New Books
 June 2003
(325 Titles)

Call number Title Author
BD450.D665.2002 The Wild Girl, Natural Man, and the Monster Douthwaite
BF1078.N45.1993 New Directions in Dream Interpretation Delaney
BF311.P375.2001 Perspectives on Thinking, Learning & Cognitive Styles Sternberg, Zhang
BF575.D35.M43.2001 Meaning Reconstruction and the Experience of Loss Neimeyer
BF637.L53.T87.2001 Turns in the Road: Narrative Stories of Life in Transition McAdams et al
BF697.5.S46.M78.1999 Self-esteem: Research, Theory and Practice Mruk
BF713.B565.2002 Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Social Development Smith, Hart
BF789.D4.K372.2000 The Psychology of Death Kastenbaum
BJ1031.C57.2003 The Good, the Bad, and the Difference Cohen
BL1212.72.S53.2001 Classical Hindu Thought Sharma
BL2001.2.H56 Hindu Myths O'Flaherty
BL2525.B66.1998 Under the Cope of Heaven Bonomi
BL263.W593.2002 Where Darwin Meets the Bible Witham
BL723.M67.2003 Classical Mythology Morford, Lenardon
BP161.3.M87.2003 The Muslim World Orens
BP170.F56.2001 Silent No More: Confronting America's False Images of Islam Findley
BP50.A69.2002 Islam, A Short History Armstrong
BR166.M44.2003 The First Urban Christians Meeks
BS186.N53.2003 God's Secretaries Nicolson
BT315.2.T74.1997 The Journey of the Magi Trexler
BV656.H36.2002 Redeeming the Dial: Radio, Religion & Popular Culture in America Hangen
BX7990.H6.B87.1993 Serpent-Handling Believers Burton
World History    
D1065.U5.K26.2003 Of Paradise and Power Kagan
D16.8.L377.1998 Why History Matters Lerner
D273.7.B53.2002 European International Relations, 1648-1815 Black
D626.G3.H67.2001 German Atrocities, 1914, A History of Denial Horne, Kramer
DA16.F47.2003 Empire Ferguson
DA334.A1.W55.2003 In the Lion's Court Wilson
DA40.S44.2002 A History of Britain Schama
DC220.3.P63.2003 The Terror Before Trafalgar Pocock
DF805.P38.2000 The Greek War of Independence Parouk
DG260.C5.E94.2001 Cicero Everitt
DG314.C67.2000 The Empire of the Tetrarchs Corcoran
DJK19.H64.1994 Exit Into History Hoffman
DK510.763.S492.2003 Putin's Russia Shevtsova
DS135.G5.F58455.2003 The Hidden Life of Otto Frank Leming
DS135.P62.J444.2001 Neighbors Gross
DS318.84.K48.M65.2000 Khomeini, Life of the Ayatollah Moin
DS318.9.A23.2003 Answering Only to God Abdo, Lyons
DS371.2.S665.2002 The Soviet-Afgan War Grau, Gress
DS371.3.G66.2001 Afghanistan's Endless War Goodson
DS557.8.I18.M66.1992 We Were Soldiers Once. . .and Young Moore, Galloway
DS558.8.M532.2001 The Eleven Days of Christmas Michel 
DS558.B467.2001 No Peace, No Honor Berman
DS558.K37.1997 Vietnam, a History Karnow
DS558.L54.1999 Light at the End of the Tunnel Rotter
DS63.1.H856.2001 Between Memory and Desire: The Middle East in a Troubled Age Humphreys
DS777.533.A86.R44.2002 Horror in the East: Japan & the Atrocities of World War II Rees
DS920.2.C46.Z46.2002 Red Wings Over the Yalu Zhang
DT352.5.c48.2002 The End of Empire in French West Africa Chafer
U.S. History    
E112.S82.1992 American Holocaust, the Conquest of the New World Stannard
E169.12.J46.2002 In Search of America Jennings, Brewster
E175.F58.2002 History's Memory Fitzpatrick
E183.M873.2003 Hellfire Nation Morone
E184.A1.R53 Ripples of Hope Gotthemeier
