New Books

May 2005
(359 titles)

*Denotes gift books    
REF.BF31.C715.2005 Popular Psychology, an Encyclopedia Cordon
REF.BF31.P765.2005 Psychology Basics, 2 vols.  
REF.CT213.A68.2005 American National Biography, Supplement 2  
REF.E185.E554.2005 Encyclopedia of Black Studies  
REF.E77.4.B46.2005 Early Civilizations in the Americas, 4 vols.  
REF.G1201.P2.R352.2005* Rand McNally Road Atlas, 2005  
REF.GR931.T74.2005 The Complete Dictionary of Symbols  
REF.GV567.H62.2002 The Encyclopedia of North American Sports History  
REF.GV571.D26.2005 Sports Museums and Halls of Fame Worldwide Danilov
REF.GV697.A1.B494.1995* Biographical Dictionary of American Sports Porter
REF.GV865.A1.R49.1986* The 10-0 Greatest Baseball Players of All Time Ritter, Honig
REF.GV867.64.R52.2000* Baseball, an Encyclopedia of Popular Culture Rielly
REF.GV867.T65.1987* The Baseball Research Handbook Tomlinson
REF.GV992.B78.1994 Bud Collins' Modern Encyclopedia of Tennis Encyclopedia  
REF.HA214.H68.2005 Congressional Quarterly's State Fact Finder, 2005  
REF.HC101.B594.2004 Industry Research Using the Economic Census Boettcher, Gaines
REF.HE9882.A35.G88.1990* Encyclopedia of African Airlines Guttery
REF.HF5383.F315.2005 Fifteen-Minute Cover Letter Farr, Kursmark
REF.HF54.56.B4685.2004 The Skeptical Business Searcher  
REF.HF5415.3.B683.2004 Questionnaire Design Brace
REF.HQ1073.H36.2003 Handbook of death and Dying, 2 vols. Bryant
REF.JK716.D36.2005 The Book of U.S. Government Jobs  
REF.KF3022.Z9.F57.2004 Public Domain  
REF.KF2995.C57.2004 Complete Copyright, an Everyday Guide for Librarians  
REF.KF8742.H37.2003 Landmark Supreme Court Cases Hartman, Mersky, Tate
REF.N510.A777.2000 Art Across America  
REF.NX449.A787.2005 Arts and Humanities Through the Ages, 5 vols.  
REF.P87.5.L66.1982* Longman Dictionary of Mass Media and Communication Connors
REF.PN160.L95.1997 Every Page Perfect: A Full-size Writer's Manual for Manuscript Format Lynnn
REF.PS490.E85.2002 The Essential Guide to Children's Books  
REF.QC5.M4245.2004 McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Physics  
REF.QH202.5.M378.2004 McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Bioscience  
REF.QK115.D86.1999 Wildflowers of the Eastern United States Duncan, Duncan
REF.QK125.M55.2005 Forest Plants of the Southeast and Their Wildlife Uses Miller, Miller
REF.QK477.2.I4.B37.2004 Tropical and Subtropical Trees Barwick
REF.QL508.A2.C25.2004 Field Guide to Grasshoppers, Katydids, and Crickets of the United States Capinera, Scott, Walker
REF.QL696.A5.E12.2005 Waterfowl of Eastern North America Earley
REF.SB438.P4813.1985 Simon & Schuster's Guide to Cacti and Succulents  
REF.TP248.16.B33.1993 Biotechnology from A to Z Bains
REF.Z1037.A1.B17.2001 Best Books for Kids to Think They Hate to Read  
AC25.P58.1954* Edmond Picard Guislain
BF1091.M337.2000 The Illustrated Guide to Dreams Mallon
BF408.P49.2005 A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age Pink
BF692.2.B37.2004 Same Difference Barnett, Rivers
BF789.D4.D44.1986 Death, the Final stage of Growth Kubler-Ross
BJ1012.M638.2004 The Ties that Bind Moravcisk
BL689.J66.1995 A History of Pagan Europe Jones, Pennick
Reserve.BL2525.l486.2005 Cults Lewis
BP161.3.A98.2004 Islam, Faith and History Ayoub
BP223.Z8.L5778.2004 Malcolm X: Inventing Radical Judgment Terrill
