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 July 2005- Sept 1, 2005
(406 titles)
Prefix / Call Number Title Author
AC1 .A67 2000 How to think about the great ideas : from the great books of western civilization Adler, Mortimer Jerome, 1902-
B734 .R79 2004 Aristotle's children : how Christians, Muslims, and Jews rediscovered ancient wisdom and illuminated the Dark Ages Rubenstein, Richard E.
BC177 .G54 1996 How to win an argument Gilbert, Michael A.
BF295 .S249 2004 Motor learning and performance Schmidt, Richard A., 1941-
BF1078 .J84 1974 Dreams. Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav), 1875-1961.
REF BL65.H78 H8595 2004 Human rights and the world's major religions. Haas, Peter J. (Peter Jerome)
BL790 .L44 2003 Greek gods, human lives : what we can learn from myths Lefkowitz, Mary R., 1935-
BL2525 .D44X 2003 Them and us : cult thinking and the terrorist threat Deikman, Arthur
BP55 .G67 2005 The rise of Islam Gordon, Matthew
BQ4012 .M36 2004 Buddha : the enlightened one Mandel, Gabriele
BR121.3 .J46 2003 The next Christendom : the coming of global Christianity Jenkins, Philip, 1952-
BR145.3 J64 2005 The evolution of Christianity : twelve crises that shaped the church Johnson, Marshall D.
BR515 .M18 2000 Major problems in American religious history : documents and essays Allitt, Patrick.
BX1378.5 .F58 2001 John Paul II : a personal portrait of the pope and the man Flynn, Raymond L.
CR113 .L44 2005 Flag : an American biography Leepson, Marc, 1945-
D16.2 .C725 2000 Connecting past and present : concepts and models for service-learning in history Harkavy, Ira Richard.
D363.54 S43 1963 From Vienna to Versailles. Seaman, L. C. B. (Lewis Charles Bernard)
D521 .L82 2000 World War I : a short history Lyons, Michael J., 1930-
D757.9.F68 F75 2004 Endkampf : soldiers, civilians, and the death of the Third Reich Fritz, Stephen G., 1949-
D767.99.P4 G34 1983 Peleliu, 1944 Gailey, Harry A.
D774.P5 H69 1972 The Battle of Leyte Gulf; the death knell of the Japanese fleet Hoyt, Edwin Palmer.
D777.5.Y33 S68 1981 A glorious way to die : the kamikaze mission of the battleship Yamato, April 1945 Spurr, Russell.
D843 .P37 1999 The origins of the Cold War McMahon, Robert J., 1949-
D860 .G29 2004 Free world : America, Europe, and the surprising future of the West Garton Ash, Timothy
D1065.S65 K46 1995 Stalin's cold war : Soviet strategies in Europe, 1943 to 1956 Kennedy-Pipe, Caroline, 1961-
DA566.9.C5 A633 2005 Churchill : the unexpected hero Addison, Paul, 1943-
DA680 .P53 2005 Elizabeth's London : everyday life in Elizabethan London Picard, Liza, 1927-
DD221 .E94 2004 The coming of the Third Reich Evans, Richard J.
DD247.H86 A3 2005 On Hitler's mountain : a Nazi childhood Hunt, Irmgard, 1934-
DD253.5 .K28 2004 Hitler youth Kater, Michael H., 1937-
VIDEO DF78 .G76 2000 The Greeks [videorecording] : crucible of civilization Neeson, Liam.
DF234 .R73 2004 Alexander : the ambiguity of greatness Rogers, Guy MacLean.
OVERSIZE DG737 .B7351 1998 Florence : the Golden Age, 1138-1737 Brucker, Gene A.
DR2087 .C75 2000 Kosovo : contending voices on Balkan interventions Buckley, William Joseph
DS63 .O94 2000 State, power and politics in the making of the modern Middle East Owen, Roger, 1935-
DS79.76 .B36 2005 A pretext for war : 9/11, Iraq, and the abuse of America's intelligence agencies Bamford, James.
