New Books
 July 2003 
(210 titles)

Call no. Title Author
REF.CT213.A68.2002 American National Biography, Supplement 1  
REF.DG270.B86.2002 Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire Bunson
REF.DT58.B96.1999 The Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt Bunson
REF.E169.1.G7555.2002  The Greenwood Guide to American Popular Culture Inge, Hall
REF.LC151.L487.2002 Literacy in America, An Encyclopedia of History, Theory & Practice Guzzetti
REF.PN44.5.H37.2000 A Glossary of Contemporary Literary Theory Hawthorn
REF.QL84.2.B88.2003 America's National Wildlife Refuges, A Complete Guide Butcher
REF.RA785.S78.2002 Stress-related Disorders Sourcebook Shannon
Philosophy, Psychology Religion                                                                            
BJ1470.5.G55.2000 Illusions of Mortality: a Psychology of Fame & Celebrity Giles
BL221.S747.2003 For the Glory of God Stark
BL221.S75.2001 One True God Stark
BL65.W67.E18.2002 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Spirituality in the Workplace Ealy
BR166.S75.1997 The Rise of Christianity Stark
BS2454.J3.S53.2003 The Brother of Jesus Witherington
BX8495.W5.H36.2003 The Life of John Wesley Hattersley
BX8917.C35.2003 Called to Teach Ferguson, Weston
World History    
CT220.P76.2002 Profiles in Courage for Our Time Kennedy
CT275.C3.K73.2002 Carnegie Krass
D214.P27.2002 Success Is Never Final Parker
D769.T42.2000 Double Victory Takaki
D804.195.W58.2000 Witness: Voices From the Holocaust Greene, Kumar
D810.P7.G318.1997 Hitler's Airwaves Bergmeyer, Lotz
D840.B422.2001. America & the Intellectual Cold Wars in Europe Berghahn
DC121.3.B45.2001 The Cult of the Nation in France Bell
DC34.N33.2003 Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong Nadaeu
DD256.5.L41613.2001 My Father's Keeper Lebert
DD901.N92.O96.1999 Flesh and Spirit, Private Life in Early Modern Germany Ozment
DE59.C59.1998 The Ancient City: Life in Classical Athens and Rome Connolly, Dodge
DF229.K34.2003 The Peloponnesian War Kagan
DG276.5.S26.2001 Storming the Heavens Santosuosso
DK290.3.S54.E38.2001 The Wars of Eduard Shevardnadze Ekedahl, Goodman
DK510.763.B73.2002 Across the Moscow River Braithwaffe
DK511.C37.S44.2001 Russo-Chechen Conflict, 1800-2000 Seely
DP102.M46.2003 Ornament of the World Menocal
DP269.D35.2001 Franco & the Spanish Civil War de Meneses
DR16.K634.2001 Eastward to Tartary Kaplan
DS127.O74.2003 Six Days of War Oren
DS42.4.T48.2002 Through Middle Eastern Eyes Pearson, Clark
DS553.3.D5.S56.1996 Dien Bien Phu: The Epic Battle America Forgot Simpson
DS559.5.A66.2003 Patriots: the Vietnam War Remembered from All Sides Appy
DS882.7.K44.2002 Emperor of Japan: Meiji & His World, 1852-1912 Keene
DS918.2.C35.E87.2000 Breakout: Korea, 1950 Russ
DT450.2.C37.2000 Land of a Thousand Hills, My Life in Rwanda Carr, Halsey
DT83.O95.2002 The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt Shaw
U.S. History    
E169.1.G956.2002 American Exceptionalism Gutfeld
E175.45.P35.2001 Engagement With the Past Palmer
E176.1.G68.2003 The Modern American Presidency Gould
E179.B92.2000 Almost History Bruns, Brinkley