BR145.2.N86.2003 A History of the Church, From Pentecost to Present North
BR1642.U5.C63.2005 The Evangelical Moment: The Promise of an American Religion Collins
BR1720.A9.O36.2005 Augustine, a New Biography O'Donnell
BR375.J66.2002 The English Reformation, Religion and Cultural Adaptation  Jones
BR563.N4.M58.2004 Black Church Beginnings: The Long-Hidden Realities of the First Years Mitchell
BS1151.52.L48.2005 The Old Testament, a Brief Introduction Levin
BS1198.B84.1978* The Prophetic Imagination Brueggemann
BT1390.G4938.2005 The Gnostic Gospels of Jesus Meyer
BV1539.9.P8.R85.1995 Easy-to-Make Puppets and How to Use Them Rottman
BX1544.M5713.1996 Women in Religion in Medieval and Renaissance Italy Schneider
BX4827.B3.B8513.2004 The great Passion: An Introduction to Karl Barth's Theology Busch
CB351.N55.2003 Urban Europe, 1100-1700 Nicholas
CB353.W7.1983 The Quest for Eternity: Manners and Morals in the Age of Chivalry Wood
CB361.R3862.2000 The Renaissance in Europe, an Anthology Elmer, Webb, Wood
CS16.M44.2005 Family History 101, a Beginner's Guide to Finding Your Ancestors Melnyk
CT1178.D48.B51.1971* Un Geant de la Resistance Dewe
D113.M42.1994 The Medieval Reader Cantor
D13.B942.2004 What is Cultural History? Burke
D231.T42.1998 Shaping History: Ordinary People in European Politics, 1500-1700 Te Brake
D511.f746.2004 Europe's Last Summer: Who Started the Great War in 1914? Fromkin
D522.42.V36.2005* The Battles of the British Expeditionary Forcer, 1914-1915 van Hartesveldt
D744.6.T67.2005 The War Complexly World War II in Our Time Torgivnick
D756.5.G44.F67.1989* Assault on Germany Ford
D756.A52.1997* Citizen Soldiers Ambrose
D767.25.H6.N48.2004 Enola Gay and the Court of History Newman
D767.W8.R37.1996* The Southwest Pacific Campaign, 1941-1945 Rasor
D769.1.I74.1981* Power and Culture, the Japanese-American War, 1941-1945 Irene
D769.31.L45.1987* The Men of Company K: The Autobiography of a World War II Rifle Company Limbaugh, Campbell
D848.K87.2004 1968 Kurlansky
DA660.L52.2005 English Cathedrals Limber
DA86.22.D7.D83.2003 Drake: For God, Queen, and Plunder Dudley
DA963.L58.1995 The Irish Civil War, an Illustrated History Litton
DC33.2.E8.1969 Life in Medieval France Evans
DD247.E5.M813.2995 Criminal Case 40/61,, the Trial of Adolf Eichmann Mulisch
DD247.M46.P67.1986* Mengele, the Complete Story Posener, Ware
DF234.A3.P94.2004 Envy of the Gods: Alexander the Great's Ill-Fated Journey Across Asia Prevas
DF552.T64.2001 A Concise History of Byzantium Tereadgold
DF849.52.G47.2004 Red Acropolis, Black Terror Gerolymatos
DG494.M37.1988 Power and Imagination: City-states in Renaissance Italy Martines
DG735.6.W92.1988 The World of Renaissance Florence  
DH491.R8814.1973* Les Flamands Lanoo, Vander
DP99.L695.2005 A Vanished World: Medieval Spain's Golden Age of Enlightenment Lowney
DR576.p68.1997 Turkey Unveiled, a History of Modern Turkey Pope
DS135.G33.E57.2002 The Pity of it All: a Portrait of the German Jewish Epoch, 1732-1933 Elon
DS461.9.A1.E65.2004 The Mughal Throne, the Saga of India's Chief Emperors Eraly
DS518.8.M58.1990* The American Military and the Far East  
DS525.E44.2005 The Emergence of Modern Southeast Asia, a New History Owen, et al
DS558.O45.1991* When the Domino Fell: America and Vietnam, 1945-1990 Olson, Roberts
DS62.25.S3713.2004 The Middle East Under Rome Sartre
DS850.T68.1993 Early Modern Japan Totman
