Newly Acquired Books
September 2, 2005- October 11, 2005
(413 Titles)
Prefix/Call Number Title Author
REF A121 .N44 2001 The New York times index for the published news. v. 1- Jan./Mar. 1913- New York times. (Indexes).
REF A121 .N44 2002 The New York times index for the published news. v. 1- Jan./Mar. 1913- New York times. (Indexes).
REF A121 .N44 2003 The New York times index for the published news. v. 1- Jan./Mar. 1913- New York times. (Indexes).
REF B51 .O94 2005 The Oxford companion to philosophy Honderich, Ted.
B818 .D27 1989 Darwinism and the American intellectual : an anthology Wilson, Raymond Jackson.
BF1576 .B87 1984 A guide to the Salem witchcraft hysteria of 1692 Brown, David C.
BL65.V55 L86 2003 One God : the political and moral philosophy of western civilization. Lorca, Ernesto
BL80.2 .S645 1991 The world's religions : our great wisdom traditions Smith, Huston.
BL80.3 B988 2004 Visions of service : an introduction to five of the world's great religions, with excerpts from the sacred writings and questions for study and reflection for those engaged in service. Butt, John.
BP223.Z8 L5764 1993 Malcolm X : by any means necessary : a biography Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-
BQ4012 .M36 2004 Buddha : the enlightened one Mandel, Gabriele
BR145.2 .N65 2000 Turning points : decisive moments in the history of Christianity Noll, Mark A., 1946-
BR1450 .T88 1999 No future without forgiveness Tutu, Desmond.
BT712 .R88 2005 The evolution-creation struggle Ruse, Michael.
BV4509.5 .D43 2004 Finding God in the evening news : a broadcast journalist looks beyond the headlines Dean, Jody, 1949-
BX4406.5.Z8 E38 1986 Such a vision of the street : Mother Teresa, the spirit and the work Egan, Eileen
REF BX4811.3 .E54 2005 Encyclopedia of Protestantism Melton, J. Gordon.
CB245 .M34 2001 The making of the West : peoples and cultures : a concise history Hunt, Lynn Avery.
CT21 .M27 2004 Mapping lives : the uses of biography France, Peter, 1935-
CT105 .H785 2005 Heroes Hughes-Hallett, Lucy
D16 .S864 1999 Writing history : a guide for students Storey, William Kelleher
D16.2 .B25 1994 On the teaching and writing of history : responses to a series of questions Bailyn, Bernard.
D16.2 .L84 2000 A student's guide to the study of history Lukacs, John, 1924-
D16.3 .B4 1994 A student's guide to history Benjamin, Jules R.
D521 .S84 2004 Cataclysm: the First World War as political tragedy Stevenson, D (David), 1954.
D742.J3 I76 1999 Pearl Harbor and the coming of the Pacific War : a brief history with documents and essays Iriye, Akira.
D743 .K39 1990B The Second World War Keegan, John, 1934-
D769 .T42 2000 Double victory : a multicultural history of America in World War II Takaki, Ronald T., 1939-
D769.8.A6 W53 2000 What did the internment of Japanese Americans mean? Murray, Alice Yang
D804.19 .A25 1999 America views the Holocaust, 1933-1945 : a brief documentary history Abzug, Robert H.
D810.J4 L278 1982 The terrible secret : suppression of the truth about Hitler's "final solution" Laqueur, Walter, 1921-
D816 .O24 1971 Diplomacy for victory; FDR and unconditional surrender O'Connor, Raymond Gish
D843 .B535 1993 The West and the world since 1945 Blackburn, Glenn.
D843 .T419 1987 Armed truce : the beginnings of the Cold War, 1945-46 Thomas, Hugh, 1931-
DA50 .J36 2003 Warrior race : a history of the British at war James, Lawrence, 1943-
DG256.7 .K42 2005 Sulla, the last republican Keaveney, Arthur
DG311 .W26 2005 The fall of Rome : and the end of civilization. Ward-Perkins, Bryan.
