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Call no. Title Author
REF.BS191.A1.1994 English Bible: New Revised Standard. 1994  
REF.BS195.N38.1995 English Bible: New King James. 1995  
REF.BS440.N44.1987 The New International Dictionary of the Bible  
REF.BS491.2.P4 The Wycliffe Bible Commentary  
REF.HF5548.4.M525.G85.2000 A Guide to Microsoft Office 2000 Professional for Windows 98 Presley
REF.HF5548.4.M525.G852.2002 A Guide to Microsoft Office XP Professional for Windows Presley
REF.JF515.R692.1998 Robert's rules of order Robert
REF.K68.C5.2003 Chambers global: the world's leading lawyers  
REF.KF190.C43.2003 Chambers USA: America's leading business lawyers, 2003-2004. the clients guide  
REF.PE1112.H6.2001 Hodge's Harbrace Handbook Hodges
REF.TL509.B75.2003 Encyclopedia of technical aviation Bristow
REF.Z6725.U5.C65.2003 United States Army unit and organizational histories Controvich
REFHA214.C53.2002 Claritas demographic resource guide  
BP163.M4713.1992 Islam and democracy Mernissi
BP170.F56.2001 Silent no more: confronting America's false images of Islam Findley
BX8917.C35.2003 Called to Teach: the vocation of the Presbyterian educator Ferguson and Weston
D804.3.S535.1999 Modesty and arrogance in judgment: Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem Sharpe
D804.33.H65.2002 The Holocaust and other genocides: history, representation, ethics Smith
D811.A2.B746.1998 The greatest generation Brokaw
DC40.B33.1983 Holy blood, holy Grail Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln
E169.12.H77.1992 Culture Wars: the struggle to define America Hunter
E457.2.N6.2000 Lincoln and the Indians: Civil War policy and politics Nichols
E697.J44.2000 An honest president: the life and presidencies of Grover Cleveland Jeffers
E7483M1457.B57.1992 The chairman: John J. McCloy, the making of the American establishment Bird
E840.5P68.A3.1995 My American Journey Powell
E840.8Q28.A3.1994 Standing firm: a vice-presidential memoir Quayle
E841.8H8.A3.1997 Friends in high places: our journey from Little Rock to Washington, DC Hubbell
E878.R425.A3.1988 On the outside looking in Reagan
E886.2.L5.M67.1999 Monica's story Morton
F209.P563.1963 Life and labor in the Old South Phillips
F610.3V46.A3.199 I ain't got time to bleed: reworking the body politic from the bottom up Ventura
G116.M38.1993 Everyday geography of the world McKinney
GE155.E84.M34.1999 The Everglades: an environmental history MCCalley
GV1811.R4.C37.2001 Dan Rice: the most famous man you've never heard of  Carlyon
GV532.A4.L43.1993 Voices from the Amazon Le Breton
GV865.C45.W35.1988 Pride of Puerto Rico: the life of Roberto Clemente Walker
GV875.N45.D78.1975 Baseball's miracle teams Durant
GV939.L6.M37.2000 When pride still mattered: a life of Vince Lombardi Maraniss
HB171.5.H49.2000 A student's guide to economics Heyne
HB171.5.S5498.2004 Economics of social issues Sharp, Register, and Grimes
HB172.5.M359.1998 Essential macroeconomics: principles, cases, problems Mansfield
HB172.B233.2002 Foundations of microeconomics Bade & Parkin
HB3505.E44.1992 Elephants in the Volkswagen: facing the tough questions about our overcrowded country Grant
HC102.5.A2.M55.1999 Women who mean business: success stories of women over forty Mikaelian
HD30.28.C696.2002 Strategic management in action Coulter
HD30.28.D3785.2001 Strategic management: concepts          David
HD30.28.W748.1996 Strategic management: cases Wright, Kroll, and Parnell
HD30.4.M3615.2003 The management strategy in the marketplace Cadotte and Bruce
HD31.C586.1993 The portable MBA in management Cohen
HD31.D4854.2002 A framework for management Dessler
HD31.D48632.1999 Essentials of management Dessler
HD31.F273.1996 Management of the absurd: paradoxes in leadership Farson
HD31.T634.1996 Breakaway management: overcoming dysfunction in the workplace Jones
HD38.2.B83.1999 First, break all the rules: what the world's greatest managers do differently Buckingham
HD38.2.T76.2002 21 leaders for the 21st century: how innovative leaders manage in the digital age Trompenaars
HD58.6.L49.1997 Essentials of negotiation Lewicki, Saunders, and Minton
HD58.6.N437.2003 Negotiation Lewicki
HD58.7.S52.1992 Organizational justice: the search for fairness in the workplace Sheppard, Leweicki, and Minton
HD58.8.W56.1998 Driving change: how the best companies are preparing for the 21st century Wind,and Main
HD6053.H63.2003 Bags to riches: 7 success secrets for women in business Hollander
HD66.K383.1998 Teams at the top: unleashing the potential of both teams and individual leaders Katzenbach
HD9666.95.J64.F67.1999 Robert Wood Johnson: the gentleman rebel Foster
HD9685.U5.S435.2002 Market operations in electric power system: forecasting, scheduling, and risk management Shahidehpour, Yamin, and Li
HD9696.2.U64.I2545.2002 Who says elephants can't dance?: inside IBM's historic turnaround Gerstner, Jr.
