Vol. XIV, no. 5 TUSCULUM COLLEGE TATE LIBRARY  January-February 2004


Gremlins, Always Gremlins:


We apologize for lack of a January number. The library’s server has been experiencing problems and is under repair, thereby limiting our ability to post  updates as often.   We hope to be back in full swing by the end of February.


New Book Orders:


 The Acquisitions Department has been working on  new order forms and hence slightly revised ordering procedures, which have just been sent to school directors for distribution to faculty. We are about three-four weeks ahead of schedule with this distribution over last year.  Meanwhile, if you have not been doing so, it is not too early to begin assembling book order wish lists. This year’s deadline will be Monday, May 3. If you have any questions about the process, please call Jack Smith or Kathy Hipps 636-7320 or  extensions  5260 or 5123 respectively. 


New Faculty-Staff Borrowing Policy:


Here is the new faculty-staff borrowing policy endorsed by the P & P Committee on Jan. 22 and reported at the faculty meeting on January 30, 2004.


Loan Periods




       Books will circulate to faculty/staff until the end of the borrowing semester -


            August-December; January-May; June-July


       Borrowing limit of 20 books per person at a time


       Books may be renewed if not on hold or recalled, but must be physically returned to   

       library for renewal.




       Videos will circulate to faculty/staff for a period of seven (7) days and may be

        renewed at the library.


      Borrowing limit of five (5) videos/DVDs per person at a time




      Recall period – return within two (2) days

      Hold period – two (2) days of notification


Late Notices:


      First notice –mailed on the 1st working day after the semester ends


      Second notice – seven (7) days from the first notice


      Third notice – fourteen days from the date of the original notice. Note. A copy of the

       third notice will automatically be sent to the appropriate school director (faculty) or

      supervisor (staff) for resolution and borrowing privileges may be suspended until the

      matter is resolved.




Work on preparations for automation of the library circulation/cataloging functions continues. In addition to adoption of the new faculty policy (above) which compliments the student policy already on hand, we have been in further contact with The Library Corporation (our vendor) re: database preparation/bar-coding procedures and timeline, as well as the security system. It is still anticipated that bar-coding/security stripping  of books and videos will commence the day after graduation in May. Plans also include bar-coding of the library collection in Knoxville.


Knoxville Branch Growth:


The Knoxville Library has expanded, so to speak.  In order to provide students access to the 16 computers in the computer lab, a door and a window have been installed connecting the lab and the library.  Not only do students have access to more computers (27 including the library computers), but study groups and individual students have more space.  Prior to the "hole in the wall" students often had to wait for access to one of the 11 library computers and were often elbow to elbow at tables and terminals.  The library has a new look since bookshelves and other furniture were relocated and rearranged to accommodate the window and door.  Comments from students have been very positive!


Serials Solution Periodical Search Enhanced:


The periodical search provided by the vendor Serials Solution and accessible via the library’s website under "Periodical Search", has been enhanced to show not only which journals we receive electronically, but those received in current and back files of paper or micro format as well.  We will continue to maintain a few paper copies of the print and microform periodical detailed listing at the libraries at Greeneville and Knoxville.


Thespian Alert:


Anne Reever will again be appearing onstage, this time in the Morristown Repertory Theater production of  "Noises Off"  by Michael Frayn.   Production dates are Feb.  20, 21 at 8:00 p.m. and Feb. 22 at 2:00 p.m.,  Feb.26,  27, 28 at 8:00 p.m. and 29 at 2:00 p.m.  at the Morristown Repertory Theater,  located on Hill Street across from the Board of Education off of Morris Blvd (11E) in Morristown TN.   




In the data which follows, the first of two figures is that for Tate Library – Greeneville and the second is for Tate Library – Knoxville; where there is only one number, it is combined for both. Some items do not lend themselves  to this easy breakdown and are addressed as appropriate; several people log on to visit our links library or free databases for which we have no figures, e.g., FirstGov. The various database vendors all provide access to more than one database; however, the complete list (49 different titles) is too long for breakdown here.





 Physical Use



In House Patrons



Days Open



Average Daily Attendance



















netlibrary 229
Ebrary 70





In House




DE  8
Residential:  12








Library Instruction Sessions










Website (library only) Visits: 6,614; Subscription database searches (total): 8,533; Total electronic visits to  Tate Library: 15,147 (up from 12,533 in December).


Subscription Database Searches Breakdown by Vendor: Infotrac I (TEL), 1,873; Infotrac II, 1,976; EDRS,  141; EBSCOhost, 1,082; ProQuest, 3,052; JSTOR, 292


Interlibrary Loans: Greeneville to Knoxville, 1; Knoxville to Greeneville, 1; via OCLC from other libraries for both campuses, 11; via ARIEL from other libraries for both campuses, 0.