DS119.7 .B49 2005 A concise history of the Arab-Israeli conflict Bickerton, Ian J.
DS119.7 .S618 2001 Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict Smith, Charles D., 1936-
DS559.5 .K68 2005 Born on the Fourth of July Kovic, Ron.
DS559.5 .M37 2005 Chickenhawk Mason, Robert, 1942-
DS560.72.V6 C87 1999 Victory at any cost : the genius of Viet Nam's Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap Currey, Cecil B.
DS918 .A59 1971 The Korean war. Acheson, Dean, 1893-1971.
JUV DS135 .N6 F73513 2000 Anne Frank : a hidden life Pressler, Mirjam.
E78.P4 M47 2003 At the crossroads : Indians and empires on a mid-Atlantic frontier, 1700-1763 Merritt, Jane T.
E98.F39 R53 2001 Facing east from Indian country : a Native history of early America Richter, Daniel K.
REF E98.R3 C755 2005 American Indian religious traditions : an encyclopedia Crawford, Suzanne J.
E99.C9 E84 2003 Creek country : the Creek Indians and their world Ethridge, Robbie Franklyn, 1955-
E127 .E59 1995 Envisioning America : English plans for the colonization of North America, 1580-1640 Mancall, Peter C.
E162 .R44 1998 Colonial America Reich, Jerome R.
E168 .G48 1975 Age of excess; the United States from 1877 to 1914. Ginger, Ray
E169.1 .M79 1970 The gilded age. Morgan, H. Wayne (Howard Wayne), ed.
E169.1 .R7215 1980 American myth, American reality Robertson, James Oliver.
E173 .O94 2004 The glorious cause : the American Revolution, 1763-1789 Middlekauff, Robert.
E175 .A67 1994 Telling the truth about history Appleby, Joyce Oldham.
E179.5 .C597 1998 Contact points : American frontiers from the Mohawk Valley to the Mississippi, 1750-1830 Cayton, Andrew R. L. (Andrew Robert Lee), 1954-
E183.8.C2 T46 1997 Canada and the United States : ambivalent allies Thompson, John Herd, 1946-
E183.8.C6 M46 2005 China : the gathering threat Menges, Constantine Christopher.
E183.8.P18 K89 2001 The United States and Pakistan, 1947-2000 : disenchanted allies Kux, Dennis, 1931-
VIDEO E184 Chinatown: strangers in a strange land / [videorecording] Mudd, Roger, 1928-
DVD E184.S77 L67 2004 Lost boys of Sudan [videorecording] Mylan, Megan
E185.61 .G8 1996 Black like me Griffin, John Howard, 1920-
E185.615 .E86 2003 Everything but the burden : what white people are taking from Black culture Tate, Greg
E185.615 .W565 2005 White like me : reflections on race from a privileged son Wise, Tim J.
E187 .B65 1998 The boisterous sea of liberty : a documentary history of America from discovery through the Civil War Davis, David Brion
E188 .H56 2003 At the edge of empire : the backcountry in British North America Hinderaker, Eric
E197 .D46 1994 The unredeemed captive : a family story from early America Demos, John.
E302.1 .A2538 2005 Jeffersonians make a nation : Henry Adams's History Wills, Garry, 1934-
E310.7 .H77 1985 The diplomacy of the new republic, 1776-1815 Horsman, Reginald.
E315 .S59 1986 The Whiskey Rebellion : frontier epilogue to the American Revolution Slaughter, Thomas P. (Thomas Paul)
E321 .E45 1993 Passionate sage : the character and legacy of John Adams Ellis, Joseph J.
E433 .E83 2004 Bleeding Kansas : contested liberty in the Civil War era Etcheson, Nicole
E443 .W58 1987 Ar'n't I a woman? : female slaves in the plantation South White, Deborah G. (Deborah Gray), 1949-
E444 .T82 C57 2005 Harriet Tubman : the road to freedom Clinton, Catherine, 1952-
E444.T82 L37 2004 Bound for the promised land : Harriet Tubman, portrait of an American hero Larson, Kate Clifford.