E169.12.T765.2004 Morning in America: How Ronald Reagan Invented the 1980's Troy
E178.6.P756.1999 Portrait of America, 2 vols. Oates
E185.6.D797.2005 The Illustrated Souls of Black Folk Du Bois
E185.63.W4.2005 We Were There: Voices of African-American Veterans from WW II to Iraq Latty
E185.F47.2003 How to Create Your Own African-American Library Ferebee
Reserve.E579.G76.1999 Mountain Rebels: East Tennessee Confederates and the Civil War, 1860-1870 Groce
E440.H65.2004 Lincoln at Cooper Union Holzer
E443.W59.2005 The Sounds of slavery White, White
E450.B735.2005 Bound for Canaan Bordewich
E451.R49.2005 John Brown, Abolitionist Reynolds
E470.45.M13.2004 The Uncivil War Mackey
E470.B33.2004 Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, Vol 6, Supp 2  
E608.F45.2002 Grant's Secret Service Feis
E621.F84.2001 Gangrene and Glory: Medical Care During the American Civil War Freemon
E661.7.Z35.1998 From Wealth to Power: The Unusual Origins of America's World Rule Zakaria
E668.F7.1961 Reconstruction after the Civil War Franklin
E668.S79.1965 The Era of Reconstruction, 1865-1877 Stampp
E741.A6.2000 Only Yesterday: An Informal History of the 1920's Allen
E745.M3.K55.2005 Lessons in Strategy and Leadership from General Douglas Macarthur Kinni, Kinni
E77.N553.2003 American Indians in U. S. History Nichols
E813.M26.1992 Truman McCullougfh
E83.76.D595.2005 Never Come for Peace Again Dixon
E840.6.M67.2005 The Best Year of Their Lives: Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon in 1948 Morrow
E842.9.A55.1964d The Warren Commission Report  
E843.M35.2003 The Kennedys Maier
E866.M54.2005 Gerald Ford and the Challenges of the 1970's Mieczkowski
E885.J63.2001 The Best of Times: America in the Clinton Years Johnson
E903.3.H56.2004 Chain of Command: The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib Hersh
E99.N5.M68.2005 Chief Joseph, Guardian of the People Moulton
F1219.3.A7.M55.2001 The Art of Mesoamerica, from Oleic to Aztec Miller
F128.47.T96.A28.2005 Boss Tweed Ackerman
F1409.7.M56.2003 The Darker Side of the Renaissance Mignolo
F2271.S245.2002 Colombia: Fragmented Land, Divided Society Safford, Palacios
F436.J666.1996 Every Day in Tennessee History  Jones
F442.2.H74.2003 Folklife along the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River Howell
F443.G75.2003* Treasured Times: Life in the Westview Area  
F443.G75.G819.2004 Stories from the South of Greene County Gregg
F444.V37.V37.2002* Windows on the Past: The Cultural History of Vadry  
G242.B67.1962 Tudor and Early Stuart Voyaging Penrose
G525.S26.1966* Post True Stories of Courage and Survival Saturday evening Post
GE115.G73.1994 How the Environment Works Gralla
GE155.A58.N65.2005 A Land Imperiled: The Declining Health of the Southern Appalachian Bioregion Nolt
GE50.Y68.2005 The Environment and Science, Social Impact and Interaction Young
GF504.N86.C85.2005 Northeast and Midwest United States, an Environmental History Cuimbler
GF541.H833.2005 The Mediterranean, an Environmental History Hughes
GN360.B69.2004 The Origin and Evolution of Cultures Boyd, Richerson
Oversize.GT4011.p37.h36.1988* Tournament of Roses, a Great American Tradition Hamlin
Oversize.GV867.R53.1965* The American Diamond Rickey, Riger
Oversize.GV875.A3.H66.1987* The National League Honig
GV1015.5.C63.V65.2002 The Volleyball Coaching Bible Shondell, Reynaud