DS62.4 .M63 2004 The Modern Middle East : a reader Hourani, Albert Habib.
DS119.7 .F725 2004 The Arab-Israeli conflict Fraser, T. G.
DS371.2 .K366 2001 Soldiers of God : with Islamic warriors in Afghanistan and Pakistan Kaplan, Robert D., 1952-
DS481.G3 S487 1979 Gandhi, a memoir Shirer, William L. (William Lawrence), 1904-
DS557.7 .L468 2002 The lessons of the Vietnam War Starr, Jerold M., 1941-
DS558 .L54 1991 Light at the end of the tunnel : a Vietnam War anthology Rotter, Andrew Jon.
DS558 .T6 1990 To reason why : the debate about the causes of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War Kimball, Jeffrey P.
DS919 .S76 1971 The hidden history of the Korean War Stone, I. F. (Isidor F.), 1907-
E158 .V65 1998 The great towns of America : a guide to the 100 best getaways for a vacation or lifetime Vokac, David, 1940-
E162 .H3 1988 Everyday life in early America Hawke, David Freeman.
E169.Z82 H53 1997 Air guitar : essays on art & democracy Hickey, Dave, 1940-
E169.1 .C716 1995 Contested values : democracy and diversity in American culture Kammen, Michael G.
E169.1 .M235 2001 Perspectives on modern America : making sense of the twentieth century Sitkoff, Harvard.
E173 .H5 2002 A documentary history of the United States Heffner, Richard D.
E175.8 .S874 1994 Getting the most out of your U.S. history course : the history student's vade mecum Stout, Neil R.
E175.8 .W47 1998 Discovering the American past : a look at the evidence Wheeler, William Bruce, 1939-
E178.1 .B827 2000 The unfinished nation : a concise history of the American people Brinkley, Alan.
E178.6 .A38 2002 To America : personal reflections of an historian Ambrose, Stephen E.
E180 .W75 2005 Writing America : classroom literacy and public engagement Robbins, Sarah
E183.7 .B693 1994 The United States in the World : a history of American foreign policy Brands, H. W.
E184.A1 O45 1994 The ethnic dimension in American history Olson, James Stuart, 1946-
E184.A1 O45 1999 The ethnic dimension in American history Olson, James Stuart, 1946-
E184.A1 R712 2005 Working toward whiteness : how America's immigrants became white : the strange journey from Ellis Island to the suburbs Roediger, David R.
DVD E184 .S77 L67 2004 Lost boys of Sudan [videorecording] Mylan, Megan
E184.6 .W52 1993 To redeem a nation: a history and anthology of the civil rights movement West, Thomas R., 1936-
E185.61 .G584 1990 Black, white, and southern : race relations and southern culture, 1940 to the present Goldfield, David R., 1944-
E185.97.W55 S68 1997 Southern horrors and other writings : the anti-lynching campaign of Ida B. Wells, 1892-1900 Wells-Barnett, Ida B., 1862-1931.
E209 .W65 1993 The radicalism of the American Revolution Wood, Gordon S.
E210 .G7 1968 The reinterpretation of the American Revolution, 1763-1789, Greene, Jack P., comp.
E221 .W55 1999 What did the Declaration declare? Ellis, Joseph J.
E241.Y6 G811 2005 The guns of independence : the siege of Yorktown, 1781 Greene, Jerome A.
E259 .K47 1999 The winter soldiers : the battles for Trenton and Princeton Ketchum, Richard M., 1922-
E302.5 .E45 2000 Founding brothers : the revolutionary generation Ellis, Joseph J.
E302.5 .W68 2001 Jefferson's pillow : the founding fathers and the dilemma of Black patriotism Wilkins, Roger W., 1932-
E302.6.F7 A3 1993 The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790.