E446 .B49 1998 Many thousands gone : the first two centuries of slavery in North America Berlin, Ira, 1941-
E449 .D749 1993 Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, an American slave : with related documents Douglass, Frederick, 1818-1895.
E451 .H68 1995 His soul goes marching on : responses to John Brown and the Harpers Ferry raid Finkelman, Paul, 1949-
E457.2 .T74 2005 First among equals : Abraham Lincoln's reputation during his administration Trefousse, Hans Louis.
E457.905 .F73 1987 Lincoln : a photobiography Freedman, Russell.
E459 .P67 1976 The impending crisis, 1848-1861 Potter, David Morris
OVERSIZE E467 .B78 1994 Who was who in the Civil War Bowman, John S.
E472.18 .D39 1977 Battle at Bull Run : a history of the first major campaign of the Civil War Davis, William C., 1946-
E474.65 .P92 1994 Antietam : the soldiers' battlefield : a self-guided mini-tour Priest, John M., 1949-
E661 .H58 1968 Farewell to the bloody shirt; northern Republicans & the southern Negro, 1877-1893 Hirshson, Stanley P., 1928-
E661 .M415 2005 A fierce discontent : the rise and fall of the Progressive movement in America, 1870-1920 McGerr, Michael E.
E702 .C35 2005 Benjamin Harrison Calhoun, Charles W. (Charles William), 1948-
E744 .G3425 1984 A covenant with power : America and world order from Wilson to Reagan Gardner, Lloyd C., 1934-
E748.T58 W37 2005 Dear senator : a memoir by the daughter of Strom Thurmond Washington-Williams, Essie Mae, 1925-
E757 .C55 1969 Theodore Roosevelt and the politics of power Chessman, G. Wallace.
E814 .F47 1983 Harry S. Truman and the modern American presidency Ferrell, Robert H.
E881 .H34 2001 War in a time of peace : Bush, Clinton, and the generals Halberstam, David.
E886 .H37 2005 The survivor : Bill Clinton in the White House Harris, John F. (John Furby), 1963-
F6 .D43 1977 In small things forgotten : the archaeology of early American life Deetz, James
F7 .M8 1966 The Puritan family; religion & domestic relations in seventeenth-century New England Morgan, Edmund Sears.
F73.68.S7 M33 1999 All souls : a family story from Southie MacDonald, Michael Patrick
F74.D3 L83 1970 A New England town : the first hundred years : Dedham, Massachusetts, 1636-1736 Lockridge, Kenneth A.
F232.P83 E49 2004 Israel on the Appomattox : a southern experiment in Black freedom from the 1790s through the Civil War Ely, Melvin Patrick.
F232 .S7 N46 2003 Nat Turner : a slave rebellion in history and memory Greenberg, Kenneth S.
F234.J3 P68 2003 Love and hate in Jamestown : John Smith, Pocahontas, and the heart of a new nation Price, David, 1961-
F292.H3 S385 2005 The rural face of White supremacy : beyond Jim Crow Schultz, Mark, 1964-
F351 .A535 2001 The American Midwest : essays on regional history Cayton, Andrew R. L. (Andrew Robert Lee), 1954-
F436 .S48 2005 Tennessee's Radical army : the state guard and its role in Reconstruction, 1867-1869 Severance, Ben H., 1966-
REF F442.1 .B764 2005 Marking time : East Tennessee historical markers and the stories behind them Brown, Fred
F444.J79 R87 1996 A family's heritage : stories from Main Street, Jonesborough, Tennessee Russell, Dava Lee
F526 .C35 1998 Frontier Indiana Cayton, Andrew R. L. (Andrew Robert Lee), 1954-
F548.5 .G45 1965 Altgeld's America; the Lincoln ideal versus changing realities. Ginger, Ray
F591 .W4527 1998 The contested plains : Indians, goldseekers, & the rush to Colorado West, Elliott, 1945-
F598 .V47 1996 The Missouri Vestal, Stanley, 1887-1957.