HD9980.5.B425.1997 Selling the invisible: a field guide to modern marketing Beckwith
HE9780.S65.2002 The airline encyclopedia, 1909-2000 Smith, Jr.
HF5384.S278.1997 From Air Force blue to corporate gray: a career transition guide for Air Force personnel Savino, and Krannich
HF5386.F463.1999 Fortune adviser 1999 McGowan
HF5387.B32.1997 Defining moments: when managers must choose between right and right Badaracco, Jr.
HF5387.B6.2000 Ethics and the conduct of business Boatright
HF5387.S426.2000 The good, the bad, and your business: choosing right when ethical dilemmas pull you apart Seglin, and Augustine
HF5415.C5414.1992 The marketing glossary: key terms, concepts, and applications in marketing management, advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, market research, sales Clemente
HF5548.4.M525.M372.1999 Teach yourself Microsoft Office 2000 visually Maraniss
HF5548.4.M525.M56x.2002 Microsoft Office XP new features guide: changes from Office 2000 to Office XP  
HF5549.5.T8.G74.2001 Retaining valued employees Griffeth
HF5549.D4379.2000 Human resource management Dessler
HF5549.H528.2001 Creating the innovation culture: leveraging visionaries, dissenters and other useful troublemakers in your organization Horibe
HF5718.L63.2003 Business and administrative communication Locker
HobbColl.PS323.5.P57.2002 Democracy, culture, and the voice of poetry Pinsky
HQ799.15.R56.1999 See Jane win: the Rimm report on how 1,000 girls became successful women Rimm
HV5825.N28.1988 Narcotics anonymous  
HV6432.N38.2002 A nation challenged: a visual history of 9/11 and its aftermath  
HV9950.S35.2001 Criminal justice today: an introductory text for the twenty-first century Schmalleger
HX39.5.A213.1989 Basic writings on politics and philosophy/Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels Feuer
JC599.U5.S633.1998 Give me liberty!: freeing ourselves in the twenty-first century Spence
JK316.M3.1964 The states rights debate: antifederalism and the constitution Mason
JS395.G74.1994 How to win a local election: a complete step-by-step guide Grey
KF4758.A7.G66.1979 The constitutional rights of women: cases in law and social change Goldstein
LB1027.4.P79.2003 Daily planning for today's classroom: a guide to writing lesson and activity plans Price
LB1060.S27.1999 Learning style perspectives: impact in the classroom Sarasin
LB1555.S79.2003 K-8 classroom methods: from teacher reflection to student responsibility Stanulis
LB1584.T87.1994 Essentials of classroom teaching: elementary social studies Turner
LB2822.82.S34.2001 Shaking up the schoolhouse: how to support and sustain educational innovation Schlechty
LC225.3.H65.1998 Home-school relations: working successfully with parents and families Fuller
LC268.E355.2003 Educating citizens: preparing America's undergraduates for lives of moral and civic responsibility Colby
LC2771.P74.2002 Achievement matters: getting your child the best education possible Price
LC3969.O47.1992 Teaching children and adolescents with special needs Olson and Platt
LC5251.H383.1994 Developing teaching style in adult education Heimlich
LLB3032.C36.1995 Block scheduling: a catalyst for change in high schools Canady
P95.M333.2003 Painless speaking Elizabeth
PA2087.5.C3.2001 Cambridge Latin Course. Unit 1 Pope
PA2087.5.C335.2002 Cambridge Latin Course.  Unit 3 Pope
PA2087.5.C35.2001 Cambridge Latin Anthology Carter and Parr
PA2087.5C33.2001 Cambridge Latin Course. Unit 2 Pope
PN2287.W454.W56.1997 John Wayne's America: the politics of celebrity Willis
PN4874.L76.M3.1991 Henry and Clare: an intimate portrait of the Luces Martin
PN6068.D38.1994 Daughters of Africa: an international anthology of words and writings by women of African descent
PR3069.M27.W47.2000 Power plays: Shakespeare's lessons in leadership and management Whitney
PR6054.A8924.S4.1985 Seize the wind Davis
PR6056.O45.D36.1993 A dangerous fortune Follett
PS3535.I233.W45.2003 What is found there: notebooks on poetry and politics Rich
PS3557.R3875.B87.2001 Burnt umber: a novel Greene
PS3573.O526.M26.1998 A man in full:  a novel Wolfe
QA13.M1518.2001 Mathematics and democracy: the case for quantitative literacy  
QA152.3.L56.2001 Introductory and intermediate algebra Lial, Hornsby, and McGinnis
QA276.12.T76.2001b Elementary statistics Triola
QH75.M3843.2003 Applied ecology and natural resource management McPherson and DeStepfano
QL31.G58.A36.2000 Reason for hope: a spiritual journey Goodall 
QL463.I7224.1999 Insect lives: stories of mystery and romance from a hidden world Hoyt and Schultz
RA565.L54.2002 Life support: the environment and human health McCally
RZ440.N36.1995 Natural remedies  
S592.6.C35.P67.2003 The potential of U.S. forest soils to sequester carbon and mitigate the greenhouse effect Kimble
TK7874.C64744.2002 Computer-aided design of analog integrated circuits and systems Rutenbar, Gielen, and Antao
VB203.A48.1985 Ambiguity and command: organizational perspectives on military decision making March and Weissinger-Baylon
Z471.E25.1995 Careers for bookworms & other literary types Eberts and Gisler