GV23.S9.1994 The Ancient Olympic Games Swaddling
GV481.M55.2004 Fitness-Gram, Activity-Gram Test Administration Manual Meredith, Welk
GV568.M35.1995* Net Sports, Your Guide to Sports Mania on the Information Highway  
GV583.R3.1983* American Sports from the Age of Folk Games to the Age of Spectators Rader
GV583.R53.1994 The American Sporting Experience Riess
GV583.S66.1983* History of Sport and Physical Activity in the United States Spears, Swanson
GV583.S6824.1985* Sport in America, New Historical Perspectives Spivey
GV707.P73.1976* Press Box, Red Smith's Favorite Sports Stories Smith
GV709.18.U6.N55.1998 Nike is a Goddess: The History of Women and Sports Smith
GV709.24.W65.2000 Coaching Kids for Dummies  
GV837.T47.1996 Swimming, Steps to Success Thomas
GV837.W55.1994 The Complete Book of Swimming Whitten
GV863.A1.W53.1990* Men at Work, the Craft of Baseball Will
GV865.A1.D374.1998 They Missed It by That Much: Baseball Players Who Challenged the Record Books Debs
GV865.B4.P46.1988* The Wit and Wisdom of Yogi Berra Pepe
GV867.3.A97.1996 The Kids' World Almanac of Baseball Aylesworth
GV869.H55.1989* The Sluggers Holway
GV873.T48.1974* A Century of Baseball Lore Thorn
GV875.A15.D52.1982* The History of American League Baseball Since 1901 Dickey
GV875.B62.G45.2003*                                 The Complete Boston Red Sox Gentile
GV875.N4.S84.1982* Yankees, an Illustrated History Sullivan, Powers
GV877.B3354.1981* Baseball Rules Illustrated Sullivan
GV885.3.H55.1999 Basketball: Coaching for Success Hill
GV891.A39.2004 The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards Alciatore
GV939.A53.P96.1990* Bulldogs on Sunday, 1921  
GV943.8.C63.1995 Coaching Youth Soccer  
GV950.5.N37.1986* The Football Hall of shame Nash, Zullo
GV950.L92.1990* Green Gridirons Lowry
GV950.R221.1978* Great College Football Rivalries Rappoport
GV951.15.I44.1982* The Illustrated NFL Playbook  
GV953.5.A78.1998 Complete Conditioning for Football Arthur, Bailey
GV953.5.H55.2003 How to Get in Football Shape: Conditioning for Boys 14 and Older Hill, Watterson
GV953.5.H56.2003 How to Get in Football Shape: Strength Training for Boys 14 and Older Hill
GV955.5.U5.M21.1986* The All-Time United States Football League Register Maher
GV958.5.S59.B64.1974* Unforgettable Days in Southern Football Bolton
GV959.9.U6.C31.1990* The Tigers Roar, Professional in Ohio, 1903-09 Carroll
GV965.M134.1999 Golf for Dummies  
GV995.5.W67.M21.1990* Wiffle: The World Football League Chronicle Maher
HB142.F43.2004 Show Me the Numbers: Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten Few
HC103.I675.2005 The Industrial Revolution in America.  Iron and Steel  
HC103.I675.2005 The Industrial Revolution in America. Railroads  
HC103.I675.2005 The Industrial Revolution in America. Steam Shipping  
HC59.72.P6.S225.2005 The End of Poverty, Economic Possibilities for Our Time Sachs
HD1359.F74.1999 The Lexus and the Olive Tree Friedman
HD2339.U6.H37.2004 Sweatshop, the History of an American Idea Hapke
HD2356.U5.N44.1995 Managers and Workers Nelson
HD2745.J44.2000 The Board of Directors, 25 Keys to Corporate Governance Jennings
HD30.255.E5873.2004 Environmental Protection and the Social Responsibility of Firms Stavins, Victor
HD31.G588.2005 From the Ballfield to the Boardroom: Management Lessons from Sports Goff
HD31.V57.2004 Integrated Performance Management Verweire, Van den Berghe