F870.M5 R62 2004 Hunger of memory : the education of Richard Rodriguez : an autobiography. Rodriguez, Richard.
F1219.73 .V35 2005 The Aztecs : new perspectives Van Turenhout, Dirk R.
G128 .D42 2002 Geography : realms, regions, and concepts De Blij, Harm J.
G128 .D42 2004 Geography : realms, regions, and concepts De Blij, Harm J.
G1021  .R164 2000 Atlas of world geography. Rand McNally and Company.
G1811.S1  G5 1993 Atlas of British history Gilbert, Martin, 1936-
GA102.4.E4 J65 1997 Geographical information systems and computer cartography Jones, Christopher B.
GB1203.2 .R58 1998 The river reader Murray, John A., 1954-
REF GE10 .M377 2005 McGraw-Hill concise encyclopedia of environmental science.  
GE110 .W55 2005 Environmental science demystified Williams, Linda D.
GF503 .D4 2005 Why geography matters : three challenges facing America : climate change, the rise of China, and global terrorism De Blij, Harm J.
GN502 .H628 2001 Culture's consequences : comparing values, behaviors, institutions, and organizations across nations Hofstede, Geert H.
REF GT3925 .R69 2005 Traditional festivals : a multicultural encyclopedia Roy, Christian, 1963-
GV200.4 .K53 1994 Be expert with map & compass : the complete orienteering handbook Kjellstrom, Bjorn, 1910-
GV207.4 .K66 2005 Documentation for athletic training Konin, Jeff G.
GV362.5 .L86 2002 Performance-based assessment for middle and high school physical education Lund, Jacalyn Lea, 1950-
GV401 .A46 2004 Sport facility management : organizing events and mitigating risks Ammon, Rob
GV415 .F37 1996 Sport facility planning and management Farmer, Peter J.
GV583 .M28 1997 Major problems in American sport history : documents and essays Riess, Steven A.
GV706.4 .S667 2005 The sport psych handbook Murphy, Shane M., 1957-
GV713 .C85 2005 Sport management field experiences Cuneen, Jacquelyn
GV713 .D465 2003 Ethics and morality in sport management DeSensi, Joy Theresa
GV713 .T56 2003 Sport governance in the global community Thoma, James E.
GV716 .C38 1998 Case studies in sport marketing Pitts, Brenda G.
GV716 .H69 2004 Financing sport Howard, Dennis Ramsay, 1945-
GV716 .L52 2001 Economics of sport Li, Ming
GV716 .P58 2002 Fundamentals of sport marketing Pitts, Brenda G.
GV716 .S737 2005 Developing successful sport marketing plans Stotlar, David Kent, 1952-
GV742 .N53 2002 Media relations in sport Nichols, William
VIDEO GV863 .T39 1984 There was always sun shining someplace [videorecording] : life in the Negro baseball leagues Refocus Productions.
GV865.A1 B589 2005 Rookies of the year Bloss, Bob, 1935-
GV903 .S76 1996 Bowling : steps to success Strickland, Robert
GV943.9.T7 L895 2003 Soccer practice games Luxbacher, Joe.
GV995 .D627 2003 Tennis practice games Dinoffer, Joe, 1953-
VIDEO GV995 .D627 2003 Tennis practice games Dinoffer, Joe, 1953-
GV1002.8 .C39 2004 Doubles tennis tactics Cayer, Louis
GV1002.8 .C39 2004 Doubles tennis tactics Cayer, Louis
GV1002.9.C63 U55 2004 Coaching tennis successfully United States Tennis Association.
GV1002.9.C63 U55 2004 Coaching tennis successfully United States Tennis Association.
GV1002.9.T7 H67 2003 The tennis drill book Hoskins, Tina, 1965-
GV1003.34 .R316 2004 Racquetball fundamentals Winterton, Jim
GV1005 .H19 1993 Table tennis : steps to success Hodges, Larry
GV1060.675.C6 G88 2003 Coaching track & field successfully Guthrie, Mark, 1953-
GV1060.675.C6 G88 2003 Coaching track & field successfully Guthrie, Mark, 1953-
GV1060.675.C6 W35 1998 Track & field coach's survival guide : practical techniques and materials for building an effective program and success in every event Wallace, Edward L., Jr
GV1061.18.C45 G74 2004 Training for young distance runners Greene, Laurence S., 1960-
GV1061.18.C45 G74 2004 Training for young distance runners Greene, Laurence S., 1960-
GV1093 .C64 2003 Complete book of throws Silvester, L. Jay.