E185.61.W745.2002 The Reconstruction Segregation Debate Wilson
E185.63.B93.2001b American Patriots Buckley
E235.B85.2002 The Penobscot Expedition Buker
E302.6.F8.M86.2002 Benjamin Franklin Morgan
E333.K46.2003 Mr. Jefferson's Lost Cause Kennedy
E333.K85.2003 A Wilderness So Immense Kukla
E333C465.2003 Jefferson's Great Gamble Cerami
E342.W55.2002 James Madison Wills
E377.R46.2002 John Quincy Adams Remini
E415.7.V65.2001 Voices From the Gathering Storm Linden
E417.D87.2003 Slavemaster, President Dusinberre
E441.B47.2003 Generations of Captivity: a History of African-American Slaves Berlin
E457.2.M643.2003 Lincoln's Virtues Miller
E457.25.K55,F58.2003 Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Keckly Fleischner
E468.9.F84.1990, v.1 The Road to Disunion: Secessionists at Bay,1776-1854 Freehling
E470.B33.2002 V.5 Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, Vol. 5 Cozzens
E540.N3.B63.2002 Black Soldiers in Blue: African-American Troops in the Civil War Era Smith
E547.6F.J8.1996 The Campaigns of General Nathan Bedford Forrest Jordan, Pryor
E599.A4.H56.2001 The Hunt for the Albemarle Hinds
E600.B86.2003 From Cape Charles to Cape Fear Browning
E600.B87.2002 Success is All That Was Expected Browning
E661.7.Z35.1999 From Wealth to Power Zakaria
E668.R5.2001 The Death of Reconstruction Richardson
E77.2.A476.2001 American Nations Hoxie, Mancall, Merrell
E77.I94.1998 We Are Still Here: American Indians in the Twentieth Century Iverson
E77.P14.2003 In the Hands of the Great Spirit Page
E78.A66.A73.2001 Archaeology of the Appalachian Highlands Sullivan, Prezzano
E78.E2.N37.1979 Native North American Spirituality of the Eastern Woodlands Tooker
E78.S65.T75.1994 Tribes of the Southern Woodlands Time-Life Books
E83.775.C35.1995 The American Revolution in Indian Country Calloway
E881.H34.2002 War in a Time of Peace Halberstam
E885.B467.2001 From the Center to the Edge Berman
E895.K65.2002 Another Century of War? Kolko
E903.3.W66.2002 Bush at War Woodward
E93.P9654.1995 Great Father: The United States Government & the Amer. Indians Prucha
E98.E85.N34.1997 American Indian Ethnic Renewal Nagel
E98.F6.Z58.2003 Zitkala-sa: American Indian Stories, Legends, & Other Writings Davidson, Norris
E98.M4.M43.2001 Medicine Ways Trafzer, Weiner
E98.P76.C66.1999 Contemporary Native American Political Issues Johnson
E98.R28.C66.2002 Confounding the Color Line Brooks
E98.S67.C66.1999 Contemporary Native American Cultural Issues Champagne
E98.T77.S55.2000 Modern Tribal Development Smith
E98.T77.W545.2002 American Indian Politics & the American Political System Wilkins
E99.C5.M382.1999 Cherokee Proud McClure
E99.N3.I88.2002 Dine: a History of the Navajos Iverson
F216.G66.2001 The Day Dixie Died Goodrich
F2169.R43.1996 Spirits of the Jaguar Reddish
F2831.L685.2002 Argentina, A Short History Lewis
F290.H33.1984 The Roots of Southern Populism Hahn
Anthropology, Geology, Ecology  
G322.M46.2003 1421: the Year China Discovered America Menzies
GC65.B274.2001 Adventures in Ocean Exploration Ballard
GE180.M33.2003 Making Sense of Intractable Environmental Conflicts Lewicki, Gray, Elliott
GE220.E585.2002 The Environmental Justice Reader Adamson, Eaans, Stein
