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TC Library's subscription Research Databases and the World Wide Web offer a large number of valuable resources to those studying in the fields of political science, pre-law and politics. 

Research Databases

 Political Science & Law: Recommended Websites

 For political science, law, and related books and other materials in the TC Library collection, be sure to check our catalog. Another Subject Guide that will prove useful is the  History page of the Links Library.

Research Databases

These recommended Research Databases are freely accessible to Tusculum College students faculty & staff thru IP authentication on campus or from off campus using  TC username and password.


Statesman's Yearbook is an excellent and current resource for government information from around the world. It is a current and reliable source of political, economic and social information and provides historical/political backgrounds for every country and international political organization, e.g., Iraq or NATO.

Infotrac I OneFile, from TEL on Infotrac I, is a one-stop source for news and periodical articles on a wide range of topics, including history, biography, and all matter of political science. Millions of full-text articles, many with images, updated daily.

Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe Allows its users to search its wealth of full-text periodical articles from law journals and various government reports, including text of court cases from the Supreme Court down to state level.

 Infotrac Custom Newspapers, provides full-text articles from 100 U.S. and International newspapers including the The New York Times, Washington Post, and Nashville Tennessean.
Infotrac I LegalTrac, from Gale on Infotrac II, contains citations, abstracts and articles from all major law reviews, law journals, speciality law and bar association journals and legal newspapers. Ebscohost eBooks and Ebrary are repositories of full-text electronic books, including many recent titles in politics, law, government, and other disciplines related to the study of political science. "... the official U.S. gateway to all government information, ... the catalyst for a growing electronic government."  All government departments, branches and agencies that have a web presence are accessible through this website. Free to all. Polling the Nation is a survey tool designed to let users see raw data from various polls on a host of topics.
JSTOR (Journal Storage), available on campus and through our ACA proxy server, contains full-text articles in the areas of history and political science. There is a "rolling wall" of currency, meaning titles more recent than three to five years old must be found in one of the other current research databases CREDO Reference  Virtual reference books on a variety of topics including biographical information on leaders of the world.
Infotrac I Expanded Academic ASAP, from Gale on Infotrac I, meets research needs across academic disciplines and is TC's primary subscription database for current, scholarly journals in the social sciences/humanities disciplines. Encyclopedia Britannica  a comprehensive and authoritative general encyclopedia.


Political Science and Law: Recommended Websites

Political Science (General)


Political Theory

U.S. Federal Government

Documents, Reports & Statistics

State and Local Government

Politics and Elections


Law (General)

Foreign/Comparative Government



Political Science (general with emphasis on full-text resources)

American Political Development  Contains syllabi from 92 leading scholars of American Political History and an electronic classroom which is a gateway to primary sources on 20 century U.S. politics.
Center for Budget and Policy Priorities

Emory Law Library, a helpful source for legal documents of all kinds, PARTICULARLY NOTE its link to full-text journal articles
"Foreign Relations of the United States"  the U.S. Department of State has just posted on line the full-text volumes from a significant portion of its "Foreign Relations of the United States" series. The volumes, which are not part of the print collection of The Library at Tusculum College, are complete for the Kennedy-Johnson years and scattered for Truman, Eisenhower, and Nixon/Ford. Included is full coverage of such topics as the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Nigerian civil war, the Vietnam War, and so forth.
Justice Information Center, from NCJRS, contains links to hundreds of full-text documents/reports
Links to Government Servers and WWW Information Sources
The National Political Index, a frequently-updated, one-stop source for tracking federal, state, and local legislation, contacting public officials and agencies, and watching elections
 Political Resources on the Net provides access to websites by country that are related to politics. Recommended by U of Mich. Documents Center.
Rand Corporation, a noted "think tank"
The Southern Poverty Law Center

Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science  "seeks to develop unrestricted access to tools and perspectives that will advance the spatial analytic capabilities of researchers throughout the social sciences. CSISS is funded by the National Science Foundation under its program of support for infrastructure in the social and behavioral sciences."

Political Theory back to top

All of the classic works are available on-line from NetLibrary (noted above). Additionally, you may wish to check the following splendid link compilations:

Forum of Federations concerns the topic of federalism on a world-wide basis. Click on the library link and you will be able to access hundreds of relevant reports and thousands of articles.
Foundations of Political Theory from
Political Philosophy/Political Theory on the Internet  is a comprehensive links collection courtesy of the University of British Columbia Library.


