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XII, no. 6                                          TUSCULUM COLLEGE TATE LIBRARY                        June 2003

 New Proxy Server. As part of our participation in the ACA Central Library, Tusculum College now benefits from a new library proxy server for its databases. This server permits off campus members of the TC community to access our subscription databases employing but one username and  password instead of the several previously required. How to use. When you visit the Tate Library page and click on the Research Database link, you will be asked to choose your location, on-campus (Greeneville or Knoxville) or off-campus (everywhere else).  Assuming your choose the latter route, the research database will pop up just as it would if you selected on-campus. When you click on the name of a database, a username and password identification page will appear. At this point, you type in the traditional TC username and password (which for security reasons we can’t print here, but can tell you by phone, e-mail, or in person) and your database will be activated, including the previously campus-restricted JSTOR.

 New Databases Activated: 

Two new databases have just been activated and have been added to the Tate Library Research Database page: 

Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe, is similar in some respects to the ProQuest product already received. It allows entry employing a traditional searchbox. This product is well known for its emphasis on business, law, and medicine and provides all manner of information from full-text periodical articles to text of cases involving local and regional courts. This resource may be employed in place of or to supplement the information available in the ProQuest, EBSCO, and Infotrac databases. 

Standard and Poor’s NetAdvantage, obtained via ACA, provides access to a broad range of business information including up to date financial information, credit ratings, analytical services, and industry surveys on financial markets from around the world.   It is an independent analyst of forecasts and trends in the business world.  A ready source for statistical economic information,  it provides guidance in analyzing the environment of industries worldwide. It provides analysis and statistical information on 60,000 companies trading in the US markets. Provides contact information for over 100,000 public and private US and multinational companies and much more.

 Forthcoming Online Indexes/Services: 

In the weeks ahead, the Tate Library will be adding in cooperation with our programs in Athletic Training and English, again via ACA consortium  purchase, the online indexes CINALH (Cumulative Indexing in Nursing and Allied Health) and the MLA Bibliography.  

To help users become aware of or keep track of what journals Tate Library has, we will also be adding Serials Solutions, an online service which permits patrons to find out which database(s) has which journal or whether we currently subscribe to or have back files in print of journal titles not fully archived or present online.

 We will provide details on all of these when activation occurs. 

Ariel Electronic Interlibrary Loan System: 

In order to serve the TC community's  interlibrary loan needs, Tate Library, in partnership with the ACA Central Library, has acquired the Ariel Document Delivery System.  Ariel allows for a quicker response time by providing electronic delivery of periodical articles  that are requested through the Interlibrary Loan System.   By working with other libraries that are on the Ariel system, requests that could have taken up to 2 weeks to receive via regular postal mail, now may be received within 24 hours of processing the ILL request.   The same is true in providing articles that are requested from other Ariel libraries. Tate Library may scan the requested articles and send it to the library within a shorter period of time.  Even though the usual patron ILL request procedure continues, this behind-the-scenes method of delivery will increase overall efficiency as well as save on postage costs.  It will also be of great benefit to our students by providing the service more efficiently to meet their information needs on the block plan and the professional studies accelerated programs.


Tate Library’s e-book collection continues to grow at a rapid pace. netLibrary, a shared collection of titles made available by the Southern Library Network (SOLINET), now numbers 30,771 titles (40,578 if you include duplications). During the summer, we will be adding access to the 10,000+ volumes of Ebrary, another e-book vendor. As with the online indexes/services, we will provide further information when Ebrary is activated. 

New Print Books: 

We continue to receive large numbers of new books ordered from the lists provided by faculty in the spring. A New Books page has been started in the news section of the Tate Library homepage and will continue. The first issue, in May 2003, showed 276 titles arranged by LC call number. We anticipate that a similar number will appear in the June recap. 

Library Automation: 

Two meetings of importance on library automation have occurred since our last issue. In the first, library staff determined the item codes to be employed with the bar codes which will go on the books when the barcoding project begins. In the second, representatives from the library, IT, student services, and professional studies met to examine the possibilities of a common TC ID card which would allow students to check out books, enter areas, eat in the cafeteria, etc. The Library Corporation, our automation vendor, is currently reviewing samples of current TC ID cards to determine if the student services system is capable of interface and is otherwise useable or adaptable to the library’s needs.

 New Links Library Pages: 

Certain discipline-oriented topics in the Links Library are being updated and new

ones added. Among the updates now available  are Education, Business and Management, History, Phys Ed, and Political Science. New topical pages added

include Copyright, Biography, Colleges and Universities/Graduate Schools. Next up are pages for Careers, Electronic Newspapers and News Sources, Electronic Books, Journals, and Texts, and Athletic Training.

Facts and Figures:   

With the school year finished and the fiscal period almost done, we present the library’s facts and figures through May. All information is cumulative from July 2002, except for information on Professional Studies orientation and instruction sessions, which reach back to May 2002:  

Patron usage: (Greeneville), 19,491 (Knoxville), 10,622 

 Reference questions: In person (Greeneville), 752 (Knoxville), 128;

Reference questions: e-mail (Greeneville), 49 (Knoxville), 197;

Reference questions: telephone (Greeneville), 214; (Knoxville), 349   

Print book circulation: (Greeneville), 1,159 (Knoxville), 218; E-Book circulation (total checkouts/not browsing): 2,599;  Video circulation: (Greeneville), 316; (Knoxville), 23; Interlibrary loan: (Greeneville), 140 (Knoxville), 24. 

 Database searches (total): 81,063. 

Orientation/instruction sessions: Residential College, 53; Professional Studies,193.

For SACS purposes, we note that, of the PS sessions, 30 were provided to graduate students, 158 to undergraduates, and 5 to new faculty; Total PS students served by these sessions were (Northeast), 752 and (Southeast)  1,258 or 2,010 total. Overall totals for those receiving instruction from an MLS librarian are: residential: 422; PS: 2,010 (320 graduate/2,112 undergraduate); faculty, 38;  or 2,470.

 Cool Links: 

Christian Classics Ethereal Library http://ccel.wheaton.edu  contains full-text of important Christian books and documents, including 38 volumes of the most important works from the first 800 years. 

Electronic Journal Miner, from the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries http://ejournal/coalliance.org  is a searchable index with links to all of the ejournals available on the Internet.  

Full Text Archive of Scholarly Society Serial Publications http://www.lib.uwaterloo.ca/society/full_text_soc.html  covers every discipline.

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