GF75.B73.2002 Ecocide Broswimmer
GN281.J62.2003 The Descent of Men Jones
GR780.J66.2001 The Green Mantle Jordan
Sports & Recreation    
GV1060.73.E93.2003 Triathelete's Edge: Advanced Training for Performance Evans
GV344.K57.2001 Assessing Clinical Proficiencies in Athletic Training Knight
GV706.32.S75.2002 Sports Matters: Race, Recreation, and Culture Bloom, Willard
GV707.M45.1994 Men in Sports Aymar
GV709.K56.1994 A Kind of Grace: A Treasury of Sportswriting by Women Rapoport
GV711.5.H59.2001 High-Performing Sports Conditioning Foran
GV863.A1.K56.2003 Baseball in Blue and Gray Kirsch
Economics, Management    
HB615.K6137.2003 The Change Makers Klein
HC105.K87.1996 The Agararian Origins of American Capitalism Kulikoff
HC108.N7.K47.2003 Capital City Kessner
HD1527.S85.H86.2002 The Human Cost of Food Thompson, Wiggins
HD1691.R67.2001 Every Drop for Sale Rothfeder
HD2721.M45.2003 The Company Micklethwait, Woolridge
HD38.25.U6.K7.2003 What the Best CEO'S Know Krames
HD42.P47.2003 When You Say Yes But Mean No Perlow
HD6077.2.U6.J66.2002 Mama Learned Us to Work Jones
HD9502.A2.G42.2003 Energy Revolution Geller
HF3495.S68.2003 Power and Profit Spufford
HF5548.8.P3996.2001 Personality Psychology in the Workplace Roberts, Hogan
HF5615.U5.F534.2003 2003 U.S. Master GAAP Guide Jarnagin
HM1106.D47.2000 The Pursuit of Attention, Power and Ego in Everyday Life Derber
HM131.C74275x.1996 Common Fire Parks Daloz
HN79.T23.C666.1998 Rebuilding the Southern Rura Community Hoffschwelle
HQ1413.R36.S65.2002 Jeanette Rankin, America's Conscience Smith
HQ536.A54653.2003 The American Family Duda
HQ834.W362.2001 The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce Wallerstein, et al
HQ834.W575.1997 The Divorce Culture Whitehead
HS2230.K63.W33.1998 The Fiery Cross, the Ku Klux Klan in America Wade
Criminal Justice    
HV4915.B58.1994 The Monkey Wars Blum
HV4915.R47.1998 Responsible Conduct With Animals in Research Hart
HV4915.S495.2002 Animals and Science Shanks
HV6432.F75.2002 Longitudes and Attitudes Friedman
HV8073.F5835.2003 Forensic Science James, Nordby
HV8964.S65.A76.2003 Gulag: a History Applebaum
Political Science    
JC423.Z35.2003 The Future of Freedom Zakaria
JC83.L464.2001 Empire of Honour Lendon
JK1021.P38.2002 Party, Process, and Political Change in Congress Brady, McCubbins
JK116.H45.2003 Peace Pact: The Lost World of the American Founding Hendrickson
JK1764.S544.2003 Diminished Democracy Skocpol
JK1896.W48.1993 New Women of the New South Wheeler
JK1911.T2.V68.1995 Votes for Women! Wheeler
JK411.L49.2003 Presidents and  the Politics of Agency Design  Lewis
JK468.E7.M33.2002 Scandal Proof: Do Ethics Laws Make Government Ethical? Mackenzie
JK516.P657.2000 The Presidency Then and Now Henderson
JV6109.I34.1999 Identities on the Move Goldin
KF379.F45.2000 American Legal Thought from Pre-Modernism to Post-Modernism Feldman
KF385.A4.F7.2002 American Law in the Twentieth Century Friedman
KF4541.A2.U53.1989 An Uncertain Tradition Hall, Ely
KF4772.S45.1993 The First Amendment, Democracy, and Romance Shiffrin
KF4937.O43.2001 Congressional Procedures and the Policy Process Oleszek
KF8205.C49.2003 Perversions of Justice: Indigenous Peoples & Anglo-American Law Churchill