E302.6.H2 B76 2000 Alexander Hamilton, American Brookhiser, Richard
E303 .M884 1987 The forging of the Union, 1781-1789 Morris, Richard Brandon, 1904-
E303 .W45 1999 What did the Constitution mean to early Americans? : readings Countryman, Edward.
E310 .C86 2000 Jefferson vs. Hamilton : confrontations that shaped a nation Cunningham, Noble E., 1926-
E312 .F556 1984 Washington, the indispensable man Flexner, James Thomas, 1908-
E335 .L36 2005 The Barbary wars : American independence in the Atlantic world Lambert, Frank, 1943-
E372 .H37 2005 James Monroe Hart, Gary, 1936-
E415.7 .D66 1978 Liberty and union Donald, David Herbert, 1920-
E415.7 .F66 1990 A house divided : America in the age of Lincoln Foner, Eric
E433 .R25 1969 Race & politics; "bleeding Kansas" and the coming of the Civil War, Rawley, James A.
E441 .F35 2005 Complicity : how the North promoted, prolonged, and profited from slavery in America Farrow, Anne
E441 .F63 1989 Without consent or contract : the rise and fall of American slavery Fogel, Robert William
E449 .F496 2003 Defending slavery : proslavery thought in the Old South : a brief history with documents Finkelman, Paul, 1949-
E449 .G2477 1995 William Lloyd Garrison and the fight against slavery : selections from The Liberator Garrison, William Lloyd, 1805-1879.
E457 .G46 2002 Abraham Lincoln and Civil War America : a biography Gienapp, William E.
E457.2 .S47 2005 Lincoln's melancholy : how depression challenged a president and fueled his greatness Shenk, Joshua Wolf
E467.1.A2 D8 1968 Charles Francis Adams, 1807-1886. Duberman, Martin B.
E661 .G45 2000 The Gilded Age : a history in documents Greenwood, Janette Thomas.
E666 .R78 1997 Robber barons and radicals Stiles, T. J.
E713 .P895 1964 Expansionists of 1898; the acquisition of Hawaii and the Spanish islands, Pratt, Julius William, 1888-
E741 .H68 2002 On the edge : the U.S. since 1945 Horowitz, David A.
E741 .M673 2001 Moving on : the American people since 1945 Moss, George, 1935-
E742 .H57 1995 A history of our time : readings on postwar America Chafe, William Henry
E742 .H57 1999 A history of our time : readings on postwar America Chafe, William Henry
E743 .M257 2001 Major problems in American history since 1945 : documents and essays Griffith, Robert, 1940-
E744 .F835 2002 America and the world since 1945 Fraser, T. G.
E744 .L494 1982 The cold war, 1945-1972 Levering, Ralph B.
E757 .B65 1954 The Republican Roosevelt. Blum, John Morton, 1921-
E765 .F58 2003 The 1912 election and the power of progressivism : a brief history with documents Flehinger, Brett
E806 .N4142 1999 The New Deal Hamilton, David E., 1954-
E806 .P64 2000 The era of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945 : a brief history with documents Polenberg, Richard.
E807 .T76 1969 The democratic Roosevelt : a biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt Tugwell, Rexford G. (Rexford Guy), 1891-
E813 .D63 1982 Tumultuous years : the presidency of Harry S. Truman, 1949-1953 Donovan, Robert J.
E839 .T47 1989 The Great Divide : second thoughts on the American dream Terkel, Studs, 1912-
E840 .D63 1994 The Domestic sources of American foreign policy : insights and evidence Wittkopf, Eugene R., 1943-
E841 .D57 1971 The Cuban missile crisis. Divine, Robert A., comp.
E886.2 .C65 2000 The hunting of the President : the ten-year campaign to destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton Conason, Joe
F232.S7 O22 1990 The fires of jubilee : Nat Turner's fierce rebellion Oates, Stephen B.
F334.M79 N476 2006 The thunder of angels : the Montgomery bus boycott and the people who broke the back of Jim Crow Williams, Donnie, 1953-
F491 .C39 2002 Ohio : the history of a people Cayton, Andrew R. L. (Andrew Robert Lee), 1954-
F592.7 .H29 1998 Those tremendous mountains : the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition Hawke, David Freeman.