E183.6.G7.T34.2002 Britain and America Since Independence Temperley
E184.C5.C445.2000 Beyond the Narrow Gate Chang
E185.615.W44.2002 When Race Becomes Real Singley
E221.L54.2003 46 Pages Liell
E255.G35.1996 The Minute Men Galvin
E387.N58.1983 Martin Van Buren Niven
E40.5.H83.2002 Across This Land: A Regional Geography of the US & Canada Hudson
E422.B26.1993 Zachary Taylor Bauer
E427.R3.1998 Millard Fillmore Rayback
E432.N63.1998 Franklin Pierce Nichols
E467.G73.2001 Grant's Lieutenants Woodworth
E468.9.U44.2002 Union Soldiers and the Northern Home Front Cimbala, Miller
E476.33.B76.2000x War Along the Bayous Brooksher
E591.H66.1998 Invasion and Conquest of North Carolina Hinds
E621.F84.2001 Gangrene and Glory: Medical Care During the American Civil War Freemon
E664.B6.C83.2000 James G. Blaine, Architect of Empire Crapol
E687.P47.1999 Garfield Peskin
E692.R43.1992 Gentleman Boss: The Life & Times of Chester Alan Arthur  Reeves
E743.5.S35.2000 Hate: George Lincoln Rickwell & the American Nazi Party Schmaltz
E748.C524.F67.2002 Anna Chennault,Informal Diplomacy & Asian Relations Forslund
E748.L23.B76.2003 The Great Mayor Brodsky
E768.A44.2002 Wilsonianism: Woodrow Wilson & His Legacy Ambrosius
E768.C66.2001 Breaking the Heart of the World Cooper
E792.S64.1998 Coolidge, an American Enigma Sobel
E841.K4655.2002 The Kennedy Tapes May, Zelokow
E842.D28.2003 An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy,1917-1963 Dallek
E846.R38.2002 Reaching for Glory, Lyndon Johnson's Secret White House Tapes Beschluss
E846.T355.1998 Taking Charge, the Johnson White House Tapes, 1963-1964 Beschluss
E865.W48.2002 The Last Battle: The Mayaguez Incident  Wetterhahn
E887.C55.H37.2001 The Girls in the Van Harpaz
F1232.S232.S34.2002 Santa Anna Scheina
F1234.B465.2000 La Revolucion, Mexico's Great Revolution Benjamin
F1413.S34.2003 Latin America's Wars Scheona
F1414.2.G356.2001 Capturing the Revolution Gambone
F390.W77.2002 Crisis in the Southwest Winders
F594.M53.1996 The Shooters Metz
F69.R63.2002 Shay's Rebellion Richards
F746.L84.1997 Big Trouble Lucas
Ecology, Sports, Recreation    
GE55.B74.1998 Women Pioneers for the Environment Breton
GV21.A73.1991 Arete, Greek Sports from Ancient Sources Miller
GV721.5.G85.2002 The Olympics, a History of the Modern Games Guttmann
GV721.5.L42.2000 Inside the Olympic Industry Lenskyj
GV742.4.S47.2002 Baseball, the Writer's Game Shannon
GV939.L6.P45.2001 Run to Win Philips
GV942.5.M88.1996 The World's Game, a History of Soccer Murray
GV944.2.F67.2001 Life Lessons From Soccer Fortanasce
GV966.P84.1999. A Woman's Own Golf Book Puett, Appelbaum
GV994.F45.2002 Tennis Confidential Fein
Statistics, Business Management    
H62.M2336.1999 Action Research, Principles and Practice McNiff
HC79.I55.M49.2003 It's Alive Meyer, Davis
HD30.28.T776.2002 Business Planning Truitt
HD31.B78.2002 Managing Business Crises Burnett
HD38.2.F56.2003 Why Smart Executives Fail Finkelstein
HD38.2.S353.2000 The Code of the Executive Schmincke
HD38.25.U6.C63.2003 Cracking the Corporate Code Cobbs, Turnock
HD45.H336.2003 How Breakthroughs Happen Hargadon
HD53.D38.2003 What's the Big Idea? Davenport, Prusak, Wilson