KF8205.W527.1997 American Indian Sovereignty & the U.S. Supreme Court Wilkins
KF8228.C5.G37.2002 The Legal Ideaology of Removal Garrison
KF8475.D6.M87.2003 Wild Bill: The Legend and Life of William O. Douglas Murphy
KF8742.S444.1998 Keeping the Faith: A Cultural History of the Supreme Court Semonche
KZ4282.B69.2003 Palestine, Palestinians and International Law Boyle
LB2831.9.P75.2002 The Principal Challenge Tucker, Codding
LC1091.C524.2002 Citizenship Education and the Curriculum Scott, Lawson
LC220.5.D86.2000 Reaching Out to Children and Families Dunlap
Fine Arts    
ML3531.K48.2002 Rap Music and Street Consciousness Keyes
N6490.H42.2002 Why a Painting is Like a Pizza Heller
Language & Literature    
P40.T75.2000 Sociolinguistics Trudgill
P92.U5.B345.1997 The Republic of Mass Culture Baughman
PA3003.C55.2002 Classics in Progress: Essays on Ancient Greece and Rome Wiseman
PA78.U6.H36.2002 Who Killed Homer?  Hanson, Heath
PK1722.A2.L35.2001 Rabindranath Tagore, Three Plays Lal
PN4731.A389.1998 From Milton to McLuhan Altschull
PN4749.P83.2000 Public Journalism and Political Knowledge Eksterowicz, Roberts
PN4756.I34.1998 Good News, Bad News Iggers
PN4756.K63.1990 The News As Myth Koch
PN4784.S6.F56.2001 Sportswriting, the Lively Game Fink
PN4888.C59.P37.1990 The Power of the Financial Press Parsons
PN4888.E8.G66.1999 Groping for Ethics in Journalism Smith
PN81.B5415.1997 The Happy Critic Birenbaum
PQ2637.A274.Z829.1996 St. Exupery, a Biography Schiff
Science & Math    
Q124.95.T47.2002 Lost Discoveries Teresi
Q125.C685.2002 Robert Grosseteste & the Origins of Exp. Science, 1100-1700 Crombie
Q143.M28.T47.2002 The Man Who Flattened the Earth Terrall
Q175.55.G68.2003 The Hedgehog, the Fox, and the Magister's Fox Gould
QA29.N25.N37.2001 A Beautiful Mind Nasar
QC15.C76.2001 Great Physicists Cropper
QC271.S44.2002 A Matter of Degrees Segre
QC6.C62.2001 The Hole in the Universe Cole
QC882.S36.2002 Air Pollution Meteorology Scorer
QE508.G68.1987 Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle Gould
QE707.C63.J34.2000 The Gilded Dinosaur Jaffe
Life Sciences    
QH104.B46.1989 The Field Guide to Wildlife Habitats Benyus
QH104.S73.2002 The State of the Nation's Ecosystems Heinz Center
QH31.W2.S44.2002 In Darwin's Shadow Shermer
QH332.F68.2001 Bringing Life to Ethics Fox
QH332.L54.2002 Life Science Ethics Comstock
QH353.B28.2002 A Plague of Rats and Rubbervines Baskin
QH353.D48.1998 Alien Invasion: America's Battle with Non-Native Animals & Plants Devine
QH366.2.G663.2002 The Structure of Evolutionary Theory Gould
QH366.2.P54.2002 Denying Evolution: Creationism, Scientism& the Nature of Science Pigliucci
QH442.2.H85.2002 The Human Cloning Debate McGee
QH445.2.W46.2002 Who Owns Life? Magnus, Caplan, McGee
QH45.5.G735.2002 I Have Landed Gould
QH541.15.M64.M658.2003 Monitoring Ecosystems Busch, Trexler
QH541.5.R27.N53.1994 The Mighty Rain Forest Nichol
QH541.5.S7.C87.2001 Streams, Their Ecology and Life Cushing, Allan
QH549.5.P52.2002 Plant-Animal Interactions Herrera, Pellmyr
QH600.5.B35.2003 The X in Sex Bainbridge
QH77.C6.C64.2003 The Tiger and the Pangolin Coggins
Botany, Biology etc.    