F868.N5M28 1879A History of the Donner Party  
F1219.73 .V35 2005 The Aztecs : new perspectives Van Turenhout, Dirk R.
F2171.3 .R63 2004 Transatlantic topographies : islands, highlands, jungles Rodriguez, Ileana
REF G63 .E556 2005 Encyclopedia of world geography McColl, R. W.
REF ATLAS STAND G1201 .P2 R348 2006 Rand McNally road atlas and complete state-by-state travel guide : United States/Canada/Mexico. Rand McNally & Co.
G1201.S1 R1 1993 Atlas of American history. Rand McNally and Company.
G3962.C49 S62 2005 Cherokee National Forest hiking guide Skelton, William H., 1942-
GB54.5 .C47 2001 Elemental geosystems Christopherson, Robert W.
GE110 .W55 2005 Environmental science demystified Williams, Linda D.
GE195 .N48 1999 The new earth reader : the best of Terra Nova Rothenberg, David, 1962-
GF50 .E269 2005 Ecosystems and human well-being : synthesis Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (Program)
GN380 .S62 2005 First peoples : indigenous cultures and their futures Sissons, Jeffrey
REF GT3925 .R69 2005 Traditional festivals : a multicultural encyclopedia Roy, Christian, 1963-
DVD GV331 .H67 2005 History of physical education in the United States [videorecording].  
MEDIA SOFTWARE GV331 .H67 2005 History of physical education in the United States [videorecording].  
GV361 .P56 2002 201 games for the elementary physical education program Poppen, Jerry D.
GV365 .P4992 2005 Physical education for lifelong fitness : the Physical Best teacher's guide Physical Best (Program)
GV443 .F65 1989 Indoor action games for elementary children : active games and academic activities for fun and fitness Foster, David R., 1957-
GV443 .L334 1992 Ready-to-use P.E. activities Landy, Joanne M.
GV583 .M28 1997 Major problems in American sport history : documents and essays Riess, Steven A.
GV697.A1 P35 2000 Outtakes Patrick, Dan, 1957-
GV706.5 .Z57 2005 What's my name, fool? : sports and resistance in the United States Zirin, Dave
VIDEO GV709 M95 2002 Women and sports [videorecording] Mullins, Aimee
GV742.42.M45 A3 1999 The real McKay : my wide world of sports McKay, Jim.
GV877 .S69 1998 Baseball and softball rules Smyth, Ian
GV886 .G78 2005 Shattering the glass : the remarkable history of women's basketball Grundy, Pamela.
GV939.B79 B37 2005 Hunger : an unnatural history Russell, Sharman Apt
GV939.B79 B37 2005 The last coach : a life of Paul "Bear" Bryant Barra, Allen
GV943.9.S64 F64 2005 How soccer explains the world : an unlikely theory of globalization Foer, Franklin
REF GV956.8 E77 2005 ESPN college football encyclopedia ESPN (Television network).
GV1002.9.C63 G55 2004 I've got your back : coaching top performers from center court to the corner office Gilbert, Brad
GV1049.2.T68 L54 2005 Tour de France for dummies Liggett, Phil
GV1049.2.T68 R65 2005 The Tour de France companion 2005 : a nuts, bolts & spokes guide to the greatest race in the world Roll, Bob
GV1201 .B23 2001 The ultimate playground & recess game book Bailey, Guy, 1956-
HC102.5.G68 R39 2005 Dark genius of Wall Street : the misunderstood life of Jay Gould, king of the robber barons Renehan, Edward, 1956-
HD57.7 .C5412 2006 The leader's tool box Charney, Cyril
HD59 .H64 2000 On deadline : managing media relations Howard, Carole, 1945-
HD66 .C27 1999 Smart things to know about teams : Carraciolo, Annemarie
HD5325.T4 1912 B73 2005 Bread and roses : mills, migrants, and the struggle for the American dream Watson, Bruce, 1953-
HD5658.P332 U67 2005 Under the workers' caps : from Champion Mill to Blue Ridge Paper Loveland, George, 1956-
HD6231 .C455 1999 Child labor and sweatshops Williams, Mary E., 1960-
HD9519.C2 S83 2005 Meet you in hell : Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and the bitter partnership that transformed America Standiford, Les
HD9576.S33 B34 2004 Sleeping with the devil : how Washington sold our soul for Saudi crude Baer, Robert.