GV1821.B8 M38 2005 The colonel and Little Missie : Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley and the beginnings of superstardom in America McMurtry, Larry.
HB171 .W764 2005 Trade-offs : an introduction to economic reasoning and social issues Winter, Harold, 1960-
HC79.E5 E354 2004 One with Nineveh : politics, consumption, and the human future Ehrlich, Paul R.
HC103 .G673 2004 An empire of wealth : the epic history of American economic power Gordon, John Steele.
HD53 .F653 2004 The rise of the creative class : and how it's transforming work, leisure, community and everyday life Florida, Richard L.
HD57.7 .B5632 2005 Self-leadership and the one minute manager : discover the magic of no excuses! : increasing effectiveness through situational self leadership Blanchard, Kenneth H.
HD57.7 .C669 2004 Leadership unbound : a primer for leaders and entrepreneurs Corbett, Lawrence W., 1943-
REF HD57.7 .E53 2004 Encyclopedia of leadership Goethals, George R.
HD57.7 .L4323 2004 Culture, leadership, and organizations : the GLOBE study of 62 societies House, Robert J.
HD58.7 .H3683 1999 Understanding organizations Handy, Charles B.
HD58.8 .H3614 2004 Handbook of organizational change and innovation Poole, Marshall Scott, 1951-
HD58.82 .O7435 1999 Organizational learning and the learning organization : developments in theory and practice Easterby-Smith, Mark.
HD60 .H47 2003 The silent takeover : global capitalism and the death of democracy Hertz, Noreena
HD62.6 .P345 2004 Starting & building a nonprofit : a practical guide Pakroo, Peri.
HD66 .Y43 1998 High-performing self-managed work teams : a comparison of theory to practice Yeatts, Dale E., 1952-
JUV HD5325.A29 F7 1970 Cesar Chavez. Franchere, Ruth.
HD5325.M615 S49 2004 The battle of Blair Mountain : the story of America's largest labor uprising Shogan, Robert.
HD5658.P332 U67 2005 Under the workers' caps : from Champion Mill to Blue Ridge Paper Loveland, George, 1956-
HD8085.N53 B74 2002 The short sweet dream of Eduardo Gutierrez Breslin, Jimmy.
HD9481.N72 W44 2003 The frozen-water trade : a true story Weightman, Gavin
HD9486 .U6 D432 2005 The John Deere story : a biography of plowmakers John & Charles Deere Dahlstrom, Neil, 1976-
HD9696.2.U64 D45 2000 Direct from Dell : strategies that revolutionized an industry Dell, Michael, 1965-
RREF HD9992 .U5 S667 2004 Sports market place directory.  
HD9999.B442 B542 2005 BioIndustry ethics Finegold, David
HE8697.95.U6 M58 2005 Listener supported : the culture and history of public radio Mitchell, Jack W., 1941-
HF1359 .B499 2004 In defense of globalization Bhagwati, Jagdish N., 1934-
HF5343 .C584 1977 The visible hand : the managerial revolution in American business Chandler, Alfred Dupont.
RR HF5381 .U62 2002 Occupational outlook handbook United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
HF5382.7 .P68 2005 The etiquette advantage in business : personal skills for professional success Post, Peggy, 1945-
HF5382.75.U6 K716 2005 America's top 100 jobs for people without a four-year degree : great jobs with a promising future Krannich, Ronald L.
HF5383 .B323 1996 175 high-impact cover letters Beatty, Richard H., 1939-
HF5387 .M387 2003 There's no such thing as business ethics : there's only one rule for making decisions Maxwell, John C., 1947-
HF5387 .P44 1997 Management ethics : integrity at work Petrick, Joseph A., 1946-
HF5415.32 .M683 2001 Consumer behavior : a framework Mowen, John C.