HD57.7.A848.1999 Shakespeare in Charge Augustine, Adelman
HD57.7.M325.2001 The Productive Narcissist Maccoby
HD58.7.C626.2002 The Blackwell Companion to Organizations Baum
HD58.7.J612.2003 Absolute Honesty Johnson, Phillips
HD58.8.C57.2002 The End of Management and the Rise of Organizational Democracy Goldsmith
HD58.8.S85.2003 Revival of the Fittest Sull
HD62.4.A35.2002 From Boston to Beijing: Managing With a World view Adler
HD6490.O7.U54.2003 Union Organizing Gall
HD66.2.C665.2001 Computer Supported Cooperative Work Coovert, Thompson
HD75.6.N34.2003 The Wealth of Nature Nadeau
HE7631.C34.2001 The Death of Distance Cairncross
HF5384.H55.2003 Becoming a Manager Hill
HF5386.S687.1992 Contrarian Management Smith
HF5389.M58.2000 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Business Etiquette Mitchell, Corr
HF5549.5.E84.H38.2002 Ethics and HRD Hatcher
HF5549.5.J6.B65.2002 Job Analysis Brannick, Levine
HF5726.B58.1985 Successful Business Writing Blumenthal
HF5837.E7745.2003 The Ethical Challenge Tichy, McGill
Sociology, Criminal Justice    
HJ8101.G67.1997 Hamilton's Blessing Gordon
HM131.D68.1993 How to Make Meetings Work! Doyle, Straus
HM48.G74.1998 Introduction to Action Research Greenwood, Levin
HN29.N87.1997 Nurtured by Knowledge Smith, Willms, Johnson
HN58.B56.2000 When Dreams Came True Bennett
HQ1438.K2.S77.1982 Pioneer Women, Voices from the Kansas Frontier Schlesinger
HQ1438.S63.B35.1997 Hell's Belles Ballenger
HQ767.5.U5.G68.2001 Articles of Faith: A Frontline History of the Abortion Wars  Gorney
HV11.S835.2000 Action Research  Stringer
HV5801.S78.2002 Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and the Road to Recovery Stimmel
HV6431.R44.2000 One Day in September Reeve
HV64359.U7.L788.2002 A Rainbow of Gangs Vigil
HV6768.P53.2002 Financial Crime Investigation and Control Pickett, Pickett
HX36.M87.2002 Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism Muravchik
HX806.R575.2002 Creating a Perfect World Rokicky
Political Science, Law    
JC311.S623.2002 Nationalism, a Critical Introduction Spencer, Wollman
JK468.S4.M45.2001 Secrecy Wars Melanson
JZ5675.S37.2003 Avoiding Armageddon Schram
KF224.S3.M67.2002 The Scopes Trial, a Brief History With Documents Moran
KF4119.M38.2004 Public School Law: Teachers' and Students' Rights Cambron-McCabe et al
KF4137.R44.2001 On Equal Terms Reed
KF4150.A7.R37.2003 We the Students Raskin
KF4550.P66.2002 A Community Built on Words Powell
KF4575.N45.2000 Marbury v. Madison, The Origins & legacy of Judicial Review Nelson
KF4748.E67.2001 Constitutional Law For a Changing America Epstein, Walker
KF4865.A7.M36.1994 The Separation of Church and State McWhirter
KF9630.A7.M36.1994 Search, Seizure, and Privacy McWhirter
KFT512.H57.2002 A History of the Tennessee Supreme Court Ely
KZ6369.H85.2003 Humanitarian Intervention: Ethical, Legal & Political Dilemmas Holzgrefe, Keohane
LB1028.24.G73.1998 Qualitative and Action Research Grady
LB1028.24.M39.1991 Curriculum Action Research McKernan
LB1028.24.P63.1997 Participatory Action Research McTaggart
LB1028.24.S45.1997 Practical Action Research for Change Schmuck
LB1060.S27.1999  Learning Style Perspectives: Impact in the Classroom Sarasin
