XIV, no. 2    TUSCULUM COLLEGE TATE LIBRARY   September 2003


 New Books:


 We call your attention to the August new books list posted on the library's web page http://library.tusculum.edu.  A total of 201 new titles are included, bringing the total number of paper volumes added to the Tate Library collection (both main campus and Knoxville branch) since May 2003 to 1,012. Almost all of these works were ordered from the 0203 budget (a few gifts), most per faculty recommendation. Ordering from the 0304 lists provided by faculty just before the May graduation has now begun; in January, we will ask faculty once again to provide recommendations for 0405 budget purchases, but it is not too early for schools or individuals to begin assembling “want lists.”


First Call to Faculty:


The library will soon start the process of barcoding all of its books and videos, in preparation for the introduction of the new automated circulation system. To that end, we are asking faculty to please return items checked out and not in use. We know that several of you have had a spot of difficulty in returning books and videos, keeping them  for lengthy periods (read: months or  years).  It would be most helpful if all of you would please return any unneeded items as soon as possible.


Off Campus Access to Databases from Tusculum College Tate Library:  AN UPDATE

In the past few weeks,  Tate Library staff have been informed and understand that there has been, and continues to be, some confusion in accessing the Library Research Databases from off campus sites (home, work etc).  Currently,  access from off campus requires the use of only ONE username and password through the Off Campus Link on the library website.  To obtain this username and password, please contact any staff member at either Tate site, Greeneville or Knoxville.

 In addition, any difficulty that some readers and other database users have experienced in accessing the databases from on campus or off campus may  be related to the higher security settings that have been placed on the newest version of Internet Explorer (6.0).  Every effort is being made to advise Tate online patrons of the causes and remedies for this situation and we review that information with you here.

Internet Explorer 6.0 is the standard browser on all newly purchased DELL computers on campus.  This higher setting is due to the string of virus attacks experienced in recent weeks and the response by various constituents of the computer industry to increase protection of its consumers from these attacks.  When attempting to access the Research Databases some Tate electronic patrons have been receiving the following error message when attempting to log in to the various research databases from on or off campus:

"Licensing agreements for these databases require that access be extended only to authorized users. Once you have been validated by this system, a "cookie" is sent to your browser as an ongoing indication of your authorization to access these databases.  It will only need to be set once during login. As you access these databases, they may also use cookies.  Your ability to use those databases may depend on whether or not you allow those cookies to be set."

Because of the changes in the security levels of Internet  Explorer 6.0,  it is necessary to lower the privacy settings on  browsers at least one time to allow cookies to be set on the computer. To assist,  Tate Library has placed step by step instructions on the Off Campus Research Databases page for Lowering Security Settings.  If the above error message is encountered,  please follow these instructions. They may be printed out by clicking here:    http://tusculum.acaweb.org/securitysettings.htm  If difficulty continues or further assistance is needed,  please contact the Tate Library.

The staff of Tate Library continues to strive to make online library resources readily accessible to all students, faculty and staff at Tusculum College.    We appreciate your understanding and welcome any suggestions that you may have to assist the library in improving our services to you. 

 New Research Databases

Alexander Street Press Primary Source History Databases

Through the work of the ACA Central Library Committee on Collection Development  and through the use of Carnegie Grant Funds,  three databases have been purchased by ACA and provided to member libraries from the above publisher.   Below are descriptions of the three databases.  These resources are accessible both on and off campus. 

American Civil War: Letters & Diaries "contains 1,920 authors and approximately 97,000 pages of information.  When complete, the collection will include more than 100,000 pages of primary materials.   Each source has been carefully chosen using leading bibliographies."

Early Encounters in North America contains approximately 40,000 pages of material.   When complete the product will include more than 100,000 pages of letters, diaries, memoirs and accounts of early encounters.  Particular care has been taken to index the material so that it can be used in new ways.  For example, you can identify all encounters between the French and the Huron between 1650 and 1700.

North American Women's Letters & Diaries "includes the immediate experiences of 1,017 women, as revealed in approximately 120,000 pages of diaries and letters.   Particular care has been taken to index this material so that it can be searched more thoroughly than ever before.  When complete, the collection will include more than 150,000 pages of primary materials spanning more than 300 years.   Each source has been carefully chosen using leading bibliographies, supplemented by customer requests and previously unpublished material.  The collection also includes biographies and an extensive annotated bibliography of the sources in the database."

Oxford Reference Online

In addition to the Alexander Press titles, Tate Library has recently acquired the online version of several of the Oxford Reference Library Collection Titles all accessible through one portal,  Oxford Reference Online.  This database is currently accessible from on campus sites and will soon be available for off campus access.  Some of the subject areas included in thisdatabases are:    General Reference, Language, Science and Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Business and Professional.

We would appreciate any feedback you would like to provide regarding the usefulness of these databases for your classes.  


New Search Engine:


We draw your attention to a new search engine, similar in some respects to Dogpile, which some of you know we have promoted for years. Info.com,  www.info.com provides links from 14 other search engines, including Google, AskJeeves, Yahoo, Altavista, Teoma, Fast, Inktomi, Kanoodle, LookSmart, About, Overture, Open Directory, Findwhat, Ah-Ha, etc. Additionally, it offers both Yellow and White Page directories, along with weather, city guides, and trip maps. Give it a try.


Building Construction:


Its must really be hard for anyone not to be excited about the renovation now moving forward. Our huge photographic record of this process continues to grow and we invite all readers to review the thumbnailed photos posted on the news pages  at http://library.tusculum.edu.



Usage Figures (August 2003):


 Our new program for usage figures, which is designed to allow us to more closely track in house (walk in and serious) and electronic usage for both the Greeneville and Knoxville campuses, still has a few bugs (mainly in offering year-to-date totals); still, we are able to share our August figures. In the data which follows, the first of two numbers is that for Greeneville and the second is for Knoxville; where there is only one number, it is combined for both. Some items do not lend themselves to this easy breakdown and are addressed as appropriate; several people log on to visit our links library or free databases for which we have no figures, e.g., FirstGov.


Physical Usage: In house patrons: 2,204 and 2,046; Days open: 25 and 26; Average daily attendance: 88.16 and 102.30.

Circulation: Books, 140 and 38; Periodicals (paper): 0 and 3; Reserves: 81 and 22; Videos: 22 and 20; E-books: 194.

Reference: In house questions: 89 and 221; Phone-DE: 6 and 60; E-mail-DE: 3 and 22; Phone-Residential: 22; E-Mail-Residential: 9; Total Reference Responses: 129 and 303.

Website (library only) visits: 4,202; Subscription database searches (total): 5,701 (Total electronic visits to Tate Library: 7,200).

Subscription database searches breakdown by vendor: Infotrac I (TEL), 1,263; Infotrac II, 609; EDRS, 41; EBSCOhost, 1,393; ProQuest, 847; JSTOR, 57; CQResearcher, 52; Grove Dict. Art, 447; Grove Dict. Music, 992; Lexis-Nexis (pending).

Interlibrary Loans: Greeneville to Knoxville, 1; to other libraries, 37. Total: 38.

Library Instruction Sessions: Greeneville, Residential-6 and DE-2; Knoxville, DE-3; Total LIS (11); Total LIS-DE-5.