HF5465.U5 L4 1993 Land of desire : merchants, power, and the rise of a new American culture Leach, William, 1944-
REF HF5548.8 .H2652 2001 Handbook of industrial, work and organizational psychology Anderson, Neil.
HF5549 .S84286 1992 Supervision : first line management Steinmetz, Lawrence L.
HF5549.17 .F59 2005 HR for small business : from hiring and firing and everything in-between Fleischer, Charles H.
HF5549.5.O44 F68 1988 Fourteen steps in managing an aging work force Dennis, Helen
HF5838 .B5342 2003 101 best resumes for grads Block, Jay A.
HG2613.N54 M6613 1990 The house of Morgan : an American banking dynasty and the rise of modern finance Chernow, Ron.
HM48 .A38 1999 How it's done : an invitation to social research Adler, Emily Stier
HM51 .B175 1997 Sociology Bainbridge, William Sims.
HM511 .M37 2000 Masses, classes and the public sphere Hill, Mike, 1964-
HM621 .J64 2005 Everything bad is good for you : how today's popular culture is actually making us smarter Johnson, Steven, 1968-
HM708 .S43 2004 The company of strangers : a natural history of economic life Seabright, Paul.
HN18 .G665 2005 Stick your neck out : a street-smart guide to creating change in your community and beyond :   service as the path of a meaningful life Graham, John, 1942-
HN49.V64 K375 2002 For the common good? : American Civic life and the Golden age of fraternity Kaufman, Jason Andrew, 1970-
HQ503 .C66 2005 The marriage knot Coontz, Stephanie.
HQ1410 .L86 1994 What every American should know about women's history : 200 events that shaped our destiny Lunardini, Christine A., 1941-
HQ1421 .B37 2000 Full circles, overlapping lives : culture and generation in transition Bateson, Mary Catherine.
HT653.G7 C75 2005 The birth of nobility : social change in England and France : 900-1300 Crouch, David
HT1162 .G35 2002 The Indian slave trade : the rise of the English empire in the American South, 1670-1717 Gallay, Alan
HT1521 .R335 2004 Race, class, and gender in the United States : an integrated study Rothenberg, Paula S., 1943-
HV40 .G53 2003 Navigating human service organizations Gibelman, Margaret
HV40 .M5223 2001 Generalist social work practice : an empowering approach Miley, Karla Krogsrud, 1942-
HV91 .P677 1998 The policy-based profession : an introduction to social welfare policy for social workers Popple, Philip R.
HV741 .M3454 2004 Childhood and child welfare in the Progressive Era : a brief history with documents Marten, James Alan.
HV4708 .P48 1999 Darwinian dominion : animal welfare and human interests Petrinovich, Lewis F.
HV6133 .L49 1998 Guilty by reason of insanity : a psychiatrist explores the minds of killers Lewis, Dorothy Otnow.
HV6432 .C53 2004B Against all enemies : inside America's war on terror Clarke, Richard A.
HV6439.U7 N4 2001 The gangs of New York : an informal history of the underworld Asbury, Herbert, 1891-1963
HV9469 .H25 2001 Going up the river : travels in a prison nation Hallinan, Joseph T.
HV9475 .L22 L635 1998 God of the rodeo : the search for hope, faith, and a six-second ride in Louisiana's Angola Prison Bergner, Daniel.
HV9677 .W33 2004 Hitler's prisons : legal terror in Nazi Germany Wachsmann, Nikolaus
JC71 .P343 1974 The Republic. Plato.
JC177.A4 F66 2004 Tom Paine and Revolutionary America Foner, Eric
JK468.I6 D38 2004 Executive secrets : covert action and the presidency Daugherty, William J., 1947-
JK516 .C529 2003 The presidency Cohen, Jeffrey
JK1924 .B47 2005 The ticket to freedom : the NAACP and the struggle for Black political integration Berg, Manfred, 1959-
JV6601 .K37 1998 Do they hear you when you cry Kassindja, Fauziya, 1977-
JZ1316 .B63 2003 The shield of Achilles : war, peace, and the course of history Bobbitt, Philip.