QK110.M68.2002 Trees of North America Mitchell
QK115.C72.2002 A Naturalist's Guide to Wetland Plants Cox
QK636,P98.M473.2003 Elephant Destiny Meredith
QK754.5.B66.2002 Ecological Climatology Bonan
QL506.P74.1991 Grasshoppers & Mantids of the World Preston-Mafham
QL520.2.U6.D87.2000 Dragonflies Through Binoculars Dunkle
QL561.L3.F58.1993 The Tent Caterpillars Fitzgerald
QL625.F55.1989 Fishes Filisky
QL638.L26.W45.2000 a Fish Caught in Time Weinberg
QL666.C925.S82.1997 Alligators, Prehistoric Presence in the American Landscape Strawn
QL673.F37.1997 Discovering Birds Farber
QL737.C23.D35.1999 Cougar! Danz
QL737.P9.P664.1998 The Primate Anthology Ciochon, Nisbett
QL737.P96.W3213.1989 Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex Among Apes de Waal
QL753.H45.2003 Winter World Heinrich
QL82.H69.1994 Animals in Peril Hoyt
QL82.W45.2002 The Ghost With Trembling Wings Weidensaul
Human Anatomy,  Exercise    
QP301.H635.2002 Physiological Aspects of Sport Training and Performance Hoffman
QP301.I65.2000 Introduction to Exercise Science Housh, Housh
QP301.I652.2001 Introduction to Exercise Science Brown 
QP301.M1149.2000 Essentials of Exercise Physiology (and student guide) McArdle, Katch, Katch
QP303.I82.2000 Isokinetics in Human Performance Brown
QP303.P26.2001 Biomechanics in the Musculoskeletal System Panjabi, White
QP310.R85.H45.2002 Why We Run, A Natural History Heinrich
QP82.2.S8.S38.2002 The End of Stress As We Know It McEwen, Lasley
QP84.C354.2002 Human Growth and Development Cameron
QR41.2.S235.2001 Microbiology Salyers, Whitt
QR534.3.S74.2003 An Introduction to Seismology, Earthquakes & Earth Structure Stein, Wysession
Medicine & Allied Health     
RA11.H54.2003 Protecting America's Health Hilts
RA413.5.U5.A5334.2001 Reimbursement for Athletic Trainers Albohm
RA565.D385.2002 When Smoke Ran Like Water Davis
RA641.R2.H46.1999 More Cunning Than Man Hendrickson
RA643.Z55.2003 Killer Germs Zimmerman, Zimmerman
RA776.W563.1989 Essential Life Choices: Health Concepts and Strategies Whitney, Sizer
RA777.8.S545.2002 The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men's Health Simon
RA781.63.S356.2003 The Scientific & Clinical Application of Elastic Resistance Page, Ellenbecker
RC1210.F365.2002 The Female Athlete Ireland, Native
RC1210.H28.2000 Professional Behaviors in Athletic Training Hannam
RC1210.P726.2002 Arnheim's Principles of Athletic Training Prentice
RC1235.W56.2000 The Athletic Trainer's Guide to Strength & Endurance Training Wiksten, Peters
RC183.1.H66.2002 Smallpox, the Greatest Killer in History Hopkins
RC489.P7.B475.2000 Foundations of Psychodrama Blatner
RC86.7.B68.2001b Emergency Care Limmer, et al
RC87.9.T49.2002 CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer American Red Cross
RC927.3.K67.2001 The Manual of Trigger Point and Myofascial Therapy Kostopoulos, Rizopoulos
RD732.3.C48.E87.2001 Essentials of Musculoskeletal Care Greene
RD779.C56.1996 Clinical Biomechanics of the Lower Extremities Valmassy
RD781.D59.1999 Disorders of the Heel, Rear Foot, and Ankle Ranawat, Positano
RD97.C87.2001 Current Topics in Musculoskeletal Medicine DeCarlo, Oneacre
RJ504.P75.1996 Psychosocial Treatments for Childhood & Adolescent Disorders Hibbs, Jensen
RM700.P78.2002 Therapeutic Modalities for Physical Therapists Prentice
Agriculture & Veterinary Science  
SB745.A67.1998 An Appalachian Tragedy Sierra Club
SD131.W53.2002 Defrosting the Earth Williams
SD565.K66.2002 Federalism in the Forest Koontz
SF140.B54.A58.2002 Animal Biotechnology: Science-based Concerns Nat'l Research Council
SF459.S5.M36.1994 Garter and Ribbon Snakes Mara