HD9696.8.U64 G663 2005 The search : the inside story of how Google and its rivals changed everything Battelle, John, 1965-
HF1008 .G29 2005 By the seat of your pants : the no-nonsense business management guide Gegax, Tom
READY REFERENCE HF5381 .U62 2004-2005 Occupational outlook handbook United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
HF5549.5.M5 T463 2006 Building on the promise of diversity : how we can move to the next level in our workplaces, our communities, and our society Thomas, R. Roosevelt.
HG221 .H325 2001 Money in an unequal world : Keith Hart and his memory bank Hart, Keith.
HG231 .W362 1997 The history of money : from sandstone to cyberspace Weatherford, J. McIver.
HM141 .W525 1994 Certain trumpets : the call of leaders Wills, Garry, 1934-
HM1206 .H64 2004 Mass media in a mass society : myth and reality Hoggart, Richard, 1918-
REF HN60 .C58 2004 Cities ranked & rated.  
HN90.S6 C565 2005 Class matters  
HQ770.4 .S535 2005 Scolding : why it hurts more than it helps Sigsgaard, Erik.
HQ1206 .L36 2004 Language and woman's place : text and commentaries Lakoff, Robin Tolmach.
HQ1418 .S57 2000 Women's rights emerges within the anti-slavery movement, 1830-1870 : a brief history with documents Sklar, Kathryn Kish.
HQ1420 .W66 1998 Women's magazines, 1940-1960 : gender roles and the popular press Walker, Nancy A., 1942-
HT609 .P3125 1995 American social classes in the 1950s : selections from Vance Packard's The Status seekers Packard, Vance Oakley, 1914-
HT869.E6 A3 1995 The interesting narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano Equiano, Olaudah, b. 1745.
HT871 .D28 2001 In the image of God : religion, moral values, and our heritage of slavery Davis, David Brion
HT1521 .R335 2004 Race, class, and gender in the United States : an integrated study Rothenberg, Paula S., 1943-
JUV HV675 .M54X 1986 Spring cleaning Milligan, Jacquie.
HV4764 .M22 2005 Meat market : animals, ethics, & money Marcus, Erik, 1966-
VIDEO HV6089 .Q12 1990 Quiet rage: the Stanford prison study [videorecording] Zimbardo, Philip G.
HV6431 .B456 2003 The age of sacred terror : radical Islam's war against America Benjamin, Daniel, 1961-
HV7436 .G876 2002 Gun violence : opposing viewpoints Torr, James D., 1974-
JA36 .E252 1991 Introduction to political thinkers Ebenstein, William, 1910-
REF JA51 .S7 2006 The Statesman's yearbook; statistical and historical annual of the states of the world... Revised after official returns. [1st]- annual publication; 1864- [map] Martin, Frederick, 1830-1883, ed.
JA81 .E215 2002 Introduction to political thinkers Ebenstein, William, 1910-
JC573.2.U6 B76 2004 The Republican noise machine : right-wing media and how it corrupts democracy Brock, David, 1962-
JK31 .K34 1994 A machine that would go of itself : the Constitution in American culture Kammen, Michael G.
JK116 .M2 2004 The antifederalists; critics of the Constitution, 1781-1788 Main, Jackson Turner
JK155 .W54 1981 Explaining America : The Federalist Wills, Garry, 1934-
JK274 .H244 1991 American democracy in transition : a communications revolution Havick, John J.