KF228.U5 R63 2005 Conquest by law : how the discovery of America dispossessed indigenous peoples of their lands Robertson, Lindsay Gordon
KF387 .J58 1994 The consumer's guide to understanding and using the law Johnson, Daniel L., 1955-
KF3941 .W444 2000 Whose right to bear arms did the Second Amendment protect? Cornell, Saul.
KF4550 .E43 1986 The Embattled Constitution : vital framework or convenient symbol Grundman, Adolph H.
KF5060 .C58 2005 The constitution in wartime : beyond alarmism and complacency Tushnet, Mark V., 1945-
KF8742 .T87 2005 A Court divided : the Rehnquist court and the future of constitutional law Tushnet, Mark V., 1945-
KF9084 .M48 1997 The Mediator's Handbook : Developed by Friends Conflict Resolution Programs Friends Conflict Resolution Programs
KF9434 .H36 2005 God vs. the gavel : religion and the rule of law Hamilton, Marci
KPL2784 .U58 2005 2005 U.S. master tax guide  
KZ4041 .R328 2005 Law without nations? : why constitutional government requires sovereign states Rabkin, Jeremy A.
KZ4041 .R328 2005 The American wilderness : reflections on nature protection in the United States Vale, Thomas R., 1943-
LB14.7 .B654 2005 Thinking : the foundation of critical and creative learning in the classroom Boostrom, Robert E., 1949-
LB1525.65 .H37 1998 Library story hour from A to Z : ready-to-use alphabet activities for young learners Hasbrouck, Ellen K.
REF LB1555 .H297 2005 Elementary education : a reference handbook Harmon, Deborah A.
LB1555 .K39 2002 A resource guide for elementary school teaching : planning for competence Kellough, Richard D. (Richard Dean)
LB2331 .W39 2002 Learner-centered teaching : five key changes to practice Weimer, Maryellen, 1947-
REF LB2371.4 .G733 2004 Graduate schools in the U.S. 2005.  
LB3013 .M327 2003 Classroom management : models, applications, and cases Manning, M. Lee
LB3060.65 O67 2003 Developing and using classroom assessments Oosterhof, Albert.
LC212.9 .G87 2003 The boys and girls learn differently : action guide for teachers Gurian, Michael.
LC4026 .W72 2002 Assistive devices, adaptive strategies, and recreational activities for students with disabilities : a practical guide for including students who need assistive devices and adaptive strategies into physical education and recreation activities. Williams, Buzz
LC6551 .G6 1961 The Chautauqua movement; an episode in the continuing American revolution. Gould, Joseph Edward, 1911-
RR LD2051 .G362 F8X 1986 The life and times of Tusculum College by Joseph T. Fuhrmann. Fuhrmann, Joseph T., 1940-
RR LD2051. S518 1994 Glimpses of Tusculum : a pictorial history of Tusculum College, 1794-1994 Sexton, Donal J., Jr., 1939-
LD4191.O72 C26 2005 13 seconds : a look back at the Kent State shootings Caputo, Philip
JUV M1812 .B47.F6 1968 Folk songs of Japanese children. Comp., arr. & annotated by Donald Paul Berger. Illus. by Yoshie Noguchi. Berger, Donald Paul, comp.
ML420.E56 B69 2003 Whatever you say I am : the life and times of Eminem Bozza, Anthony
ML1200 .S64 2004 The birth of the orchestra : history of an institution, 1650-1815 Spitzer, John, 1945-
OVERSIZE N5300 .W64 2001 Art past, art present Wilkins, David G.
OVERSIZE N6490 .L792 1997 Visual arts in the twentieth century Lucie-Smith, Edward
OVERSIZE N7432.5 .A78 M34 1996 Raw creation : outsider art and beyond Maizels, John
NA9085.M68 C37 1975 The power broker : Robert Moses and the fall of New York Caro, Robert A.