Census Bureau Home Page
A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation, offers a documentary record of the Continental Congress, the Constitutional Convention, and the first 20 Congresses of the United States (1774-1829)
Congressional Research Service WWW Accessible Reports
Constitution of the U.S...  and other related documents courtesy of the U.S. Government Printing Office.
Declaration of Independence Interpretating the Declaration of Independence by translation.
Fedstats, the comprehensive Federal statistics index, with data from over 100 agencies.  Accessible also through Firstgov.
Infomine, helps you find both Federal and state documents
Population Reference Bureau,offers a variety of reports
THOMAS, Legislative Information on the Internet  Up to the minute Federal legislative information and historic Bill Summaries (1973-present) and the Congressional Record (1989-Present).  Also includes House and Senate Committee Reports from the 104th-108th Congresses. 
University of Michigan Documents Center

Politics & Elections  back to top

Inside Politics, from CNN
Center for Voting and Democracy
Federal Election Commission
League of Women Voters
Project Vote Smart is quite complete and now provides speeches by state governors as well as major elected Federal office holders and would-be office holders (candidates).
U.S. Electoral College, for anyone needing an explanation of the electoral college or searching for electoral college statistics
Women in Politics,currently cites 650 titles, including books, articles in books, periodical articles, and other organizational or governmental publications

Odom Institute for research in  social science 

Law (general)

Free Advice.Com, Site provides free legal advice from estate planning to intellectual property and litigation.
The Freedom Forum Online, for students or scholars researching free speech, journalism, politics, or law.
Freedom of Information site, from the Society of Professional Journalists
Lawyers.Com, from Lexis Nexis includes profiles of 420,000  lawyers and law firms.
Legal Docs,
This site allows you to prepare customized legal documents and legal forms directly online. There may be a fee involved.
Legal Information Institute, a valuable source for recent Supreme Court cases, constitutions and codes, and law by source or jurisdiction courtesy of Cornell Law School.


Famous Trials gathers together information on a number of famous proceedings, from Cicero to Scopes to McMartin Preschool.
Federal Judiciary, maintained by the Administrative Office of the U.S. courts
FindLaw: US Supreme Court Opinions. Search this database by case or by topic.
JURIST is an award-winning legal site courtesy of the U. of Pittsburgh School of Law.
Supreme Court of the U.S.   The court's website.

Federal Government   back to top

American Presidency Project  a consolidated website of all messages and papers of the presidents from Washington to G. W. Bush.
American  "Internet's most comprehensive, non partisan resource on the history and workings of the American presidency. Biographies of presidents, first ladies, cabinet officers, staffers, advisors, timelines.  Website content is overseen by an editorial board of renowned scholars"
 provides information about the U.S. Congress how it works, its members and leaders,and the public policies it produces.
Congress.Org, allows you to check votes and other happenings
Federal Citizen Information Center, answers questions about Federal programs, benefits, services, etc.
Federal Budget is current and full text. Keyword searching of one or more publications, but not browseable.
Fedworld Home Page
GPO Access
National Geographic's Inside the White House will tell you what kind of president you would make.
The Legislative Process: Tying it All Together from the US House of Representatives summarizes the legislative process.
President, a UNC site, is designed to bring "presidential libraries materials onto the Internet for improved public access".
Miller Center of Public Affairs Scripps Library  at U of VA  Research material  on the American presidency available in both print and digital formats.  Digital holdings include secret White House recordings, oral history interviews given by presidents, audio and video recordings of Miller Center Forums and  many photographs and documents related to the executive branch.  An invaluable resource. 
Project Vote Smart's Government 101 explains the workings of the Federal government
The United States Government Manual is archived back to 1995.
United States Politics brought to you by University of Michigan's Libraries' Documents Center.
The White House

State & Local Government:

All States Home Pages & Web Sites provided by the Library of Congress.
Council of State Governments
National Center for State Courts
National City Government Resource Center, provides links to nearly a hundred nonprofit professional associations, research institutes, and advocacy groups
National Conference of State Legislatures
National Governors Association
National League of Cities
State and Local Government on the Net

Tennessee:  back to top

Tennessee State Website is a portal to the state government.
The Tennessee Blue Book, includes all kinds of information on the Volunteer State, including its constitution.
Tennessee Election Links

Foreign/Comparative Government:

Elections Around the World provides comprehensive information on this process by country and region
Embassy World directory of embassies around the world allows you to use click-down menus, or to find embassies alphabetically. A separate alphabetical list of US embassies worldwide is also available.
Foreign Government Resources on the Web, by the U. of Michigan.

"Foreign Relations of the United States"  the U.S. Department of State has just posted on line the full-text volumes from a significant portion of its "Foreign Relations of the United States" series. The volumes, which are not part of the print collection of The Library at Tusculum College, are complete for the Kennedy-Johnson years and scattered for Truman, Eisenhower, and Nixon/Ford. Included is full coverage of such topics as the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Nigerian civil war, the Vietnam War, and so forth.
Governments on the Web, lists sites from 200 countries.
 International Relations and Foreign Policy by Vincent Ferraro,  Ruth C. Lawson Professor of International Politics at Mount Holyoke College 
Official Documents, from the U.K.
United Nations
United Nations Documentation: Research Guide, provides an overview of the various types of documents and publications issued by the Organization (e.g., reports, resolutions, meeting records, sales publications, press releases) and gives guidance as to where to find them in either electronic or paper format and how to work with them.
United Nations Scholars' Workstation, collection of texts, finding aids, data sets, maps, and references to print and electronic information courtesy of Yale University.
World Fact Book, from the CIA.
World Political Leaders, 1945-date


References to Tennessee will also be found on the Local, State, and Regional Resources page of our "Links Library." Some document sources are also listed with the "Virtual Reference Desks" section of our "Links  Library.

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