READY REFERENCE JK421 .A3 2005-2006 The United States government manual. United States government manual (Washington, D.C. : 1973)
JK516 .D52 1995 The American president DiClerico, Robert E.
JK516 .P6393 2003 The presidency : classic and contemporary readings Cohen, Jeffrey
JK516 .U53 1997 Understanding the presidency Pfiffner, James P.
JK552 .C33 1997 Cabinets and counselors : the president and the executive branch. Congressional Quarterly Inc.
VIDEO JK1759 .A188 2002 Active citizenship: making a difference [videorecording]  
JK1896 .B35 2005 Sisters : the lives of American suffragists Baker, Jean H.
JK2508 .G7 1972 The quest for power; the lower houses of assembly in the southern royal colonies, 1689-1776, Greene, Jack P.
K3253 .C64 2005 Speech, media, and ethics : the limits of free expression : critical studies on freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and the public's right to know Cohen-Almagor, Raphael.
DVD KF228 .A667 C58 1999 A Civil action. [videorecording]:DVD Harr, Jonathan.
KF228 .M85 W65 1996 Muller v. Oregon : a brief history with documents Woloch, Nancy, 1940-
READY REFERENCE KF3084 .Z9 A938 2004 Author law A to Z : a desktop guide to writers' rights and responsibilities Randolph, Sallie G.
KF4298 .M55 2003 Media law for producers Miller, Philip, 1954-
KF4502 .O73 1986 The Origins of the American Constitution : a documentary history Kammen, Michael G.
KF4510 .U54 1984 Notes of debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 United States. Constitutional Convention (1787)
REF KF4510 .V699 2005 The constitutional convention of 1787 : a comprehensive encyclopedia of America's founding. Vile, John R.
KF4515 .F4 2003 The Federalist : the essential essays Federalist. Selections.
KF4541.A2 W66 1979 The Confederation and the Constitution: the critical issues, Wood, Gordon S., comp.
KF4541 .E3 1993 We the people : two hundred years of the Constitution Ehrlich, Walter, 1921-
KF4550.Z9 C88 2000 The Constitution of the United States : a primer for the people Currie, David P.
KF4749.A2 C497 1999 Civil liberties : opposing viewpoints Roleff, Tamara L., 1959-
KF4772 .B68 2001 The boundaries of freedom of expression & order in American democracy Hensley, Thomas R.
DVD KF4772 .F52 2004 The First Amendment project [videorecording] Baraka, Imamu Amiri, 1934-
KF9227.C2 F53 2000 Capital punishment Henderson, Harry, 1951-
LA209 .G65 2005 Schooling America Graham, Patricia Albjerg.
LA227.4 .Z46 2005 Remaking the American university : market-smart and mission-centered Zemsky, Robert, 1940-
LB1026 .F73 1997 Looping Q & A : 72 practical answers to your most pressing questions. Forsten, Char.
LB1028.3 .W42 2005 Using technology wisely : the keys to success in schools Wenglinsky, Harold
LB1050 .W58 2004 Teaching kids to read for dummies Wood, Tracey
LB1050.455 .A43 2005 Reading history : a practical guide to improving literacy Allen, Janet, 1950-
LB1574 .W66 2005 Teaching kids to spell for dummies Wood, Tracey
LB1623.5 G347 2000 Making big schools feel small : multiage grouping, looping, and schools-within-a-school George, Paul S.
LB2331 .C65 1993 The quality professor : implementing TQM in the classroom Cornesky, Robert A. (Robert Andrew), 1939-
LB2331 .W39 2002 Learner-centered teaching : five key changes to practice Weimer, Maryellen, 1947-
LB2844.1.N4 K44 2003 Rookie teaching for dummies Kelley, W. Michael
LB3010 .S657 2004 Conscious classroom management : unlocking the secrets of great teaching. Smith, Rick
LB3013 .E73 2004 The classroom of choice : giving students what they need and getting what you want Erwin, Jonathan C., 1954-
LB3024 .B78 2004 The school uniform movement and what it tells us about American education : a symbolic crusade Brunsma, David L.