HD38.2.B833.2005 The One Thing You Need to Know Buckingham
HD38.2.H25.2004 High Impact Middle Management Haneberg
HD38.25.U6.C66.2005 Leadership in a Diverse and Multicultural Environment Connerley, Pedersen
HD4870.U6.W35.1996 The Bill: How Legislation Really Becomes Law Waldman
HD4904.N673.2005 The Ugly Duckling Goes to Work Norgaard
HD57.7.F37.1996 Maximum Leadership Farkas,De Backer
HD57.7.M61.2002 The Five Pillars of Leadership Meyer, Slechta
HD57.7.S48.1997 Beyond Counterfeit Leadership Shelton
HD57.7.U453.2005 Soldier, Statesman, Peacemaker: Leadership Lessons from George C. Marshall Uldrich
HD59.2.M368.1998 Creating the Corporate Soul Marchand
HD60.B858.2005 Managing a Company in an Activist World Burke
HD60.L96.2004 Corporations and the Public Interest Lydenberg
HD62.6.A45.2005 Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Corporations Allison, Kaye
HD69.B7.W553.2005 Brand Hijack: Marketing Without Marketing Wiipperfurth
HD69.T54.C659.1999 Time Management Cook
HD75.6.B683.2004 Hooked on Growth Booth
HD8072.5.R45.2000 The Future of Success: Working and Living in the New Economy Reich
HD9502.U54.E5736.2005 Conspiracy of Fools Eichenwald
HD9581.U53.A8668.2005 The Natural Gas Industry in Appalachia Waples
HD9969.S6.R58.2005 The travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy Rivoli
HE151.C88.1990* Transportation Coyle, Bardi, Cavinato
HE9803.A4.C36.1989* Unfriendly Skies: Revelations of a Deregulated Airline Pilot "X", Dotson
HF1713.F735.2005 Free Trade Peloso
HF5415.E796.2005 Ethical Marketing Murphy, et al
HF5549.5.M6.S61.2005 The Enthusiastic Employee Sirota, Mischkind,Meltzer
HF5549.5.M63.D87.2005 The Loyalty Advantage Durkin
HF5718.F84.2005 Why Business People Speak Like Idiots: a Bullfighter's Guide Fugere, Hardaway, Warshawsky
HF5718.M549.2005 How to Say It for Executives Mindell
HF5823.S364.1976* The Successful Promoter Schwarz
HF5831.S44.2005 Endorsements in Advertising, a Social History Segrave
HG2563.M275.B74.2004 Chairman of the Fed Bremner
HG4028.D5.O84.2005* Beating the S & P With Dividends O'Shea, Worrall
HM1261.B37.2005 John F. Kennedy on Leadership Barnes
HM51.E89.1998 The Essential Sociology Reader Thompson
HM51.S66235.1993 Social Theory, the Multicultural and Classic Readings Lemert
HM585.M35.2002 The Practical Skeptic, Core Concepts in Sociology McIntyre
HM786.S63.2003 The Sociology of Organizations Handel
HM846.F75.2005 The World is Flat; A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century Friedman
HM881.T55.2004 Social Movements, 1768-1004 Tilly
HN29.A46.1995 The Survey Research Handbook Settle
HN31.M36.2005 The Beloved Community Marsh
HN385.B47.1975 Mid-Victorian Britain, 1851-70 Best
HQ1075.5.G7.P66.1988 Uneven Developments Poovey
HQ1149.I8.G48.1998 Gender and Society in Renaissance Italy Brown, Davis
HQ1596.W6.1996 A Vindication of the Rights of Woman Wallstonecraft
HQ1767.U53.2001 Under Confucian Eyes: Writings on Gender in Chinese History Mann, Cheng
HQ513.D8.1978 Medieval Marriage Duby
HT115.P68.2005 The Medieval City Pounds
HV5020.S6813.1990 A History of Alcoholism Sournia
HV6773.52.A47.2005 Hate Crimes Altschiller
JA79.T575.2005 Restoring Responsibility: Ethics in Government, Business, and Healthcare Thompson
JC330.3.A95.2003b Nothing to Fear: Lessons in Leadership from FDR Axelrod
JK1759.E37.2006 To the Flag: The Unlikely History of the Pledge of Allegiance Ellis