SH213.2.P38.2003 In a Perfect Ocean Pauly, Maclean
SK592.U6.G74.1999 Animal Underworld Green
Technology, Photography, Food Sciences  
T10.5.M65.2003 The Chicago Guide to Communicating Science Montgomery
T173.8.J67.2002 Industrial Nature Josephson
T174.7.M85.2002 Our Moleccular Future Mulhall
TD223.G58.2002 Water Follies Glennon
TD345.G633.2002 The World's Water Gleick
TN15.L96.2002 Mining in World History Lynch
TR15.M273.2002 Photography, a Cultural History Marien
TT23.6.M65.2000 Mountainman Crafts and Skills Montgomery
TX361.A8.C55.2000 Clinical Sports Nutrition Burke, Deakin
TX361.A8.N89.2001 Nutritional Applications in Exercise and Sport Wolinsky, Driskell
Military Science    
U860.C54.2002 By the Sword Cohen
UA42.U95.2002 The Militia, and the Right to Arms Uviller, Merkel
UC333.L4.2002 Perilous Missions Leary
REF.BL238.L66.2002 Fundamentalists and Extremists Long
REF.E76.2.P75.1998 A Native American Encyclopedia: History, Culture, and Peoples Pritzker
REF.E76.2.W35.1999 Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes Waldman
REF.E78.E2.B72.2001 The Columbia Guide to American Indians of the Northeast Bragdon
REF.E93.A44.1985 American Indian Policy in the Twentieth Century Vine, Deloria
REF.E98.R3.G46.1994 Dictionary of Native American Mythology Gill, Sullivan
REF.G1101.K3.C6.1995 The Conservation Atlas of Tropical Forests: the Americas Harcourt, Sayer
REF.G1106.E1.W3.2000 Atlas of the North American Indian Waldman
REF.HQ1236.R29.2001 Encyclopedia of Women Social Reformers Rappaport
REF.JK6.G58.2003 2003 Government Phone Book USA  
REF.KF190.C43.2003 Chambers USA, America's Leading Business Lawyers  
REF.KF4208.5.S34.M66.2002 Evolution in the Courtroom, A Reference Guide Moore
REF.KF8202.1999 Documents of American Indian Diplomacy Deloria, DeMa`llie
REF.LB28.22.S82.2001 Standards & Schooling in the United States, an Encyclopedia Kincheloe, Weil
REF.LC4704.5.T82.2002 The Encyclopedia of Learning Disabilities Turkington, Harris
REF.PN41.C83.1999 The Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms & Literary Theory Cud don
REF.PN4783.A83.2O02 The Associated Press Stylebook & Briefing on American Law  
REF.PR8706.C66.2000 Oxford Concise Companion to Irish Literature Welch
REF.Q121.T74.2003 The Nature of Science  
REF.QA5.F35.1999 The Facts on File Dictionary of Mathematics  
REF.QC5.F34.1999 The Facts on File Dictionary of Physics  
REF.QD5.F33.1999 The Facts on File Dictionary of Chemistry  
REF.QE5.F318.2000 The Facts on File Dictionary of Earth Science  
REF.QH302.5.F38.1999 The Facts on File Dictionary of Biology  
REF.QH541.15.B65.L54.2002 Life on Earth: An Encyclopedia of Biodiversity, ecology & Evolution Elderedge
REF.QL548.B76.2003 Butterflies of North America Brock, Kaufman
REF.QL.681.S497.2003 The Sibley Guide to Birds of Eastern North America Sibley
REF.QL696.P2438.B425.2002 Sparrows of the United States and Canada Beadle, Rising
REF.QL696.F3.C59.2001 Hawks of North America clark, Wheeler
REF.QL737.C23.S863.2002 Wild Cats of the World Sunquist
REF.QM151.C83.1990 Visualizing Muscles Cody
REF.QM455.B633.1998 The Brain Atlas Hanaway, Woolsey, Gado, Roberts
REF.QR81.B46.2001, V.1 Bergey's Manual of systematic Bacteriology, Vol 1  
REF.RC1206.B475.2002 Quick Reference Dictionary for Athletic Training Bernler
REF.RD732.5.G36.2001 Orthopedics at a Glance: a Handbook of Disorders, etc. Gann
REF.RG133.5.K73.2002 Reproductive Rights and Technology Kranz
REF.RS171.F67.1997 An Instant Guide fo Medicinal Plants Forey, Lindsay
REF.S920.C64.2003 2003 Conservation Directory  
REF.T55.9.F8.2002 Critical Evaluations in Business and Management Wood, Wood