LB3024 .C78 2001 School dress codes : a pro/con issue Cruz, Barbara
LB3605 .N34 2005 My freshman year : what a professor learned by becoming a student Nathan, Rebekah
REF LB3961 .M84 2004 Tennessee education in perspective 2004-2005 : education in the "Volunteer State." Morgan, Kathleen O'Leary
LC151 .K58 2005 New literacies in action : teaching and learning in multiple media Kist, William
LC212.62 K69 2005 The shame of the nation : the restoration of apartheid schooling in America Kozol, Jonathan.
LC212.9 .G87 2003 The boys and girls learn differently : action guide for teachers Gurian, Michael.
LC268 .E355 2003 Educating citizens : preparing America's undergraduates for lives of moral and civic responsibility Colby, Anne, 1946-
LC311 .Z83 2005 Creating the ethical school : a book of case studies Zubay, Bongsoon
LC1072.I58 B73 2005 The internship advantage : get real-world experience to launch your career Bravo, Dario
LC1090 .E225 2005 Educating citizens for global awareness Noddings, Nel.
LC1390 .G87 2005 The minds of boys : saving our sons from falling behind in school and life Gurian, Michael.
M1620.L85 A5 American Ballads & Folk Songs  
JUV ML3930 .A2H32 1969 Music and instruments for children to make, Hawkinson, John, 1912-
N85 .A655 1995 Art history and its methods : a critical anthology Fernie, E. C.
N6370 .H26 1995 The mirror of the artist : northern Renaissance art in its historical context Harbison, Craig
N6450 .C62 1968 Theories of modern art; a source book by artists and critics Chipp, Herschel Browning, comp.
N6490 .T492 1996 Theories and documents of contemporary art : a sourcebook of artists' writings Stiles, Kristine
N6494.I56 .B62 2005 Installation art : a critical history. Bishop, Claire
OVERSIZE N6537 .H577 J67 1998 Jenny Holzer Joselit, David
OVERSIZE N6537 .P695 B76 2003 Richard Prince Brooks, Rosetta
N6537.W28 H6613 2000 Andy Warhol, 1928-1987 : commerce into art Honnef, Klaus
N6853.D8 M56 2004 Marcel Duchamp, 1887-1968 : art as anti-art Mink, Janis
N6853.M33 S678 2005 Matisse the master : a life of Henri Matisse, the conquest of colour, 1909-1954 Spurling, Hilary.
N6921.F7 T83 1997 Renaissance Florence : the invention of a new art Turner, Richard, 1932-
N6921.V5 B75 1997 Art and life in Renaissance Venice Brown, Patricia Fortini, 1936-
OVERSIZE N7396 .K45 A35 1999 William Kentridge Cameron, Dan
N7430.5 .W39 1972 Ways of seeing; Berger, John.
N7445 .B343 2005 The painter of modern life, and other essays. Baudelaire, Charles, 1821-1867
N7476 .B37 2002 A short guide to writing about art Barnet, Sylvan.
NC998.4 .F452 2003 Graphic design for the 21st century : Grafikdesign im 21. Jahrhundert = Le design graphique au 21e sicle : 100 of the world's best graphic designers. Fiell, Charlotte
NC998.5.A1 H46 2004 All-American ads Heimann, Jim
OVERSIZE NC998.6 .G7 M94 2002 Rewind :forty years of design & advertising Myerson, Jeremy
OVERSIZE NC999.4 .R36 H45 1999 Paul Rand Heller, Steven.
OVERSIZE ND237 .C388 A35 2004 Vija Celmins Celmins, Vija, 1939-
OVERSIZE ND237 .L29 O94 2000 Over the line : the art and life of Jacob Lawrence Nesbett, Peter T.