K1401.C48575.2005 Hot Property: The Stealing of Ideas in an Age of Globalization Choate
KF32.I34.1974 The Impeachment Report (Richard M. Nixon)  
KF4155.W35.2005 Educational Adequacy and the Courts Walker
KF7642.F58.R63.1994 The Court Martial of Lieutenant Henry Flipper Robinson
KF7661.F57.2005 Military Tribunals and Presidential Power Fisher
KFF373.C378.A4.2005 A Matter of Law Carter
LA212.S353.2001 School: The Story of American Public Education  
LB1139.35.P55.C48.2004 Children's Play, the Roots of Reading Zigler, et al
Reserve.LB2367.75.P73.2003 Pre-Professional Skills Tests  
LB3011.E34.2000 Classroom Discipline and Management Edwards
LC2042.B95.1984 Victorian Education and the Idea of Womanhood Burstyn
LC214.2.M67.2004 Remember: The Journey to School Integration Morrison
LC2717.L33.1994 The Dreamkeepers, Successful Teachers of African-American Children Ladsdon-Billings
ML3551.R67.2005 The Rose and the Briar Wilentz, Marcus
N5925.L34.1992 Art of the Celts Laing, Laing
N5975.B46.2002 Art of the Middle Ages Benton
N6250.M33.1998 Byzantium: From Antiquity to the Renaissance Mathews
N7350.S7.2000 Japanese Art Stanley-Baker
N7380.K36.2000 Contemporary African Art Sidney, Littlefield, Kasfir
NA705.P5.1980 American Buildings and their Architects Pierson
NA707.D68.2003 Architecture in Colonial America Donnelly
ND205.R67.2004 The Invention of Painting in America Rosand
ND699.C5.H31.1994 The Life and Works of Chagall Harris
P92.U5.W75.2004 Chronology of Communication in the United States Wright
PC2112.S68.1991* Le Pont Neuf, French Grammar in Review Stack
PC2112.S7.1969* Reading French in the Arts and Sciences Stack
Oversize.PJ1555.E5.f38.1998 The Egyptian Book of the Dead  
PN1009.A1.L84.2002 A Critical Handbook of Children's Literature Lukens
PN161.N55.2005 Some Writers Deserve to Starve Niles
PN167.B68.2004 The Plagiarism Plague Bowman
Reserve.PN1992.8.v55.s55.2005 Violence in the Media Signorielli
PN1992.3.U5.R64.2005 From Daytime to Primetime, the History of American Television Programs Roman
PN1992.6.B32.1998 Down the Tube: An Inside Account of the Failure of American Television Baker, Dessart
PN3355.B88.2005 From Where You Dream, the Process of Writing Fiction Butler
PN5417.O24.G36.2004* A Public Betrayed Watanabe
PQ1842.A485.1963* Tartuffe Moliere
PQ2459.C55.1955* Emile Verhaeren Christophe
PQ2609.R45.H47.1959* Franz Hellens Ayguesparse
PQ2625.O2.V5.1968* Le Vin Profond Norge
PQ2631.R425.H3.1967* La Haute Note Jaune Prevot
PQ2635.A736.R26.1965* Les Contes Du Whisky Ray
PQ2643.A349.V51.1969* Poetes d'aujourd'hui Vandercammen
PQ26605.H42193.M63.1969* Achille Chavee Miguel
PQ2670.U4.Z68.1972* Hubert Juin  
PQ3843.P36.1976* Panorama de  la poesie Francaise de Belgique Wouters
PQ7797.B635.Z853.2004 Borges, a Life Williamson
PR4030.1981* Jane Austen, Her Complete Novels  
PR5841.W8.Z717.2005 Vindication Gordon
PR6011.O58.L6.1962*  The Longest Journey Forster
PR6054.E37.C5.1992 City of Gold Deighton
PS33620.R3287.T76.2004 The Adventures of the Librarian, Quest for the Spear tracy
PS3537.A426.1991 The Catcher in the Rye Salinger
PS3551.L25.A85.1997 The American Dream/The Zoo Story Albee
PS3551.N464.Z465.1997 The Heart of a Woman Angelou
PS3562.E9.AA6.1991 Philip Levine, New Selected Poems Levine
PT6466.28.A3.R13.1976* Les Voyageurs de L'Anti-Temps Raes