JUV ND1146 .L27 1974 Lots of fun to paint / Colette Lamarque. Lamarque, Colette.
NK4210.W4 D65 2004 Wedgwood : the first tycoon Dolan, Brian
NX454.5.M63 C48 2000 Modernism Childs, Peter, 1962-
P107 .O88 2005 Empires of the word : a language history of the world Ostler, Nicholas
PE1408 .H2778 1999 A writer's reference Hacker, Diana, 1942-
PL835.O5 M813 2004 A Wife in Musashino Ooka, Shohei, 1909-
PN55 .C39 2005 Literature and Science: social impact and interaction Cartwright, John H., 1953-
PN147.5 .D55 1998 You can write children's books Dils, Tracey E.
RR PN161 The Writer's market.  
PN171.P83 A83 2005 Writers and personality Auchincloss, Louis.
DVD PN1992.77 .O34 2004 The office. The complete series one & two and the special [videorecording] Merchant, Stephen
PN1995.9.D6 H26 1997 Making documentary films and reality videos : a practical guide to planning, filming, and editing documentaries of real events Hampe, Barry
PN4726 .M83 1994 Muckraking : three landmark articles Fitzpatrick, Ellen F. (Ellen Frances)
PN4888.B74 C66 2004 The integrated news spectacle : a political economy of cultural performance Compton, James Robert, 1963-
PN4888.T4 I93 1994 Is anyone responsible? : how television frames political issues Iyengar, Shanto
PQ2664.A437 B3513 2001 Balzac and the little Chinese seamstress Dai, Sijie, 1954-
PQ3989.2.B23 S513 1981 So long a letter Ba, Mariama.
PR478 .E8 F8 1975 The Great War and modern memory Fussell, Paul, 1924-
PR1583 .H43 2000 Beowulf : a new verse translation Beowulf. English & English (Old English)
DVD PR2825 .A23 R34 2005 William Shakespeare's The merchant of Venice [videorecording] Pacino, Al, 1940-
PR9369.3.C58 D5 1999 Disgrace Coetzee, J. M., 1940-
PR9387.9.A3 AN3 1987 Anthills of the savannah Achebe, Chinua.
PR9387.9.A3 AR3 1967 Arrow of God. Achebe, Chinua.
PR9387.9.A3 MAN2 1966 A man of the people; a novel. Achebe, Chinua.
PR9387.9.A3 TH2 1958 Things fall apart. Achebe, Chinua.
PS173.B87 B73 1998 Fictions of business : insights on management from great literature Brawer, Robert A., 1938-
REF PS228 .B6 B368 2005 Beat culture : lifestyles, icons, and impact Lawlor, William, 1951-
PS374.A3 T75 2000 Disturbing the universe : power and repression in adolescent literature Trites, Roberta Seelinger, 1962-
PS3507.U147 Q46 2004 The quest of the silver fleece : a novel Du Bois, W. E. B. (William Edward Burghardt), 1868-1963.
PS3525.I972 G6 1973 Gone with the wind Mitchell, Margaret, 1900-1949
PS3535.I233 S36 2004 The school among the ruins : poems, 2000-2004 Rich, Adrienne Cecile.
PS3545.I774 Z874 2005 Girl sleuth : Nancy Drew and the women who created her Rehak, Melanie
PS3552.A446 W574 2000B Wish you well Baldacci, David
PS3552.I48 L57 1998 Lloyd, what happened : a novel of business Bing, Stanley
JUV PS3553 .R277 1973 I heard the owl call my name. Craven, Margaret.
PS3554.A5815 O96 2004 The dew breaker Danticat, Edwidge, 1969-
PS3562 .E353 T6 1962 To kill a mockingbird Lee, Harper.
PS3566.O92 G34 1999 Gain Powers, Richard, 1957-
PS3568.O3125 G55 2004 Gilead Robinson, Marilynne.
PS3568.O3125 H6 1980 Housekeeping Robinson, Marilynne.
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