.S4.1985 Seize the Wind Davis
PR6056.O45.D36.1993 A Dangerous Fortune Follett
PS1016.D95.1996 A Whisper in the Dark Alcott
PS1638.B84.2003 Emerson Buell
PS3134.B4.2000 Ben-Hur Wallace
PS3507.R55.A7.2000 An American Tragedy Dreiser
PS352.H47.1987 Understand Contemporary American Drama Herman
PS3537.C76.B56.1989 Black No More Schuyler
PS3537.T3234.E3.2002 East of Eden Steinbeck
PS3545.A748.A7.1982 All The King's Men Warren
PS3545.E6.D4.1991 Delta Wedding Welty
PS3552.R4894.P18.2002 P.G. Country Briscoe
PS3553.A5475.K7.1988 Krazy Kat Cantor
PS3553.O5198.B43.1995 Beach Music Conroy
PS3553.U484.H68.2002 The Hours Cunningham 
PS3556.R3599.C6.1998 Cold Mountain Frazier
PS3559.R8.C5.1986 Cider House Rules Irving
PS3561.E428.R67.2002 Roscoe Kennedy
PS3563.C3868.W35.1994 Waiting to Exhale McMillan
PS3573.O526.M26.1998 A Man in Full Wolfe
PS509.S65.A615.1992 The 20th Century Treasury of Sports Silverman, Silverman
PS509.W62.I58.1998 Intimate Nature, the Bond Between Women and Animals Hogan, et al

Science, Math, Computer Science
Q162.G22.1997 Galileo's Commandment Bolles
Q183.3.A1.I88.1997 Issues in Science Education
QA11.M29.1989 Curriculum & Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics
QA13.S725.1996 Crossroads in Mathematics
QA159.H45.1995. Curriculum & Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics
QC981.8.G56.C48.1999 Greenhouse Christianson
OVERSIZE.QH86.O43.2002 Rainforest Oldfield
QH26.M27.1996 Footsteps in the Jungle Maslow
QH305.S27.2003 Genesis, the Evolution of Biology Sapp
QH541.S54.2003 A Citizen's Guide to Ecology Slobodkin
QL638.C64.M4.2002 The Founding Fish McPhee
QL762.M358.1999 The Emperor's Embrace Masson
QP360.R628.2001 Sexing the Brain Rogers

R726.8.B33.2000 Ethics at the End of Life Baergen
RA436.H43.1995 Health and Disease, a Reader Davey, Gray, Ceale
RA792.A436.2003 A Pest in the Land Alchon
RC343.H636.1999 The Undiscovered Mind Horgan
RC480.515.N38.1999 Treating Mental Disorders, a Guide to What Works Nathan, Gorman, Salkind
RC516.D85.1992 Ailliant Madness Duke
RM735.S576.1998 Sociology and Occupational Therapy Jones, et al

Technology, Military Sciences, Industrial Sciences
T11.G86.2003 How to Write and Illustrate a Scientific Paper Gustavii
T39.U35.2002 The Lunar Men Uglow
TA166.B72.2003 Introduction to Ergonomics Bridger
TK18.J66.2003 Empires of Light Jonnes
TK5105.885.G66.C35.2003 100 Industrial-strength Tips and Tools Calishain, Dormfest

Bibliography, Library Science
Z1037.A1.S74.2002 The Child That Books Built Spufford