PZ3,W4696.Th.1993 Thirteen Stories Wlety
QA76.17.E78.2004 Jacquard's Web: How a Hand Loon Led to the Birth of the Information Age Essinger
QC24.5.L38.2005 A Different Universe Laughlin
QH104.5.M45.S64.1983 Seacoast Life Spitsbergen
QH313.W55.1999 The Diversity of Life Wilson
QH442.2.W545.2000 The Second Creation Wilmut, Campbell, Tudge
QH541.S654.2003* Stability of Life on Earth Kondratyev
QH76.B57.2005 Nature's Keepers Birchard
QK45.2.D39.2005 The Nature of Plants Dawson, Lucas
QK495.C785.C37.2005 Dogwoods Cappilleo, Shadow
QL373.C23.K75.2005 Forest Cats of North America: Cougars, Bobcats, Lynx Kobalenko
QL561.D3.S337.2004 The Last Monarch Butterfly Schappett
QL605.P68.`995 Vertebrate Life Pough
QL666.C536.D37.2001 Fire in the Turtle House Davidson
Oversize.QL737.C4.S489.2004 Whales and Dolphins of the World Simmonds
QL737.S63.D54.1992 The Call of the Siren: Manatees and Dugongs Dietz
QL737.U63.C86.1997 Horn of Darkness: Rhinos on the Edge Cunningham, Berger
QL751.M22.1992 An Introduction to Animal Behavior Manning, Dawkins
QL758.H32.2005 Man the Hunted: Primates, Predators, Human Evolution Hart, Sussman
QL805.M36.1999 A Practical Guide to Vertebrate Mechanics McGowan
QL84.2.C47.1996 The Company We Keep: America's Endangered Species Chadwick, Sartore
R726.8.K385.2005 And a Time to Die: How American Hospitals Shape the End of Life Kaufman
RA 639.T676.2005 Beasts of the Earth: Animals, Humans, and Disease Torrey, Yolken
RA390.F8.B67.2004 Hope in Hell: Inside the World of Doctors Without Borders Bortolotti
RA418.3.U6.H436.2004 Healthy, Wealthy, and FAIR: Health Care and the Good Society Morone, Jacobs
RA427.A446.2003 Advances in Health Care Organization Theory Mick, Wyttenbach
RA485.P685.2001 Poverty, Inequality, and Health in Britain Smith, Dorlinghaw
RC1230.M38.2005 When Winning Costs Too Much McCloskey, Bailes
RC899.S28.2005 Dr. Peter Scardino's Prostate Book Scardino, Kelman
RJ506.C65.S33.2003 Epidemic, the Rot of American Culture Shaw
RJ506.S39.G81.2005 Violent Adolescents: Understanding the Destructive Impulse Greenwood
RM332.B833.2001 The Anti-Depressant Fact Book Breggin
SB931.W249.2005 Insights from Insects: What Bad Bugs Can Teach Us Waldbauer
T11.P392.2001 The Elements of Technical Writing Pearsall
T11.W65.1990 Writing Up Qualitative Research Wolcott
T385.L6926.2003 Power Point 2003 for Dummies Lowe
Oversize.TA1009.C59.1976* The Encyclopedia of Transportation  
TD190.5.C66.2005 Silent Snow: The Slow Poisioning of the Arctic Cone
TD788.M45.2005 Garbage in the Cities: Refuse, Reform, and the Environment Melosi
TD883.2.S77.1999 Smokestacks and Progressives Stradling
TR898.t23.2003 The Encyclopedia of Animation Techniques Taylor
Oversize.TT157.B2.1978* The Yankee Magazine of Forgotten Arts Bacon
UB271.R9.T83.1986* The T Directorate Tuck
UG626.2.M57.C66.2002 Billy Mitchell Cooke
Oversize.UG628.t39.1988* Encyclopedia of the World's Air Forces Taylor
Z1037.C66.2004 Books to Grow With Coon
Z473.N68.A4.1998 Dear Genius: The Letters of Ursula Nordstrom Marcus
Z674.75.w67.d386.2004 Web site Design with the Patron in Mind, a Step-by-Step Guide for Libraries Davidsen, Yankee
Z674.75.W67.N67.2002 Usability Testing for Library Web Sites, a Hands-on Guide Norlin, Winters
Z675.S3.N13.2003 Integrating Information Literacy into the College Experience Nims, et al
ZA3075.B87.2003 Teaching Information Literacy Burkhardt, et al