LB1585.3.T487.2002 The New Science Literacy Their, Daviss
LB2805.P375.2003 Caring Enough to Lead Pellicer
LB2806.F794.2001 Leading in a Culture of Change Fullan
LB2806.R365.2002 The Daily Disciplines of Leadership Reeves
LC214.23.M65.K44.2002 Keeping the Struggle Alive Amand, et al
LC220.5.L43.2002 Learning to Serve:  Kenny et al
LC3993.22.D47.2003 Designing & Developing Programs for Gifted Students Smutny
Music Fine Arts    
ML390.M38513.1994., V.1 Music and Medicine Neumayr
ML410.B1.W793.2000 Johann Sebastian Bach Wolff
ML410.B4.S655.2003 Late Beethoven Solomon
ML410.M9.L236.1999 Mozart's Last Year, 1791 Landon
MT100.M76.H8.1972 A Listener's Guide to Mozart's great Operas Hughes
N72.P74.L43.2003 Stealing the Mona Lisa Leader
N84.I87.2003 Issues in Art and Design Teaching Addison, Burgess
NA9105.G37.2002 The American City Garvin
ND237.S304.2001 John Singer Sargent, His Portrait Olson
OVERSIZE.N7280.S75.2002 Islamic Art and Architecture Stierlin
Language and Literature    
PE1485.B55.1985 The Art of Letter Writing Blumenthal
PJ5129.S49.A25.2000 More Stories From My Father's Court Singer
PN1992.4.A72.A3.2003 Roone Arledge
PN1992.77.W44.R658.2003 The West Wing: The American Presidency as Television Drama Rollins, O'Connor
PN4874.M89.B47.2003 World War II on the Air Bernstein, Lubertossi
PN4874.T424.A3.1999 Front Row at the White House Thomas
PN4888.O25.N58.2002 Tilt?  The Search for Media Bias Niven
PR4036.T95.2001 The Friendly Jane Austen Tyler
PR4581.E67.2001 The Friendly Dickens Epstein
PS3053.R53.1986 Henry Thoreau, a Life of the Mind Richardson
PS3515.U789.Z48.2002 Zora Neal Hurston, a Life in Letters Kaplan
PS3551.N464.Z463.1991 All God's children Need Traveling Shoes Angelou
PS3551.N464.Z466.1971b. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Angelou
PS3551.N464.Z466.1975. Gather Together in My Name Angelou
PS3551.N464.Z466.1975. Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now Angelou
PS3554.I3.Z745.2003 Reporting the Universe Doctorow
PS3569.E84.Z463.2000 Addie, a Memoir Settle
PS615,S65.2003 The Spoken Word Revolution Eleveld, Smith
Q126.A85.2003 Galileo's Finger Adkins
QH31.A55.G3.2002 Dragon Hunter Gallenkamp
QH324.A48.2001 Biology: Scientific Process and Social Issues Allen, Baker
QH70.U62.N489.2000 A Gathering of Wonders Wallace
QP187.3.E93.B67.2003 Exercise Endocrinology Borer
RA440.85.C65.2003 Community-Based Participatory Research for Health Minckler, Wallerstein
RC1230.D784.1988 Drugs, Athletes, and Physical Performance Thomas
RD113.W7.1996 The Comprehensive Manual of Taping and Wrapping Techniques Wright, Whitehill
Agriculture, Technology, Military Science    
S926.P56.M55.2001 Making of Modern Environmentalism Miller
SP421.32.M9.P96.2002 Year of the Fires Pyne
T11.H255.2003 Ideas Into Words Hancock
TC791.K37.2003 Parting the Desert Karabell
TL515.H22.2003 Taking Flight Hallion
TL529.L42.2002 Before Amelia, Women Pilots in the Early Days of Aviation Lebow
U21.75.J66.2000 Women Warriors, a History Jones
UA23.K6267.2002 Resource Wars: The New Landscape of Global Conflict Klare
UA854.P65.2002 Arabs at War Pollack
Z658.U5.F64.2002 Banned in the U.S.A. Foerstel