ND497.B16 .F44 2002 Francis Bacon 1909-1992. Ficacci, Luigi
ND497.T8 B613 2005 J.M.W. Turner, 1775-1851 : the world of light and color Bockemuhl, Michael
ND1135 .E44 1999 What painting is : how to think about oil painting, using the language of alchemy Elkins, James, 1955-
ND1283 .A38 1975 Interaction of color. Albers, Josef
NK4235 .T68 2005 The figure in clay : contemporary sculpting techniques by master artists Tourtillott, Suzanne J. E.
NX454.5.M63 C48 2000 Modernism Childs, Peter, 1962-
P90 .O84 2003 Studying the media : an introduction O'Sullivan, Tim, 1952-
P90 .W492 2003 Understanding media theory Williams, Kevin, 1955-
P91.3 .C59 2002 Key concepts & skills for media studies. Clark, Vivienne
P91.6 .H65 2003 How to get into television, radio and new media Hollingsworth, Mike.
P94 .D393 2004 Mediated : how the media shapes your world and the way you live in it De Zengotita, Thomas
P96.V5 M43 1999 Media violence : opposing viewpoints Dudley, William, 1964-
P118.2 .M58 2004 Second language learning theories Mitchell, Rosamond.
P140 .J36 2003 Speak : a short history of languages Janson, Tore, 1936-
P302 .M293 2003 Exploring media discourse Macdonald, Myra, 1948-
PA4037 .F78 2004 The Cambridge companion to Homer Fowler, Robert L. 1954-
PL812.A8 N27 2005 Botchan Natsume, Soseki, 1867-1916.
PL984.E8 F85 2005 Modern Korean fiction : an anthology Fulton, Bruce.
PL4378.9.D759 T5413 1996 Novel without a name Duong, Thu Huong
REF PL8010 .E63 2002 Encyclopedia of African literature Gikandi, Simon
PN98.C6 D36 2001 Class Day, Gary, 1956-
PN1590.A9 W35 2005 Invitation to the party : building bridges to the arts, culture and community Walker-Kuhne, Donna
PN1991.73 .D35 2005 Writing and producing radio dramas : communication for behavior change De Fossard, Esta
PN1992.75 .C87 2002 Directing & producing for television : a format approach Cury, Ivan
DVD PN1992.77 .O34 2004 The office. The complete series one & two and the special [videorecording] Merchant, Stephen
PN1992.8.R43 S87 2003 Survivor lessons : essays on communication and reality television Smith, Matthew J., 1971-
PN1992.94 .L99 2001 Basics of the video production diary Lyver, Des
PN1993.5.A1 G54 2001 Flashback : a brief history of film Giannetti, Louis D.
PN1995.9.D6 R65 2002 Writing, directing, and producing documentary films and videos Rosenthal, Alan, 1936-
PN1995.9.P7 K543 2004 Total directing : integrating camera and performance in film and television Kingdon, Tom, 1949-
PN1995.9.P7 K616 2004 The budget book for film and television Koster, Robert
DVD PN1997 D27 2004 The day after tomorrow. [videorecording]:DVD Emmerich, Roland.
DVD PN1997 .M48 1999 Medicine man. [videorecording] Schulman, Tom.
PN2860 .F88 2005 Oriental theatre : Drama, opera, dance and puppetry in the Far East. / Philip Freund. Freund, Philip, 1909-
PN4121 .M3194 1993 Effective presentation skills Mandel, Steve.
PN4784.S6 B47 2005 The Best American sports writing.  
PN4784.T4 F74 2003 It takes more than good looks-- to succeed at television news reporting Freedman, Wayne
PN4784.T45 C68 2002 Covering catastrophe : broadcast journalists report September 11 Gilbert, Allison
PN4871 .A43 2003 Anchoring America : the changing face of network news Alan, Jeff
PN4888.A2 O44 1988 The press and abortion, 1838-1988 Olasky, Marvin N.
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